Friday, 2021-04-16

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vdl$systemd_system_unitdir points to /usr/lib/systemd/system. Which one points to /etc/systemd/system?05:33
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX06:32
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skskjaksi added some packages in my yocto build and i want to boost it via sd card. so i have to just add .rootfs.tar.gz in rootfs partition of my sd card? or i have to dd all the zImage and oftree again? thanks06:47
LetoThe2ndskskjaks: it depends. i presume that you are already booting from the sd card? or are we talking about changing the whole boot strategy?06:52
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skskjaksyes i am already booting from sd card07:16
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LetoThe2ndand what form does the current rootfs have on sdcard?07:41
LetoThe2ndusually one does not use a tar.gz, but it being expanded to a partition.07:42
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yannzeddii: did you have any time for kernel bsp ?07:53
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dl9pfscott is fixing already08:51
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harunnHello, how can I create an initramfs and add it to a .wic image?09:45
harunnI have tried it, although the wic image is larger now. The Kernel is not booting with it.09:45
harunnThis is my initramfs image
harunnI have included these variables to machine.conf:09:45
harunnINITRAMFS_IMAGE = "image-initramfs"09:45
harunnIMAGE_BOOT_FILES_append = " ${KERNEL_IMAGETYPE}-initramfs-${MACHINE}.bin09:45
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rob_wis the initrd missing or is the boot crashing ??10:00
rob_wharunn, ^^10:01
harunnIt is booting, but theres is no initrd in /boot10:02
harunnPrior I had no  initrd, maybe both kernels are in the wic images?10:03
harunnWith both, I main the bundled and the "default" one10:03
rob_wnever used them wic but its good question if you expsect the initrd to be bundled to the kernel image or as separete file10:05
qschulzI don't remember if we have examples for npm recipes? Basically my use case is a local build with npm that has dependencies in the registry10:08
rob_whow to you reference it at your kernel boot cmd ?10:08
harunnI have not referenced it in the kernel boot cmd.10:10
harunnShouldn't the kernel "just start it" when it is bundled with the initrd?10:10
rob_wyes thats what INITRAMFS_IMAGE_BUNDLE so do10:11
rob_wwasnt there a extra kernel option to  make this work in the first place10:14
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rob_wdid you rebuild your kernel harunn ?10:17
rob_wso what is in your /boot ? the kernel with initrd should be named differntly10:18
rob_wand that would be the one you refrence in u-boot either directly or symlinks or such10:19
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harunnyes, in /boot are only u-boot, the zImage and a few symlinks.10:22
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rob_wwell i bet zImag is a symlink .. but to which kernel10:22
harunnTo the unbundled kernel.10:24
harunnThere has to be a "fat kernel" right?10:24
rob_wthat doesnt sound right , does it ?10:24
harunnno, but why?^^10:24
rob_wis the name telling you which kernel is which .. but yeah the "fatter" one is likely the one with the initrd appended10:24
rob_wdunno who sets the default zImage symlink in the scripts , sorry10:25
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sunielHello all10:26
sunielI am trying to secure boot linux. My hardware is a freescale arm64 i.MX8M mini SOC based platform.10:26
sunielI am using meta-security/meta-integrity to sign my rootfs. For some reason my keys are not getting10:26
sunielloaded by linux integrity subsystem:10:26
sunielintegrity: Loading X.509 certificate: /etc/keys/x509_ima.der10:26
sunielintegrity: Problem loading X.509 certificate -12610:26
sunielany pointers/suggestions ? Thank you10:27
harunnrob_w: yes, I can distinguish them10:28
rob_wharunn, so we have to fix the symlink in your case ,,10:29
harunnI see10:30
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escalionAfternoon all11:10
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escalionqschulz: I looked into SPLASH_IMAGES again, turns out I had it set in my bbappend by: SPLASH_IMAGES_append = " file://psplash-img.png;outsuffix=test" This subsequently oe-pkgdata-util find-path '/usr/bin/psplash-test', but it still does not end up installed on the rootfs. More digging inbound11:51
escalionIn other news I fixed the annoying white flash of blinding light when loading chromium and also disabled cursor on weston when a cursor plane is available (but not used)11:52
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escalionI'm starting to get the hang of yocto :) (I migrated from buildroot)11:53
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qschulzescalion: you probably need to add the package returned by oe-pkgdata-util find-path to your image recipe?12:03
escalionIt's already added, that's the head scratcher12:04
qschulzescalion: yup, that seems like it, RDEPENDS_${pn}-test will be set to ${PN} automatically but that's about it12:05
escalionI compiled with IMAGE_INSTALL_append += " psplash psplash-test"12:05
escalionI need to add some debugging to the recipe and see whats happening. Computer tied up with another chromium build now12:06
escalionBecause I need to get ICECC set up to work with clang somehow :312:07
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iopaniukhi everyone. Is there any way to somehow specify offset in bytes in wks file (instead of kbytes) ? (
yatespart of the toolchain build includes a gcc-runtime package. where do the files for this package come from?13:01
yatesi do not see the typical "git" folder in the <build>/tmp/work/<arch>/gcc-runtime13:02
iopaniukI've tried already partial values, like 32.5 (I have to write cust meta-data to offset 0x8200), it's neither supported, bitbake just reports ERROR: ../sdimage-imx8-spl-sota.wks:17: argument --offset: Invalid size: '32.5'13:03
yatescorrection: i do not see the typical "git" folder in the <build>/tmp/work/<arch>/gcc-runtime/<PR>/13:04
yateskhem: ?13:05
yatesany thoughts?13:05
* yates listens to some Deep Purple13:12
yatesiopaniuk: i haven't looked, but you might try looking at
escalioniopaniuk: under the hood the wks is using mkfs.FSTYPE - so any option that you can use with mkfs should be accepted. Source in poky/scripts/lib/wic/partition.py13:19
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thekappehello guys, I'm running yocto (thud) and I have installed kpartx in the rootfs15:13
thekappeif I try to list the partition inside the generated wic image on the target:15:14
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NiniC0c0Hello dear Yocto Wozard! What is the best (if possible) to configure a recipe according the image name ? The purpose is to build differently the "apps" recipe based on some variable set inside the image recipe or maybe be I have to use IMAGE_FEATURES but to sure to choose the best option... If someone can point me the best direction. Thank you!15:49
escalionNiniC0c0: You can define applications to install for a specific image using IMAGE_INSTALL in the image definition15:52
escalionA nice out of tree example:
qschulzNiniC0c0: Yocto chant #115:56
qschulzNiniC0c0: recipe data is local15:56
qschulzconf data is global15:56
qschulzso no, you cannot modify a recipe from another recipe (and image recipes are... recipes :) )15:56
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qschulzso either you go for a different distro, or you create multiple recipes per possible configuration and add the appropriate configuration in your IMAGE_INSTALL15:57
qschulzI think that would work only if your package recipe is a top-level recipe for you image recipe (meaning, explicitly added to IMAGE_INSTALL for example, not in ANY DEPENDS or RDEPENDS)15:58
NiniC0c0qschulz always the best, Thx for support !16:00
escalionI personally use a custom python script on top of bitbake that pulls multiple configurations from directories and stitches them together based on an images declaration file16:00
escalionMy system is to build application sets onto different targets (and cross-targets) - it looks like this:
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thekappehello guys, it's advisable to use squasfs and uinonfs nowadays ?16:04
escalionsquashfs is nice if you only need a read only filesystem because it can be mounted directly and has a high compression rate16:04
thekappeit seems to be an itneresting solution but at the same not so popular16:05
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thekappeescalion, I want to create an image with a rootfs and a partition that can be rw by the user16:05
escalionthekappe: then a squashfs system would work - but only use it if space is a premium16:06
escalionOtherwise go with straight ext4 in ro mode and a overlay partition with rw16:06
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thekappeescalion, in my case the buns is that the user won't be able to mess uo with the shipped rfs16:07
escalionjust mount the ext4 read-only16:07
escalionand overlay on /home16:08
thekappesound interesting too16:08
escalionIt'll be much easier that way.16:08
escalionIf you want updates etc too, then rauc is pretty nice (and ships bundles with a squashfs)16:09
thekapperauc ?16:09
escalionrauc, meta-rauc16:10
thekappei'll search for it16:10
escalionBasically there are advantages and disadvantages of going the squashfs/unionfs route - it all depends really on the use case16:12
thekappe@escalion thanks16:14
thekappeim just evaluating all the possibilities16:14
escalionJust remember that squashfs saves space at the tradeoff of a small drop in performance16:14
thekappebasically I'll need something robust and updatable16:14
thekappehaving a ro fs with overlay capabilities sounds interesting16:15
escalionIt's exactly what I've just done for a project. Using rauc for A/B rootfs updates too16:15
thekappeI've searched a little bit and I got to squashfs and unionfs16:15
thekappethat would be probably my case16:16
thekappeI just call them rootfsA and rootfsB16:16
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escalionexactly. go take a look at rauc I think it could help with what you want16:18
qschulzescalion: that ain't built into bitbake/Yocto though, but I guess it is a valid scenario too. To each their own :)16:19
escalionqschulz: it isn't but it has been certainly helpful for me to leverage yocto & bitbake to my use case16:20
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escalionAnyway, I'm off - thanks for the fish! o716:23
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thekappeqschulz, what do you think about rauc ?16:30
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vdlDid you ever package a multiconfig image recipe?18:32
vdlI'd like to pre install a container image in my rootfs18:33
vdlI can maybe add a task which depends on the multiconfig image to deploy its rootfs into the main image rootfs, but maybe a simple multiconfig image -> package recipe translation would be simpler? this way you could even use SYSTEMD_SERVICE to enable the machine at boot.18:34
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smurrayvdl: I've not tested it recently, but I did a couple of presentations on doing that, sample at:
vdlsmurray: thank you. "container" image types require packagegroup-core-boot?18:47
smurrayvdl: no18:48
vdlsmurray: you added it in build-container.bb18:49
smurrayvdl: I'd have to dig a bit to see why I did that, it's not a hard requiremnt18:50
vdlsmurray: btw for the volatile issue (machinectl start foo failed for me as well because /var/log/ was non existent), setting VOLATILE_LOG_DIR = "no" in my (container) distro conf fixes it. Not sure if that can be applied in the container image recipe itself.18:50
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smurrayvdl: as I said, I've not tried it since last Feb, it's possible stuff has changed in gatesgarth and later18:51
vdlsmurray: ok. I'm currently using a dedicated machine configuration for the containers, because I use linux/dummy for them, but it does not make a lot of sense since a container must be build for the same architecture as the host... Do you know if PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel = "linux/dummy" can be set in the (container) image recipe?18:55
vdlotherwise a container distro configuration might be enough I suppose.18:55
smurrayyou can't set it in the image recipe.  I've done both setting it in a tweaked machine for the container or in the multiconfig .conf18:57
smurraycontainer distro also works18:58
vdlmaybe the multiconfig is better to centralize these common machine/distro tweaks while still sharing the same machine and distro definitions.19:00
vdlsmurray: long term for this would be having dynamic packages (similar to kernel module packages) for images of "container" fstype, so one could IMAGE_INSTALL += "container-<image pn>" and eventually bbappend the package to override the install path or install/enable an .nspawn file.19:05
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ecdheI am bringing a kernel 2.6 into yocto (the exact source tree that a vendor provided)20:33
ecdheOstensibly, the code is 2.6.35, and I'd like to diff it with source from to see how much mucking around the vendor did.  But shows 9 revisions for that, from to
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ecdheIf I download all nine of them, unpack them, and commit them to a repo in series, is there a quick way to find out which commit has the least edit-distance to the vendor-provided source tree I have?20:35
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ecdheFor only nine commits this is something I could do manually, but I'm wondering if there's any tooling that would do this kind of task more automatically before I write my own20:37
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ecdheThe script I would write would commit the vendor source tree into another branch, seperate from the successive commits.  Then I'd call 'git diff vendor_branch kernelorg_commit_hash' for each commit hash, then save the diff into a text file with the name of the commit.  The smallest text file (by lines?) probably means the fewest differences and should indicate whether the vendor started20:41
ecdhewith or .35.7.  Then I could rebase the improvements in the later revisions onto the vendor branch.20:41
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khemyates: gcc builds are a bit special, where it shared same source tree with many gcc related recipes, so sources are under work-shared20:47
khemowned by gcc-source recipe usually20:47
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jonesv[m]I'm struggling a bit with my rpi4 and wifi. Does somebody here know which kernel module needs to be started for that? I tried `modprobe b43`, but no wifi interface appears in `ip l` after that...23:04
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