Monday, 2021-05-03

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LetoThe2ndyo dudX06:42
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mckoangood morning06:48
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nacknickHi. Does anyone know about Bitbake command for getting all packages with their version?07:50
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nacknickNVM I think I've found it07:52
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wooosaiiiiHi... I am looking for advice on how to properly use "library" in my custom meta-layer.09:33
wooosaiiiiBasically this projects provides couple of .c & .h files I need during compilation of my custom demo program.09:33
wooosaiiiiI would create recipe... and fbg_demo_1.0.0.bb09:34
wooosaiiiiBasically fbg_demo would need some of the source files from during build time...09:36
wooosaiiiiany examples and ideas?09:36
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eduardashello, how can I easily make npm available in my custom recipe step?11:02
eduardasI do not want to use npm.bbclass because it sets nodejs as RDEPENDS11:03
eduardasbut I need the command "npm run build" to build a custom Vue.js project11:04
LetoThe2ndeduardas: take npm.bbclass as a starting point and beat it into shape.11:08
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qschulzeduardas: DEPENDS = "nodejs-native"11:13
qschulzbut carefully read the npm.bbclass anyway, because npm does not cross-compile by default11:13
qschulzworks for some usecases (using npm to build static website (JS+HTML)11:13
LetoThe2nddepends on your definition of works, because it is very easy to accidentially bypass do_fetc11:14
eduardasqschulz: this is a static website, so I believe it should work for my case11:17
eduardasqschulz: so thanks for the advice11:17
qschulzthat's what we did end up doing recently so I guess it's good enough :)11:18
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LetoThe2ndlike i said - it depends on your requirements.11:18
eduardasLetoThe2nd: yes, having a modified npm.bbclass was something I was considering, but I am not familiar with the whole npm ecosystem. So I really want a simpler solution, to be honest.11:18
eduardasI really expected this to be more obvious in Yocto nowadays, to be honest11:20
LetoThe2ndeduardas: thats all legit. what i jsut want to make properly understood is that many, many js based build processes do random server fetches. so unless yo take great care to avoid/cache those, you will probably end up in a situation where you can reproduce the system, but not the js/html application in a couple of months time.11:20
eduardasi.e. I kinda expected this usecase to be already covered by npm.bbclass11:20
LetoThe2ndnope, npm.bbclass targets another usecase.11:21
eduardasdoesn't npm have methods to define fixed versions of dependencies?11:22
qschulzLetoThe2nd: yup, probably will not produce reproducible builds11:22
LetoThe2ndeduardas: AIUI, npm.bbclass is meant to put a specific npm package onto the target.11:23
LetoThe2ndeduardas: not exactly for packaging your own application.11:24
eduardasLetoThe2nd: thanks for pointing that out. Lots of room for improvement, I see...11:27
eduardasLetoThe2nd: just as a sanity check... as far as I understand npm.bbclass uses the host's version of npm?11:28
LetoThe2ndimprovement is complicated and painful when it comes to packaging JS11:28
eduardasi.e. bitbake does not build an independent version of npm for itself?11:28
LetoThe2ndit does build the version it can find in the layers. what else shouldiit build?11:29
eduardasI could not actually find it in the nodejs work directory11:29
eduardasnpm itself I mean11:30
LetoThe2ndif you have DEPENDS += "nodejs" it ends up in the sysroot-path of the depending recipe11:30
eduardasLetoThe2nd: should I define a static website package as allarch?11:36
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LetoThe2ndeduardas: i would say so, yes.12:51
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JPEWkhem: Ya, we use meta-mingw13:48
JPEWkhem: Unfortunately13:49
RPJPEW: I've broken it with master as the pkgconfig fix only works with gcc 11 :/13:51
JPEWRP: Ah... hmm13:52
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RPJPEW: I'm hoping to merge gcc 11 soon which would solve the problem. There are other fixes for it in master-next from khem too13:53
JPEWRP: Ya. Thanks for pushing those, I was going to this morning but saw they were already there :)13:54
JPEWRP: The glib <-> pkgconfig dependency loop is a bit annoying13:54
LetoThe2ndRP: break stuff! break stuff! :)13:54
RPLetoThe2nd: I have managed to fail to replace the battery in my Garmin and cracked the screen in the process. I also tried to service a seatpost and that isn't working any more. Doing really well at it today :/13:58
LetoThe2ndRP: awesome! perfect way to start out a week, if you ask me.14:03
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RPLetoThe2nd: I'm sulking as I have a better track record than this. I'm missing some obvious step with the seatpost. The Garmin is now working ok having seen computer power, wouldn't power up out on the bike.14:08
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LetoThe2ndRP: hey, my day started out by without prior planning having to roll out MS teams to all of our accounting/sourcing.14:10
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RPSomehow I just removed zeddii's kernel patches from my mailbox without trace too :/14:20
RPLetoThe2nd: ouch :/14:20
RPkhem: I merged gcc11, thanks!14:24
RPJPEW: ok to merge master-next on meta-mingw?14:24
JPEWRP: Yep14:24
JPEWkhem: Thanks for the MinGW 7 -> 8 upgrade. It was on my TODO list14:25
RPJPEW: done.14:25
* JPEW wishes AUH worked for nativesdk14:25
RPJPEW: we don't have that many nativesdk only recipes do we?14:29
RPJPEW: thanks for the logging fix btw. We need to rip apart the logging stuff :/14:30
JPEWRP: Ya, we don't have much nativesdk only, which is why the AUH (devtool really) probably isn't very high priority :)14:30
JPEWYes, logging needs another good look14:30
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paulgRP, subliminal work-avoidance?  Nuke all mails from zeddii ?14:35
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* RP locks uninative 3.1 in. Still scares me that I'm fixing elf sections given how little I know about them14:40
dwagenkI was recently irritated by the handling of defconfig in linux-yocto style kernels.14:40
dwagenkThe task scripts (run.do_kernel_configme) and a note in meta-freescale then pointed me to the KCONFIG_MODE variable. This selects, whether a provided out of tree defconfig is applied with `allnoconfig` or `alldefconfig` flag. `allnoconfig` is the default, while the `alldefconfig` handling would be closer to what I expect from dealing with the kernel in other contexts.14:40
dwagenkShort: I think this should be documented and wanted to know if kernel-dev/common:changing the configuration ( would be the right spot. I'd prepare a patch for it.14:40
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RPdwagenk: a patch would be welcome14:46
RPmichaelo: ^^^14:46
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michaelodwagenk, RP: and I will be happy to review it!14:59
michaeloGood to know about "alldefconfig", I didn't know this one14:59
michaelodwagenk: and yes, kernel-dev/common looks like a good location15:04
dwagenkOK, I'll be sending a patch15:06
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JaMaanyone seeing "qemu: uncaught target signal 4 (Illegal instruction) - core dumped" from update_font_cache postinst after rebuilding with gcc-11?15:23
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marc1Looking at the core-image-tiny-initramfs recipe and I am wondering why it is using the same COMPATIBLE_HOST as initramfs-live-install15:25
marc1For example building for arm works fine...15:25
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RPLetoThe2nd: seatpost now works again :)15:49
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manuel1985Is anyone using Linux and reading signal of a rotary encoder? Kernel somehow supports it, and on RaspberryPi there is a device tree overlay, but I'm looking for advice on how to read it.16:58
qschulzmanuel1985: it probably sends KEY_EVENTs? so probably more or less what evtest is doing but in yuor own code16:59
manuel1985qschulz: The thing is in my whole linux career I never came across events.17:01
manuel1985Does it fire a callback of my process?17:02
manuel1985I want to have a process run every 10ms and read the decoded value of the rotary encoder. Can I have that process have an own cpu core to himself?17:04
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away17:04
manuel1985I thought of the process running every 10ms be a gstreamer element.17:05
qschulzmanuel1985: IIRC the input subsystem sends events/signals whatever it's called to userspace to notify something changed17:17
qschulzobviously, most of the time, it's not polling, otherwise responsiveness would be horrendous17:18
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qschulzwell I was wrong :)17:20
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qschulzit seems you just continuously read /dev/input/eventX and I assume this is blocking until there's something that is sent there17:21
qschulzI would assume that it's a character device, meaning if you don't read when it's sending something, it's lost (think UART)17:21
qschulzbut I might be wrong, maybe the rotatory device isn't exposed as an input device, in which case, well something else17:22
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Mrsanhello all. writing a recipy for OpenTTD, but i have no idea how to compile the host tools needed for that as its on recipy and make it availible17:51
Mrsanits currently a cmake build one with a flag to make tools only and one to make the dedicated server17:51
MrsanAny point to where to start to read about doing any of this would be much appriciated or an example.17:51
MrsanThe tools made will be needed to compile Openttd binary17:51
Mrsan(ofc i want any similar situation:)  not exact soluiton :))17:51
malinus_Mrsan: may I ask what kind of embedded device you want yocto on, with OpenTTD :P.17:56
Mrsanmalinus_ im making a image for Rpi4 and for x6417:56
Mrsanprimarly, but im making a official meta for it17:57
malinus_Mrsan: why are you using YOCTO. I'm just corious, I don't have anyhting to help/add :)17:57
Mrsanmalinus_ why not:)  (i dont want the overhead of the other oses :))17:57
malinus_Fair enough, it just sounded exotic enough that I figured there might be some real-life application for it :P17:58
malinus_(real-life, meaning product or something)17:58
Mrsannah no product:)  im doing this as a training exersice mostly17:59
Mrsanmalinus_: Learn By Doing: )17:59
malinus_sure thing, sounds fun :)17:59
Mrsanso what im looking for really is where ucompile custom tools to use duiring compile of another recipy and how to get them connected :)18:01
JPEWMrsan: You may need to write a -native recipe for the host tools18:07
MrsanJPEW any examples where to start?18:08
JPEWMrsan: I had to do something similar for zdoom:
JPEWHopefully you could do it a *little* less grossly18:08
MrsanJPEW atleast its a start:)  Thank you:)18:09
JPEWMrsan: np. Like I said, it's a gross example because it uses a shared work dir (I don't recally why.... maybe there were relocation issues?). Anyway, I think you'd be better trying a dedicated -native recipe that the target recipe can DEPEND on18:10
Mrsanbut now i have an idea in anycase :)18:11
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tjphey folks. is there any sort of callback I can hook into from a kernel module to know that a shutdown/halt/reboot has been issued? customer char device driver is keeping a watchdog alive on embedded board, needs to be self-aware to actually permit shutdown to occur.18:27
tjpalternatively, from user space, any way I can hook into shutdown and `rmmod` the module? would have the same effect.18:27
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dwagenkmichaelo: RP: sent the documentation patch for KCONFIG_MODE. First try didn't go through because I wasn't subscribed to the docs mailinglist.18:47
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frayIf two layers have a recipe of the same name, how do you determine which layer the recipe should come from?  I'm getting different behavior from regular build and an eSDK build..20:28
kergothfray: obviously if the versions differ, the usual version preferences would apply if set.. if not, or if the version is hte same, it'd be layer priority.20:35
denixfray: recipe version order will be determined by layer priority. but parsing is determined by BBLAYERS order20:36
frayso the BBFILES order has the recipe I expected first. but it's not being picked up.20:39
denixso, if you have namespace collisions (same version recipe, bbclass, .conf or .inc), check your BBLAYERS order - I believe the first one in the list will win20:39
fraythat's what I thought.. and I thought it did it fia BBFILES20:39
frayBBFILES="<my layer>/recipes-*/*/*.bb poky/meta/recipes-*/*/*.bb ...."20:40
frayregular build it picked it from my layer.. but eSDK it picked it from poky layer20:40
fraypoky _repository_20:41
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frayand unfortunately the name is the same.. cause I'm trying to work around a stupid error in gatesgarth w/o patching the poky repository.. cause last time we did thi to work around a problem, we had users bitch furiously that "we broke things"20:41
denixwell, yeah BBLAYERS is easier for understand if all layers append, but yeah, if some layers prepend, it's more complicated and need to check BBFILES20:41
fray"what do you mean it works with Zeus, when you have to patch Zeus"..20:41
frayin this case, we have one prepend.. to hopefully put it at the beginning (which it does)20:42
fraycontents of the BBFILES looks the same to me in both cases20:42
JaMakergoth: isn't the layer priority first? I'm pretty use you can downgrade a recipe to lower version by adding it to a layer with higher priority (without setting P_V)20:43
frayboth layers currently have the same prioity, 520:44
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denixJaMa: yes, that's correct. higher-priority layer with older recipe will still win20:44
JaMafray: that sucks, that why we override all priorities in our generated bblayers.conf20:45
*** kpo_ <kpo_!> has joined #yocto20:45
kergothyeah, though only in the absence of an explicit prreference20:45
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kergothi dislike that behavior, as well as the mismatch in overriding between bblayers order and layer priority.. the meta-mentor setup scripts reorder bblayers by layer priority, added a bitbake-layers command sort-layers20:46
denixfray: if layer priority is the same, recipe version will play next. if recipe versions are the same and recipe filenames are the same, BBFILES order is next20:46
denixkergoth: sometimes it's confusing, but sometimes it could be your last resort to fix things unobtrusively...20:47
kergotheh, sometimes, usually i prefer just adding explicit preferences or bbappending a DEFAULT_PREFERENCE instead, though. or override a layer's BBFILE_PRIORITY in bblayers.conf..20:48
frayI just adjusted the priorites and I'm trying again.. I just find it odd that regular and eSDK get two different results20:49
denixkergoth: heh, the worst I had to do is override 3rd-party layer's LAYERSERIES_COMPAT, which was too conservative...20:51
kergothif hte two layers have the same priority and the version isn't specified, the selection could be non-deterministic... i can't recall if bbfiles order is consistent right now20:51
kergothahh yes, i've done that too, to hack around old nxp layers :)20:51
frayYa, that's why I checked the BBFILES order, it's the same in both cases, so it's something else causing different behavior20:52
frayand maybe it's just purely non-deterministic in this case, but if that happens.. it might be something to look at (in the future)20:52
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khemRP: seeing this
khemthis is on aarch64 build machine21:18
khemI wonder if uninative has something to do ?21:19
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RPkhem: what makes you think that is uninative?21:56
RPkhem: aarch64 has been on in testing on the AB...21:56
RPkhem: the busybox reproducible failure is still there, thought it had been fixed :/21:56
*** thekappe <thekappe!c65a42b1@> has quit IRC22:05
khemRP:  the busybox one yeah it will take some iterations, I think the one I sent makes the beginning,22:07
khemapplets.h is a generated file and the tools used in generation are not building consistent output22:08
RPkhem: looking at the diffoscope output, I'm betting its a sort being run under different locales22:08
RPkhem: ( and A-Z sorting differently22:08
khemits just re-ordering the lines which effectively22:08
khemyeah, thats where first I wanted to sort the cfgs and then next patch is to sort .config itself before feeding it to make oldconfig22:09
khemproblem is that you need two systems to see the difference so not easy to debug locally22:10
khemon single system the header file always comes out one way22:10
khemso for now, I would say hold the long options patch22:11
khemthe other one can go in. I think it has nothing to do with gcc1122:11
khemgcc11 just makes it more evident because of dwarf-5 debug info defaults22:12
khemI think another fix I wanted to try was to call make gen_build_files explicitly in busybox do configure22:13
khemso we can control when applets.h is generated22:13
RPkhem: I think I've seen this before, its the wildcarding in the script22:16
RPkhem: the wildcards expand differently depending on the locale setting, e.g. non-utf8 vs utf822:16
khemI see22:17
khemso what was the way to fix it ?22:17
khemsort ?22:17
*** ahalaney <ahalaney!> has quit IRC22:18
RPkhem: trying to remember :/22:26
*** paulg <paulg!> has quit IRC22:26
khemsomething like this
*** ayoung <ayoung!~ayoung@2601:19c:4680:ee30::dfd5> has quit IRC22:28
RPkhem: that is a makefile fix, this is a shell script22:28
RPkhem: more like
khemRP: interesting I wonder is the issue at hand due to dash Vs bash.22:31
khemand why dont we set locale globally for builds once for all22:32
RPkhem: we do, which made the rsync issue all the more puzzling22:33
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RPkhem: I can't reproduce the behaviour offhand22:35
khemperhaps its using some host tools which is obstinate :)22:35
RPkhem: it will be some bash/dash host tools version + default locale problem22:36
khemWe should just containerize the build perhaps :)22:37
*** paulg <paulg!> has joined #yocto22:39
RPkhem: better to fix these bits of non-determinism ;-)22:39
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khemRP:  should something like this help perhaps
khemRP: we allowed developers to have different distros and it quickly becomes unaffordable support burden, and this year infra team has started deploying containers and the support ticket graph is visibiliy very low22:47
RPkhem: something like that might work22:53
RPkhem: I understand but we are not doing so badly with the wider project22:54
khemI am trying locally so see if it generates different .h with bash/dash lets see22:54
khemif I can reproduce22:54
RPkhem: I need to sleep. Good Luck. If you don't get anywhere I can have a look tomorrow22:55
*** paulg <paulg!> has quit IRC22:56
khemthanks RP gn :)22:56
*** sakoman <sakoman!~steve@> has joined #yocto22:56
khemRP: looks like bash/dash issue23:01
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khemRP: patch is on ml23:17
khemI tested it with local /bin/bash and /bin/dash and output it same before it was not. It was much like what we see in diffoscope so I think this should fix the issue23:17
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