Wednesday, 2021-03-03

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TwisteRhi all! may I ask a platform-specific (iMX8MM) question here?00:55
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moto-timoJust ask, don't ask if you can ask :)01:00
TwisteRI have trouble building linux-fslc-imx_5.4 (yocto) to use imx8mm's IPU to capture stream from adv7280 video converter01:00
TwisteRthere are errors like:01:00
TwisteRkernel-source/drivers/mxc/ipu3/ipu_device.c:47:10: fatal error: asm/outercache.h: No such file or directory01:01
TwisteRI wonder if that part is maintained01:01
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yatesdoesn't yocto provide both native- and cross-sdk (assembler, linker, compilers, etc)?02:13
yatesthe (e)SDK?02:13
yatesderRichard: thanks for the recommendation!02:13
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yateswhat does this have to do with yocto?
yatesrburton: do you have any thoughts on the native/cross sdk?02:22
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yatesit seems logical that these actions must build the binutils and also pull in the necessary libraries (glibc e.g.) depending on the target architecture. true>02:23
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yateswhat does this have to do with yocto?
yatesis it merely a "view" into the linux kernel repo?02:31
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yatesis this thing on?03:20
* yates wonders if anyone can hear him03:20
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paulgsure is quiet in here.   Haven't heard anyone for hours.03:55
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mckoangood morning07:45
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thekappehello guys08:11
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thekappeI've modified some code of a device driver inside the kernel. There is a way to force a "whole compilation" of the kernel without refetching the original source code so that the modifications won't be lost ?08:12
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mcfrisksigh, SoC vendors and their BSP layers...08:23
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medaliyouhi guys ,quick question, how do i make sure that kernel modules were successfully built08:34
* dwagenk sent a long message: < >08:34
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medaliyoui mean it really hard to flash image on board and run the board everytime08:35
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX08:39
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RPyates: linux-yocto-dev is what we use to keep up with mainline latest development kernels. And yes, we do have native and cross compilers of various kinds08:45
LetoThe2ndRP: kinds: working ones, and not working ones :)08:51
mcfriskhow should I fix requirements for BSP SW deliveries with yocto. Require compatibility with latest LTS? Require following ? Require that none of the features and bbclasses in poky are broken or modified? I know the reqs will be violated but at least then I have the stick...09:04
RPmcfrisk: this is what we tried to design YP Compatible to try and help09:19
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nacknickHello. How to find with bitbake command what layer a recipe belongs?09:27
mcfriskRP: will yocto-check-layer help validate that poky features and bbclasses are not modified by the layers? I wonder if I should put that into requirements too.09:27
LetoThe2ndnacknick: bitbake-layers show-layers or something close09:32
nacknickLetoThe2nd: show recipes worked. thanks09:36
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RPmcfrisk: it verifies the signatures don't change adding/removing the layer09:52
RPmcfrisk: that in theory should mean you can at least configure anything they modify09:52
RPmcfrisk: obviously nothing is perfect but it should go a long way to that09:53
zygahello everyone09:53
zygahey RP, I don't need anything, just wanted to thank you for the amazing work :)09:53
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RPzyga: Hi, thanks! Its a team effort :)09:58
zygaRP, yeah, just being a maintainer one rearely hears positive things, usually it's the silence or "hey it is broken"09:59
RPzyga: You're right, its not often you hear that, thanks :)09:59
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LetoThe2ndRP: huh? it is not broken?10:09
RPLetoThe2nd: depends whether I read my email :)10:14
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LetoThe2ndso, don't read your email, all is well!10:18
rburtonyates: linux-yocto-dev is where bruce stages the new kernel releases10:23
RobertBerger@LetoThe2nd: Oida! It's usually the hardware. Software is never broken.10:33
rburtonRP abelloni : my oe-selftest failed with wic errors about y2k, is that known?10:36
LetoThe2ndRobertBerger: hrhrhr. OIDA!10:37
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RPrburton: was fixed...10:50
RPrburton: but should have fixed references there too10:51
RPrburton: its not the warning causing the issue, I'm guessing the dosfs patch for wic was missing (but was later added to master by me yesterday)10:53
mcfriskouch, FOO_class-target += "bar" overwrites whole FOO to "bar", must use FOO_append_class-target += "bar" to get the desired append for target class. didn't see that coming..11:06
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mcfriskouch^2, now also all perl files get "owned by uid 1005, which is the same as the user running bitbake". I guess time to wipe tmp and hope for the best. baking is fun :)11:11
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mcfriskjeez, wiping tmp didn't help. do I have a corrupted sstate cache? "ERROR: binutils-2.34-r0 do_package_qa: QA Issue: binutils: /usr/lib/ is owned by uid 1005, which is the same as the user running bitbake. This may be due to host contamination"11:16
LetoThe2ndmcfrisk: wipe more! wipe more!11:16
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mcfriskis this pseudo being out of sync with build processes? I'm playing with a patch to libblkid in util-linux which did trigger recompilation of util-linux-native etc. hmm. I kind of want to understand but not sure if I dare to..11:18
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mcfriskhmm, I had tried to build a BSP layer update with that sstate cache, maybe that was it. I can't see how my util-linux patches could have broken and contaminated sstate this badly.11:27
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RPmcfrisk: that util-linux patch did odd things to my local build. Its on hold until I figure out what happened as it was very very odd11:47
rburtonRP: cool thanks11:47
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JaMaRP: I've noticed interesting issue which I'm not sure is worth supporting, when you upgrade host distro (e.g. ubuntu 20.10 to 21.04) you need to clean pseudo-native for incremental build, otherwise there is a conflict in sysroot
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RPHmm, what a horrible dependency chain: "build-appliance-image.do_configure" -> "make-mod-scripts.do_compile" -> "linux-yocto.do_compile_kernelmodules" -> "linux-yocto.do_shared_workdir"12:26
RPJaMa: that sounds like a bug, that shouldn't happen :(12:26
RPJaMa: that sounds very like the problem where something is wrong with the sstate management code seen with util-linux too12:34
JaMaI think it's effect of "uninative: Don't use single sstate for pseudo-native" because it doesn't remove the old ${BUILD_ARCH}_${ORIGNATIVELSBSTRING} before building the new one, but on the other hand I don't remember similar issues before using uninative (where it would affect all native recipes)12:35
RPJaMa: what should happen is it should remove all "stale" things from the sysroot before installing new ones12:36
RPJaMa: do you have the task logs for that failure?12:36
JaMayes it might not be specific to pseudo-native, I've seen weird native pseudo also from nodejs-native, autoconf-native and earlier pseudo-native as well (which prompted my change to report error when manifest isn't found)12:36
JaMabut I've tried various ways how to reproduce it (upgrade/downgrade,arch-change and various combinations of this), but nothing caused that failure I'm randomly seeing from jenkins builds12:38
JaMayes I have task log12:39
RPJaMa: I'm curious if anything in the earlier tasks saw that netry in the sysroot as stale12:40
JaMawould this show an warning in cooker log or only in individual log.do_prepare_sysroot or similar?12:41
JaMaI have backup of whole TMPDIR before restarting the build from scratch12:42
RPJaMa: wouldn't show as a warning, would just be a message in one of the individual logs12:42
RPJaMa: maybe in the one that failed, maybe in one of the earlier tasks12:42
JaMathere is surprising (for me) number of "exists in sysroot, but is stale" in the log.do_prepare_recipe_sysroot logs including about pseudo-native12:46
RPJaMa: does it then go on to remove it?12:47
RPIt should...12:47
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JaMayou mean in pseudo-native logs? should it be removed there? I see quilt-native stale and removed in log.do_patch and then attr,autoconf,automake,gettext-minimal,gnu-config,libtool,m4-native,pkgconfig,quilt,sqlite3,texinfo-dummy -native in log.do_prepare_recipe_sysroot, but nothing about stale pseudo-native12:54
JaMalog.do_populate_sysroot on the other hand shows removing the old pseudo-native in earlier task, but in current it doesn't12:56
JaMaprevious pseudo-native rebuild the last one which failed
JaMathat's why I was assuming it didn't find the "old" pseudo-native in sysroot, because the ORIGNATIVELSBSTRING in the manifest path changed due to ubuntu upgrade12:57
JaMaSSTATE_PKGARCH in pseudo-native is now x86_64_ubuntu-21.04, while the pseudo-native in sysroot has x86_64_ubuntu-20.10 and sstate_clean() didn't find this old one13:01
mcfriskRP: I don't think we talk about the same util-linux patch, mine reduces the file system autodetection support in libblkid to ext4, nice one for faster mount times on target. am on dunfell, wiped sstate now builds are fine again. also using the worst BSP ever so not sure what is causing this. trying to run poky/scripts/yocto-check-layer now for all layers..13:06
alephanIs anyone on ZFS (like me)? I'm wondering how people workaround the size issue on hosts with compression-enabled zfs.13:12
alephankhem: there is a typo here,,,20,0,0,0::recentpostdate%2Fsticky,,,20,2,20,8102971013:23
alephanI'll fix in a v2. Don't merge it from master-next to master yet.13:23
alephanAll also add the packages in the pkggroup13:23
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alephanI've combined them all in one series:
RPmcfrisk: we are talking about different util-linux patches then, yes13:42
yatesRP, rburton: thank you for clarifying.13:43
yatesRP: regarding the tools, i know yocto can provide both native- and cross-tools; my question was, how does it generate them? can you point me to an example layer/recipe?13:44
RPJaMa: I'd have expected it to have removed it there. There is a definite bug :/13:45
RPgah, ltp broke reproducibility on the second run :(13:53
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yateswhat does the "e" mean in "eSDK"?13:58
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yates..but seriously, folks14:00
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yatesthere is an "SDK" and also an "eSDK"; what's the difference?14:00
*** leon-anavi <leon-anavi!~Leon@> has quit IRC14:00
yatestongues held by cats?14:01
neverpanicthe other is non-extensible14:01
LetoThe2ndyates: well.. RTFM suggests it means "extensible" :)14:01
neverpanicand the e means it ships a bitbake environment14:01
LetoThe2ndin terms of, the SDK just being nailed down to the image, and the eSDK being a kind of pre-canned build that you can extend.14:02
JaMaRP: but how would it be able to find the ORIGNATIVELSBSTRING value from previous build? It doesn't use any wildcards when searching previous one to remove, is this use-case worth having another exception for pseudo-native handling?14:02
JaMahopefully people don't change host distro very often between incremental builds14:02
yatesLetoThe2nd: which one of the, like, 15 manuals should i look in?14:03
yatesyocto needs to document its documentation...14:03
LetoThe2ndhey qschulz we need you here!14:04
LetoThe2ndyates: i mean... actually googling "yocto esdk" gives me as first hit14:04
LetoThe2ndyates: so the gentle nudge is well earned :)14:05
*** pharaon2502 <pharaon2502!> has joined #yocto14:05
yateswhat happens if google goes under?14:06
yates... ha ha14:06
LetoThe2ndyates: no worries, people will find other lame excuses to just dump stuff in IRC. i'm not worried about big g going amiss.14:06
medaliyou|   LD      .tmp_vmlinux.kallsyms114:07
medaliyou| arm-tdx-linux-gnueabi-ld.bfd: drivers/input/misc/dold-wheel.o: in function `dold_wheel_probe':14:07
medaliyou| dold-wheel.c:(.text.unlikely+0x1e0): undefined reference to `devm_input_allocate_polled_device'14:07
medaliyou| arm-tdx-linux-gnueabi-ld.bfd: dold-wheel.c:(.text.unlikely+0x300): undefined reference to `input_register_polled_device'14:07
medaliyou| make[1]: *** [/home/user/yocto-colibri-imx7/build/tmp/work-shared/colibri-imx7/kernel-source/Makefile:1106: vmlinux] Error 114:07
yatesLetoThe2nd: the problem with copping an attitude is that two can play.14:08
medaliyouwhat to do if i get a ld error like that, i mean it's strange that linker can't reference <linux/input-polldev.h>14:09
LetoThe2ndyates: i know! i love playing!14:09
yatesLetoThe2nd: there are fools on every corner.14:10
LetoThe2ndyates: yeah. believe me, its really hard work to be in all these places. it makes me feel extremely multiple and distributed.14:11
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lxchow can I make bitbake apply a git patch for a git submodule?14:26
qschulzLetoThe2nd: it's in the tab on the left of the website:
LetoThe2ndqschulz: don't tell me :)14:28
qschulzyates: ^14:28
qschulzmedaliyou: linux/input-polldev.h is removed in newer kernels, that's all I can say14:31
*** yannholo <yannholo!> has quit IRC14:31
medaliyouplease what is the alternative ?14:32
*** yannholo <yannholo!> has joined #yocto14:32
medaliyouaccording to bootlin14:33
medaliyouit still exists14:33
medaliyou5.4.91 is my kernel14:33
qschulzis it an out-of-tree driver you're trying to build?14:35
medaliyoui m creating a recipe for the kernel that copies sources & headers to /drivers/X and applies PATCHES to the corresponding Kconfig & Makefile14:36
*** linums <linums!> has quit IRC14:41
*** linums <linums!> has joined #yocto14:42
qschulzmedaliyou: didn't understand what you mean. Just create a patch containing your entire driver, makefile, kconfig and everything and add it to the SRC_URI of the kernel, that should be enough14:42
qschulz(need to modify your defconfig too though)14:43
medaliyoualright, just a quick last question14:43
medaliyouis it a stupid idea to use an older version of /drivers/input/input-polldev.{h,c} in new kernel .14:44
qschulzthere's no input-polldev.h in drivers/input. But why would you do that in the first place?14:45
qschulzdon't you want to benefit from bug fixes?14:45
medaliyouhhhhhhhhh, cause i have a big ass kernel module file written for 4.14.X kernel , i need to make it works for 5.4.9114:46
* derRichard smells fun with out of tree modules14:48
* qschulz runs fast and far14:48
qschulzmedaliyou: then it's time for you to upgrade the kernel module or ask your vendor to provide you with one that works with 5.4 kernels14:49
medaliyouyou're right bro14:50
medaliyougod bless you14:50
derRichardor bite bullet and upstream it14:51
qschulzderRichard: there'll still be a backporting effort to 5.4 but yes, much safer long term :)14:58
*** bandito_embedded <bandito_embedded!a5e14c6d@> has joined #yocto14:59
qschulzbut the input subsystem isn't usually one that changes much over time14:59
RPJaMa: I need to look more at the code to have an answer to that. I do think we need to fix it somehow15:00
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rburtonyates: bitbake does cross and nativesdk the same way it does target vs native: there are classes for that15:25
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intera91hello, simple question, how do I access the yocto repo at a version where gcc (in meta/recipes-devtools/gcc) was at version 9 ??17:16
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intera91need the recipe(s) to upgrade gcc on what I am working17:16
rburtonintera91: 'git checkout', work back in the releases17:18
rburtonthough <lotr meme> "one does not simply upgrade gcc"17:18
intera91i know17:19
intera91have to try though as program uses filesystem:: and it won't link on gcc 817:19
rburtonmost likely easier to just upgrade the entire oe-core release17:20
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RPintera91: what rburton says is right. Did you just email me that question too?17:28
intera91RP, @rburton, yes am afraid so, am sorry if i broke the etiquette,17:30
RPintera91: mailing lists or irc but probably not both at once and don't email individual developers please! :)17:31
intera91@RP: duly noted thanks17:31
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smurrayRP: if I have a BSP layer in hand with a bunch of kernel module recipes that install stuff to KERNELSRC to enable building other modules, what should I be recommending the upstream BSP folks do instead?17:49
smurrayRP: I ask because they're triggering the pseudo abort now unless I add KERNELSRC to PSEUDO_IGNORE_PATHS for the recipes...17:50
mcfriskyocto-check-layer fails on meta-openembedded too. for example meta-openembedded/meta-oe/recipes-extended/ostree/ changes RDEPENDS if meta-python layer is available. How should this rather be done? Via PKGCONFIG?17:52
*** matteo| is now known as matteo17:52
mcfriski think adding RDEPENDS from meta-python for ostree-ptest should be done if PTEST_ENABLED, not if meta-python is in BBFILE_COLLECTIONS17:55
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RPsmurray: it can make sense for recipes to add to PSEUDO_IGNORE_PATHS if they need to18:00
smurrayRP: okay, I've sort of been doing that in my test build18:02
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otavio_Hello all; berton and I are debugging an issue related to locales; it seems OE-Core does not have C.UTF-8 however it seems to be supported by glibc. Is this a known issue?18:18
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kergothotavio_: there's a variable to control whether the .utf-8 suffix isn't necessary. that is, if set, C is C.utf-8, en_US is en_US.utf-8, etc. i'd check that.18:40
kergothotavio_: LOCALE_UTF8_IS_DEFAULT ?= "1" in default-distrovars.inc18:41
smurrayistr something going by about not all distros having C.UTF-818:42
smurraymaybe that's historical at this point18:42
otavio_kergoth: it is not.18:43
otavio_kergoth: we got an error (fixed in  with libarchive and it turns out to be due to C not being C.UTF-8. On Debian, Ubuntu and Fedora it works out of box as C.UTF-8 is used18:45
otavio_from some research Gentoo said newer glibc supports it18:46
otavio_and Debian still has a patch for it
otavio_smurray: yes; Debian seems to be the first to add it and others followed18:47
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diamondmanI wanted to make a 'macro' that could be invoked to create basic init system files for a recipe (I use runit, so the unit files many projects generate doesn't work for me for now).19:43
diamondmanI set up a bbclass with a `register_service_with_init_system` python function (def style) and a `do_init_system_registration` task that runs before do_install.19:43
diamondmanThe idea is a .bb recipe could inherit my class, use an anonymous python function to invoke `register_service_with_init_system("service", etc)` which adds the passed parameters (as a dictionary) to a list that is stored with d.setVar() all during the parsing stage. Then during build, `do_init_system_registration`runs and reads the array out of d to write the necessary files.  (I believe that d is scoped to the recipe,19:43
diamondmanso my variable won't affect other recipes)19:43
diamondmanThis runs, but I am given the error: "The metadata is not deterministic and this needs to be fixed."19:43
diamondmanI think the issue is that the value read from d in `do_init_system_registration` is different when from when it is first parsed and after the anonymous python function is run. I appreciate that yocto aims to have deterministic builds, but I would argue that this IS deterministic since I only set this variable during parse.19:43
diamondmanIs there any way around this, or does anyone have a better idea than my approach?19:43
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jonmasonRP: looking at runqemu, I think there is a need to overhaul the -vga handling.  Currently "novga" just adds an extra vga of none, which doesn't actually disable vga output.  I'm thinking we probably need a QB_VGA (probably with a better name) and work from there, as qemuarm and qemuarm64 are setting the vga devices via QB_OPT_APPEND.  There might be others out there, as I've not dug very deep.  Am I insane for thinking20:02
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jonmasonI just wanted a sanity check before going down this rathole20:03
courcheaHi all, I'm trying to add ipset (part of netfilter) to my build. I added KERNEL_FEATURES="features/netfilter" and I do have netfilter in the build but not ipset. Any clues or pointers?20:03
jonmasonlooks like you just need to add it to the image20:06
jonmasonmaking sure you have meta-networking ther20:06
courcheahmmm will double check my stuff.20:07
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courchea@jonmason. I do have meta-openembedded/meta-networking, but adding ipset to CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL I get a Nothing RPROVIDES 'ipset'20:24
jonmasoncourchea: looks like you might be right20:26
jonmasonI see nothing there doing a RPROVIDES20:26
jonmasonmaybe add by hand to the recipe, verify it works, and then send a patch to the mailing list20:27
courcheaI think I know... I'm on dunfell and ipset was integrated later on....20:28
courcheaI guess I'll have to rebuild from scratch on master. Will start that or else my laptop will be unusable for the day lol20:32
jonmasonmeta-openwrt might have it20:32
jonmasonbut that does make sense20:33
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courchea@jonmason I'm building for x86-64 could I use an openwrt layer in it ?20:33
jonmasonI've never messed with that layer, but I'm assuming that it would at least compile for x86 targets20:34
courcheaOk, well already flushed my tmpdir to rebuild on master. Will see how that goes and then maybe retry dunfell woth the openwrt layer. Thanks20:35
jonmasonyou could always compile for machine qemux86-64 and then runqemu for it and see if it is there and works20:35
jonmasongood luck20:35
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RPjonmason: at a quick glace knowing nothing of the subject it sounds reasonable21:07
jonmasonRP: I'll see if I can't get a rough patch out for comment in about an hour.  I think I know what would work21:09
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diamondmanI am trying to find a way to set data with an anonymous python method, and then interpret that data in a python task to write some files. Whenever I do this, I get "The metadata is not deterministic and this needs to be fixed."23:35
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jdrolhello I tried the hello world example from bitbake-user-manual (capter 6 ) and I got 1 error and 2 warning . could you explain me?23:40
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