Wednesday, 2021-01-13

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JPEWRP: Ah, ya that would do it01:46
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moto-timodv: layer index is your friend
moto-timoah responding to ancient history because my window was scrolled up03:38
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mckoangoog morning07:34
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dagmcrpurple: in regards to the PR Service issue: `Can NOT get PRAUTO, exception [Errno 111] Connection refused`... I could have 6 workers at once but they all run in multiconfig with `BB_NUMBER_THREADS = "16"`... So, I assume the multiple connections to the PR service comes from all the num of tasks * num of workers... I think a simple retry 3 times in `package_get_auto_pr` should work but I guess that would be more like a08:05
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justasHello everyone, I've encountered yet another problem while trying to cross-compile for arm. "error: *.so uses VFP register arguments, *.o does not" I'm trying to somehow set "-mfloat-abi=" flag to either softfp or hard, but that doesn't help at all. What am I missing?08:20
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Sponge5morning :)08:55
Sponge5which one is openembedded-layer? It's not in meta-openembedded, nor can I find it in
Sponge5'networking-layer' depends on layer 'openembedded-layer'09:01
Sponge5nvm, got it, it-s meta-oe09:02
qschulzSponge5: the layer dependencies are coming from the BBFILE_COLLECTIONS variable in layer.conf09:02
Sponge5qschulz: I got the dependency from adding meta-networking to my layers and IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " networkmanager"09:04
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qschulzSponge5: no, what I meant is that when you have a layer depending on another one, the dependency is specified by using the "another one"'s BBFILE_COLLECTIONS value09:07
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manuel1985Which network manager are you using for embedded products with wifi connectivity? Network-Manager? wicd? ConnMan?09:30
bpswe use iwd for wireless link management and systemd-networkd for IP configuration09:31
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manuel1985Do you have issues with roaming?09:35
bpsmanuel1985, it depends a little on your driver. what wifi driver are you using?09:36
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bpsthe question is mostly relevant if your wifi chip's firmware doesn't do roaming by itself. in that case iwd uses the CQM RSSI notification api to monitor RSSI levels. this is a little different to wpa_supplicant which I think polls using get_station.09:38
bpsiwd also supports AP-directed roaming by subscribing to specific action frames, but I think most drivers support that?09:39
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manuel1985No idea which drivers we are using. We are using nvidia jetson-TX2 and are facing problems with roaming, but WiFi seems to be a quite delicate topic.09:49
bpsok, sounds like you would be using brcmfmac then. what kind of problems?09:52
bpsor maybe bcmdhd, looks like that also supports the BCM4354 chipset... anyway, you will have better mileage with wpa_supplicant because that is what all the vendors test with. but note that most broadcom/cypress firmwares will do the roaming for you by default. you need to fiddle with the roam_off parameter in the firmware if you want to offload it to your userspace supplicant09:54
manuel1985Our product is streaming video from a battery-powered device. When people move around and leave the coverage of an access point, streaming gets interrupted. If I understand right, roaming between accees points having the same SSID works better than switching to ones with different name.09:54
bpss/mileage/stability/. but iwd has a better roaming algorithm and integrates a little easier09:54
manuel1985Can you be hired as consultant?09:56
manuel1985Not sure if the company is up to it, but I think we have to look into more options. We are working on that issue for quite a while but GNU/Linux is not our core expertise.09:58
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bpsI already work full time so I don't know how much time I can offer but the issue you are facing is one I have dealt with a lot recently, so I will give you my email in privmsg if you like09:59
manuel1985Yes please that would help us a lot ;)10:00
bpssure :)10:01
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DanmerZHi! I have a package that I added to IMAGE_INSTALL_append. I need to restrict it to be built only for ARM architecture images. Is it possible to do so?10:56
LetoThe2ndDanmerZ: adding for a specific machine is easiest: IMAGE_INSTALL_qemuarm_append = "..." for example.10:57
qschulzLetoThe2nd: noooooooo, the machine after the append10:58
LetoThe2ndqschulz: dang.10:58
DanmerZLetoThe2nd thank you, I will try it10:58
LetoThe2ndDanmerZ: don't listen to me, listen to qschulz10:58
qschulzDanmerZ: swap qemuarm and append!10:58
qschulzLetoThe2nd: I still need to find parallels with real life example to explain the append/remove stuff so that it's clearer10:59
qschulzappend/prepend/override/remove/whatever :)10:59
LetoThe2ndqschulz: you know what? we're kind of the karl lagerfeld + claudia schiffer of yocto. you're karl, you know whats going on - i'm claudia, i've good the good looks!10:59
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qschulzLetoThe2nd: are you calling me ugly?11:14
LetoThe2ndi called you knowledgeable. interesting what you made of it ;-)11:16
mckoanLetoThe2nd: however I prefer Claudia without a beard :-D11:16
LetoThe2ndmckoan: nah. boring.11:17
LetoThe2ndlets say i've got inner beauty. ok?11:17
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qschulzLetoThe2nd: you're very pretty don't worry11:34
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LetoThe2ndi tried that first, but, sadly:12:19
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qschulzi remember seeing only sigdata files /me shrugs12:47
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LetoThe2ndit is complicated (TM)13:03
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RPqschulz: they contain the data to build bashhash13:23
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thekappehello guys ! I'm trying to setup a  multiconfig build configuration in yocto.14:42
thekappeWhat I've done so far is to create a new machine in my-layer/conf/machine/mymachine.conf14:42
thekappemymachine.conf is (for now) just a copy of zynqmp-generic.conf from meta-xilinx14:42
thekappethen I've created build/conf/multiconfig/mymachineA.conf14:42
thekappeand I've set MACHINE=mymachine in mymachineA.conf14:42
thekappeNow I am wondering.. if a certain recipe has for example this line of code:14:42
thekappeSRC_URI_zynqmp = "something"14:42
thekappehow can I get that SRC_URI parsed also if my machine has a different name ("mymachine")14:42
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qschulzthekappe: MACHINEOVERRIDES is your friend14:50
qschulzbe **very** careful how you add an entry to it and always use bitbake -e some-recipe to check if the order is correct14:50
sakomanRP: do you think the openssl "drop support" patch is safe for dunfell yet, or are you still experiencing fallout in master?14:58
sakoman(I know the original intent of the patch was for dunfell and I just want to make sure not to lose sight of it)14:59
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thekappe@qschulz, thanks15:06
RPsakoman: I'm not sure that qualifies as a stable change :/15:07
thekappeafter a little googling I've seen that: (I've used this file as template file for mymachine)15:07
RPsakoman: I think we're ok from a fallout perspective in master15:07
thekappehas this line: require conf/machine/include/tune-zynqmp.inc15:07
thekappein this file this variable is set: SOC_FAMILY ?= "zynqmp"15:08
thekappein :15:09
sakomanRP: I agree that it doesn't match the stable change requirements, just wanted to ask since the original patch comments indicated dunfell15:09
thekappeSOC_OVERRIDES = "${@get_soc_overrides(d.getVar('SOC_FAMILY'),d.getVar('SOC_VARIANT'), d)}"15:09
thekappeso probably I'm good to go15:09
sakomanRP: I'm not going to take it unless someone comes up with a really good argument15:10
qschulzthekappe: probably indeed15:11
thekappeqschulz, thanks dude15:12
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roussinmIs there a way to find deprecated keywords/variables? I'm upgrading a distro from 1.5 to 3.1... A lot of thing changed since...15:42
qschulzroussinm: reading the release note from 1.5 to 3.1 is a good start usually15:43
roussinmyaaa I was hoping for an automated process. That's fine I guess.15:44
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dsueirozeddii: what is the level of validation/testing done for the linux-yocto-rt kernel? The reason I'm asking is that I can't get CONFIG_PREEMPT_RT=y in .config because CONFIG_KVM=y is set in the arch/arm64/configs/defconfig. So, I suspect we need to have `# CONFIG_KVM is not set` in ktypes/preempt-rt/preempt-rt.cfg.15:56
dsueirozeddii: I forgot to mention that I found this in the 5.10 version.15:57
Sponge5I wanna build dunfell poky for RPi3-64 but nss-3.51.1 from meta-oe breaks, I wanna switch to nss-3.55.1, because that contains the patch I want. I tried using PREFERRED_VERSION_nss in local.conf, but bitbake says only 3.51.1 is available. Do I have to make a new layer or is there something I'm missing?16:00
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qschulzdsueiro: are you manually creating config fragments?16:04
qschulzSponge5: where did you put nss-3.55.1 in your layer?16:04
LetoThe2ndSponge5: you have to provide a recipe for it. PREFERRED_VERSION does not magically bump versions, it just decides between recipes if multiple versions are availabe16:05
dsueiroqschulz: I have some config fragments. But I have `include ktypes/preempt-rt/preempt-rt.scc` in `mymachine-preempt-rt.scc`.16:06
qschulzdsueiro: that is not my question16:07
qschulzone is supposed to create config fragments with the appropriate tasks for the linux-kernel16:07
qschulzif you create them manually, you're asking for troubles16:07
qschulzand it seems you might be doing it otherwise, most likely you would have the CONFIG_KVM line in your config fragment?16:08
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Sponge5I see, but I'd like to keep my meta-openembedded clean, so I have to make a layer regardless, correct?16:08
qschulzSponge5: you anyway need a layer, there's almost no way you can avoid this16:08
dsueiroqschulz: No I don't have. As I said the `CONFIG_KVM=y`is coming from the in-tree defconfig.16:09
qschulzdsueiro: and a properly created config fragment should have it16:09
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Sponge5qschulz: alright, thanks, in that case I'll use the patch+bbappend instead as it's less likely to break other stuff16:10
qschulzSponge5: where do you put your path+bbappend?16:10
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dsueiroqschulz: What is the problem of having `# CONFIG_KVM is not set` in ktypes/preempt-rt/preempt-rt.cfg.? I can see that in this file other configs are being turned off as well.16:12
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Sponge5qschulz: in a custom layer, or what do you mean?16:13
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qschulzdsueiro: i am challenging the way the config fragment is created, not that it is missing `# CONFIG_KVM is not set`16:13
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qschulzdsueiro: we shouldn't blindly add one line and pray it works. Just use menuconfig to select the option you need, then run diffconfig IIRC16:16
qschulzand replace the fragment with the outcome of this16:16
dsueiroqschulz: I'm not blindly assuming we need to turn-off it. I followed the Kconfig selection requisites and concluded that CONFIG_KVM is preventing CONFIG_PREEMPT_RT being set.16:18
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qschulzdsueiro: Kconfig is some kind of build system on its own, please use the tool for it to create what you need. I understood that CONFIG_KVM is preventing CONFIG_PREEMPT_RT and that you found it. But just adding # CONFIG_KVM is not set manually to the config fragment might not just be enough. Because you could have selects/depends on that one configuration that would then re-enable it, or disable16:23
qschulzother things by defauult16:23
RPJPEW: that diffoscope is at 28 hours now :(16:27
JPEWRP: Yuck16:29
JPEWI think there is a way to limit how "large" it lets a dump get16:30
JPEWsgw: The QMP integration with qemu looks really good! Using that qmp library makes it a *lot* cleaner16:31
*** wherearethelogs <wherearethelogs!59cd854e@> has joined #yocto16:31
wherearethelogsdoes someone know where the irc logs are?16:32
JPEWRP: we pass --no-default-limits.... which is going to make it quite slow16:33
JPEWIf there is a lot of diff16:33
wherearethelogsyes finally!16:33
wherearethelogsthank you!16:34
mckoanwherearethelogs: I already answered to this exact question days ago16:34
*** ericch <ericch!> has quit IRC16:34
JPEWRP: There is probably some happy medium between diff size and speed we can find16:34
wherearethelogsmckoan I couldn't find the logs, hence I couldn't find your answer :)16:34
*** ericch <ericch!> has joined #yocto16:36
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*** B0ned1ger <B0ned1ger!> has joined #yocto16:37
RPJPEW: right, I'd hope so16:38
*** problame <problame!> has quit IRC16:41
*** problame <problame!> has joined #yocto16:42
sgwJPEW: thanks, but still broken as RP pointed out on the list, my testing was limited to running do_testimage and I need to change it to runtime import for oe-selftest to work16:44
dsueiroqschulz: My problem is that I'm using `KCONFIG_MODE = "--alldefconfig"`16:45
*** sesom <sesom!> has joined #yocto16:51
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*** sesom <sesom!> has joined #yocto16:52
RPsgw: it does look good from my limited review btw, will be great to get this working! :)16:53
*** wherearethelogs <wherearethelogs!59cd854e@> has quit IRC17:01
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justasHello, this isn't entirely yocto related, but I've built a custom driver that should load firmware from /lib/firmware. However I get `(NULL device *): Direct firmware load for firmware.bin failed with error -217:21
justas[   62.781789] (NULL device *): Falling back to user helper`. This is a yocto image with initramfs in it, could this somehow affect how the kernel looks for firmware?17:21
*** leon-anavi <leon-anavi!~Leon@> has quit IRC17:25
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*** jobroe <jobroe!> has joined #yocto17:40
abellonijustas: -2 is no such file or directory17:47
*** radsquirrel <radsquirrel!~radsquirr@> has quit IRC17:48
*** radsquirrel <radsquirrel!~radsquirr@2603:3015:e15:5bf2:d0b3:d9ff:fede:b022> has joined #yocto17:49
sgwRP: is there a good small test subset to try with oe-selftest?17:49
justasbut /lib/firmware exists and the firmware is inside it. Perhaps I need to enable something in the kernel?17:49
*** yizhao <yizhao!~zhaoyi@> has quit IRC17:51
abelloniis /lib/firwmare in the initramfs and available at the time the driver tries to load the firmware ?17:52
v0nwouldn't it be clearer to have images in images/${MACHINE}/${DISTRO}/ instead of just images/${MACHINE}/?17:53
justasabelloni: yes, I'm loading the drivers manually using modprobe.17:53
*** yizhao <yizhao!~zhaoyi@> has joined #yocto17:54
v0nor maybe images/<custom-build-name>/, like images/beaglebone-poky-debug-tweaks/ for example17:54
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away17:59
*** bradleyb <bradleyb!~radsquirr@> has joined #yocto18:03
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*** sesom <sesom!> has joined #yocto18:07
*** rob_w <rob_w!~rob@unaffiliated/rob-w/x-1112029> has quit IRC18:11
v0nhum I've added DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE = "${DEPLOY_DIR}/images/yocto/" to my local.conf, it seemed to work well until do_image_wic, which failed with "output: install: cannot stat '/work/build/tmp/deploy/images/yocto/u-boot.img': No such file or directory"18:12
v0nit seems like the u-boot recipe didn't copy the already build u-boot.img from beaglebone-yocto/18:13
*** sesom <sesom!> has quit IRC18:13
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JPEWRP: In the pokybuild QA notification, are the SHA1 of oe-core and bitbake encompassed in the SHA1 of poky (e.g. could I just checkout poky?)19:04
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* paulg idly wonders if anyone uses meta-yocto (i.e. "git://") outside of poky (i.e. "git://") 19:33
paulbarkerpaulg: I use it occasionally when I'm supporting multiple distros in a source tree19:36
paulbarkerSo in that situation I'd have openembedded-core & bitbake already checked out along with maybe a different distro layer. Then if I want to build poky images no point cloning the same content again, may as well just add meta-yocto19:37
paulgI see.  I was just looking at the copies of meta-poky and meta-yocto-bsp (from meta-yocto) that we have in poky - done commit-by-commit, and wondering what that buys us.19:38
*** sesom <sesom!> has joined #yocto19:39
kergothit's just a question of structure and how you manage your multiple git repositories, whether you want the components or the merged repo19:40
kergothi've used both, and neither19:40
kergoth(at various times)19:40
*** justas <justas!> has quit IRC19:41
paulgyeah,  I've never even thought of manually placing the components myself vs using the "merged" poky repo.  Might be educational for me to try that.19:44
paulg(might also end in frustration, too...  hard to say.  ;-)19:45
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v0nis it safe to rm -rf build/tmp/deploy/images/?20:54
*** sesom_ <sesom_!> has quit IRC20:54
*** sesom <sesom!> has joined #yocto20:54
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abelloniit is safe to rm tmp20:59
*** sesom <sesom!> has quit IRC20:59
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*** sesom <sesom!> has joined #yocto21:01
v0nabelloni: changing DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE and building again fails at do_image_wic, this might be a bug21:01
v0nlike missing a deploy action somehow, resulting in images such as u-boot.img not found in the new $DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE.21:03
*** sesom <sesom!> has quit IRC21:05
*** sesom <sesom!> has joined #yocto21:08
*** sesom <sesom!> has joined #yocto21:09
v0nI've changed DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE to "${DEPLOY_DIR}/images/${DISTRO}/${MACHINE}/" because I'm building images for different machine/distro combinations for testing, but this results in missing images such as u-boot.img. Any clue?21:09
*** jobroe_ <jobroe_!> has joined #yocto21:10
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RPJPEW: yes21:15
RPpaulg: its not that much different, just gets annoying when a change to OE-Core needs bitbake updating or similar21:16
RPthe reasons are mainly historical and we need a decent tool at this point21:16
*** jobroe_ <jobroe_!> has quit IRC21:20
*** agrue <agrue!> has quit IRC21:23
v0nRP: any idea on the consequences of changing DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE? I get a few ENOENT.21:28
RPv0n: depends where you change it to and what else it might overlap with21:29
v0nRP: local.conf21:30
v0nso that I can safely (in theory) build combination of poky and a custom distro for various beaglebone variants21:31
RPv0n: what kind of ENOENT are you seeing?21:33
RPv0n: seems like a reasonable idea, hard to say why its not working without seeing the errors and understanding what you set it to21:33
v0nRP: from do_image_wic: "output: install: cannot stat '/work/build/tmp/deploy/images/poky/beaglebone-yocto/u-boot.img': No such file or directory"21:34
RPv0n: was this in a TMPDIR previously built with a different setting for DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE ?21:35
v0nRP: I'm setting this in local.conf: DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE = "${DEPLOY_DIR}/images/${DISTRO}/${MACHINE}/"21:35
RPv0n: would be interesting to know where u-boot put the img file...21:35
v0nmaybe the u-boot recipe isn't using $DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE? It is the correct variable to modify?21:36
RPshould be the right var and it should be using it21:36
RPdid you previously build with a different value in this TMPDIR?21:37
v0nyes, I did build with the default DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE, then I changed it, rebuild, get the error, removed build/tmp/deploy/images, rebuild again and same error21:38
v0nthe u-boot.img file isn't re-deployed21:38
RPv0n: try a clean TMPDIR21:38
v0naka find build/tmp/deploy/images/ | grep u-boot.img returns nothing.21:39
v0nRP: you mean removing build/tmp/ completely?21:39
RPv0n: yes21:39
v0nwow, takes a while21:41
RPthere will be millions of files taking up GBs in there21:42
v0nI bet21:42
RPv0n: you can move it out the way and background delete if you want21:42
*** sesom <sesom!> has joined #yocto21:42
* v0n is building again, see ya o/21:44
v0nkas is very handy I must admit, it's like GNU Make for yocto.21:45
v0nhum, seems like most tasks don't need to be re-run, interesting.21:47
RPv0n: it will be able to pull most things from sstate21:48
*** sesom <sesom!> has quit IRC21:48
v0nRP: indeed, building was faster than deleting tmp almost21:49
v0nRP: my new DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE works like a charm now, thank you! I'll remember to delete tmp when I get build failure ;)21:50
*** sesom <sesom!> has joined #yocto21:50
RPv0n: not always the solution but when you change a layout like that, it might help21:50
*** sesom_ <sesom_!> has joined #yocto21:53
v0nI find this modification in addition to IMAGE_LINK_NAME = "${IMAGE_BASENAME}" to be clearer21:53
v0nso that you get build/tmp/deploy/images/poky/beaglebone-yocto/core-image-minimal.wic instead of21:54
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v0nRP: would it make sense to suggest the above change to poky?21:59
*** sesom <sesom!> has quit IRC21:59
*** sesom <sesom!> has joined #yocto21:59
v0nOr eventually IMAGE_LINK_NAME = "${IMAGE_BASENAME}-${DISTRO}"? Because having MACHINE in both basename and dirname doesn't add much value IMHO22:00
*** Konsgn <Konsgn!~Konsgnx3@unafiliated/joyseph> has quit IRC22:00
RPv0n: the defaults have changed, it never used to be in MACHINE directories, hence the filenames. The challenge in changing these things is it breaks things like the release scripts22:00
*** kpostlet <kpostlet!~kpostlet@> has joined #yocto22:01
v0nRP: you mean the yoctoproject releases? Aren't these scripts using the above variables?22:02
RPv0n: yes amd where they can they do but it isn't that simple22:02
RPobviously in an ideal world it would all be magic22:03
*** sesom <sesom!> has quit IRC22:04
v0nat list DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE must contain both MACHINE and DISTRO because it contains image links like "zImage" or "u-boot.img" which can be machine and/or distro specific.22:05
*** kpostlet <kpostlet!~kpostlet@> has quit IRC22:07
*** kpostlet <kpostlet!~kpostlet@> has joined #yocto22:07
RPv0n: most people don't build multiple distros in the same TMPDIR22:08
RPit is definitely a distro policy decision and for poky, we don't expect users doing that so its probably fine with just MACHINE22:09
v0nI see22:09
v0nespecially if the distro use different libc...22:10
RPv0n: I understand what you mean, its just it is a rather subjective problem, others would argue DISTRO in there isn't needed22:11
v0nI've set TCLIBCAPPEND = "" to simplify the upload of the built artifacts, but I guess I'm screwed if I switch the libc on one of the distros.22:11
RPOE lets you shoot yourself in the foot if that is what you want to do :)22:14
v0nYup, I just realized that :)22:14
*** Sponge5 <Sponge5!> has quit IRC22:18
*** bradleyb is now known as radsquirrel22:19
v0nRP: is it safe to set the DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE outside of TMPDIR?22:19
RPv0n: er, probably? :)22:19
radsquirrelHello!  I ~need to rename my MACHINE, and maintain a sort of alias while the impact of that is dealt with.22:23
radsquirrelhas anyone ever done that and have any tips?22:24
RPradsquirrel: MACHINEOVERRIDES is you friend22:24
radsquirrelRP: hey!  thanks.22:25
radsquirrelyes but I'm thinking about external users.22:25
radsquirrelmaybe a script that automatically generates a local.conf for example.22:25
RPJPEW: I know why vulkan-samples is breaking. the reproducer needs a different pathname *length* rather than value :/22:25
radsquirrelRP I guess I can just have two machine.conf files with the old one including the new one.22:26
RPradsquirrel: yes, and then MACHINEOVERRIDES helps a lot22:26
radsquirrelwell that was much easier than I thought.  Thanks RP!22:27
*** adelcast <adelcast!> has joined #yocto22:27
RPalthough you probably can force MACHINE instead/too22:27
RPradsquirrel: we do this in distro configs with DISTROOVERIDES a lot, machine should be similar22:27
JPEWOh, interesting22:27
v0nRP: well in fact DEPLOY_DIR = "${TOPDIR}/deploy" instead of "${TMPDIR}/deploy" would do the job, to separate build artifacts from files ready to be deployed onto the target machine ( if that doesn't condemn my feet ;-) )22:28
radsquirrelRP will peek at that.22:28
JPEWRP: I can't quite handle on why that would be the case.... does it have some empty buffer for the build path length?22:28
RPradsquirrel: poky has an example of the distro side of it as inheritance between poky and poky-tiny iirc22:28
v0nradsquirrel: the kas tool is used to handle the download of the meta layers and generate bblayers.conf and local.conf for you.22:29
RPJPEW: yes, it uses that path for source filename path lengths in logs22:29
RPJPEW: I'm not entirely sure this is a safe/good/working thing to do but it clearly does22:29
RPer, it clearly does it22:29
radsquirrelv0n: I was not aware of kas, thx for that pointer.22:32
RPJPEW: ./framework/common/logging.h:#define __FILENAME__ (static_cast<const char *>(__FILE__) + ROOT_PATH_SIZE)22:32
RPbldsys/cmake/global_options.cmake:string(LENGTH "${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/" ROOT_PATH_SIZE)22:33
JPEWRP: Gross22:33
RPJPEW: I'm not even sure this actually puts the root path in anywhere? :/22:33
JPEWThey are using pointer arithmatic to "remove" it22:34
RPJPEW: oh, right, yes22:34
RPit won't work in our case since the values in __FILE__ are altered by our CFLAGS for debug relocation22:35
*** beneth <beneth!> has left #yocto22:36
RPso this is actually positively dangerous and broken22:36
JPEWRight, it seems like they are trying to solve a similar problem... in a very different way22:37
v0nradsquirrel: it's kinda awesome actually, it's simply a .yml file containing the layers url, the machine, distro and recipe(s) you want to build and optionally some local.conf fragments. Then "kas build <yml file>" checks out the layers, generates the .conf files, source the env script and build. The project project a container wrapper script to handle the deps.22:37
*** kpo_ <kpo_!> has quit IRC22:41
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v0nCan an .ipk package contain just a single conf file for override?23:04
*** sesom <sesom!> has quit IRC23:05
RPJPEW: - such fun...23:09
*** sesom <sesom!> has joined #yocto23:15
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RPrburton, jonmason: Crazy long runnin arm ltp: :(23:25
* armpit crazy is my middle name ; )23:26
* armpit armpit crazy kuster23:27
halsteadRP, while closing tabs I noticed the sstate tally finished in 248 minutes. We have 8.1T in sstate release archives and 30T in the active sstate. I'm about to prune the active sstate to the last 50 days.23:28
*** LetoThe2nd <LetoThe2nd!uid453638@gateway/web/> has quit IRC23:32
RPhalstead: that is quite the sstate cache. Probably good to prune it a bit! :)23:32
* RP wondered how the repro issue alternated around the workers/distros. Path length (depending on pid) is a new one23:34
halsteadYeah. It's a bit overdue. 11399678 files identified for removal. Not the largest batch we've done at all though.23:35
RPhalstead: curious what the size change is23:35
halsteadRP, I'll tell you when it's complete. Still a few hours away though.23:36
*** B0ned1ger2 <B0ned1ger2!> has quit IRC23:36
*** B0ned1ger <B0ned1ger!> has joined #yocto23:36
armpithmm, so is this worthy of being included in a maintenance schedule?23:41
RPhalstead: I probably didn't help by starting a build recently :)23:41
RParmpit: its normally automated, we just took it out of automation due to other issues a while ago and it never got put back23:42
RPwe should try and optimise the sstate object size a bit, I'm sure there are things in there which don't need to be23:42
RPJPEW: vulkan-samples breaks diffoscope so well as there is a 450MB binary in there23:43
halsteadRunning a build shouldn't slow this down too much.23:43
halsteadRP, I do have one disk throwing errors. I'm going to replace it after this prune. NAS performance may drop up to 20%.23:44
RPhalstead: ok, thanks for the headsup23:44
*** tlwoerner <tlwoerner!~tlwoerner@unaffiliated/tlwoerner> has quit IRC23:45
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sgwRP: I know it's late there, I tried the importlib suggestion and it worked locally with a simple oe-selftest -t machine , is there something more?  Do you want me to try an auto-builder?23:52
armpitRP, I sorta had a feeling that was the case.23:52
*** tlwoerner_ <tlwoerner_!~tlwoerner@> has quit IRC23:52
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*** tlwoerner_ <tlwoerner_!~tlwoerner@> has joined #yocto23:53
armpitsgw, be like Nike.. Just do it ; )23:53
*** tlwoerner_ <tlwoerner_!~tlwoerner@> has quit IRC23:53
*** tlwoerner <tlwoerner!~tlwoerner@unaffiliated/tlwoerner> has joined #yocto23:54
RPsgw: next step would be the autobuilder23:59

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