Monday, 2021-02-01

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RPopkg has a small reproducibility issue: if anyone has a moment...06:47
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mckoangood morning07:39
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thekappehello guys !08:44
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thekappeis it possible to have thoe source code of u-boot, in the shared folder like it's for kernel ?08:45
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shoraganis anyone here involved in meta-rust? i tried to build the included rustfmt example, but it fails because rustfmt needs an unstable toolchain.08:47
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qschulzthekappe: why do you want that? what exactly do you want to do?08:49
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX08:54
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qschulzLetoThe2nd: greetings09:00
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thekappeqschulz, u-boot-fw-utils relies on u-boot {UBOOT_MACHINE}. The file related to this variable is added in the do_configure task of u-boot-xlnx (my actual virtual/bootloader). So u-boot-fw-utils fails because the defconfig is not available09:17
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thekappethat is beacaust u-boot-fw-utils also compile u-boot.09:18
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thekappeFor now, I've created two bbappend in the same folder, one for u-boot and one for u-boot-fw-utils. Moreover I've created a "files" directory where I've put my defconfig. Finally I've added a SRC_URI to both the previously listed recipes so that they both have the desired config09:20
thekappeOne other oprion was to have the source file of u-boot in the shared folder and add a proper CFLAG to u-boot-fw-utils09:21
qschulzthat should probably remove your need for the defconfig and it's now the official way of interacting with u-boot environment from usersapce IIRC09:25
thekappeqschulz, that's good to know ! thanks !09:28
kayterinahello. I wanted to try fedora for yocto development,yocto manual says it supports fedora 30, is fedora 33 not recommented then?09:29
RPshoragan: vmeson may have more recent work but won't be up yet or maybe paulbarker would know where it is09:31
shoraganRP, ah, thanks!09:32
RPkayterina: depends which version of the project you're using. We do run master builds on f3309:32
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* LetoThe2nd slaps RP PCly around with a large mastery trout!09:38
RPLetoThe2nd: er, what? :)09:40
LetoThe2ndRP: i thought all the cool kids would change their branch names to main to be super-PC? why u no kewl kid? ;-)09:41
thekappeqschulz, in thud there is no such libubootenv by the way09:42
thekappeamd I need to stick to it09:42
RPLetoThe2nd: ah, I'd probably go for devel just to be different ;-)09:43
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LetoThe2ndRP: YAY! DIVERSITY!09:43
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LetoThe2ndin case nobody noticed, i feel strange today.09:44
RPLetoThe2nd: It is noticable! :)09:44
LetoThe2ndby the way:
RPLetoThe2nd: I thought one of those was a given!09:51
LetoThe2ndwell i could also just (beer) and babble without "real" content :)09:52
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qschulzthekappe: just backport it10:10
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LetoThe2ndqschulz: thats evil. needs more döts.10:14
qschulzLetoThe2nd: are you having a stroke?10:22
LetoThe2ndqschulz: nah. i'm just unusially awake, I guess. no interruptions this nights' sleep. and:
qschulzLetoThe2nd: there's really a wikipedia page for anything10:24
LetoThe2ndrburton: wake up i'm being annoying with metal again!10:24
LetoThe2ndqschulz: oh and for the record, i just went with a cheapo synology + 2 2.5 spinning rust disks for now.10:28
* RP thought he had a really neat idea to improve warning/error handling and sstate but log message events aren't delivered to class event handlers and even if they are, don't include the datastore :(10:34
* RP feels he's a few too many levels of different issues deep now 10:35
qschulzLetoThe2nd: running mainline distro or synology's?10:37
LetoThe2ndqschulz: run of the mill synology. i just don't feel like investing any time.10:38
qschulzLetoThe2nd: do you at least have the opportunity to flash something decent on it the day you decide otherwise?10:42
LetoThe2ndqschulz: the day i decide otherwise i'll get something else and put it on ebay. because thats actually what i did the other way round a couple of years back, when i moved from a qnap to a hp microserver.10:44
qschulzLetoThe2nd: microserver gen8?10:44
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qschulzmaybe we can switch to private chat :p10:44
RPqschulz: its kind of interesting :) I've wondered what to do about this in the past but built a small server in the end10:46
qschulzRP: I also have a microserver gen8 back in the days when it was still dirt cheap10:50
* mcfrisk wonders why meta-selinux enables UsePAM for openssh unconditially...10:51
qschulzonly thing I don't like about it is the hack for booting from the 5th sata that breaks every now and then and your homeserver does not reboot anymore until you go into the BIOS and do the things by hand allover again10:51
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qschulz(but you can boot from USB/SD card instead if you want, still haven't managed to put grub on either and then boot the distro from SSD and it's painful to debug on a machine that takes 10min for each try :p)10:52
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RPqschulz: I ended up with a crazy xeon processor in my mini server for 'reasons'...10:54
qschulzI'm following a bit on what's next for AMD with either their mobile low-power SoCs or Zen3 architecture.10:54
qschulzRP: hehehehe I was looking to upgrade to a Xeon too :p10:54
RPqschulz: it was a staff purchase at the time ;-)10:54
RPhad to buy a cheap processor to reflash the motherboard to a firmware that supported it :/10:55
qschulzRP: :sobing:10:58
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paulbarkerRP, JPEW: Apologies, my patches got completely mangled. No idea how, I used git-send-email11:48
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RPpaulbarker: they look ok here?11:53
paulbarkerI've just resent them all11:54
* paulbarker removes postfix from my VM and fixes gitconfig11:54
RPpaulbarker: interestingly my mail client displays them ok, the raw format does look broken11:55
RPpaulbarker: and they did save and apply ok. Very strange11:56
paulbarkerRP: It looks like my .gitconfig wasn't present on this VM. That usually results in an error message but instead patches got sent via the local postfix instance11:56
paulbarkerLocal postfix instance is now removed. I'll add that to my list of things to do on new opensuse installs!11:56
RPpaulbarker: patches look good at a quick glance. Bit worried we still have logger calls that are broken like that!11:59
RPpaulbarker: I'll let JPEW take a look later11:59
paulbarkerRP: Thanks!12:00
paulbarkerJust in time to get some lunch then start looking at the prserv side12:00
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shoraganpaulbarker, does the meta-rust rustfmt-example work for you? it fails for me and complains about the toolchain not being nightly12:08
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SaurRP : You asked the other day about maintainership of meta-gplv2 (I only follow IRC while at work, and with the current rules due to the pandemic that only happens occasionally). From my point of view, I co-maintain meta-gplv2 with Ross as the main maintainer. It's not something we've discussed though.12:37
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paulbarkershoragan: Is that the one in `recipes-example/rustfmt` in meta-rust? In my (brief) testing I didn't get that to work no12:41
paulbarkershoragan: has better demo recipes12:42
shoraganpaulbarker, yes, that one.12:42
shoragani also tried to create some test recipes, but failed with
shoragani'm now tring the referenced PR12:45
RPSaur: Ok, thanks for the info. I'm not sure how rburton feels about that layer at this point :/.12:46
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rburtonRP, Saur: I considering myself very much backseat maintainer applying patches if needed.  My official position is: burn it with fire.12:47
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Saurrburton: Ok, nice to know. ;)12:48
medaliyouHi folks , i m new to Yocto's world, i ve a quick question about packages splitting:D12:48
RPrburton: only fire? :)12:49
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medaliyoufor example , let's take libraries, how can i  only install (with cmake or any tool) the library SRCs and BINs and not the DOC ,DEV or Version with Debugging symbols (sorry for my explanation, i ve weak English  ) , i m in a context where i really really have to make a tiny image12:52
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rburtonmedaliyou: if the library build normally, then just install libfoo and not libfoo-dev libfoo-doc libfoo-dbg12:54
medaliyoui mean how to ? editing the recipe and defining PACKAGE & FILES_XXX variables ? is that the correct way ?12:55
rburtonthe default rules do it for you12:55
LetoThe2ndmedaliyou: if your library does not do dirty tricks, this works out of the box. if you have to manually take care of it, you have to adjust PACKAGES and FILES, yes. see also especially #312:55
medaliyouOR in the IMAGE_INSTALL variable ?12:55
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medaliyouAlright , Thank you guys  !12:57
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medaliyouIn general , what steps and/or approaches to consider when i want to Optimize Boot Time let's say from 25-27 sec to 5-8 sec ?12:59
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paulbarkermedaliyou: It needs a mix of hardware and software optimisations usually13:01
mckoanmedaliyou: schedule a lot of time and a exponential workflow13:02
paulbarkermedaliyou: was a good presentation about the sw side13:02
medaliyouDoes DMESG makes a good start ?13:03
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LetoThe2ndmedaliyou: well you can certainly look at dmesg to find some ideas... and there is more than enought presentations on boot time already on youtub.e13:04
LetoThe2ndmedaliyou: but! 5-8s from power on to something useful is pretty hard. you might really want define your usecase properly first.13:05
medaliyouI m so Grateful guys =D =D13:05
medaliyouyeah i want to load the kernel and start the sys, and when it's done i have to load my QT & Python apps13:06
LetoThe2nd"you might really want define your usecase properly first."13:07
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shoraganpaulbarker, ok, i've now successfully build ripgrep and some other stuff. thanks13:09
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JPEWpaulbarker: Ya, I was a little worried about the logging call change... I don't think we are using the bitbake logger in the hash server?13:55
manuel__hello all. I don't speak Python but some of my collegues do. They want to install a few python application on their yocto system, but as I understand their dependencies differ in versions. I heard there is pyenv for that. How can I put multiple python apps on a system which run in different pyenvs? Someone good a good writeup on that?13:56
paulbarkerJPEW: I got backtraces instead of log output before I made that change. I can give it a closer look though13:56
JPEWpaulbarker: Other than the logging, I had a few minor comments, but looks good otherwise!14:13
paulbarkerJPEW: Thanks for the review14:16
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*** camus is now known as kaspter14:21
JPEWRP: Ah.... do_pacakge_qa has no inputs and outputs so it's going to be "equivalent" a lot?14:38
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jonmasonRP: I'm seeing reproducable builds breaking for (probably) every distro in the a-full from last night.  Is this a known issue or should I open bugs?14:56
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abelalMorning folks15:37
abelalis patchwork dead?15:37
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RPJPEW: that is what is worrying me a bit :/15:50
*** zkrx <zkrx!> has joined #yocto15:52
RPJPEW: the tasks fail so I think the issue is different to what I originally thought15:52
LetoThe2ndabelal: do you mean generally? ;-)15:52
RPjonmason: the opkg reproducibility #issue is a new bug15:53
*** jmiehe <jmiehe!> has quit IRC15:53
abelal@LetoThe2nd: hehehe talking about patchwork.openembedded.org15:57
LetoThe2ndabelal: hrhr15:58
abelalI sent a patch and it did not show up, the last patch on the list is from Dec 202015:58
abelalhaven't had a response on the list either15:58
abelalso I was worrying if I sent it correctly15:58
*** silviof <silviof!silv-iomat@gateway/shell/> has quit IRC16:00
qschulzabelal: are you registered on the mailing list?16:01
qschulz(there's a new one)16:01
abelal@qschulz: I am16:02
*** vineela <vineela!~vtummala@> has joined #yocto16:05
qschulzabelal: to which mailing list are you sending and what exactly?16:05
*** hpsy <hpsy!~hpsy@> has joined #yocto16:06
abelalqschulz: sent a patch to titled "kernel.bbclass: fix deployment for initramfs images"16:07
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qschulzthere are many patches on it that were sent last month16:13
qschulznot yours AFAICT16:13
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JPEWRP: Ya, I was curious how a failed task (which shouldn't be reporting any equivalencies anyway) would be causing a problem :/16:21
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RPJPEW: I was struggling to see how it could reproduce locally but not on the autobuilder, I think the answer is multilib16:40
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vdlyou usually set IMAGE_FSTYPES in your distro conf, right?16:53
*** minimaxwell <minimaxwell!> has joined #yocto16:56
RPvdl: the machines often have a much better idea of what kind of image they might need16:57
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jonmasonWhat area should I open a reproducible builds bug in bugzilla?  build system/oe-core?17:51
jonmasonRP: ^^17:56
RPjonmason: yes, we should document that if in doubt to use that17:58
RPjonmason: its possible we should file the bug against opkg!17:58
RP(in this specific case)17:58
jonmasonRP: I'm still feeling my way around this.  So expect lots (more) stupidity :)17:59
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RPjonmason: its fine, we should add something to the page about it though18:00
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B0ned1gerHi all, I would like to make my yocto to compile UBI image with config.ini file option. Maybe someone could point me to some example how to achieve that?18:15
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halsteadJPEW, I went to look at getting the reproducible builds status set up. Can you check what's up with ?19:27
*** dvhart <dvhart!~dvhart@> has joined #yocto19:29
jonmasonRP: should I triage all the other binutils autobuilder issues or have them all marked as "mail sent" as most are the kernel issue you already emailed khem about?19:34
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RPjonmason: if they're all that issue they can be marked as such20:09
jonmasonErrors look different than the linux issue, just wondering if they might be fixed by the same (and thus no reason to open bugs for them).  Or if I should pile on in the email with 4-5 more things in it20:11
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RPjonmason: do you have some examples I can look at?20:21
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RPjonmason: in the email to khem I mentioned two issues, one was the kernel build issue, the other was a nativesdk parallel make install issue20:28
RPjonmason: that means nativesdk-binutils:do_install issues were also reported20:28
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jonmasonRP: for the gatesgarth patch queue autobuilder, is that what's queued in master-next?20:34
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RPjonmason: I don't understand the question. gatesgarth's "next" is in poky-contrib20:48
RPjonmason: also, I believe the owner of the build would look after that?20:48
JPEWhalstead: Thats the cross site scripting check I was talking about20:49
JPEWThe browser won't let the js code read the JSON file from because the origin ( doesn't match20:50
*** beneth <beneth!> has joined #yocto20:53
JPEWhalstead: Or... it could also be because the JSON file is missing20:54
JPEWhalstead: Ya, it appears that no longer exists...20:57
JPEW^^ RP20:57
jonmasonRP: Sorry, I'm looking at  and it has a title of "Reason: test gatesgarth patch queue; remove uri patch".  So, my understanding is that I should try to find the patches in question, so that i can email the authors (or respond to the patch submissions) and tell them there is a problem.21:08
jonmasonA quick look on the mailing lists only has CVE patches for gatesgarth and doesn't seem to be hitting the same places that are failing21:09
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RPjonmason: if you click on "Build Properties" on that link you'll see a lot more information about that build21:16
RPjonmason: you'll notice that swat_monitor is false21:17
RPjonmason: that was anujm (the owner) saying they would triage it21:17
RPjonmason: haven't quite got that info to swatbot as some of the builds from auto triggers don't set it correctly :(21:18
jonmasonthanks, lots of learning going on21:18
RPjonmason: better documentation needed I think :/21:18
RPjonmason: that properties page also shows which branches and locations the code came from21:19
jonmasonon Friday, I'll do a brain dump on the wiki with lessons learned21:19
RPjonmason: might be better to add as you learn? I'm worried some of this may be forgotten by then :/21:19
jonmasonthis "owner" thing is significant.  Hopefully some of the bugs I opened today aren't garbage21:21
RPjonmason: "owner" is who started the build21:21
jonmasonI'll add that21:21
RPjonmason: that is supposed to be displayed by swatbot too21:21
jonmasonI'm assuming that anything with an owner can be ignored21:21
jonmasonafter notifying them its broken21:21
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RPjonmason: except master-next21:24
vdlthere's no way to install the rootfs with wic in a sub-directory via --source rootfs, right?21:34
abellonijonmason: I did add the bit about swat_monitor on the wiki last Friday21:36
abelloniIf it is not clear engouh, don't hesitate to rephrase21:36
abelloniI triaged a few build from anuj today so issues wouldn't pile up too much for you21:37
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jonmasonabelloni: I saw it this morning and did appreciate it21:40
RPI'm trying not to interfere too much so we can figure out what we need to do with the process...21:40
jonmasonabelloni: but based on what RP said above, anujm's don't need to be triaged, correct?21:41
RPjonmason: ultimately we need better presentation in the UI21:41
jonmasonthe UI will improve over time, with feedback from people like me who have no idea WTF they are doing :)21:42
abellonijonmason: yes, I put them as Handled, Not to be triaged21:42
abelloniBTW, di you see the "SWAT Pending Builds" at the top left ?21:42
jonmasonabelloni: cool, there are a couple more from him.  Just making sure I understand what is to be done21:42
jonmasonabelloni: yes, I'm using that exclusively.  Very nice21:43
abelloniwell, I just ensured swat_monitor was set to false for his builds before setting them to Handled, Not to be triaged21:44
jonmasonI have it down to 3 now, and one is anujm, khem, and no owner field21:45
abelloniwe discussed the warning with RP already21:46
abelloniI'm going to open a bug for this one21:46
abellonithis is a common issue you will see, a ptest timeouting21:46
abelloni was supposed to fix that21:47
* RP wonders why the owner info doesn't show up21:48
jonmasonto be 100% clear, for those 2 I should email them and tell them to set the swat_monitor to false in their future builds, show them there are failures, and the clear the pending with "emailed them"21:49
RPjonmason: SWAT monitor field is there as a "does SWAT need to help with this". I'm not sure whether they set it or not intentionally or otherwise :/21:50
abelloniat least Saul was not aware of the field last week21:51
jonmasonRP: should default be false?21:51
RPjonmason: there are bugs on the buildbot UI side where it doesn't so on every form. There are then issues with it not being set correctly for automatic builds :/21:52
RPjonmason: I'll try and figure out what is going on with it21:52
RPjonmason: I prioritised having swatbot working at all rather than chasing down this particular rabbit hole :/21:53
abelloniRP: BTW, I looked around for the rpm/perl issue:21:59
abellonierror: /etc/rpm/macros.perl: line 35: Macro %global is a built-in (%define)21:59
abelloniI think we only see it on centos21:59
abelloniit is probably rpm-native taking that file from the host when running21:59
abellonithis is hidden on fedora because they fixed /etc/rpm/macros.perl22:00
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RPabelloni: can we stop it looking at the host?22:03
RPjonmason, abelloni: some research suggests the owner data is being put into swatbot and its not displaying correctly :/22:04
abelloniI don't know yet22:04
abelloniRP: is an autoconf issue in rpm-native, on gatesgarth22:05
jonmasonRP: all good, one more email and I'm done.22:05
jonmasonyes, that is the last one :)22:06
abelloniyeah :)22:07
abellonijonmason: you can add the new one to 1421022:10
jonmasonabelloni: sweet!22:10
jonmasoncaught up until tomorrow :)22:10
RPabelloni, jonmason: will either work for people or we'll hate it...22:14
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abelloniok, we'll see ;)22:15
RPjonmason: which build didn't have swat_monitor set?22:17
RPjonmason: or did it always have a true/false value?22:18
jonmasonit didn't have an owner either22:18
jonmasonlooking for it now22:18
RPjonmason: lack of owner tells it it was auto-triggered, like
*** beneth <beneth!> has left #yocto22:19
RPjonmason: that helps as I can track down why its not set, I think its the a-quick and -afull autotriggered builds22:19
jonmasonI think it was, but I see the field now.  So either it was added since I looked or I didn't see it the first time.22:21
RPjonmason: interesting, its in the children but not the parent (
RPjonmason: going to guess at
RPjonmason: cancelled a couple of perf builds and restarted the controller22:29
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