Friday, 2020-11-20

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moto-timozeddii: for me at least, network devices are in an endless loop of crashing and restarting... do we have enough memory?01:21
moto-timozeddii: Nov 19 22:24:33 qemux86-64 systemd-networkd[176]: veth15cd4fcc: Link UP01:22
moto-timoNov 19 22:24:33 qemux86-64 systemd-networkd[176]: veth15cd4fcc: Gained carrier01:22
moto-timoNov 19 22:24:33 qemux86-64 systemd-networkd[176]: veth14ee276b: Link DOWN01:22
moto-timoNov 19 22:24:33 qemux86-64 systemd-networkd[176]: veth14ee276b: Lost carrier01:22
moto-timoNov 19 22:24:33 qemux86-64 systemd-networkd[176]: rtnl: received neighbor for link '2129' we don't know about, ignoring.01:22
moto-timoNov 19 22:24:33 qemux86-64 systemd-networkd[176]: veth4cdd14ca: Link DOWN01:22
moto-timoNov 19 22:24:33 qemux86-64 systemd-networkd[176]: veth4cdd14ca: Lost carrier01:22
moto-timoNov 19 22:24:33 qemux86-64 systemd-networkd[176]: rtnl: received neighbor for link '2130' we don't know about, ignoring.01:22
moto-timoNov 19 22:24:34 qemux86-64 systemd-networkd[176]: veth15cd4fcc: Gained IPv6LL01:22
moto-timomaster, linux-yocto-dev01:23
zeddiimoto-timo: in the README (not sure if it's checked into the branch) I suggest adding space to the image and booting with at least 2G of memory for qemu, or yes, you'll OOM01:30
moto-timozeddii: I did the 2G, so probably red herring01:31
moto-timozeddii: trying to troubleshoot why systemd-networkd is thrashing01:31
zeddiimy "steady state" for networking and flannel looks like this:
zeddiiwhen I launch on the server on the command line, so I can actually see some logs .. you see it complaining about too many dns servers in resolve.conf (apparently that's not really an error, even though it displays as one), and lots of "can't connect". Before my containers went into the crashbackoffloop, I was seeing something that led me to think ssl or certifcates were wrong.01:33
zeddiiI'm testing to see if mine really are sure they want to crash ;)01:34
zeddiihelm-install-traefik-sms68               0/1     CrashLoopBackOff   344        29h01:34
zeddii29 hours of crash looping! :D01:34
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kiwi_29Hello, which package provides ldconfig to target distro? is it ldconfig-native?02:58
kiwi_29while executing dpkg, I get ldconfig error and I see that there is no ldconfig in my core-image-minimal based distro . You would assume ldconfig is always installed
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kiwi_29oh ..btw this is an LXC containerized distro03:18
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OutBackDingozeddii: why is it crash looping, post the logd03:36
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ndechi qschulz, i just learned by accident.. that you don't need the bitbake: in cross references with intersphinx.. you can use it to disambiguate (if needed), but it works otherwise..07:33
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ndecwell, in fact, we have a few occurences already where it's missing!07:36
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RobertBerger@JPEW: very interesting stuff - please keep me posted as well.07:43
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RobertBerger@JPEW - tekton/CI07:44
LetoThe2ndyo dudX07:44
LetoThe2ndand yo q-i-told-you-so-schulz ;-)07:44
mckoangood morning07:44
RobertBergerHi everybody!07:45
LetoThe2ndhm. do i now wrangle js/ts testing, prepare livecoding demos, or finde me coffee/beer?07:47
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RobertBerger@LetoThe2nd start with beer, then coffee and afterwards the thing with the curse words07:52
LetoThe2ndRobertBerger: good plan. concerning livecodign demos, i yesterday found that one of those actually went into the arctic vault, which is highly amusing:
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PaowZ'morning, all..08:22
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PaowZI just discovered the yocto jester picture.. nice and funny :)08:31
PaowZjust misses the sleighs bells at the tip of the hat branches xD08:33
PaowZfor v2, perhaps :)08:33
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PaowZI'm getting a QA issue, this morning, related to symlinks.. I indeed noticed that deleting symlinks would not raise QA issue but I can't see the point over here.. any insight ? thks08:48
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qschulzndec: oh! not great. It's going to be a game of whack-a-mole to find all the missing bitbake: :/09:37
qschulzLetoThe2nd: I hope your enjoyed receiving 32 times the same mail :)09:38
ndecwell, it works without it.. so it's not a big deal..09:39
ndecfor  refs it's easy to find them. for terms much less.09:39
ndecand if a term exists in both yp-docs and bitbake-docs, then yes, it might be problematic09:40
LetoThe2ndqschulz: yes, i celebrated it!09:40
qschulzndec: can terms be prefixed with bitbake: too?09:44
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ndecgit grep ":term:\`bitbake:", there are a few alrady09:45
ndecand git grep "bitbake-user-manual/" | grep -v "bitbake:" gives the places where we missed bitbake:09:45
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qschulzndec: ok, so it's not going to be a nightmare to fix :)09:53
DanmerZHi! I am building image containing icedtea7-native which does not compile due to some -Werror related error. I would like to remove -Werror flag10:03
DanmerZI tried CFLAGS_remove = "-Werror" and CXXFLAGS_remove = "-Werror" - it doe not work.10:04
DanmerZAlso there are already -Wno-error=stringop-overflow -Wno-error=return-type, the same error types as I have10:05
PaowZDanmerZ: try altering TARGET_CXXFLAGS10:05
PaowZand bitbake -e to see the content of your variable..10:06
LetoThe2nduse magic with bitbake -e!
RobertBerger@DanmerZ: which verson of meta-java do you use?10:11
RobertBerger@DanmerZ: can you dump the error log somewhere, like pastebin?10:12
RobertBerger@DanmerZ: Do you use master?10:12
RobertBerger@DanmerZ: what's the version of the "host" gcc of your build machine?10:13
DanmerZgcc version 9.3.010:14
DanmerZmeta-java: commit  3b65eea96eddde97169ca5e00be01a9dbd257786 from  Thu Aug 2010:14
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RobertBerger@DanmerZ: So I guess you try to get rid of this compiler flag ? -Werror=return-type10:19
DanmerZCFLAGS_append = " -Wno-error=stringop-overflow10:19
DanmerZCFLAGS_append = " -Wno-error=stringop-overflow -Wno-error=return-type"10:19
DanmerZbut I see in compile log both -Werror and -Wno-error=return-type10:20
RobertBerger@DanmerZ: Can you try something like that?
RobertBerger@DanmerZ: I see this as well:
RobertBergerhmm strange ;)10:22
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DanmerZthe strange thing that the same icedtea7-native version 2.1.3 compiles in other image for different platform10:32
DanmerZCFLAGS_append = "  -Wno-error" helped10:48
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stkw0Hi, where I should send patches for the layer named "meta" of yocto? I am porting some patches so it can work when the host uses GCC-10. I know that there are a mailing list for meta-yocto and meta-yocto-bsp and another for OE layers. But I have doubts about the "meta" layer11:48
LetoThe2ndstkw0: meta == oe-core. so, the oe-core mailing list probably.11:49
qschulzstkw0: hi, the meta layer in poky is openembedded-core11:49
stkw0Okay, thank you very much.11:49
LetoThe2ndstkw0: have fun!11:50
qschulzstkw0: which release of Yocto are you on?11:52
LetoThe2ndqschulz: the bestest one, of course!11:52
stkw0qschulz: zeus, with gatesgarth those bugs seems to be fixed, but for now we rely on zeus (we are planning to upgrade to official supported release though), but it will be nice if those patches are backported to zeus11:54
qschulzstkw0: If I'm not mistaken zeus is at best community supported, at worst EOL.11:55
* LetoThe2nd isn't sure somebody will take patches for zeus still11:55
stkw0according to release page it's community support.11:55
stkw0I guess small patches to current packages can be accepted┬┐?11:56
qschulzstkw0: I'd suggest moving to dunfell maybe? *it's the lts that will be supported for at least 2 years (probably more if there's financial support)11:56
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qschulzstkw0: well, if anyone actually maintains it, sure :) no version bumps but patches welcome11:56
stkw0qschulz: The problem is that meta-xilinx don't supports dunfell (and don't want to do it, I read they want to go directly to Gatesgarth)11:56
PaowZdidn't know dunfell was a lts..11:56
RPstwcx: nobody stepped up to continue zeus' maintenance11:57
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RPsorry, stkw0: ^^^11:57
stkw0RP: so basically, althought zeus in theory is "Community support" in practice it is EOL??11:58
RPstkw0: effectively nobody has stepped up so yes, we should probably just mark it EOL. The focus around the LTS has meant the other branches have withered since people are aiming for LTS12:00
LetoThe2ndPaowZ: its not like it was a secret... rather the exact opposite.12:01
stkw0jaja, okay12:01
stkw0It is cool to have an LTS release, I think it's the first LTS release of yocto?? I would like other layers like meta-xilinx also gave LTS support. We are a small team and sometimes it's hard to keep up with yocto releases... Anyway, thank you very much for your information12:03
RPstkw0: it is the first LTS release, we're still figuring some of the details out :)12:04
LetoThe2ndRP: some == 3.  the L, the T, and the S ;-)12:05
LetoThe2ndreleasing was clear.12:05
PaowZLetoThe2nd: surely.. it sounds that I hadn't read it somewhere.. but now you said so..
LetoThe2ndPaowZ: i've done a specific QS session on it, it was a prominent keynote at ELC, and also ELC-Almost-EU... so its actually quite an accomplishment to have missed it. maybe get in touch with ndec so he can improve his marketing skillz to reach folks like you in the future too :-)12:08
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LetoThe2ndno kidding, thats really what i have done a couple of times already. when people told me "i've missed your session every time", i was like: please tell me where you get your information from, so i can improve my announcements.12:09
ndecLetoThe2nd: PaowZ : right i am interested in how we can improve that for sure!12:10
LetoThe2ndndec: for me the result was that the upcoming session is the first one to have been announced on instagram and youtube :)12:11
ndecinstagram... ;)12:12
LetoThe2ndndec: i loathe producing content for instagram. the process is just like super ugly. but if it helps...12:12
ndeci think i will soon request for help on the social media things.. i am not scaling ;)12:13
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ndecfor example, i've never paid attention to the yp facebook, i might need someone to volonteer with that.12:13
LetoThe2ndfacebook is probably my last blind spot these days.12:14
ndecLetoThe2nd: where you learn that instagram likes squares ;)12:14
LetoThe2ndas i said.. ugly process.12:15
LetoThe2ndi'll have to do distinct formats for YT and instagram next time.12:15
paulbarkerndec: Have you seen the things I've posted to youtube?12:17
ndecpaulbarker: yes, well, briefly, but I am aware~12:20
ndeci had noted down to talk to you about it.. see how we could promote them.12:21
LetoThe2ndpaulbarker: can you give me a short headsup during the next session on tuesday so i remember promoting it too?12:27
paulbarkerLetoThe2nd: I'll try to remember12:27
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Ben48Hi everyone, I am trying to use some bitbake variables in a custom task (e.g. DATETIME) within a image/recipe which triggers the error message"When reparsing meta-foo/.../ the basehash value changed from 7c3cf034aa66cd3aa59eb499c150d43f to 82f30bcb522d708d95716b904dd61d8f. The metadata is not deterministic and this needs to be fixed."13:35 () {  mkdir /tmp/${DATETIME})addtask task_fooI assume this is due to the DATETIME variable changing during the reparsing, but I am not quite sure how to deal with this? There surely must be a way to use the bitbake variables in tasks in a meaningful matter?13:35
LetoThe2ndby not using DATETIME :)13:39
Ben48well, the thing is that I want to do stuff with artifacts from other tasks within the current build task, say bundle multiple images into a release structure. and since the artifacts are named using the DATETIME variable (e.g. I though this might be a sensible way to13:46
Ben48access these13:46
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LetoThe2ndBen48: then please use the proper means for that. bundling multistage builds shall be done through multiconfig chaining, not through trickery which is bound to break sooner or later.13:56
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PaowZLetoThe2nd: that might be quite an accomplishment, indeed, but I have to admit it's hard to follow tons of posts from every discussions/twitter/twitch/fb threads..14:07
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PaowZbut now, I know :)14:07
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Ben48LetoThe2nd: I must admit, that I am not quite sure how multiconfig might help with my dilemma. Maybe you could elaborate a bit more. But first I suppose I should make my intentions a bit clearer for you.14:12
LetoThe2ndBen48: well you said 1) i build artifacts 2) a secondary build needs to bundle in those artifacts. this is exactly what multiconfig is there for.14:16
*** roussinm <roussinm!> has joined #yocto14:21
Ben48LetoThe2nd: so the way we currently do a firmware release is by building the target images first and then a shell script which essentially moves all the build artifacts together, adds some meta-information (some from extern, some from "within" yocto) and tars the whole thing as release. Now, I am not happy with this current solution, as the bash14:24
Ben48script is bound to make assumptions about the build (e.g. machine name, rootfs imagetype etc.) and thus does not handle changes well and relies heavily on regex magic which is bound to fail at some point. so my idea was to move this whole "release" work into the yocto build process itself, as yocto would provide most of this needed information14:24
Ben48within environment variables. So now I am trying to run a task doing exactly this after all three images (and sdk population) built successfully.14:24
Ben48LetoThe2nd: P.S.: I am relatively new to the yocto project so please do not tear my head of for not knowing the mega-manual from heart ;D  (btw. great videos, they helped me alot '=D )14:25
LetoThe2ndBen48: multiconfig. it really is what you want.14:25
LetoThe2ndAnd glad you like them.14:26
* LetoThe2nd is off into the weekend though14:26
Ben48LetoThe2nd: ok, multiconfig it is then ;)14:27
* LetoThe2nd really shall do a mc session soon. Maybe for Christmas.14:29
*** Yumasi <Yumasi!> has joined #yocto14:32
*** fitzsim <fitzsim!> has joined #yocto14:35
qschulz+1 for multiconfig for this specific usecase14:42
*** Paul98 <Paul98!c2b608a3@> has joined #yocto14:45
*** Paul98 is now known as PaulFraOSAA14:46
PaulFraOSAAIs there any way to make an image so that when I build for my target I can also run the image on qemuarm?14:46
PaulFraOSAA(assuming my target platform is an arm of course)14:47
*** B0ned1ger <B0ned1ger!> has joined #yocto14:49
Ben48multiconfig ;)
*** B0ned1ger2 <B0ned1ger2!> has quit IRC14:52
*** B0ned1ger2 <B0ned1ger2!> has joined #yocto14:52
*** mauz555 <mauz555!~mauz555@2a01:e0a:56d:9090:dd63:a0f7:af7d:3f95> has joined #yocto14:54
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*** emrius <emrius!> has joined #yocto14:57
PaulFraOSAABut then the thing I run on the qemu would not be the same image as the one i run on the target, would it?14:59
*** karlyeurl <karlyeurl!~Karlssel@2001:41d0:8:9a4b::1> has quit IRC15:01
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*** mauz555 <mauz555!~mauz555@2a01:e0a:56d:9090:dd63:a0f7:af7d:3f95> has joined #yocto15:03
Ben48No, it wouldn't. You would build two separate images, one for target, one for qemu. I'm not sure how feasible it is to get the target image to run within qemu, as the machine config would differ. What stops you from just building two images?15:03
*** ssajal <ssajal!> has joined #yocto15:03
rburtonPaulFraOSAA: if qemu can run your target, then you can trivially tell qemu how to run it15:05
PaulFraOSAAok, how?15:05
rburtonall the QB_* variables that the qemu machines set15:05
PaulFraOSAAAh, thank you. I'll look into that :)15:06
*** karlyeurl <karlyeurl!~Karlssel@2001:41d0:8:9a4b::1> has joined #yocto15:06
rburtonfor proof that it isn't specific to the qemu machines,
rburtonyou might need to build a second filesystem that qemu can boot directly, depends on what you;'re building already15:06
*** mauz555 <mauz555!~mauz555@2a01:e0a:56d:9090:dd63:a0f7:af7d:3f95> has quit IRC15:09
PaulFraOSAAGreat, that was excactly what I was looking for. I thought I'd seen it, but I couldn't find the documentation for it anywhere.15:11
rburtonthe docs for qemuboot.bbclass, i imagine15:11
*** abelal <abelal!~quassel@> has quit IRC15:17
*** abelal <abelal!~quassel@> has joined #yocto15:18
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PaulFraOSAAWell thank you, gave a good weekend15:30
*** PaulFraOSAA <PaulFraOSAA!c2b608a3@> has quit IRC15:30
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*** Konsgn is now known as Guest4545315:33
*** Guest45453 is now known as konsgnxx15:34
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khemRP:  one of the numpy ptest expects you to have 2G RAM :)15:36
khemotherwise it crashes python as a punishment15:37
RPkhem: nice :)16:01
khembtw. should i bring pytest recipe to core ?16:01
khemthere are few other python modules in core needing it16:02
*** eduardas <eduardas!~eduardas@> has quit IRC16:02
khemCGO_LDFLAGS will also need  more fixes in go patch16:03
*** TPRoberts <TPRoberts!> has quit IRC16:06
RPkhem: I think we'll have to16:12
RPkhem: yes, the go patch is exploding on the AB :(16:13
*** Ben48 <Ben48!> has quit IRC16:23
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manuel1985On a yocto system, where does the `file` come from? Tried `oe-pkgdata-util find-path /usr/bin/file`, but got "ERROR: Unable to find any package producing path /usr/bin/file".17:58
*** gpanders <gpanders!> has quit IRC17:58
RPmanuel1985: probably the file recipe?17:59
*** habing <habing!~habing@2001:4bb8:188:5816:b486:552f:43c9:2> has joined #yocto18:01
manuel1985Yeah seems to be this: "/meta/recipes-devtools/file"18:02
*** megabread <megabread!~megabread@2a01:4b00:e031:2600:24ab:7338:f71a:2b86> has quit IRC18:03
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manuel1985Still puzzled why `oe-pkgdata-util find-path /usr/bin/file` didn't tell me this. The path is correct.18:09
rburtonbecause you hadn't build file yet?18:14
rburtonit looks at packages, but if you haven't built it, then it can't know18:14
rburtonthe file *recipe* just says that it packages /usr/bin/*18:14
rburtonwhich isn't helpful18:14
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*** carlsb3rg <carlsb3rg!~chrissc@> has joined #yocto18:15
manuel1985rburton: Got it, thank you! Will take care not to use wildcards in FILES variable18:17
rburtonwell, do18:18
rburtonbecause the alternative is maintainer pain18:18
carlsb3rgprobably a long shot, but anyone have experience with syslinux not getting correct usb geometry and rebooting?18:19
carlsb3rgaccording to syslinux wiki, the symptom of syslinux showing the copyright message and giving up could be a sign that BIOS detection of USB geometry has gone wrong...this happens approx 1/10 times on otherwise rock stable OS...been working on the problem for days18:21
manuel1985I'm afraid no :(18:24
manuel1985I'm just curious, if I compile a simple hello world executable for my host system, "file" says "ELF 64-bit LSB pie executable", but if yocto builds it for qemux86-64, it says "ELF 64-bit LSB shared object". Why "shared object"? I can execute it just fine.18:26
*** T_UNIX <T_UNIX!uid218288@gateway/web/> has quit IRC18:27
carlsb3rgmaybe file is just misreporting?18:31
manuel1985Hmm... that's not satisfactory :/ I think there must be a (complicated, though) reason. `file` and elf and all that stuff is so old, things like that should be fixed since millenia18:34
carlsb3rgfound an post saying that old file might misreport pie executables as shared objects18:35
carlsb3rgbut that newer versions of file don't...18:36
carlsb3rgwhat version of file are you using?18:37
carlsb3rgwas fixed in 5.36 apparently18:37
carlsb3rgbug in 5.34 implementation reports pie executables as pie shared objects18:38
manuel19855.38 apparantly: `poky/meta/recipes-devtools/file/`18:40
carlsb3rgGreat. Well, no. A developer made a commit before the release of 'file' 5.38 that broke that new behaviour, and went back to executable being identified as "shared object".18:42
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manuel1985carlsb3rg: Wow, that's what I call commitment. Thank you!18:47
*** JaMa <JaMa!> has quit IRC18:47
manuel1985Now I just need to get package splitting to work18:49
carlsb3rgnp: I'm stuck with my syslinux/usb geometry problem anyway so might as well help someone else with their issues18:51
*** carlsb3rg <carlsb3rg!~chrissc@> has quit IRC18:51
manuel1985Cool :) Well, I got yocto to build a minimal hello-world executable using cmake, but it doesn't seem to put anything in the -dbg package. It does put the source into the -src package, though.18:55
manuel1985The recipe has "inherit cmake" but that's it. both the recipe and the cmakelists as well as the C source code are dead simple, can't be related to that.18:55
manuel1985Well, that is, I think it is related to some of the stuff I wrote.. probably I just didnt activate package splitting in the recipe or so18:55
manuel1985But I thought it should be enabled by default18:57
rburtonmanuel1985: does the cmake compile with -g?18:57
rburtonif it doesn't do that then no symbols to strip18:57
*** JaMa <JaMa!> has joined #yocto18:57
rburtonassuming the cmakelists are traditional, a recipe for that should be essentially SRC_URI and 'inherit cmake'18:59
rburtoneverything else will just work18:59
manuel1985Yepp it does. I checked the specific cmake invocation in the tmp directory, and it even includes it twice or so I think.18:59
rburtonmaybe its stripping during install?18:59
manuel1985Need to check if the binary is stripped, but I just ran a '-c cleanall'19:00
rburtonnever a need to do that19:01
rburtonif you want a force a rebuild because you've been poking around the work directories, use -Cunpack19:01
rburtonotherwise, bitbake will rebuild if there is a need19:01
manuel1985I didn't yet grok when bitbake triggers a rebuild or not. I've got the source code not in a recipe, but underneath the 'files' dir next to the recipe19:02
rburtonif its in SRC_URI then bitbake will notice it change and rebuild19:02
rburtonif you change a variable, bitbake will rebuild19:02
rburtonif a dependency changes, bitbake will rebuild19:02
manuel1985Ok! The binary is stripped. Check it in 'package' dir and 'packages-split' dir.19:03
rburtonif it is stripped in image/ then your cmakelists is doing that19:03
manuel1985There it is 'with debug_info, not stripped'19:04
manuel1985That's some good info, though. What's the difference between the 'build' and the 'image' directory? The 'build' directory seems to be where cmake put it's output19:06
rburtonbuild/ is where cmake does the build19:07
rburtonimage is where "cmake install" is pointed at19:07
rburtonfwiw i just built taglib to verify cmake+debuginfo didn't break somehow19:07
manuel1985Ahh! Good to know19:07
rburtonworks fine19:07
manuel1985There is a '<package-name>/1.0-r0/debugsources.list' though.19:08
rburtonimage/ is then cloned to package/ which is then pre-processed for packaging and turned into packages-split/ which is the files split up per-package19:08
manuel1985What does 'pre-processed' mean in that context?19:09
manuel1985I think I'll write an email to the mailing list regarding my issue. I have the same problem with at least one other cmake-build project as well. The simpleechoserver from LetoThe2nd.19:10
rburtonstripped, compressed, files mangled, whatever19:10
manuel1985I see19:11
rburtonsounds like either your local setup is a little odd, or cmake is being a pain19:12
rburtonbuild taglib and check if that builds debug symbols19:13
manuel1985Well, cmake is definately a pain.19:13
rburtonif you run something like arch, you may have found a new bug19:13
rburtonas rolling release distros are good at that19:13
manuel1985Unfortunately just a plain boring debian here :(19:13
manuel1985rburton: Oh wtf... I'm terribly sorry and feel like an idiot right now. It seem to have worked the whole time. The problem was that the debug files are put into a hidden directory ".debug" and `tree` doesn't display them by default. Only with the `-a` switch. I set every other tool (file manager, `ls`) so that hidden files get displayed by default, so I didn't think about that.19:21
rburtonglad that's sorted ;)19:21
manuel1985So much time wasted due to this. 2-3 hrs yesterday as well.19:22
manuel1985Well, thank you again19:22
manuel1985anyway I mean19:22
kergothi like fd-find + myself19:23
* kergoth yawns19:23
khemah written in Rust, cant be bad :)19:24
*** LetoThe2nd <LetoThe2nd!uid453638@gateway/web/> has quit IRC19:31
kergoth:) i like that as-tree feels very unix in philosophy. can just find | as-tree, too. does one job19:32
kergothfd is just nice to use19:32
JaMawritten in Rust, but with Bazel .. mixed feelings19:33
manuel1985What does fd | as-tree do different than fd | tree? Didn't get it from the README.md19:34
JaManormal tree won't be able to create tree from paths printed by find I think19:35
JaMasorry it does19:36
rburtonmanuel1985: for looking at what packages are created, use bitbake instead of digging around temp/19:38
rburtonmanuel1985: oe-pkgdata-util list-pkg-files -p [recipename]19:39
rburtonthat actually works if you wipe tmp then bitbake the recipe, which will just pull from sstate and there won't be anything in temp/ to look at19:39
*** emrius <emrius!> has quit IRC19:41
manuel1985Thanks! Was already wondering how I can bitbake a recipe and still have nothing show up in tmp ;)19:45
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rburtontmp is just the build area, if its already build, nothing appears21:11
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TuxBlackEdoI am using the build instructions from and I get this after an hour:
JPEWTuxBlackEdo: I suspect you have something wrong because I don't think the tinkerboard uses grub22:58
JPEWTuxBlackEdo: Ah it's grub-native (e.g. grub for your host)22:59
JPEWWhats your build machine22:59
TuxBlackEdoUbuntu 20.0422:59
TuxBlackEdoVERSION="20.04.1 LTS (Focal Fossa)"23:00
JPEWTuxBlackEdo: Huh, weird23:02
*** pohly <pohly!> has quit IRC23:03
JPEWWhat version of Yocto are you using?23:03
*** pohly <pohly!> has joined #yocto23:05
JPEWTuxBlackEdo: Hmm, not sure then.... Do you specifically need mender, or are you just trying to get something on the tinkerboard?23:06
TuxBlackEdoI dont need mender23:06
TuxBlackEdojust trying to get it on the tinkerboard23:06
JPEWTuxBlackEdo: Ah, you know what, I bet 20.04 is too new for Thud23:06
*** agust <agust!> has quit IRC23:07
TuxBlackEdooh ok, would 18.04 work better?23:07
JPEWProbably... there is a list of supported distros somewhere. Honestly, if you just need a build on the tinkerboard you could build something newer23:07
JPEWI've built gatesgarth for tinkerboard just this morning :)23:08
*** ojdo <ojdo!~ojdo@unaffiliated/ojdo> has quit IRC23:08
TuxBlackEdoi'll try that23:08
JPEWTuxBlackEdo: I *think* all you need is poky, meta-arm, and meta-rockchip23:09
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