Wednesday, 2021-05-05

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zeddiiRP: I thought about just skipping it if the layer.conf wasn't there, but was trying to leave room for if we did eventually need something specific to dynamic layers. but yah, if a conf/layer.conf isn't there, it really isn't a layer so you can't be building with it anyway, and skipping it wouldn't be an issue. the os.walk just picks it up and triggers on the conf dir to declare it a layer.02:09
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zeddiiRP: Three options in your inbox for the morning, all stacking on the first one I sent. Dynamic layer detection, skip it, log it.02:31
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resoumAfter more tracing, this looks like a failure in in the copyFile method. The chown is failing on line 893, where it is trying to chown the copied file to root.02:41
resoumThis is happening on all intercept scripts. Almost as if fakeroot is broken, or something.02:41
resoumLooks like intercept_scripts directory is listed as a member of PSEUDO_IGNORE_PATHS.03:08
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resoumI will report this to the mailing list. I cannot see how this is not a bug. This is the change that is causing the problem:
resoumIt direclty conflicts with line 192 here:
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mckoangood morning06:28
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Ninic0c0Hello chat, i have some trouble yo use Yocto (devshell part) with WSL2, someone here is wotking with WSL2 to help me ? thx !08:09
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dagmcrhello! I have a problem with sstate server and don't know how to debug. I have 2 clients, they both have same layers and same revisions (I've created a build from scratch) and both use the same crops/poky-container... One client downloads the sstate and succeeds and the other downloads most of them but for one particular recipe (openjre-8) it requires to rebuild. Any idea what to do?08:28
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dwagenkqschulz: michaelo: I've reworked the KCONFIG_MODE documentation patch to include the suggestions. I don't think the mail headers "In-Reply-To" thing worked out as planned, but the patch arrived on the mailinglist.09:05
qschulzdwagenk: thanks! It's a bit weird but eh, it made it to the ML which is the most important thing!09:15
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medaliyouHey guys a09:45
medaliyouquick question, is there a way to modify device tree from Linux (in user space) ,09:46
medaliyoui need to change some Frequencies in my HW and it takes so long to recompile the kernel each time09:47
JanneKiiskilaquick google search says yes,
medaliyoui k bro, how can i add the dtc fdtget fdtput Packages to my image ? does yocto provides them ?09:56
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qschulzmedaliyou: you don't need to recompile the whole kernel, only the device tree. Use dtc from you computer10:16
qschulzput the device tree in the right place (might have to recompile the fitimage if that's what you use, in that case mkimage fitimage.its should work just fine10:17
qschulzIm doing it very often tbh10:17
qschulzotherwise, device tree overlays loaded at runtime would probably work?10:18
medaliyoui don't , i just bitbake my_image again and it recompiles the kernel and overlays and dts files10:21
qschulzto asnwer your question, you need to add dtc package to your image and I think it'll be enough10:22
medaliyoudtfget dtfput ?10:22
qschulzmedaliyou: you don't need yocto to compile the kernel or device tree, or u-boot10:22
qschulz has all those tools10:23
qschulzonly seems to be put into dtc-misc but no use for you?10:23
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qschulzor just bitbake dtc recipe with Yocto, then run oe-pkgdata-util find-path 'fdtget' to find out if a package provides it and how it's named10:25
medaliyouand after recompiling the dts10:26
medaliyouin the userspace10:26
medaliyouhow to provide it again for the kerne l10:26
qschulzfind where you device tree is stored and change it there10:31
qschulzin the example given by JanneKiiskila, the dtb is stored in the /boot partition10:31
medaliyouhow to provide the DTB in rootfs , i have an empty /boot and [find] can't find any dts dtb files10:36
qschulzcan't help, that's specific to your board. U-Boot (or the bootloader that you're using) needs to load it from somewhere. Find where, load this partition if possible, read the file, modify the file, flash/save, reboot.10:39
qschulzU-Boot also has the ability to modify the device tree before it's used by the kernel, fdt tools are available10:39
medaliyouthank you so much bro10:43
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manuel1985Can anyone give me advice on how to find out why an automatically set linux kernel cmdline var got set the way it was?12:21
manuel1985I think it's the bootloader.12:22
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intera_91good afternoon, a simple question this time;-)  am compile for an imx6 board, just need to know where the type of image is listed (wic etc ...) as the output does not produce an SD card image which is later needed, as usual I have inherited an incomplete and seriously hacked project12:24
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dwagenkintera_91: `bitbake -e my-image-name | grep -B 10 ^IMAGE_FSTYPES` should give you the answer and also list the classes and bbappends modifying the variable. If you are looking for the options of IMAGE_FSTYPES useable with a certain board I'd do a full text search for IMAGE_FSTYPES through the BSP layer.12:44
intera_91dwagenk:  course thank you so much12:45
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qschulzmanuel1985: if it's using the original bootloader from RPi and not U-Boot, I guess you're out of lukc as I'm not sure there are sources available for it? Might be wrong it's a very vague recollection13:26
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rabbit9911Can someone point me in the direction of how to make an sdk without the cross toolchain?14:13
rabbit9911I'm using external toolchains with yocto but still want some native tools built by yocto in an "sdk"14:14
RPrabbit9911: buildtools-tarball would be an example14:15
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RPhmm, qemuppc is spewing irq errors into the logs14:26
RPrelated to serial ttys14:26
thekappedoes anybody use overlayfs ?14:31
thekappeI'm trying it simply with:14:31
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thekappenever mind14:35
RPtry booting the the irqpoll option says the kernel. Except I already have that :/14:39
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RPzeddii: I'm looking at the qemuppc shutdown issue. It uses a serial command to shut down so if the serial login fails, all bets are off. It is spewing kernel serial irq kernel errors. Any ideas?14:59
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armpitRP, try an NMI on zeddii  ; )15:51
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RPzeddii: interestingly, chucking # CONFIG_SERIAL_PMACZILOG_CONSOLE is not set into the config seems to make things a lot happier, no irq tracebacks16:20
RPzeddii: and looking at how that code works, I'm not entirely surprised16:20
RPfor ppc, I'm tempted by that bandaid16:21
RParmpit: he's doing well at the masking :)16:42
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* zeddii is enjoying an all hands meeting. Merger fun.17:11
RPzeddii: I don't miss that kind of thing!17:16
RPzeddii: surely ppc irq handling is much more fun? :)17:17
zeddiiheh. This is more likely due to the qmp stuff (as you mentioned), and not directly due to the kernel bumps I had recently sent ?17:23
zeddiiwe could try ppc64 and delete ppc32, as well. but I have no objection to trying that option. It wasn't giving us anything we really needed.17:23
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RPzeddii: ppc64 is a different discussion I think :/17:25
RPzeddii: I suspect that something in the compiler changes changed the boot timing and that made the serial issue show up more due to bad timing17:26
zeddiiI can trivially roll it into the qemuppc config and send a SRCREV bump, or we could carry it out of the kernel as an addon cfg. Either or works.17:27
RPzeddii: well, I have the cfg appended locally but I know how you hate it when I do that :)17:27
zeddii:D I can do that and send you a SRCREV bump for the kernel meta. easy enough.17:28
RPzeddii: I'm leaning to putting it in the ppc config and bumping and then we can see if the issue gets any better17:28
RPzeddii: I've noticed other issues in the code too and we can improve the logging a bit17:29
* zeddii nods17:30
zeddiiwas an interesting stroll through it, when I was looking :D17:32
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* paulg envisons zeddii is now covered in burrs and hayseed and mud.17:35
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zeddiiRP: change is done, but I want to run one configure of that kernel to confirm. My sstate is out of date for ppc32, so I'll have to watch it churn for a few.17:39
RPzeddii: no problem, thanks17:43
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RPzeddii: you mean _CONSOLE in that log message right?18:02
zeddiiyah. not sure what happened to that cut and paste.18:03
RPzeddii: I'll tweak :)18:03
zeddii+# CONFIG_SERIAL_PMACZILOG_CONSOLE is not set18:03
RPzeddii: I thought you would mean that but wanted to check :)18:03
zeddiiworth checking, stranger things have happened :D18:03
RPzeddii: disabling serial entirely would be a different problem18:04
zeddiissh only!18:04
* RP is having a day like that18:04
zeddiinetconsole and netpoll. I remember those days.18:04
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rabbit9911Is there such thing as nativesdk-<package>-src? I want to ship the source in case I have to debug some of the tools.18:20
resoumRP: This commit ( appears to have broken this line of code ( Should a bug be filed?18:26
RPresoum: I did start to look at that as I think you mailed somewhere about it. I don't understand why that is breaking for you but not the autobuilder or anyone else18:28
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RPresoum: We obviously need to work out what is wrong but it isn't making any sense to me18:29
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RPresoum: we don't really care about ownership here so ideally we'd use a different copy function which doesn't copy the ownership over18:32
RPresoum: sadly adding a "no owner" mode to bb.utils.copyfile will complicate it and non of the shutil copy functions look more helpful18:33
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RPresoum: can you confirm exactly what the error message you saw was please?18:37
resoumRP: Here it is precisely cut and pasted:
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resoumI split the chown and chmod into separate functions _just_ to be sure, and it definitely is a chown, so that is what pointed me at the pseudo failure.18:38
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RPresoum: Why is nobody else seeing that though? :/18:40
RPresoum: (and thanks, that paste does confirm a couple of things)18:40
resoumRP: He is seeing it too:
RPresoum: well, ok, why are some seeing this but I'm not and the autobuilder isn't either18:41
resoumThose messages were Warnings BTW. But the udev-hwdb actually failed to run and broke the build. That is because the chmod was _after_ the chown, so the postinst_intercept script could not execute.18:41
resoumRP: yup, I am confused by that too.18:41
resoumThe chain of logic is inescapable to me. If you use PackageManager in your image build, you _will_ hit this so far as I can tell.18:42
resoumAnd I really do not know how to _not_ use PackageManager.18:42
RPresoum: the autobuilder builds images using that, as do I locally, as so many others. Why is this the first time we've seen the reports? :/18:42
resoumRP: Yup, very weird. I looked for code paths that would avoid it. Maybe a different package type superclass is bypassing the PackageManager constructor?18:43
resoumRP: That was the only thing I could think of. We use ipk, but deb and RPM all looked the same to me.18:43
RPresoum: most images would need those scripts18:43
RPresoum: To fix this, we need to understand why its only happening in some cases :/18:44
resoumRP: Yup. And how that copyfile works without pseudo support, is way beyond me.18:44
resoumRP: Unless others are chowning to !root?18:44
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RPresoum: could you also share your full PSEUDO_IGNORE_PATHS please?18:48
RPresoum: bitbake initramfs-image -e | grep PSEUDO_IGNORE_PATHS=18:49
*** zkrx <zkrx!~slimshady@> has joined #yocto18:52
RPresoum: I confirmed that locally its using the UID of my local user, not root18:53
RPresoum: and it does that since there is an entry in PSEUDO_IGNORE_PATHS matching XXX/scripts18:54
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resoumRP: Sure thing. Standby while I spin up a devshell19:00
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yateswhat does the sysroot-native command "spp" do?20:02
* yates checks his internet connection20:09
yatesin run.do_kernel_metadata: bsp_definition=$(spp ${includes} --find -DKMACHINE=qemucsky -DKTYPE=standard)20:12
yateshas the yocto project been discontinued?20:14
yatesit's awfully quiet around here...20:14
yatesrburton: do you know?20:18
resoumRP: PM'd you a gist with the build environment.20:21
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resoumyates: It comes from this package:
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RPresoum: thanks. For the logs, it looks like the source files are actually owned by root. That isn't a common situation. We can fix this by using shutil.copy() instead of bb.utils.copyfile()21:05
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v2dhi all -- how do you guys deal with python packages depending on the compilation of protobuf .proto files?21:17
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v2dmoto-timo: sorry to ask directly, are you aware of any protobuf-distutils use? I need this .proto compilation step and I want to make sure that packaging protobuf-distutils first is the good way to do21:30
moto-timov2d: i have never needed to do that, but there is a recipe
moto-timov2d: perhaps someone else has direct knowledge21:33
yatesresoum: ok thank you.21:35
JPEWRP: You might find the patch I just sent interesting.... we are invoking touch *a lot* when reproducible builds are enabled21:41
RPJPEW: nice! :)21:42
JPEWMight help some of the AB-int problems?21:43
RPJPEW: I suspect we have other much more problematic fork bombs in the system (e.g. configure) but can't hurt!21:44
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v2dmoto-timo: if I'm not mistaken, protobuf-distutils is different from python3-protobuf, it seems to be a distutils extension, not the protobuf library22:06
moto-timoCannot help you there. Zero knowledge.22:07
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moto-timoYou might be able to use devtool add and to get started.22:19
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v2dmoto-timo: does OE provide support for distutils extensions (aka setuptools plugins)?22:27
v2dI've not yet figured out how to plug such extension with the setuptools3 bbclass22:27
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moto-timov2d: I don't see why it wouldn't just be (1) create a python3-protobuf-distutils recipe (2) BBCLASSEXTEND = "native" (3) DEPENDS += "python3-protobuf-distutils-native"22:53
moto-timov2d: but that is honestly the limit of my knowledge here... I just know how I expect computers to work and they usually do22:53
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mischiefis it possible to embed newlines in module_conf diriectives used by kernel-module-split.bbclass ?23:48
mischief(if not we're resorting to an anonymous python function)23:49
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