Thursday, 2021-06-10

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manuel1985There are more people on #yocto than there are here now. Nice to see.10:00
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Crofton|cloudI suspect many f the accounts here are ghosts, people that set things up and forgot them10:54
zeddiighosts of releases past.11:59
zeddiinow that's scary stuff.11:59
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RPCrofton|cloud: some clearly are, some are sometimes active12:32
Crofton|cloudsome :)12:33
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fabaHi All, I'm trying to get core-image-minimal running on a Intel NUC, with NFS root. Layers used: meta-intel and poky. Already included initramfs-module-nfsrootfs to INITRAMFS_SCRIPTS, so I can see it trying to mount the root NFS during boot. The problem: the network is not configured. Changed nfsrootfs initscript to show the interfaces: only lo and sit0@none available. My question is where I can look into to set the network during boot?12:40
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Crofton|cloudread the message in the topic13:12
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* paulg fears the Ghosts of Kernels Past.13:29
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BuddyButterflywhere is an image version being configured?14:34
BuddyButterflythere is this /etc/version.14:35
BuddyButterflybut I am not finding the env var, or the point to configure it.14:35
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RPBuddyButterfly: See rootfs_reproducible in meta/classes/rootfs-postcommands.bbclass16:41
BuddyButterflyok, will have a look.16:41
BuddyButterflystrange, not having this rootfs_reproducible.16:47
BuddyButterflyI am on older version: rocko16:47
RPBuddyButterfly: is there a reference to the version file in that class though?16:47
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dvorkindmitryin Dunfell... how to add a layer into layers.conf if layer may or may not exist?21:48
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