Thursday, 2021-02-11

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seebsRP: I would be inclined to send a MAY_UNLINK on an upcoming rename target.01:32
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mooseAnyone knows why eclipse yocto SDK is not supported anymore? Is there an alternative to easily integrate a yocto SDK with eclipse or similar IDEs?01:52
mooseWhat process flow do you guys follow when developing a C or C++ application on a target hardware with a yocto linux image?01:55
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vijayHi, I have downloaded meta-java layer and added to the bblayers.conf then added jamvm into local.conf file, but I get this error as ERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'jamvm' (but /home/bl-docker/rity/src/poky/../meta-mediatek-bsp/recipes-core/images/ RDEPENDS on or otherwise requires it)06:40
vijayjamvm was skipped: incompatible with machine i500-pumpkin (not in COMPATIBLE_MACHINE)06:40
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vijayDoes my board really doesn't support or did I miss anything?06:41
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guest231Hi, I have a .bbappend recipe, where I define "SRC_URI_foo += "file://foo.patch" and "FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/files" is this correct?06:52
guest231I add to overrides "foo" in the local.conf06:54
guest231But Yocto can't find the patch!06:54
guest231If I remove _foo and write just "SRC_URI += "file://foo.patch"" everything works06:55
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JaMaSRC_URI_foo += is most likely wrong, it will override the default SRC_URI from the recipe while usually you want to append to it when foo override is active which would be SRC_URI_append_foo = " file:...."07:05
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guest231It works with _append, but I do want to override the default SRC_URI07:15
JaMathen use bitbake -e to see what happend07:16
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vijayHi, I have downloaded meta-java layer and added to the bblayers.conf then added jamvm into local.conf file, but I get this error as ERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'jamvm' (but /home/bl-docker/rity/src/poky/../meta-mediatek-bsp/recipes-core/images/ RDEPENDS on or otherwise requires it) jamvm was skipped: incompatible with machine i500-pumpkin07:19
vijay(not in COMPATIBLE_MACHINE) Does my board really doesn't support or did I miss anything?07:19
guest231JaMa I don't understand the behaviour of "base_set_filepath"07:22
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guest231The combination of "SRC_URI += """ with "SRC_URI_append_foo = "file://foo.patch"" works, but this seems to be unintended07:40
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JaMaguest231: see the FILESPATH variable it constructs and you will notice that your FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend is missing trailing ':' and your SRC_URI_append_foo is missing leading space07:48
guest231Ah, the missing leading space was the issue, thank you! It also explains why it works with "SRC_URI += """07:50
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dvorkindmitrywhere can I get the list of the software-license pairs installed into the image?08:22
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yoctondvorkindmitry: poky/build/tmp/deploy/licenses/ ?08:29
dvorkindmitryyocton, oh, thanks08:29
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yoctonyou're welcome :)08:30
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JosephAntonyI am new to yocto. Is there any online bitbake kind of platform, where I can learn yocto hands on, without installing anything in my computer. ?09:50
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mckoanJosephAntony: AFAIK no09:53
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malinusthere is a web interface, only used it once though. You still need to install everything, it's just instead of editing files by hand
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX10:30
iceawayhello everyone10:30
mckoanmalinus: I wouldn't suggest use of Toaster though
mckoanhello LetoThe2nd, everybody10:31
malinusmckoan: why? Might be less intermidating than editing files manually10:35
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LetoThe2ndmalinus: it depends on the overall usecase, but de facto toaster hasn't really done a good job as dev frontend so far. and espeically not when you're targetting a form of reproductibility or CI/CD10:37
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malinusLetoThe2nd: I see. I'm not a user o toaster, I just tried it and thought it was pretty neat10:43
LetoThe2ndmalinus: yeah. its primary use in real life is actually build inspection, as far as I can tell.10:44
malinusLetoThe2nd: I also found it neat how easy it was to browse around and add stuff to a toy-build10:45
LetoThe2ndmalinus: the real problem with any form of frontend to YP/OE tech is that its impossible to really grasp all the possibilities and options that the text configuration offers. so you would always have to leave a lot out, which makes the frontend basically unusable because there will always be the next guy who needs the thing you decided to leave out for simplicity.10:46
LetoThe2ndmalinus: yes it does that nicely. but once you get out of the toy build phase you quickly need to learn how to do things right. and once you know that, you're not going back to toying. this is basically why toaster is not being used as a build frontend.10:47
malinusLetoThe2nd: you could use that argument on every GUI ront end ever created, whatever it's GIT or GDB, there will always be something missing10:47
LetoThe2ndmalinus: hummm not exactly.10:48
LetoThe2ndmalinus: it depends very much on the use case of the options.10:48
LetoThe2ndmalinus: if you have a system that is very very complex, but is usually operated through only a very limited subset of options, then a gui or frontend is highly effective. best example: google.10:49
LetoThe2ndmalinus: however if you have a complex system where finetuning a lot of options is actually the standard case, then a frontend becomes really complicated.10:50
LetoThe2ndmalinus: imagine a 1000pcs puzzle. limiting yourself to only 10 of them is somewhat counterproductive. to get the correct result, you need access to all pieces. and thats a lot like building a linux system, actually. you need to get all pieces right and working together.10:52
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malinusLetoThe2nd: sure I agree completly. I personally find myself switching between GUI frontends and working directly with the tools. Obviously the GUI wrapper needs to add some value, for that to be worth it.10:52
LetoThe2ndmalinus: exactly. there are good usecases for both situations.10:53
malinusBut I can see how most yocto builds could probably only have a few % done in toaster10:53
LetoThe2ndmalinus: i can assure you, the feeling is wrong. for anything that is not a toy build targetting a super popular board, you need to configure so many bits and pieces that toaster falls flat. plus, how do you automated and reproduce the build on your infrastructre, then?10:54
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malinusLetoThe2nd: yeah exactly10:55
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RobertBerger@LethoThe2nd: Oida! There are no "good" use cases for GUI apps ;)11:00
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LetoThe2ndRobertBerger: disagreed. OIDA!11:01
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iceawayI'm upgrading Yocto from Sumo to Dunfell, and I'm about to start working on our kernel patches. When I run 'devtool modify linux' it complains about a non-existing defconfig, but if I build the kernel using 'bitbake linux' it works just fine.11:14
iceawayany ideas why devtool cannot find the defconfig, while bitbake can?11:14
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RobertBerger@LetoThe2nd: Troll ;)11:18
qschulziceaway: don't use devtool for kernel hacking11:19
mckoaniceaway: and find the defconfig in the WORKDIR : bitbake -e virtual/kernel | grep ^WORKDIR=11:20
LetoThe2ndRobertBerger: soiba.11:20
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iceawayqschulz: would you recommend using the "traditional" approach as described in the kernel dev manual?11:24
qschulziceaway: yup11:27
iceawayqschulz: cool, never tried that, will give it a go. Thanks!11:28
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qschulziceaway: the issue being that devtool does not handle work-shared recipes well (gcc and kernel recipes are two of those using said mechanism)11:34
qschulzRP: ndec: wondering if we should remove the recommendation of using devtool for kernel dev with Yocto in the kernel dev manual?11:35
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RPqschulz: why?11:37
qschulzbecause... it does not work?11:37
RPqschulz: it is supposed to and has code at least for the kernel case11:38
mckoanqschulz: LOL11:38
qschulzRP: might have to test again on newer versions of Yocto then but on thud, out-of-tree kernel modules can't build with a devtool'ed kernel IIRC11:39
qschulzwhich technically isn't really the kernel recipe, that I can admit :)11:39
RPqschulz: perhaps we need to document the known problems. Is there an open bug for that?11:39
mckoanqschulz: RP: on newer versions it works
qschulzRP: I'm guilty of never opening bugs and not reading the Bugzilla :(11:40
qschulzmckoan: very specific use case11:41
qschulzyou're not actually rebuilding the image as a whole11:41
qschulzjust the recipe itself11:41
qschulzwhich means anything using the work-shared won't have the issue since you'll rebuild the image only when devtool update-recipe has been run11:41
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mckoalaERROR:ParseError at /home/mckoala/poky/meta-openembedded/meta-networking/recipes-support/openipmi/ Could not inherit file classes/python3targetconfig.bbclass11:47
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mckoalaGoogling got me 1 search result which didn't help either11:47
mckoalawait it works now... I commented out something in sanity.conf (because of an another earlier error that I got)11:49
mckoalaso I uncommented that and tried again11:49
mckoalasomeone on internet wrote to remove that error I had to comment that one out (which removed that error but introduced the above error) :')11:49
vijayI have download meta-java layer and added to the conf/bblayer.conf file, then added jamvm to conf/local.conf file and ran bitbake command, but I got this error as "Nothing RPROVIDES 'jamvm' (but /home/bl-docker/rity/src/poky/../meta-mediatek-bsp/recipes-core/images/ RDEPENDS on or otherwise requires it) jamvm was skipped: incompatible11:50
vijaywith machine i500-pumpkin (not in COMPATIBLE_MACHINE)"11:50
vijayRecipe file path is under /src/meta-java/recipes-core/jamvm/ Did I miss anything or does my target board has any compatibility issue?11:50
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mckoalamckoala has joined11:51
mckoalait started but I get a similar error...11:53
mckoalaERROR: ParseError at /home/mckoala/poky/meta-openembedded/meta-oe/recipes-dbs/postgresql/ Could not inherit file classes/python3targetconfig.bbclass11:53
qschulzmckoala: make sure your layers are using the exact same branch11:56
vijayCOMPATIBLE_MACHINE_aarch64 = "-" what does '-' mean?11:56
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mckoalaqschulz I checked out poky on tag 3.2.1, then I cloned meta-openembedded (which is on the master branch)11:59
mckoalagit tag on meta-openembedded doesn't return anything12:00
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LetoThe2ndmckoan: 3.2 is gatesgarth? or dunfell? checkout that branch on meta-openembedded.12:07
LetoThe2ndmeh mckoala12:07
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mckoalaqschulz + LetoThe2nd, thanks it worked!12:22
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flash27Hello everyone, i am new to the channel. Can anyone describe me his workflow? I mean, how do you have a stable version of recipes, a stable build-folder, a development one etc...?13:02
flash27If this question does make sense to you13:03
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RPqschulz: any particular reason you don't want to file a bug?13:07
LetoThe2ndflash27: are you talking about the system build, or your application?13:07
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flash27system build13:08
flash27LetoThe2nd system build13:09
LetoThe2ndflash27: then i admit i don't really understand the question. i mean, if you have to maintain a stable branch and development one, then you will probably need two seperate builds. they can and probably should share downloads and sstate, though.13:10
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qschulzRP: laziness, my nemesis13:34
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intera91hello,  facing a strange problem: Error: Unable to find a match: glm,  now the bblayer contains /poky/meta-openembedded/meta-oe and the layer.conf at /poky/meta-openembedded/meta-oe/conf contains the usual that will look into subdirectories for bb files etc .. so everything seems to be in place and yet I get this error ...13:58
qschulzintera91: have you added /poky/meta-openembedded/meta-oe to your bblayers.conf?14:00
qschulz(meta-openembedded is a git repo with multiple layers in it, so you need to add them one by one, at least the ones you want)14:00
intera91qschulz: yes here is the line14:01
intera91poky/meta-openembedded/meta-oe \14:01
intera91so it's there14:01
intera91i mean it has a complete path obviously14:02
qschulzintera91: is your error really "Error: Unable to find a match: glm"?14:02
intera91verbatim, copied and pasted here14:02
qschulzintera91: ... what exactly are you doing? where did you add glm? to which variable?14:02
qschulzit's usually "Nothing PROVIDES" or "Nothing RPROVIDES" and then the name of the package, I've enever seen the error you mention before :/14:03
intera91ok in local.conf to IMAGE_INSTALL_append14:03
intera91and glm is one among many14:03
intera91but the error only mentions glm14:04
intera91this is as a response to bitbake core-image-sato14:04
*** Minjae_Kim <Minjae_Kim!742ab977@gateway/web/cgi-irc/> has quit IRC14:04
intera91but the error only mentions glm14:05
intera91DNF version: 4.2.2314:05
intera91cachedir: /home/patrick/workspace/poky/build/tmp/work/intel_corei7_64-poky-linux/core-image-sato/1.0-r0/rootfs/var/cache/dnf14:05
intera91Added oe-repo repo from /home/patrick/workspace/poky/build/tmp/work/intel_corei7_64-poky-linux/core-image-sato/1.0-r0/oe-rootfs-repo14:05
intera91User-Agent: falling back to 'libdnf': could not detect OS or basearch14:05
intera91repo: using cache for: oe-repo14:05
intera91oe-repo: using metadata from Thu 11 Feb 2021 01:46:06 PM UTC.14:05
intera91Last metadata expiration check: 0:00:01 ago on Thu 11 Feb 2021 01:46:06 PM UTC.14:05
intera91No match for argument: glm14:05
intera91Error: Unable to find a match: glm14:05
*** phoo1234567 <phoo1234567!> has joined #yocto14:06
*** nacknick <nacknick!> has joined #yocto14:06
intera91I used to use toaster and the line : INHERIT+="toaster buildhistory" was added at the end of local.conf in the build /conf am using now, might have something to do with that so i commented the line and trying bitbake again14:10
* RP wonders why master-next is segfaulting tar but only on opensuse15114:10
intera91ok no luck same error14:10
qschulzintera91: start from scratch. Remove all layers, build dirs, tmp dirs, everything14:12
qschulzintera91: add the layers one by one14:12
qschulzthen `bitbake glm`14:12
qschulzif it works14:12
qschulzadd your custom stuff one by one and test `bitbake glm`14:13
qschulzwell, actually before starting from scratch, try `bitbake glm`14:13
qschulzbut since it's a dnf issue... I guess it'd only happen during the rootfs creation :/14:13
qschulzit;s/it seems to be/14:13
intera91ok will try that do I rm -Rf  poky/build/tmp/ ???14:13
qschulzintera91: or start in another directory if you want, where you have no git repo cloned14:15
qschulztriple check that all layers are at the same branch too14:15
intera91all layers are the same branch14:15
intera91I made ultra-sure of that14:15
kanavin_homeRP: when does the segfault happens exactly?14:15
*** phoo1234567 <phoo1234567!> has quit IRC14:21
intera91qschulz: that was fast, deleted poke/build/tmp and tried bitbake glm which succeded14:24
intera91however in deply-rpm there is only a -dev -dbg and -doc rpms I will assume this is normal as there was no error14:26
intera91attempting the whole image now14:26
*** phoo1234567 <phoo1234567!> has joined #yocto14:29
qschulzintera91: no, you should have a "normal" package too14:30
*** vmeson <vmeson!> has quit IRC14:31
qschulzintera91: stop, I found the issue14:31
intera91ok am listening as the error just came back14:31
RPkanavin_home: I just found a weird pigz binary along with a "uninative-rp" in /usr/local and its this binary which is faulting. Was installed June 2019. I have no memory of any of this, it if was me...14:32
kanavin_homeRP: right, I was worried it might be the tar version update14:32
RPremoving it seems to make the builds happier. Why it breaks suddenly now and what this is about, I don't know14:33
qschulzintera91: DESCRIPTION = "OpenGL Mathematics (GLM) is a header only C++ \14:33
qschulzmathematics library for graphics software based on the OpenGL \14:33
RPkanavin_home: so was I :/14:33
qschulzShading Language (GLSL) specifications."14:33
qschulzintera91: **header only**. So there'll only be a glm-dev package14:33
qschulzintera91: What exactly do you want glm for?14:33
intera91ok will correct to glm-dev14:33
*** phoo1234567_ <phoo1234567_!> has joined #yocto14:34
intera91qschulz: Our software uses OpenGL, vulkan and the likes14:34
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qschulzintera91: why do you need the headers in the system is what I meant14:49
qschulzthose are usually only needed at compile time, so glm in DEPENDS would be enough and the correct way to do it14:49
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kergothJPEW: quick question, do you know the best way to do reproducibility tests against oe recipes, the selftest? I'd like more detail, but need to be able to kick it off locally against a recipe in a non-public layer15:14
kergothlooks like the selftest just shows changed packages, hmm15:14
*** armpit <armpit!~armpit@2601:202:4180:a5c0:55f8:e3c0:af8d:902c> has joined #yocto15:15
JPEWkergoth: I usually modify the test to only do the packages I'm interested instead of the image recipes15:15
RPkergoth: from memory I think you can change the list of recipes the selftest tests so the idea would be to do that and use the same test (or subclass it to do that)15:15
kergothyeah, did that. do you know how to gather file level information when comparing packages?15:16
kergothhmm, i bet debian has that tooling15:16
* kergoth obviously hasn't done much reproducibility stuff yet15:16
RPkergoth: we have diffoscope integrated15:16
JPEWkergoth: You can enable diffoscope output15:16
kergothi had to kill use of relative paths to call configure in gcc-rutnime & friends to fix debug-prefix-map, but now i need to make sure i didn't break reproduciibility :)15:17
JPEWkergoth: set the envvar OEQA_DEBUGGING_SAVED_OUTPUT and the test will dump the output there15:17
RPkergoth: the autobuilder enables diffoscope and dumps the output into a directory the webserver knows about15:17
kergoththanks, appreciate it15:17
RPkergoth: result is and friends15:18
kergothwonder if we should use a variable for the recipe list for that test case15:18
kergothcool, thanks again15:18
kergothis this documented anywhere, out of curiosity?15:18
RPkergoth: Probably not :(15:19
RPI got so far with the testing manual but that probably isn't in there15:19
kergothguessing debian probably has a lot of material on actually fixing reproducibility issues, so could link to that once we show how to test and diffoscope the user's recipe15:20
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armpitRP, had to drop for another call. if you have any questions on the two bugs I opened, let me know16:03
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RParmpit: they make sense, thanks16:33
RParmpit: I fixed your commit message and put in -next ;-)16:33
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vdlis there a way to enable all systemd features (PACKAGECONFIG) at once for testing? basically every systemd-*d components.17:02
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Guest94181vdl:  there is nothing like PACKAGECONFIG = "all" sort of thing, so you have to manually add all opts to PACKAGECONFIG17:52
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mcfriskfontconfig, xorg etc put MIT-style into LICENSE, but there is not MIT-style license in poky/meta/files/common-licenses, only MIT exists there. Isn't this a bug?19:27
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Guest94181MIT-style is not generic thats the problem, so you cant have a template, although name is generic19:42
Guest94181maybe all X related should carry X11 License for LICENSE which is more appropriate SPDX naming19:44
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moto-timo /beginrant feels like when a packagegroup has been changed on disk it should rebuild /endrant19:51
fray? usually it does..19:51
moto-timoit happily pulls from sstate19:51
moto-timounless I'm just completely bonkers19:52
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moto-timoneither the packagegroup nor core-image-full-cmdline rebuilt, so -c clean20:04
fraydid the has equiv compare the dependencies and say they were the same and "lop" the dep tree?20:05
frayhash equiv20:05
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vdlis it best to have systemd tweaks in the distro conf or in a bbappend recipe?21:03
Guest94181if you have your own distro and a custom layer then use either place21:05
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RPmoto-timo: what changed in this case?21:23
RPmoto-timo: ?21:23
RPwe could make it rebuild in those cases, we once did but its just a different set of problems21:24
moto-timo@RP: I added a kernel module to RDEPENDS_${PN} in the packagegroup recipe21:28
RPmoto-timo: that should cause a rebuild :/21:31
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moto-timo@RP: it's weird that neither the packagroup nor the image rebuild... it's happened before but I didn't rant about it21:38
moto-timoironically the kernel module wasn't needed... but that's a different story21:39
*** tgoodwin <tgoodwin!> has quit IRC21:39
moto-timo@RP: this behaviour is nothing new... I certainly saw it several months ago21:39
RPmoto-timo: is there a test case I could try and reproduce ?21:39
moto-timo@RP: I should probably create a stripped down test case so you don't have to build everything in my kubernetes image21:40
RPmoto-timo: please, I don't plan to do that21:41
moto-timonor would I expect you to!21:41
Guest94181kergoth:  whats immediate task after do_install in sequence21:50
Guest94181is it do_package ?21:50
*** kiwi_29 <kiwi_29!> has joined #yocto21:55
RPGuest94181: do_package and do_populate_sysroot together usually but the sequence can be changed21:55
Guest94181ah so if a function is inserted between do_install and do_package it can race with do_populate_sysroot ?21:56
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frayRP: we found an issue in gatesgarth, affecting newer kernels then 5.4..  The fix is already in master, but would a backport be allowed since it only affects people providing their own kernel versions?22:46
fray(affects kernel.bbclass, or we could just patch it with a bbappend)22:46
RPfray: depends on what the fix is really, how invasive/risky22:51
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fraysec.. let me find the two commits.. small changes22:54
fray(oe-core commits)  cb940d8af359fa370254bd4c2b36ba26708bb54b & cb940d8af359fa370254bd4c2b36ba26708bb54b22:57
frayoops, lets try that AGAIN22:57
fray0fc66a0b64953aae38d0124b57615fffaec8de52 & cb940d8af359fa370254bd4c2b36ba26708bb54b22:57
fray2 actual lines of change.. it does enabled unsupported kernels (newer then 5.4) but it shouldn't cause any issues22:58
Guest94181they look fine for a backport imo23:11
*** aleblanc <aleblanc!> has quit IRC23:17
frayI think it's reasonable, but we need to figure out if we need a local backport or if we can get it into gatesgarth and wait a few days for a backport23:18
Guest94181what I meant to say backportable to gatesgarth upstream and acceptable23:20
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RPfray: they're probably ok, you'd have to convince anuj :)23:47
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