Saturday, 2020-12-05

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moto-timoFFY00: I am one of the main python folks for yocto world and in particular the maintainer of the python3-packaging recipe. Let's come to some sanity :)00:35
moto-timoFFY00: can you summarize the solution now? We have setuptools and distutils support, but if we need a "new" (pep-0517 is by no means new) mechanism we should plan for it now.00:37
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moto-timoFFYO: it appears to be "python -m build" ??00:52
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tlwoernerkhem: i see my glmark2 patches are in master-next, is it too late for a v4?03:42
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FFY00moto-timo, sorry for the delay, I just woke up, timezones...14:05
FFY00well, python -m build is indeed the new command to build wheels14:06
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FFY00the problem is installing them14:06
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FFY00if you can use pip, you have no issue, if you can't, there's no way yet14:07
FFY00I am not sure if you are building wheels with setuptools and installing them or installing via setuptools directly ( install)14:08
FFY00the former is the only way supported in PEP 51714:08
FFY00so you'll essentially need to build and then install a wheel14:09
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kpo_Hello, I've got a recipe that fetches binary package from CI using wget: and then installs them into system image. However, once the "sources" (in my case built binaries) are once pulled, they are never ever updated again17:49
kpo_is there any way to force bitbake to pull sources for this recipe *always*?17:50
neverpanickpo_: You'd have to change the checksums anyway?17:59
kpo_well, yes - I've come to this parallely. However, when I ditch the checksums altogether, then bitbake shouts with error to bring them back :P18:02
neverpanicbitbake isn't designed to do what you're trying to do. Recipe build outputs are cached in what's called the sstate cache, and it isn't designed to rebuild a think that didn't change from its PoV (because its recipe didn't change)18:03
neverpanicChanging the checksums should trigger the rebuild18:04
kpo_alright, then how does git fetcher with SRC_AUTOREV work? It always checks if repository has newer commits than what bitbake pulled lastly18:05
kpo_It kind of threw me off18:05
kpo_So is there any bitbake-ish way to do it properly?18:08
neverpanicDoes AUTOREV work for SVN? That might be an option. Other than that, I'd just automate editing the recipe.18:13
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moto-timoFFY00: the thing for us with using pip is that it will install all the dependencies. We don't do that. We carefully install only things we know about... unless we have no choice (like Go and npm packaging...). But you've given me enough food for thought and I truly appreciate it.20:12
FFY00it doesn't need to do that20:17
FFY00it can be disabled20:17
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FFY00pip install --isolated --ignore-installed --no-deps my-package.whl20:20
moto-timoFFY00: ahhh... I was not aware of that20:21
FFY00that should be able to install only the wheel without messing anything20:21
FFY00but pip was really not designed for that20:21
moto-timoI mostly use pipenv and not pip directly (but pipenv on development/desktop)20:21
FFY00you might also want PIP_CONFIG_FILE=/dev/null20:21
FFY00we are working on a standalone wheel installer20:22
FFY00but it's not ready yet20:22
moto-timoI might start playing with the WIP :)20:22
moto-timomeanwhile, I'll at least create a recipe for pypa/build20:23
FFY00let me know if you run into any trouble20:23
moto-timowill do :) I'll tryi to communicate in the standard Python channels20:23
FFY00one thing to be aware is that pypa/build will build in a isolated environment by default20:23
FFY00you might want that or not20:23
moto-timodepending on how it works in our environment, that is exactly what we want20:24
FFY00by default it will create a virtual environment and build the package there20:24
FFY00for eg. in Arch Linux packaging we don't want that20:24
FFY00there's -n/--no-isolation to disable if you want20:25
FFY00should save up a few seconds too20:26
FFY00and remove the internet dependency20:26
moto-timoooh. that is appealing :)20:26
moto-timowe normally only allow internet during "fetch"20:27
FFY00then you probably want -n :P20:27
FFY00we do this mostly for end users20:27
FFY00to force them to build in a clean environment20:27
FFY00which makes packaging issue like missing dependencies more evident20:27
FFY00but overall for consumers it shouldn't be a problem20:28
moto-timoindeed... we have both build and runtime issues with missing dependencies... mostly iterative solutions still20:28
FFY00how do you bootstrap the python environment btw?20:29
FFY00or you don't need to?20:29
FFY00I haven't used octo yet, so I am missing some details :P20:30
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dorindahi all,  i cloned the meta-openembedded layer in my yocto, added the layer in bblayers.conf and when i run "bitbake libmicrohttp", the build is sucessful, but when i try to add "DEPENDS+=libmicrohttpd" to file, i recieve the following error running "bitbake libmicrohttpd" again20:38
dorindai'd really appreciate any help on this, thanks.20:40
moto-timodorinda: two options, (1) edit the libmicrohttpd recipe and add:20:42
moto-timoBBCLASSEXTEND = "native"20:43
moto-timooh... but you don't want DEPENDS I don't think that is build time20:43
moto-timoplease describe what your goal is here?20:44
moto-timoFFY00: our approach to python is rather complicated, but the main recipe is:
dorindaoh yes, i did add BBCLASSEXTEND ="native nativesdk" but there was another error, can recall what it was, let me try this BBCLASSEXTEND = "native"20:46
moto-timoFFY00: because we want minimal target installs, we also create sub-packages of what is normally included in the standard libraries:
dorindai was trying to include some dependencies in, so when i add libmicrohttpd the error pops up20:48
moto-timodorinda: is libmicrohttpd a build time dependency for elfutils?20:49
moto-timodorinda: it is very important to understand the distinction between DEPENDS (build time) and RDEPENDS (run time) dependencies20:50
dorindaokay, not sure but i had tried including it in PACKAGECONFIG option for elfutils as a build time dependency, and there was no error.20:52
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moto-timodorinda: right, so what you are looking at is build time (since it is in;a=blob;;h=c1a6954da24572680f8b73edeb9a890674f422e2;hb=HEAD#l73021:00
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moto-timodorinda: so right now, in PACKAGECONFIG[libdebuginfod], it has curl at the end... you are trying to add libhttpd, sqlite and libarchive?21:06
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dorindaok, hold on, i noticed this is, could it be because am using an old version?21:10
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moto-timodorinda: perhaps, I don't know when the change was added to elfutils21:10
moto-timodorinda: but you should be working on the latest tip of openembedded-core and meta-openembedded/meta-oe for new work21:11
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moto-timodorinda: also, I see that elfutils has a 0.182 release now21:11
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dorindathe branch i was on gatesgarth, had what ive tried now is switch branch to the one that has this 0.181 release, although my yocto is still building it.21:12
moto-timoanything new will need to be merged into "master" before it would be backported to a stable release like gatesgarth21:13
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moto-timoso if you are working on a WIP branch it might need to be rebased21:14
dorinda0.182 yeah, but not yet in yocto environment i guess, ok thanks.21:14
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moto-timojust a matter of time before the update to 0.182 is added :)21:14
moto-timobut for now, work on 0.18121:14
dorindaalright thank you. let me see how that goes.21:15
moto-timodorinda: I did look at the recipes for libmicrohttpd, sqlite and libarchive... libmicrohttpd is missing BBCLASSEXTENDS = "native" so that would be a problem for building elfutils-native21:16
moto-timobut package config should pick it up if it is present, so you should not need a different DEPENDS21:17
dorindayeah, i had added it before building elfutils21:18
moto-timothis is assuming libmicrohttpd is well behaved and creates a package config entry in the right place21:18
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dorindahmm, okay thank.21:19
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moto-timoFFY00: between pip's --isolated and -t arguments I might be able to make this work :)22:20
moto-timoFFY00: I will say a big thank you to the pypa folks for making pypa/build simple22:20
FFY00no worries :)22:20
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