Sunday, 2021-06-27

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RPnice, master failing with the rcu failure but at least clearly showing it in the logs09:49
RPabelloni: we have another bootloader crash :/09:49
RPzedd: could I trouble you to send out the 5.10 kernel bump patches please? Not sure either of us want me to upset the workflow :)09:58
ant_RP: please consider backporting the 2 kernel/nopackages fixes to Hardknott and Gatesgarthm thx10:13
RPant_: gatesgarth is out of maintenance now10:15
RPfor hardknott, you need to ask the stable maintainer (Anuj), not me10:16
ant_imho nobody will notice it :)10:16
RPand they're not even in master or fully tested yet10:16
RPant_: you have no idea how often I hear that said and then something really badly breaks10:17
* RP usually gets to keep all the pieces10:17
ant_heh, and dunfell builds ok both kernels, I'd say we are done then10:17
* ant_ hopes not having made RP adding new issues...10:18
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ant_RP: the kernel.bbclass did badly inflate in the years10:26
ant_but if I am not wrong the whole *BUNDLE stuff could be removed10:27
RPant_: what makes you say that?10:28
ant_with the commit adding KERNEL_PACKAGE_NAME10:29
ant_KERNEL_DEPLOYSUBDIR ??= "${@ "" if (d.getVar("KERNEL_PACKAGE_NAME") == "kernel") else d.getVar("KERNEL_PACKAGE_NAME") }"10:29
ant_you could build n kernels each in a subdir10:29
ant_let me find the commit10:29
ant_linux-kexecboot is cut down, this way allows you to have full kernel with modules10:32
ant_afais you could build a kernel+initramfs as second kernel10:33
ant_w/out the BUNDLE code10:34
ant_just add to your other kernel recipe:10:40
ant_INITRAMFS_IMAGE = "initramfs-foo-image"10:41
ant_INITRAMFS_TASK = "${INITRAMFS_IMAGE}:do_image_complete"10:41
ant_zedd, you could build linux-yocto and linux-yocto-tiny in one run10:42
ant_and even a third linux-yocto-initramfs  to provide an example10:43
ant_RP: ofc you can add KERNEL_PACKAGE_NAME in the recipe, not only in local.conf as in the commit text10:53
ant_I think this is a BIG added feature but was almost ignored10:55
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RPzedd: Thanks. I think there was a kernel_version uprev missing but I'll sqaush that in :)15:04
zeddhmm. no, there shouldn't have been15:05
zeddwhat do you think you are seeing ?15:05
RPzedd: 5.10.43 -> 5.10.46 ?15:06
zeddthat's in the patches I sent.15:06
RPzedd: it isn't -
zeddah. I see.15:07
zedddrop the series completely. that script misfired, and ran on the bbappend.15:07
zeddit's complete garbage.15:07
RPzedd: ah :/ I'd best stop that build too!15:07
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RPzedd: the update for the main recipe is also there, just missing the kernel_version15:08
zeddno. don't use any of them. I'll send a v2 later.15:08
RPzedd: ok15:09
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paulgGood help is hard to find.16:13
marexpaulg: was it you who was working on the linux 5.10.y and co. backports for dunfell ?16:24
marexI recall seeing such discussion before fosdem time here16:25
marexalso, unrelated -- is there some way to speed up yocto-check-layer in CI setting ? it takes about as long as the whole build for me, is there some trick to that ?16:25
marexI basically want to make sure the layers dont start to pile up broken bbappends and such16:26
paulgmarex, I did the 4.8, 4.12, 4.18 and 5.2 updates; things shuffled around that I didn't need to do v5.8 and we get v5.10 "for free" as an LTS from gregKH's team.16:43
marexpaulg: so how does that work now ? I maintain my own repo with linux lts for dunfell (and u-boot too)16:44
marexand mesa16:44
marexpaulg: I mean, the OE integration16:44
paulgmarex, zedd grabs the stable updates from gregKH's team directly ; the versions I mentioned above had been declared EOL by gregKH but we (yocto) needed ongoing maintenance a little longer.16:45
marexpaulg: I mostly care about 5.10.y anyway16:45
marexpaulg: is there a metalayer or something ?16:46
paulgbut as said above, zedd is taking those in directly within a few days of their release.16:47
marexpaulg: I see, thank you16:47
marex I have this here16:47
marexpaulg: so, yes, I know where to get the sources , I was asking whether there is some metalayer already16:49
marexpaulg: if not, I'll stick to my own, which does exactly what I need16:49
marexit just seems like this is something that would be useful to others as well16:49
marexand I was under the impression there was some ongoing work to put these updated recipes upstream16:50
paulgyou don't need any special anything if you just want vanilla v5.10.<latest>   as zedd  has that on v5.10/standard/base16:51
RPmarex: you can get a plain mainline kernel out of the linux-yocto recipes16:52
marexRP: ah nice ... I must've missed it in oe-core/dunfell16:52
marexhmmm ... no, I only see 5.4.y there16:52
RPmarex: sorry, I missed you were looking for this in dunfell16:53
marexRP: yep :)16:54
RPmarex: I think denys is lookin at experimenting with that though, shouldn't be hard16:54
marexRP: so far I rolled my own layer, see above, with u-boot/linux/mesa and I think I will soon add gstreamer 1.18.y16:54
marexRP: I thought someone was looking into that too, but maybe it got nowhere16:54
paulgah okay - I suck at code names ; also didn't realize dumbell was v5.4-only...16:55
marexpaulg: well, I started adding version to the branch names because i was getting lost in it, hence the dunfell-3.116:56
RPpaulg: we're getting a ton of "complaints" that the LTS has been stable ;-)16:56
paulgso, no -  AFAIK, I wasn't disucssing backporting the 5.10 recipe to releases that didnt  have it by default - must have been someone else.16:56
paulgthat said, I would expect it to largely be a drop in and maybe check for updates that landed in recipes-kernel/linux/  since 5.10 was added?16:58
marexRP: I wonder, would it be possible to put some of those updated recipes into contrib or something ?16:58
marexand that's another thing I was wondering about -- why not use stock linux-stable , why keep this linux-yocto with patches ?16:58
RPmarex: sure, definitely possible. The TSC did also say they'd support the idea of mixin layers for exactly this kind of thing17:00
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RPmarex: you can select either from linux-yocto and some of these patches you appear to hate actually let us do things like the qemu testing so they do kind of help ;-)17:01
marexRP: I never said anything about hating17:05
marexRP: they just seemed like something which needs to be constantly maintained17:05
marexand something most boards dont really need17:05
marexI wonder if those patches couldn't be isolated to the qemu machines then ?17:06
RPmarex: I'm going to get annoyed with this conversation so I'm just going to walk away from it17:06
RPI'll leave with the question of whether you think we just make work for ourselves by doing it or whether there are actual reasons?17:07
marexRP: I was curious about the reasons17:09
RPmarex: it has been discussed many times before. We should probably try and write it up somewhere17:12
marexRP: hmmmm, that might be a good idea17:12
marexRP: btw while you bring up testing, I have one more question about this yocto-check-layer17:12
marexRP: it just takes too long, roughly the same time it takes to do my CI build with primed sstate cache, is there some trick to speeding it up?17:13
marexI can imagine the OE CI does check the layers, right ?17:13
RPmarex: It should be equivalent to parsing the metadata a couple of times and it does do a build dry run17:13
RP - autobuilder does do this17:14
marexRP: thanks, lemme read through that17:15
marexRP: so  Test meta-oe YP Compatibility: Run cmds ... that takes 29 minutes ?17:16
RPmarex: correct, yes17:53
marexthat does seem a bit long, can anything be done about that ?18:00
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RPmarex: possibly, not sure. It would need time spending on it18:33
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RPmarex: meta-oe is an outlier since it runs the check on eash sub-layer18:38
ant__RP: I sent a RFC about meta-oe and its layers. Khem is doing an outstanding work to maintain alltogether18:44
ant__I think it still looks like to a matrioska, there iis much to improve18:44
ant__we started to split out layers but I think we miss a 'project'18:46
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marexRP: well, running the yocto-check-layer in parallel for each layer seems to improve situation considerably19:39
marexRP: compared to running it for all layers "sequentially"19:39
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