Wednesday, 2020-12-30

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rburtonKanavin: Ross/autoconf270. They broke 270 final release so it’s utterly broken, I was going to revert some commits00:15
rburtonHelp is welcome but that branch built sato with the last RC00:16
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moto-timothey should have made it autoconf 20.2002:01
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ikkysleepyI am trying to enable systemd and it seems to be working but I get this error when trying to enable a service to auto start: root@webapp:~# systemctl enable php-fpmSynchronizing state of php-fpm.service with SysV service script with /lib/systemd/systemd-sysv-install.Executing: /lib/systemd/systemd-sysv-install enable php-fpmFailed to execute04:03
ikkysleepy/lib/systemd/systemd-sysv-install: No such file or directory04:03
ikkysleepyThe issue seems to be the 2nd line, but without that line it seems to not work, DISTRO_FEATURES_append = " systemd"DISTRO_FEATURES_BACKFILL_CONSIDERED += "sysvinit"VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_init_manager = "systemd"VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_initscripts = "systemd-compat-units", this is for dunfell branch04:04
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OutBackDingoooops sorry caps06:39
ikkysleepy figured it out, I needed just to do these 2 lines and not all 4: DISTRO_FEATURES_append = " systemd"VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_init_manager = "systemd"06:40
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xadehi, using yocto core-image customized. I just upgraded from thud to dunfell. I don't have "clear" command anymore09:23
xadeI tried that in thud and yocto build env: oe-pkgdata-util find-path /usr/bin/clear09:24
xadebut it's not found09:24
xadeI tried increasing "ALTERNATIVE_PRIORITY" of coreutils without success09:25
xadewhat am I missing?09:25
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hnjeIs it somehow possible to depend on do_deploy of virtual/kernel, in a fire and forget type of approach, that isn't affecting do_package ?12:43
paulbarkerhnje: You can add the dependency to a different task, e.g. do_build12:44
paulbarkerhnje: See for example Raspberry Pi we add various task dependencies to `do_image_wic`:
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hnjepaulbarker: That is what i've done previously, but the issue is that the kernel's dependencies is picked-up during do_package of my recipe. One of these depencies is an image which doesn't have a package manifest12:51
hnjeSo I get a warning 'do_package: Manifest manifest-x86_64_x86_64-nativesdk-initramfs.packagedata not found'12:52
paulbarkerhnje: do_package shouldn't be called for an image. Does your image recipe inherit the image class?12:53
hnjeYes it does12:53
paulbarkerThat's weird. I'd need to see the full bitbake output to make any suggestions then12:54
hnjeSo it is do_package for my 'kernel-fitimage-initramfs' recipe, which packs the fitimage into a package.12:54
hnjeIt is only a warning, but I would like to get rid of it12:55
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paulbarkerRight, so that isn't a warning for the image recipe12:56
hnjeNope, the warning is generated during do_package of kernel-fitimage-initramfs, but only when i add do_deploy of virtual/kernel to the list of dependencies12:57
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paulbarkerIt's a strange warning as it suggests there is a dependency on a nativesdk recipe12:58
paulbarkerHow are you currently adding the dependency?12:58
hnjebut without the dependency the files needed by the recipe (located in deploy) might be missing12:58
hnjedo_build[depends] += "virtual/kernel:do_deploy"12:59
paulbarkerThat would only ensure that the kernel has been deployed before do_build runs. So there's no guarantee it has been deployed before do_package, do_install, do_compile, etc run.13:02
paulbarkerThe dependency should be added to the first task in the recipe which needs those files13:02
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hnjepaulbarker: yeah ofcourse, but that aside, i still get the warning :)13:13
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hnjepaulbarker: If you look at 'pkgdata-sysroot', the image 'initramfs' with all of its deps.13:23
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paulbarkerhnje: I recommend simplifying that to start with. Drop all the `noexec` lines, drop `INHIBIT_DEFAULT_DEPS`, set the dependency on `do_install` not `do_build`13:27
paulbarkerSee if the warning still occurs after that13:27
paulbarkerYou may need to run `bitbake -g kernel-fitimage-initramfs` and see if you can spot an nativesdk dependency13:31
hnjeNone whatsoever13:35
hnjeThis used to work, but seems like the warning has been casued by
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hnjeLeaving out the call to package_prepare_pkgdata does indeed 'solve' it.. meh13:41
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hnjeRP: maybe you have an idea?13:55
kanavinrburton: awesome14:23
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hnjepaulbarker: by explicit deleting the do_packagedata of my image recipe the warning is gone. The image.bbclass only sets up the noexec flag15:02
RPhnje: using do_build there is probably fairly meaningless, the kernel would usually be deployed anyway. Are you sure that warning is coming from that line?15:12
RPI'm wondering why image.bbclass doesn't inherit nopackages, I'm sure there was a good reason but  can't remember it atm...15:14
RPIt does remove a some of the package tasks but marks others as noexec, I don't remember why :(15:15
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hnjeRP: yes, the warning appears as a result of adding do_deploy to the dependency of kernel-fitimage-initramfs. This results in do_packagedata being added as a 'direct dependency' in package_prepare_pkgdata()15:41
tlwoernerRP: my psplash patches were in master-next, then weren't. did they cause a failure on the AB?15:45
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tlwoernerRP: but i notice they don't apply cleanly anymore, should i send a v2? the only tweak is a filename change15:47
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RPtlwoerner: I replied earlier today on list?15:58
RPhnje: it does sound like its not working quite as intended, have you tried adding to a specific task instead of do_build?15:59
tlwoernerRP: got it, thanks16:03
RPtlwoerner: sorry for not doing it sooner or digging further into the issue :(16:04
tlwoernerTIL: arm64 machines are supported build hosts! :-D16:04
RPtlwoerner: we even test them!16:06
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rburtonI’ll have selftest running on arm64 soon too, the syslinux patches were the last known blocker16:19
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hnjeRP: Yes, added it to do_install instead16:29
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tlwoernerrburton: RP: any suggestions for how to get started? i can use a qemuarm64 MACHINE? any specific image you recommend?16:37
RPrburton: I suspect tlwoerner's new selftest may "break" it ;-)16:37
RPtlwoerner: You may be able to reproduce the failure inside a qemu image, yes16:38
tlwoernerRP: sounds like i better get it merged sooner rather than later ;-)16:38
RPtlwoerner: I merged that one aready: (sorry rburton)16:38
RPtlwoerner: I do think that we need another test checking that is actually a fifo on the target though (I think I pointed at another test for that?)16:38
tlwoernerrburton: what's your setup? are you building on real hardware, or inside qemu?16:40
zeddiiRP: interested in a alpha pull request for 5.10 stuff ? For some extra mileage on it.16:41
zeddiirburton: heads up v5.11 has some vmalloc changes that are throwing a warning on 32 bit ARM, so far I've failed to fix it through the tricks I've found when searching the message.16:42
zeddiiI should also ping on jonmason, but I see he's in hiding.16:43
jonmasonpre-new year house cleaning16:47
zeddii:D I hear you. technically I'm not working at all this week, or last. But yet, somehow, I'm juggling kernel patches! so I thought I'd just be a PITA at the same time.16:48
zeddiistill recovering from the shock of seeing trump in the original superman movie.16:48
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RPzeddii: I did see the emails, I've also been trying not to get too pulled into crazy failing builds :)17:09
zeddiiI saw all green on my last one, I guess I'll launch one of the full build targets early next week, and can send it for master-next after that.17:10
RPzeddii: fair enough. I wasn't ignoring that providers question, it just needed more digging than I had any machine powered up to do...17:10
* RP notes master-next keeled over again due to more untested patches :(17:11
zeddiiI just hadn't seen that before. I have two patches against poky that fix the reference boards mismatch warning. but as we know, when you wonder "why haven't I seen that before" .. you might be doing something dumb17:11
zeddiithat being said, I literally may have not seen them before and now see it with your fixups to the AB output interface.17:12
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RPkanavin: would it be worth trying to upgrade to the pre release pppd, see how our patches look with it?17:29
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rburtontlwoerner: I have a thunderx2. Easiest would be a AWs graviton2 instance.18:05
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OutBackDingotlwoerner: or a honeycomg LX2K if your looking to buy an inexpensive 64bit Arm work station18:16
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kanavinRP: I really have no idea18:40
kanavinRP: but we should send some of those patches upstream first18:41
kanavinRP: I asked khem to do it18:41
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tlwoernerRP: isn't it weird that the oe-selftest i added for having a fifo in the image passed, but when i used a fifo in the psplash recipe it failed?19:11
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cphealyI'm trying to build glmark2 with yocto and the glmark2 build is failing with the following error:  "Checking for 'wayland-protocols'   : not found"  I don't understand this as I've build the latest version of wayland-protocols already.19:49
cphealyAny ideas on what the problem might be?19:49
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RPtlwoerner: no, since oe-selftest doesn't run on arm hosts, yet.20:31
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tlwoernerRP: aahhh (haha lol)22:13
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