Monday, 2020-12-07

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mansiMorning. I'm having trouble building python3-setuptools-native on dunfell. I get "Illegal instruction (core dumped)" which I've debugged down to line 69 in (of cpython) (RECIP_BPF=2**-BPF). Anyone seen anything similar? Using Ubuntu 20.04 as host.06:30
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zygagood morning07:02
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX07:41
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LetoThe2ndRP: want a nice goodmorningly surprise?08:06
* LetoThe2nd could offer a pseudo.log.... namely, a 98GiB large one?08:07
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LetoThe2ndit seems to be some kind of infinite depth recursion with esdk+buildhistory+a specific directory layout. will investigate.08:18
simonhello all, I'm very new to yocto. after following the steps on this pages
simonI'm not able to compile uboot :(08:22
simonbitbake u-boot-variscite  -f -c compile08:23
simonSorry if this isn't the correct forum, but really need the help08:23
simoncan you advise where is the best place for asking help ?08:24
paulbarkersimon: If you're following the setup instructions from Variscite then you probably need to ask them for support08:26
paulbarkerThe sumo release of Yocto is now EOL, if you can upgrade to something newer I'd recommend doing so08:26
paulbarkerThe only thing I can think to check off the top of my head is your host distro version. If you're using something new like Ubuntu 20.04, the sumo release of Yocto might not support that08:26
simonThanks paulbarker, I'm asking Variscite as we chat :)08:27
simoncheers :)08:27
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* LetoThe2nd ponders slapping variscite for the -f flag anyways.08:36
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RPLetoThe2nd: Good morning. I think I can manage without, thanks ;-)08:53
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OutBackDingoseems qemu-5.1.0-r0 do_package_write_deb has an issue with Subprocess output:dpkg-deb: error: package name has characters that aren't lowercase alphanums or '-+.'09:05
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RPOutBackDingo: seems odd nobody else is hitting that, what configuration do you have which is different?09:07
paulbarkerOutBackDingo: Could you try with the rpm or ipk package manager? See if it's reproducible with either of those09:09
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OutBackDingopaulbarker: i added meta-browser meta-clang and meta-rust, added chromium to the build09:15
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OutBackDingobuilding with package_rpm now to test09:16
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LetoThe2ndpaulbarker: it seems that a directory recursion is created if on is using kas inside the layer to build an esdk09:31
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paulbarkerLetoThe2nd: Could you file a bug in
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LetoThe2ndpaulbarker: i could, but its not really a kas issue in itself i think. its more like, being triggered by a practise kas encourages.09:33
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paulbarkerRP: Looks like breaks building inside a layer directory10:02
paulbarkerWhen using kas this is especially common10:03
RPpaulbarker: hmm, I wasn't particularly happy about doing this either :/10:05
RPSaur: ^^^10:05
LetoThe2ndpaulbarker: do you know if that went into dunfell?10:05
RPLetoThe2nd: it shouldn't have done yet10:05
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LetoThe2nd(anyways it is certainly not of relevance to my particular problem)10:05
LetoThe2ndi'd guess the situation of building the esdk inside the layer has been broken ever since, but really, just guessing!10:06
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RPpaulbarker: may have to revert for now?10:07
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paulbarkerRP: I don't understand the issue it's trying to fix10:09
paulbarkerLet me look back at the emails and see what I think10:10
paulbarkerI don't like suggesting reverts for things if I don't understand why they were added10:10
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paulbarkerRP: I've replied to Peter's patch, copying in you and the list10:29
paulbarkerFor now I'll do a local revert of that patch10:33
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OutBackDingopaulbarker: seem package_rpm works fine.... so whats the breakage in package_deb10:48
rburtonpackage_deb is always a bit broken as nobody uses it10:50
paulbarkerOutBackDingo: So others here may disagree with me but in my experience package_deb is not as well tested as rpm or ipk. I recommend switching over to one of those10:50
paulbarkerIf you want to continue using package_deb (which, really, I don't recommend) then you'll need to modify the qemu recipe so the package names comply with the debian rules (uppercase letters and certain punctuation characters are banned)10:51
RPOutBackDingo: do you know the package name its breaking on?10:51
paulbarkerPatches welcome10:52
paulbarkerRP: I think it's this email:
paulbarkerSo qemu10:52
RPpaulbarker: we really should put a sanity test in core so all packages "obey" the rules10:52
RPpaulbarker: package name, not recipe name...10:53
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RPah, it is there, qemu-x86_6410:55
RPso its the "_" in that name10:55
RPwhich layer bbappends qemu to split per arch? or do we not test building target qemu?10:56
paulbarkerRP: Controversial opinion: I'd rather get rid of package_deb then we don't have to worry about those rules. But I understand some folks do use it so that's probably not viable10:57
RPpaulbarker: not an option and it does basically work10:57
OutBackDingopaulbarker: why would you recommend package_rpm over package_deb ? Id prefer to stay on the debianish side of the river....10:57
OutBackDingosicne the whole premise of overc appears to be based off minimal debian10:58
RPOutBackDingo: of the three backends, its the least tested/used10:58
paulbarkerOutBackDingo: Because it works and it's well tested :) But sarcasm aside we should fix this one10:58
OutBackDingowelp its about to get a ton of testing :)10:58
LetoThe2ndalso a lot of fixing?10:59
OutBackDingoyes, something as simple as _ in a name should be resolved10:59
OutBackDingoLetoThe2nd: obviously ill fix whatever im capoable of10:59
OutBackDingoim still wrapping my head around the whole overc "distro" but getting more in depth11:00
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rburtonOutBackDingo: unless you're using the package manager on the target, the choice of package manager is literally just a choice of what format do you want intermediate files to be in.11:06
JaMarburton: hey, don't blame meta-ros for xilinx stuff :)11:09
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OutBackDingorburton: i do use the package manager on the target11:11
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rburtonOutBackDingo: i suggest you work out what broke deb and how the automatic QA can detect that in the future then  :)11:15
rburtonJaMa:  the fortran bug? i blame everyone for fortran11:16
rburtonJaMa: in my defence i said it could be any number of things11:16
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JaMarburton: yes, it could be and with the information he shared in meta-ros and bugzilla it's difficult to debug, I'm just saying that I'm building meta-ros with fortran enabled couple times per day and haven't seen his issue on x86,x86_64,arm,aarch6411:42
JaMaand I've also built it with xilinx BSP a while ago, but only the BSP layer not their poky based distro11:42
rburtonit does seem odd.  i'm still 50/50 on user error: the tweak to turn on fortran is minimal and hard to do wrong11:48
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JaMarburton: agreed, and meta-ros does just what local.conf.sample.extended does, because it needs fortran for some of the recipes (including lapack from meta-oe)13:04
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JaMarburton: one of his logs shows that gcc-cross is from locked sstate, I think that's the reason why fortran never got really enabled in his build13:35
rburtonJaMa: yes good catch!13:36
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frayArgh, I love how my ISP will block connected for 10 seconds if I open too m any too quickly..  RIP do_fetch..16:16
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fray(luckily there is do_fetch[number_threads] = "..." so I can limit it16:17
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JaMasakoman: what rburton's fix to find more CVE does with the raffle? does it mean that Ross now needs to grow something in his garden as well? :)17:08
JaMait looks like he grows some dirty bikes mostly :)17:09
sakomanJaMa: it just means there are more targets to enter fixes for :-)17:09
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rburtonJaMa: before posting the patch to oe-core i fixed the CPEs of 8 that don't appear in the report just days before the raffle was announced. if i'd known I'd have waited ;)23:11
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