Wednesday, 2021-02-03

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khemRP:  I think I have kernel issue under control sent a v2 of binutils patchset01:41
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paulg...never say you have something solved late in the day on Groundhog Day.03:24
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kiwi_29Hello.. I have a third party recipe here which uses PV = in recipe name . This is too old06:31
kiwi_29How do I make sure to get latest source with PV =
kiwi_29is there a way to write bbappend ?06:32
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RobertBerger@kiwi_29: I would just write a new recipe s6_2.10.0.1.bb07:41
kiwi_29hi RobertBerger ..thank you :)  .. I just wrote one and currently debugging errors ..phew07:42
RobertBerger@kiwi_29: I hope you enjoy ;) That's always fun.07:42
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RobertBerger@kiwi_29: and once you get it to run, I guess you will have even more fun integrating it, I guess, if I understand correctly what it does07:45
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kiwi_29yes... its a mess ..trying to get it to work somehow07:46
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RobertBergerso you are after a really small system it seems07:47
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RPkhem: looks like the glibc patch needs attention :/07:48
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kiwi_29RobertBerger ...thats correct07:52
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kayterinaI think my build takes a lot time, is there something in the configs I might set? for linux-yocto-tiny-5.1009:02
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qschulzkayterina: define "a lot of time" and on which machine you're building09:11
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kayterinaI stopped the build and didn't complete. It was over 2 hours for bitbake virtual/kernel and it started at 46% from where I stopped it yesterday. The machine has an i7-10700 CPU @ 2.90GHz10:14
kayterina46% of the linux-yocto-tiny, not the whole tasks10:15
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manuel1985Hello all! A few people in my team would like to include a python project in Yocto. The Python project has its dependencies in a requirement.txt. I know that The Right Way(tm) would be to move over the dependencies to the RDEPENDS variable in the recipe, but they want to keep them there. (For development outside Yoct I suppose.)10:30
manuel1985Can you have Yocto read and respect that requirements.txt somewhow?10:30
mcfriskmanuel1985: requirements.txt is for pip, it doesn't use yocto or host package system to satisfy dependencies. So I'd say no, requirements.txt can not be used directly. You can use it to fill in bitbake recipe DEPENDS and RDEPENDS fields though, but need to manually check that versions are compatible.10:33
manuel1985mcfrist: By "you can use it" you mean automatically? Like, is there some tool I can leverage for this?10:34
RPmanuel1985: there is no official supported mechanism, no. You may see if devtool can correctly build a recipe for your project and then script around that to regenerate the recipe. I don't know if it will work or not though10:37
manuel1985RP: I see, thanks10:40
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qschulzkayterina: that does not seem correct indeed. Usually it's a good thing to look at what the current process is doing (the PID is printed on the bitbake output), to check if it's hung somewhere10:40
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malinusi5-2500k@4.2Ghz, took 4h + 2h for the sdk. Not bad considering I've got a load of crap into that image.10:46
kayterinain my preious job I built on my laptop with a i3/8gb, here they got me a deeloper's machine, I am expecting miracles10:46
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malinusheh I'm just building on my own desktop, since working from home10:47
kayterinaha,you should pay tax for the gas you are not consuming!10:48
kayterina(or was it in the preious quarantine?)10:48
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kayterinaanyways, I found a bsp from the vendor with a 3.4, can I use its u-boot and dtb with the linux-yocto 5.4/sunxi_defconfig?10:49
qschulzkayterina: why would you take a 3.4 kernel?10:51
qschulzand no, you cannot take the defconfig from 5.4 kernel10:51
qschulzkayterina: check if your machine is still doing something with `top` or `htop` and check the output of the process with `PID=20151; tail -f /proc/$PID/fd/2`10:53
qschulz(change the PID obviously)10:53
qschulzwas it 2h for only virtual/kernel or for the whole build?10:53
kayterinabitbake virtual/kernel , wait I'll run the commands10:53
kayterinaI ran again bitbake virtual/kernel and in another terminal  `PID=31806; tail -f /proc/$PID/fd/2` it is blank. No errors?10:57
kayterinablank=no output on terminal,blinking cursor10:57
malinus"3.4 vendor kernel". kayterina - Show me where they hurt you :(10:58
malinusKyubi: on a serious note, what kind of board are you guys using?10:59
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qschulzmalinus: bpi-m2 zero IIRC, just old Allwinner boards didn't have decent BSP support from the vendor.11:00
qschulzkayterina: the PID corresponded to which task? and sometimes you got to wait a bit11:01
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qschulzah I bet it's during the fetch task?11:02
qschulzgit isn't very verbose while fetching very big repos11:02
qschulzyou can also read the logs still with tail -f from ${WORKDIR}/temp/log.do_<task> (workdir being tmp/work/...../linux-yocto/5.4.../)11:04
kayterinad'gh,yes it is during do_fetch, I'll search the logs11:12
kayterinaso it is just downloading that is slow, so I leave it to finish? It says 3gb, is it networking on my side? it says11:22
kayterinaLength: 3177321323 (3.0G), 585744215 (559M) remaining [application/octet-stream]11:23
kayterinaSaving to: ‘/***/poky/build/downloads/’11:23
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JPEWhalstead: Do you have some time to sort out that reproducibility page with me?14:19
kayterinaare dts and dtsi appended to the kernel recipe or uboot?14:21
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LetoThe2ndkayterina: what do you mean?14:55
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medaliyouHello Guys, Hope you all are doing well ...14:56
medaliyouHow to make a binary or a script (ELF or whatever) be included with image whenever i bitbake it ? Let's say i cross compiled things and ii want them to be automatically included (copied) to /usr/bin/${ELF-NAME} everytime i create the image ?14:58
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LetoThe2ndmedaliyou: but note, usually its better to actually write a recipe that properly does the compilation inside the build process.15:03
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alephanmoto-timo: Hello. I have a short question about `meta-python` do you accept some python modules which are present in v>dunfell but are needed for other layers, backported to dunfell?15:05
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alephannamely: python3-betamax, python3-mccabe, python3-mock, python3-pep8 and python3-requests-toolbelt15:06
alephanMainly because that's an LTS and these are needed as dependencies for other layers (for example homeassistant)15:06
medaliyouas i asked before,  i ve to optimize boot-time, so is it better to cross compile a big QT project or to install a QT layer and recipes ??? Does it affect system boot time that much ?15:06
alephanmoto-timo: I'm willing to push patches and test so I don't have to maintain them as a separate temporary layer15:08
qschulzkayterina: uboot and kernel have device trees support but they can (and often are) different15:09
LetoThe2ndmedaliyou: why should the boot time of your device be affected by where you compiled the application? the device runs a binary.15:09
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kayterinaI want to build for bpi zero with latest kernel. How do I provide the device tree?15:11
moto-timoalephan: generally we do not add anything new to a stable branch15:11
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medaliyoui mean booting a small FS is faster than a larger one ?15:11
LetoThe2ndmedaliyou: and why do you think manually crosscompiling and packaging makes the FS smaller?15:12
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moto-timoalephan: but dunfell is the first LTS, so it is worth discussing with the OE TSC.15:13
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alephanmoto-timo: Yes. That's exactly why I'm asking. I hope we can push them due to that being an LTS.15:13
medaliyouplease excuse me if i'm not asking things well, i'm an amateur & still learning, but from what i understand buidling a linux containing a QT layer (various libQTs) is gonna take much time to boot VS a linux containg only some binaries in /bin ???15:14
moto-timoalephan: you must ask OE TSC. It is a deviation from stable branch policy.15:14
LetoThe2ndalephan: moto-timo: i would rather vote for a form of HWE-style layer/branch. e.g., leaving dunfell untouched, but providing dunfell-enablement-backports (or comparable)15:15
LetoThe2ndmedaliyou: its not about the way you ask - i'm just trying to make you think about your own question.15:15
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LetoThe2ndmedaliyou: hint: you are on the COMPLETELY wrong track.15:15
medaliyouhhhhhhhh, great news, HELPPPPPPPPPPPP !15:16
alephanLetoThe2nd: I can always have a separated layer which ads/does the required changes. But that was the whole idea of not having to maintain a duplication for a full LTS.15:17
LetoThe2ndmedaliyou: well, how about actually working through some of the documentation on boot time reduction? theres probably a gazillion of tutorials on youtube already.15:18
alephanIf you meant to have a additional branch in meta-oe for it, I find it a maintenance overhead just transferred to another place without any real benefit.15:18
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kayterinaI am confused. There are at least 3 sources for the bpi images. Shouldn't I take something from them? Uboot for example? And if it is possibly to use latest kernel,why all images have 3.4 or 4.4?15:19
qschulzkayterina: the dts is already provided arch/arm/boot/dts/sun8i-h2-plus-bananapi-m2-zero.dts15:19
LetoThe2ndalephan: the point is -  from the LTS perspective, whats to be gained if we start randomly adding new packages just because "somebody depends on ot"?15:20
LetoThe2nd*it, even15:20
qschulzkayterina: because Allwinner is (was?) a very bad vendor in terms of BSP quality and updates15:20
qschulzso, board vendors using Allwinner shitty BSP probably didn't want to make more effort that this15:20
alephanThe gain is to enable it to be used on more external layers. Because LTS will be a place to stay for a good while now LetoThe2nd15:21
qschulznow, there was a huge community effort behind Allwinner SoCs that enabled the upstream linux kernel to have support for them15:21
LetoThe2ndalephan: but of course as moto-timo put it - the TSC is authoritative on that. i am not.15:21
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LetoThe2ndalephan: where do you end? "just new recipes".. "erm now, see, this set of recipes just needs that new class"... "ya sure, its just a tiny backport..."15:22
alephanThe alternative is for all the other people to reinvent the wheel - and that for an LTS so for a long time. I find it a bit unappealing. But I see the point15:23
LetoThe2ndalephan: an LTS will inevitably age and need more and more massaging to be used on new things. and no, nobody needs to reinvent anything. it can all be done just the way you worded it. just not in the core layer. but thats what we have layers for, right? just make a meta-python-lts-special-sauce that you can share. zero reinvention.15:24
LetoThe2ndone of the reasons why an LTS isn't an idea as good as it sounds.15:25
kayterinahm.interesting. So I am left with the machine.conf.  where is the path with available tunes? I suppose there will be one for sun8iw?15:26
alephanLetoThe2nd: Sure. That was indeed the initial idea. I will stick to that for now.15:27
LetoThe2ndalephan: :) but of course, please take it to the TSC nonetheless. its always good to have opinions, and eventually a decision that can be referred to!15:30
qschulzkayterina: I wouldn't take inspiration from meta-sunxi as they decided to go with one tune, the common denominator between all supported machines, which means it won't squeeze as much as possible from your HW15:30
alephan@LetoThe2nd I think your point was clear and I tend to agree generally with it when wearing the maintainer/LTS hat. From the user perspective I was trying an easier way forward though.15:31
alephanThanks LetoThe2nd and moto-timo15:31
LetoThe2ndalephan: thanks for the input!15:32
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alephanLetoThe2nd: I just realized with whom I just talked. Prost!15:45
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LetoThe2ndalephan: hehe, prost!15:53
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khemRP:  yeah I think the binutils patch series touches glibc as well and so they need to be sequenced16:20
RPkhem: oh, I understand now :/16:22
khemRP:  I will have to send v2 anyway so lets get the binutils settled first16:22
RPkhem: we'll need a new uninative release once we get glibc in16:22
khemRP: one issue I am seeing is due to hwcaps introduction in glibc 2.3316:22
RPkhem: ok. I'm worried about the wic failure on the AB and whether its from binutils or not16:23
khemour tuning for qemux86-64 is core2duo and glibc ldso does not lilke it16:23
khemrecipe-sysroot//lib/ CPU ISA level is lower than required16:23
khemif I use -cpu Nehalem instead of -cpu core2duo then it works ok16:24
khemthis is when runing qemu usermode16:24
RPkhem: hmm, interesting :/16:24
RPkhem: the initramfs issue is due to things like pxeboot.img in grub growing to 132MB in size with loads of zero padding16:28
RPkhem: looks bintutils to me16:28
khemso one option is to change using -cpu core2duo in machine conf for qemu other option perhaps is to bump qemu defaulttune to corei7-6416:28
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khemyeah its likely due to linker perhaps but can we know which given  binary is causing it ?16:30
*** minimaxwell <minimaxwell!> has joined #yocto16:31
RPkhem: maybe?16:33
RPkhem: glibc effectively dropped support for older x86 cpus?16:34
khemRP:  yeah that grub patch looks promising, has got changes to support the x86-64 ISA levels in 2.3316:35
khemI dont think its dropped but defaults have changed somehow16:36
RPkhem: I applied locally and the 132MB file is now 1024 bytes :)16:37
RPkhem: and confirmed it fixed the issue with the initramfs locally16:38
RPkhem: we can have another pass at building with these pieces included16:38
khemGNU_PROPERTY_X86_ISA version support has been added to toolchain recently which now we have for glibc and binutils with these upgrades and gcc 11 will introduce the needed -march options too16:38
khemRP: this is the patch;a=commit;h=ecce11aa0752735c4fd730da6e7c9e0b98e12fb816:42
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RPkhem: I guess the question is why we seem to build binaries that won't run with the qemu options they're supposed to be compatible with? :/16:47
chrysh_when I do a `devtool modify <recipe name>, and bitbake writes ERROR: Task do_patch does not exist for target <recipe name>, should I just add do_patch to the recipe by hand?16:52
qschulzchrysh_: which recipe is that?16:53
qschulzI'd assume someone did a deltask do_patch instead of do_patch[noexec] = "1"16:54
*** frsc <frsc!> has quit IRC16:54
qschulzor maybe you're trying to devtool modify an image recipe?16:55
*** B0ned1ger2 <B0ned1ger2!> has joined #yocto16:55
chrysh_qschulz: true. it's still the gcc recipe. and yes, there is a `deltask do_patch` in
RPzeddii: thanks for the uprev, really helps!16:57
chrysh_why is that there?16:57
RPchrysh_: gcc-source provides the source code for the gcc recipes which is extracted once and shared between the gcc recipes16:58
khemRP:  thats a good question I am trying to find the answer to as well16:59
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khemso its probing h/w for features and qemu is reporting perhaps less capabilities16:59
khemso it could be that now that ldso is doing the check17:00
chrysh_RP: still, why can't I patch them?17:00
RPchrysh_: you can in the gcc-source recipe17:00
*** w00die <w00die!~w00die@> has joined #yocto17:01
chrysh_RP: in which situation would a person want to remove a task (in gcc)?17:03
chrysh_this is how the recipe looks like. why the two ways of disabling do_fetch?17:04
qschulzchrysh_: I think the catch is that gcc is a "special" recipe because it's using the work-shared mechanism. e.g. I couldn't also build modules from a devtool modified kernel recipe IIRC.17:04
chrysh_qschulz: so if I have compile time errors and would want to fix that, how would I create the patches?17:07
RPchrysh_: you'd add them to the gcc-source recipe17:07
RPunfortunately devtool doesn't work well with gcc based recipes because it uses a shared workdir and devtool doesn't understand shared workdirs17:08
qschulzRP: yet. There's always room for improvement :)17:08
RPqschulz: well, yes. There is an open bug but we can't seem to get anyone to work on it :(17:09
qschulzchrysh_ just volonteered :D17:10
vdlSince the initramfs scripts might have hard dependency on the init manager (e.g. using systemctl switch-root), but the init manager choice is supposed to be done in the distro conf, how do you guys handle that?17:11
RPvdl: you can configure to allow sysvinit and systemd together17:17
RPjonmason: I dropped the libical upgrade from master-next due to the reproducibility issue, I've not replied on list though. The initramfs issues in selftest and wic builds are hopefully addressed by the grub patch I've sent and is in testing17:21
RP(caused by the binutils uprev)17:21
vdlRP: what if I want systemd in the initramfs?17:21
RPjonmason: the genericx86-64 failure was reported on list and Bruce's patch to meta-yocto should help17:21
RPvdl: then depend on and include it?17:21
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away17:22
vdlRP: from the initramfs image recipe?17:22
RPvdl: sure17:23
jonmasonRP: thanks.  Also, good reminder to get on the swat task :)17:25
*** kiwi_29 <kiwi_29!> has joined #yocto17:26
RPjonmason: I did triage one of the builds out the way for you17:28
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ndechey RP (or anyone else who might know!), are we doing any tests on AB to check/ensure that package versions are 'right' (increasing?) and do we test with the pr server?17:39
rburtoni think version-going-backwards is a default warning17:48
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khemRP: sent a v2 of glibc patch on top of current master-next19:00
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smurrayRP: glibc 2.33 going in reminded me of this:
smurrayRP: it seems possible that aligning oe-core qemux86-64 / genericx86-64 to match x86-64-v2 might be worthwhile to match what other distros are doing19:49
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khemyeah speculatively :)20:01
*** vmeson <vmeson!> has joined #yocto20:04
khemI think if we switch to using corei7 things will happen automatically but then we know that we are dumping core220:05
smurraykhem: yeah, raising the default seems like fun for the TSC to discuss20:08
smurraykhem: even w/o doing that, I could maybe see adding some tuning definitions to match v1/v2/v3 to make it easier for people that want it20:09
khemPerhaps defaulting to v2 is good option moving forward20:09
khemfolks who need v1 can test and let us know20:10
smurraythe other "fun" might be trying to enable getting multiple libraries in for the hwcaps stuff20:11
khemI think that only matters for binaries distros20:11
frayseems reasonable to have a way to do both.. pre "current gen" and origin20:11
smurraymight not be a large demand for that for OE users, yeah20:11
frayThe one thing likely needed is a way to tag which configs are v2 and v1..  I know I have atom systems I use (for home automation) that I have no idea what they count as20:12
smurraylots of digging around on, maybe ;)20:14
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khemfray:  cat /proc/cpuinfo and we can find20:16
smurrayistr some test bits in the microarchitecture reference git repo, they might have a script20:16
khemif it has SSE4.2 then you are v2 most probably20:16
frayya, but who has access to every possible board.. like I said, I don't know what is a v2 and what isn't when it comes to the embedded stuff20:16
fraymodel name: Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU D2700   @ 2.13GHz20:16
frayflags: fpu vme de pse tsc msr pae mce cx8 apic sep mtrr pge mca cmov pat pse36 clflush dts acpi mmx fxsr sse sse2 ss ht tm pbe syscall nx lm constant_tsc arch_perfmon pebs bts nopl nonstop_tsc aperfmperf eagerfpu pni dtes64 monitor ds_cpl tm2 ssse3 cx16 xtpr pdcm movbe lahf_lm dtherm arat20:17
frayI see sse2, but not '4.2'20:17
frayAdd to that all of the AMD, Cyrix and other stuff that is still in the market.. and both are probably needed..  I'm definitely not against adding v2 support, since it really is needed for current work20:18
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khemRP:  Found a solution for the x86 issue, you can try v2 of glibc plus the enable-cet patch21:57
RPkhem: will we see the pseudo build issue? i.e. do I need to figure that out first?21:57
RPkhem: I've merged binutils21:57
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RPsmurray: right, I just want to ensure that the support for older stuff still works. We can and should discuss the default21:59
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ichabod_craneCan anyone direct me to a source for how to install a Python package in both python 2 and python 3? I've got a transient need to do both so I can port and test several packages to Python 3.22:21
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khemRP: is the issue we are facing with glibc 2.33, I have cherry-picked the proposed patch locally and see if this helps out I will send this incremental patch after that22:45
khemRP:  yes pseudo for target will fail22:45
khemichabod_crane:  you need to include meta-python2 layer and then have python3-<module>.bb and python-<module>.bb recipes to build for each version of py22:46
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RPkhem: I'll have a go at building pseudo locally, see if I can spot what we need there23:03
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RPndec: we turned version going backwards off as we don't run prserv on the infra any more :(23:07
RPndec: the question with upgrades is always "compared to what", that is the hard bit23:07
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khemRP:  sounds good23:22
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RPkhem: attempt at a fix in -next23:43
jonesv[m]I have this downstream kernel that builds up to `make[2]: *** No rule to make target 'msm8909-pm8916-mpp3-hw00.dts'.  Stop.` This dts is in the kernel sources in `arch/arm/boot/dts/qcom/`, and the name ("mpp3") corresponds to how the manufacturer calls the device. So it seemed correct.23:43
jonesv[m]The way I set it is in the machine file, with `KERNEL_DEVICETREE += "msm8909-pm8916-mpp3-hw00.dts"`. I have also read posts from 2016 that suggest using a `.dtb` (instead of `.dts`) and let the build system build it from the corresponding `.dts` by using `require recipes-kernel/linux/` in the kernel recipe. But does not seem to exist anymore with Gatesgarth.23:43
jonesv[m]Question: am I on the right track, or am I doing it completely wrong? 🙂23:43
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jonesv[m](note that the docs refers to ``, but I'm pretty sure I don't have it on gatesgarth 🤔:
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RPkhem: did that cherry-picked patch work? Just wondering if I can start a build before sleeping! :)23:48
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jonesv[m](also I `#inherit kernel`, which I read inherits kernel-devicetree, which is supposed to replace But somehow the way I specify `KERNEL_DEVICETREE += "msm8909-pm8916-mpp3-hw00.dts"` is not enough 😕23:48
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khemRP:  seems to work let me send23:58

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