Friday, 2020-11-27

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mckoangood morning07:31
wyreI don't get this point , if VAR1 contains "12 34" and VAR3 contains "5" but then you use VAR3 += "${VAR1}" should not this produce that VAR3 contains "5 12 34"07:33
wyreand then if you assign VAR3 =+ "${VAR2}" this should not produce that VAR3 contains at the end "67 89 5 12 34"?07:34
wyregood morning mckoan 👋07:34
iceawayIn my attempts to get lib32-libgdiplus building on Yocto Sumo, it seems like the variable "STAGING_BINDIR_CROSS" is causing this issue. When I build my multilib image with bitbake -e, I can see that STAGING_BINDIR_CROSS is set to the "recipe-sysroot" directory, which works fine for building libgdiplus, but when building lib32-libgdiplus, STAGING_BINDIR_CROSS is still "recipe-sysroot" not07:34
iceaway"lib32-recipe-sysroot" as required. This recipe has som postinstall intercept scripts, which I guess is the reason why other lib32-* packages work, but this one does not. Unfortunately I do not have the deep knowledge of bitbake to understand exactly why this is happening, and what the best way to resolve it is.07:34
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iceawayI can see in bitbake -e that it uses ${MLPREFIX} to set up the "recipe-sysroot" dir, but $MLPREFIX appears to be the same for the entire do_rootfs-stage of my image build (i.e. empty)07:37
iceawayThe solution would seem to be to set up the STAGING_DIR_HOST variable differently for postinstall-intercepts that are using multilib, but I really have no idea how to do that properly.07:38
iceaway(STAGING_BINDIR_CROSS contains STAGING_DIR_HOST, pointing at the recipe-sysroot directory)07:39
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qschulzwyre: += is appending, =+ is prepending08:22
qschulzmckoan: o/08:22
wyreqschulz, then VAR3 =+ "${VAR2}" should be "67 89 5"08:23
qschulzsame for the .= =.08:24
qschulzand one important thing to keep in mind, the order or declaration does not matter08:25
qschulzso, you could technically have VAR2 = "5", VAR3 += "${VAR2}", VAR2 += "3"08:25
qschulzin that case, VAR2 is 5 3 and var3 is " 5 3"08:26
qschulzonly := requires direct expansion08:26
wyreqschulz, so is there an errata in the book?
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qschulzwyre: yes. but honestly, just test yourself, for something that easy to reproduce08:31
qschulzcreate a dummy recipe08:31
qschulzadd your stuff, play with the variables08:31
wyreqschulz, that would be awesome08:31
wyrecould I call bitbake for just that recipe?08:31
qschulzand run bitbake -e my-recipe and look for the line starting with your variable08:32
wyreoh, I see08:32
wyreI'm going to try08:32
qschulzwyre: you bitbake recipes, it can either be package recipes (SW) or image recipes (usually what one does to get an artifact (rootfs) to flash ona  device)08:32
wyrewhen you create a package recipe you get something like .deb? or .ipk?08:33
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qschulzwyre: depends on what PACKAGE_CLASSES is set to08:40
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mckoanqschulz: :|10:03
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wooosaiiiHi, I have set variable IMAGE_ROOTFS_SIZE to 512 MiB... and I thought my rootfs image would be exactly 512MiB, but it turns out it is over 600 MiB... I tracked down issue to dnf recipe that appends to IMAGE_ROOTFS_EXTRA_SPACE.10:03
wooosaiiiHow can I make sure my rootfs will also take into account this extra space?10:03
wooosaiiiand it will not exceed 512 MiB in total10:04
* mckoan doesn't like to run a full Yocto training using IRC 10:04
LetoThe2ndyo dudX10:10
LetoThe2ndwooosaiii: maybe nailing down IMAGE_ROOTFS_EXTRA_SPACE in your machine conf works.10:11
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wooosaiiiLetoThe2nd: I don't it will work as dnf package appends to this variable:10:15
wooosaiiipoky/meta/classes/rootfs_rpm.bbclass:IMAGE_ROOTFS_EXTRA_SPACE_append = "${@bb.utils.contains("PACKAGE_INSTALL", "dnf", " + 102400", "" ,d)}"10:15
LetoThe2ndwooosaiii: just one more reason to not use rpm/dnf :)10:15
wooosaiiiLetoThe2nd: :D10:15
* LetoThe2nd is an ipk guy.10:16
LetoThe2ndand even more, i'm a non-runtime-package-management guy.10:16
wooosaiiiLetoThe2nd: my solution at the moment is to install python anonymous function to check and set IMAGE_ROOTFS_SIZE variable accordingly to EXTRA_SPACE variable10:16
wooosaiiibut feels like a dirty workaround and some more elegant solution should be possible :D10:17
LetoThe2ndlike... using ipk and/or no runtime package management? ;-)10:17
paulbarkerRP: Should the autobuilder pick up new pushes to the master branch of yocto-docs?10:17
paulbarkerLooking at it's not built the latest commits10:18
wooosaiiiLetoThe2nd: probably could remove IMAGE_FEATURES += "package-management" yeah10:18
wooosaiiibut greping through sources grep -r IMAGE_ROOTFS_EXTRA_SPACE .10:19
wooosaiiireveals more recipes do the same :D and we could stumble upon the same issue again :D10:19
paulbarkerRP: In fact, the last 4 builds of the docs used the same commit 276740dd3 from a week ago.10:19
RPpaulbarker: it does sound like there is something wrong, ndec was mentioning this too10:32
ndeci haven't been able to understand what went wrong..10:33
paulbarkerRP, ndec:
paulbarkerLooks like it is fetching from the right place but getting the same commit as builds 31, 32 and 3310:36
ndecyes, i saw that.. i don't understand why it does it ;)10:36
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FloRiAn_Hello all, that's my second time in the IRC chat and hopefully somebody can help me solving my little Yocto issue. I want to rename and copy a dtb file to the boot partition. How do I add a file to the boot partition? Can I add a do_bootimg_append() in e.g. my layers recipe-kernel/linux/linux-raspberrypi_%.bbappend file? Would be really cool to get some suggestions on how to do something like this. Thanks, Florian11:30
FloRiAn_I know that the KERNEL_DEVICETREE or KERNEL_DEVICETREE_append copies a file11:31
FloRiAn_But I want to rename it as well11:31
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FloRiAn_And I cannot find any solution on how to RENAME the dtb when adding it to the boot partition11:31
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paulbarkerFloRiAn_: You can deploy the new file to `DEPLOYDIR` and add it to `IMAGE_BOOT_FILES`11:37
paulbarkerFloRiAn_: Take a look at
paulbarkerIt's a space separated list, each element is either just filename or a `<source name>;<dest name>` pair11:38
paulbarkerE.g. `u-boot.bin;${SDIMG_KERNELIMAGE}` copies over `u-boot.bin` and renames it to the filename that the RPi boot ROM looks for11:38
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FloRiAn_@paulbarker: Wow this is really helpfull! I didn't know, that renaming can be that easy. Thanks a lot for your explanation. Will now dig into the code example you sent. Thanks a lot!11:40
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iceawayI just saw your conversation on ipk vs rpm for package management. I have used rpm without thinking about up until now, simply because that was the default. Would it make any difference to the final image if I were to switch to ipk? I am not using any package management on the target.11:55
LetoThe2ndiceaway: without runtime pm there should be no noticeable differences, except for corner cases maybe11:59
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rburtonwe should add QA to verify that the end images are binary identical12:10
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rcrudoI'm trying to build a recipe which depends of a python library to be in sysroot-native. is it enought to add the dependency to DEPENDS?12:33
rburtonDEPENDS=python3-foo-native, but you also need to inherit python3native to run the right python binary12:34
rburtonthe host python won't look inside the sysroot, and any C modules won't link either12:34
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rcrudoaha, I was the -native part. thanks12:40
rburtonyeah you can't run target code on the host12:44
qschulzLetoThe2nd: I think ipk is slightly faster for building an image?12:44
LetoThe2ndqschulz: no idea.12:44
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rburtonqschulz: would be an interesting benchmark to run12:51
qschulzrburton: pretty sure this was done by the person who wanted to add support for apk?12:54
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qschulzfound it, will link12:55
qschulzso, actually slower than rpm12:57
RPpaulbarker, ndec: I reran the docs build and it seems to have done the right thing. Not sure why it did't previously13:11
ndecRP: hmm.. yes, now it worked...13:19
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iceawayLetoThe2nd: thanks!13:47
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JaBen@qschulz: I still was'nt able to determinate why building the ADI kernel failes, but I found a workaround. apparently slapping "${WORKDIR}/" infront of the KERNEL_EXTRA_FEATURES did the trick (as you pointed out some of the paths were not absolute). I have no idea why it works in the case of the default poky kernel. maybe I'll figure it out but for now I'm happy to have found a workaround.16:11
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lxchave the  ame recipe appears in two layers, trying to use BBFILE_PRIORITY to get it to select correct recipe, but it does not. any ideas?16:29
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qschulzlxc: bitbake-layers show-recipes might give you some hints IIRC (not sure)16:32
mihailxc: it takes the layer priority into account16:32
qschulzlxc: highest BBFILE_PRIO means the recipe in that layer has prio, are you sure it's in the layer of the higher/highest prio?16:33
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lxcIt sees two recipesbinutils:  meta                 2.32.0  meta-mylayer         2.34and meta-mylayer has prio 10 and meta layer has prio 516:36
qschulzlxc: look for a PREFERRED_VERSION_binutils ;)16:46
qschulzndec: we talked about removing the trailing slash ;)16:47
ndectrailing or leading?16:47
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qschulzwell... trailing in directive but leading in the one using the directive :)16:47
qschulzcan't remember if it was via mail or IRC?16:48
JaBen@lxc: or you could BBMASK the unwanted recipe and try to rebuild the component. See if it then still builds with the recipe from the desired layer or if it throws warnings / errors16:50
ndecqschulz: right.. i keep getting back at our discussions... we should use bugzilla more ;)16:51
qschulzndec: agreed16:52
ndecqschulz: i have 2 large series locally that I haven't sent yet. renaming of all the files, and removal of the backquotes in the section title.16:53
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qschulzndec: AH! what about the link only? e.g. I want, :yocto_home:`` this probably does not work16:56
ndecright.. "so perhaps we should use extlinks for what it's supposed to be, and use variables otherwise, e.g. &YOCTO_GIT_URL; when I just need the link.". i still agree with what I said ;)16:56
qschulzabsolutely not english but I think you understood :)16:56
qschulzndec: all good then, "the link only" => &YOCTO_HOME_URL; and the rest without the leading slash16:57
qschulz(the absolutely not english was for me not you ;) )16:57
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lxcqschulz PREFERRED_VERSION_binutils  it is. Many thanks!17:43
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matthewcroughan_Is there ever a reason to have `IMAGE_INSTALL_append = "something" instead of " something" ?18:14
matthewcroughan_It seems like in most circumstances, this requirement just to have space is a burden on the brain, why is it this way?18:15
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cengiz_iomatthewcroughan_ I have bumped on to at least two cases where two packages were too close together18:23
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