Saturday, 2020-11-14

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moto-timozeddii: can you branch meta-cloud-services for gatesgarth please ?01:39
zeddiiit's not ready yet :D01:40
moto-timooh bummer01:40
zeddiineither is meta-virt. I hope early next week.01:40
moto-timorpi4 kernel is failing to compile on linux-yocto-dev 5.10-rc so I am reverting...01:40
moto-timoah ok01:40
moto-timoI finally figured out my dns woes so I want to get k8s running on the rpi4 (yp-dev-day_virtualization)01:41
moto-timomy stupid ISP puts 4 nameservers in /etc/resolv.conf01:42
zeddiithe wind river BSP guy (who's name has escaped me), will be sending 5.10 rpi curated patches FWIW.01:42
moto-timoand then all the DHCP devices blindly follow suit...01:42
moto-timooh good01:43
moto-timoMing Li or something like that01:43
zeddiiI'm still not able to get my single node master / agent k3s to work, I wasn't able to look at it again today. So I'm going to try once more on Monday before decided if I just boot k3s to the next release.01:43
zeddiiyes. he's very good with the changes. He contacted me about three weeks ago to confirm the plan.01:43
moto-timoyeah... I haven't tried k3s either...01:44
zeddiiyah. wait on that. when I'm done, there will be a step by step README and packagegroups, kernel configs, etc, that should make it much easier.01:44
moto-timoI keep meaning to build it01:44
zeddiiI just can't get the agent to register. complains about either a certificate or username/password, or something similar. but it is quite close.01:44
zeddiiI uprev'd k3s to the latest, hoping for some magic.01:45
zeddiialas, no. same problem :D01:45
moto-timobecause of Tekton, I am finally learning k8s01:45
zeddiiquite honestly, I find some of their concepts a bit obtuse.01:45
moto-timoso much promise, so much pain01:45
zeddiiit's really, really, really hard to figure out what has gone wrong and get the right logs, etc.01:45
moto-timoWe now have another open source project that has a very steep learning curve but is very flexible and capable...01:46
zeddiiand heaven forbid you figure out that containerd/runc, etc, were all down there doing the lifting01:46
moto-timostrange nobody bitches about the ramp up constantly...01:46
zeddiithat's an apt description.01:46
zeddiithe docs are scattered / terrible for it too.01:46
zeddiibut again, at least I don't see all the bitching.01:46
zeddiiI guess you need google standing behind you.01:46
moto-timotgamblin and I basically figure the biggest service we are performing is gathering all those scattered things in one place ;)01:47
zeddiiI agree, 100%01:47
zeddiithe info is out there, collecting it coherently is the challenge. That's basically what I'm doing with k3s.01:47
moto-timoI beat my head on cri-o and calico on debian-1001:47
moto-timocri-o is fine, but calico...01:48
moto-timoI should have just used the default bridge networking... stupid human tricks01:48
zeddiiheheh. there's a reason why the CNCF ecosytem chart looks like a star field when viewed at 100%01:48
moto-timoor stuck with flannel01:48
zeddiiCNI and networking, yet more magic, buried way at the bottom.01:48
zeddiiI struggled how to integrate and split it in meta-virt for k3s.01:49
moto-timoI've figured out dozens of ways to make it not work01:49
zeddiilol. I was going to say the same thing.01:49
zeddiiunreachable urls are my specialty01:49
moto-timoLuckily I've seen enough patterns now to fix things (except calico)01:49
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moto-timobut which tool to use ? kubectl? tkn? dmesg? which log is the magic one that has the special sauce? roll the dice01:50
zeddiijournalctl -xe > f; grep "wtf" f01:50
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zeddiisystem really makes seeing the logs for some things hard01:51
moto-timo| tee /dev/null01:51
zeddiithere used to just be stuff in /var/log .. alas.01:51
moto-timoand with Tekton, sometimes it's the dashboard that actually has the log you want to see (then you learn how to get the info from tkn)01:51
zeddiihah. 7 layers to get to the error message you can google :D01:52
moto-timooh, thank you so much for cloud-init01:52
moto-timoI haven't used it yet, but that's on deck for the weekend01:52
zeddiiit was a bear to get building / generating service files. I smoke tested it, it starts up. but it has a configuration learning curve to make it right for what your image wants.01:53
moto-timoalong with every other tool in this space :D01:53
zeddiiI could see a cloud-init.bbclass or something like that for recipes / images to configure it, but that was overkill until I had a few examples of using it.01:53
moto-timoyeah. I'll be capturing some patterns soon enough.01:54
zeddiiyah. it can configure a LOT of stuff. I had to throw out everything I had done for openstack. so this is new, shiny and unconfigured.01:54
zeddiiheck, just using it to set the hostname is a victory.01:54
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zeddiimeaning, that's surprisingly hard to do in an image recipe01:54
zeddiiand that can make them unique on startup, etc. that's what I did in openstack, but they changed the config, so I deleted it for now.01:55
moto-timoyep... and I've got that shiny ubuntu-20.04 image running on kvm to finally login to :)01:55
zeddiistill steaming .debs in the morning dew.01:56
moto-timomake[1]: *** No rule to make target 'overlays/at86rf233.dtbo'.  Stop.01:57
moto-timooh well01:57
moto-timotime to power down the droids I guess01:58
moto-timohave a great weekend zeddii01:58
zeddiiyep. call it a weekend, and pick up the bits on Monday.01:58
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moto-timoI guess we don't have a recipe for crictl ( yet19:07
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