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JaMakhem: does libyui still build for you? the SRCREV in recipe no longer exists in upstream and the libyui/4.0.0 tag seems to have different directory structure than what the recipe expects, if you have the old SRCREV in your downloads cache, it would be nice to compare with the one in upstream07:30
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fotteHi. I am having trouble including an out of tree module in my build. Maybe someone could point me in the right direction?11:18
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fotteI added the hello-mod from $YOCTO/sources/poky/meta-skeleton/recipes-kernel/ to my own recipe by copying it to $YOCTO/sources/<MY-RECIPE>recipes-kernel/hello-mod and added the following line to the config file: MACHINE_ESSENTIAL_EXTRA_RDEPENDS += "kernel-module-hello"11:20
fotteWhen i build the make-mod-scripts do_configure step fails, telling me:  make[1]: Entering directory '/home/f/nanopi-neo-yocto_dunfell/build/tmp/work-shared/nanopi-neo/kernel-build-artifacts'11:21
fotte*** The source tree is not clean, please run 'make mrproper'11:21
fotteI dont know enough about kernel development or yocto to tackle that problem. Does anyone have a tip for me?11:33
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yatesmy populate_sysroot task is crapping out:
yatesi guess it's due to the line near the end? configure: error: Configuration csky-poky-linux-gnu is unsupported.14:04
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yatesis this when trying to build libgcc? if so, where is this being pulled from? so i can check it out manually and seen what's going on14:07
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yatesor otherwise any hints appreciated..14:08
yatesdid everyone have a nice Easter weekend?14:15
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luneffyates probably it dropped during size_t test14:44
luneffnever seen such a configuration though (csky-poky-linux-)14:45
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armpitkhem, I plan on keeping hardknott in-sync with master until 3.3 is formally released. My build system is back on-line  and running a hardknott test build14:48
luneffyates I think it's scared of "csky" (I do as well). it's not arm, aarch64 or anything common14:49
RPyates: did you set TARGET_VENDOR to something with a dash in it?14:50
RPif so you might want to avoid that14:51
JaMaarmpit: please do dunfell as well (as those opencv fuzz-patch issues are regression from previous dunfell revision)14:52
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JaMasee it on ML now, thanks!14:59
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yatesRP: where is TARGET_VENDOR typically set?15:24
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armpitJaMa, k15:28
yatesluneff has run off...15:29
yateswhat is the poky/meta/conf/documentation.conf file for? is it just documentation?15:50
yatesif so, strange that it's in a .conf file15:50
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yatesRP: from what i've seen grepping around, TARGET_VENDOR typically is set to something with a dash, e.g., TARGET_VENDOR = "-oe" or TARGET_VENDOR = "-fsl"16:00
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Spoosterwhat's a good way to find my kernel source in the `build/tmp` dir? I found a bunch of the generated object files... but I'm trying to find the specific `drivers/dma/bcm2835-dma.c` that got pulled down with my kernel16:55
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Spoosterlooks like it ended up in `build/tmp/work-shared/raspberrypi4-64/kernel-source/drivers/dma/bcm2835-dma.c` do all git repos get cloned to `build/tmp/work-shared/`?16:58
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yatesany opinions on "Embedded Linux Systems with the Yocto Project"?17:27
yates(Rudolf J. Streif)17:27
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smoogeI have just started reading it17:30
yatessmooge: i just purchased and downloaded the ebook17:31
smoogeand am into Chapter 3.17:31
smoogefrom various textbooks I read over the last 6 years, it is reasonably written and even though 5+ years old does not seem to be too out of date with what little I know of Yocto so far17:32
smooge[which is better than several of the coding books I read where I was wondering if the author had looked anything from a 2001 snapshot of a webpage17:33
yatessmooge: good to know i didn't waste my $26.0017:34
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fotteHi. I have trouble with the versioning / numbering of yocto / poky. I want to configure an sstate mirror in my local.conf ( I am using the poky branch dunfell (git-tag dunfell-23.0.6) to what version of the sstate cache does this map?  There is like 3.1, 3.1.1... and so on and i cannot figure it out18:42
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