Monday, 2021-06-21

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rburtonCh^W: i was thinking can it be told to not do ncurses stuff at all20:35
Ch^Wrburton: Hmmmm, well I am not sure. I only found this when building gobject-introspection.20:38
Ch^Wrburton: But let me kook.20:38
Ch^WAnd even if it can, this is very clearly a bug they should look at. I will submit a detailed issue to the bison project.20:38
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Ch^Wrburton: So here is the weird thing... bison-native triggers that ncurses stuff because ldd shows that it is looking for, but the bison we install into our SDK (non-native), does not look for htat library.20:48
Ch^WSo it is like the native recipe is pulling in stuff it does not need?20:48
RPrburton: yes, that was nice :)20:49
Ch^ -> inherit autotools gettext texinfo20:52
Ch^WLast change to that was in 2014.20:52
Ch^WAnd from the changelog, that looks like an "in the future" thing.20:53
Ch^WSo clearly the bison project needs to know about this. And I will tell them. But I am curious what the collective wisdom says to do here? If removing gettext from the inherit list solves it, then go with that? Or patch --color=no into the wrapper?20:55
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Ch^WHmmm, ok patch it is... Removing gettext from the inherit annoys the QA checker.21:25
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williamh89does anything have an idea how I can get my DSI connector recognized in X11? for example, when I run xrandr I get: default connected 720x1280+0+0 0mm x 0mm21:27
williamh89   720x1280       0.00*21:27
williamh89but im sort of expecting: DSI-1 connected primary 720x1280+0+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 0mm x 0mm21:27
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* Ch^W gives bison the stink eye...22:39
Ch^WCan _anyone_ build gobject-introspection-native with the Hardknott complement of dev tools? Or is it just me?22:39
Ch^WOnce past the command-line fun, it segfaults again on the scannerparser.y shift/reduce warnings.22:40
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v0nCan WKS_FILE be set from an image recipe?22:55
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