Monday, 2021-06-07

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manuel_Leaving as per announcement.04:16
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ant__RP: believe it or not but the armv5 zaurus does boot all releases up to master-next16:57
ant__building now strongarm16:57
RPant__: that is rather cool!17:03
RPant__: going over to libera?17:04
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ant__heh, but now I have a very interesting one for you, an override does not work just for one model, collie17:27
ant__ERROR: linux-kexecboot-4.4-r0 do_compile: Could not find any /tmp/build/tmp-musl/deploy/images/collie/initramfs-kexecboot-klibc-image-collie.cpio{.gz|.lz4|.lzo|.lzma|.xz) for bundling; INITRAMFS_IMAGE_NAME might be wrong.17:27
ant__that's rare, it obly fails for collie, same zaurus.inc17:28
ant__INITRAMFS_FSTYPES ?= "cpio.gz cpio.xz"17:28
ant__two lines above we have another override, just working fine17:28
ant__IMAGE_FSTYPES ?= "tar.gz jffs2 jffs2.sum ubi ubifs"17:28
ant__IMAGE_FSTYPES_collie ?= "tar.gz jffs2 jffs2.sum"17:28
ant__it looks to me for some reasons the latter is taken17:30
ant__like if somehow, just for collie, it happens INITRAMFS_FSTYPES ?= IMAGE_FSTYPES_collie17:31
ant__this in master-next, I'm going back to dunfell now17:31
ant__same in dunfell18:12
ant__it builds jff22 and tgz instead of cpio...18:13
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