Friday, 2021-07-09

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dwagenkGood morning! Has anyone taken note of ? I seem to be running into the same problem. At least the symptom xyz-src package is empty when xyz is worked on via devtool.06:38
dwagenkI'm using dunfell version.06:39
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX07:07
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mckoanLetoThe2nd: hey!07:09
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splatchhey, here I am back with same trouble as before, a failed intel-microcode update during the build. I have no clue why this happens, but it did work before with warrior (I haven't made any changes in this part, except rising meta-intel layer version). I keep getting exit code '2'.07:19
splatchWriting selected microcodes to: /build/tmp/work/corei7-64-intel-common-connectorio-linux/intel-microcode/20210608-r0/microcode_20210608.bin07:19
splatch/build/tmp/work/corei7-64-intel-common-connectorio-linux/intel-microcode/20210608-r0/microcode_20210608.bin: error while flushing file data: Input/output error07:19
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splatchis my hard drive corrupted ?07:20
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splatchfilesystem check done, doing clean build once again07:46
rburtonLooks like the disk is failing, check smart status07:50
splatchcould be, I have nvme+f2fs setup from 2016 which proven to be very fast but also a bit fragile on power drops. Anyhow fsck reported no errors and I see no issues with microcode. Now I am back to host contamination on a fresh build. I have feeling this is going to be a long day.07:53
splatch> Currently  2 running tasks (3656 of 3685)  99%08:13
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splatchThe host contamination was in fact taking place cause my recipe used cp -r, manual did answer it:, leaving it here so IRS archives for future generations will contain this note in one more place! :)08:14
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rburtonyeah, don't use cp, use install.08:52
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timbert[m]Hey! Is there a way to use project version from CMake inside a bitbake recipe (without writing a parser for CMakeLists.txt 😉 )?08:54
LetoThe2ndtimbert[m]: use what for?08:55
timbert[m]<LetoThe2nd "timbert: use what for?"> I want to use the project version from CMake as PV variable08:56
LetoThe2ndtimbert[m]: in that case, no.08:56
LetoThe2ndtimbert[m]: how would bitbake obtain it without fetching source?08:57
timbert[m]<LetoThe2nd "timbert: how would bitbake obtai"> You are right, it can not get the version without the sources. But maybe there is a way of lazy evaluation to set PV after fetching the sources.08:58
LetoThe2ndtimbert[m]: nope.08:59
timbert[m]<LetoThe2nd "timbert: nope."> I was able to set PV from a plain text file located at the source code, but I found no way to do this with cmake.bbclass09:02
qschulztimbert[m]: how?09:03
LetoThe2ndtimbert[m]: you can happily set the pv inside the recipe to whatever you want, but once it relies on the source being present its an outright bug. no way discussing that away.09:04
LetoThe2ndtimbert[m]: and even worse, if it includes actually executing code you are effectively breaking reproducibility. so you might have a hack that works for your one usecase, ok. but this is not the general design of things, and it is explicitly unsupported.09:05
rburtonso you *can* set PKGV during the build but you need to set PV before the build, so you don't really gain anything09:06
LetoThe2ndqschulz: i guess by having the source not fetches seperately but shipped next to the recipe, or something similar.09:06
LetoThe2nde.g. source+metadata conglomeration09:06
rburtonin that world, setting PKGV would make sense09:07
timbert[m]<LetoThe2nd "qschulz: i guess by having the s"> Excatly. I have layers and source code as submodules.09:07
timbert[m]> <> qschulz: i guess by having the source not fetches seperately but shipped next to the recipe, or something similar.09:07
timbert[m] * Exactly. I have layers and source code as submodules.09:07
rburtonyou still need to parse the cmakefile though09:07
rburtonunless cmake can tell you what the version is09:07
LetoThe2ndin which case you would have a hidden dependency on cmake during parse time.09:08
rburtonno, you can set PKGV later09:08
rburtonin a do_package prefunc09:08
LetoThe2ndrburton: but how does this relate to PV? how could i do a PREFERRED_VERSION if the version is not even known until the packaging is finished?09:09
rburtonyou still need a PV for the recipe09:09
rburtonbut that can be 1.009:09
rburtonduring the build PKGV can be set to the real version09:09
rburtonPREFERRED_VERSION will only look at PV, that's the compromise09:10
LetoThe2ndso PKGV is actually only put into the package for the stream? no idea why i would want that.09:10
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rburtoni doubt its actually used much, but you might want to mangle versions09:10
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rburtonnothing in core at least explicitly uses it, it all relies on the default (which is obviously PV)09:11
LetoThe2ndi can see it being useful for some forms of distribution management where you feed package repositories, but certainly not for orchestrating an image build.09:11
rburtonso in meta-oe there's a gitpkgv.bbclass which lets you have ugly PV but rewrite PKGV to include tag names09:12
rburtonbut i *think* the bulk of that logic is in core now anyway?09:13
LetoThe2ndrburton: good luck with that (thinking)09:14
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qschulzrburton: and would Yocto use that PKGV for version-specific RDEPENDS?09:19
qschulzrburton: RDEPENDS_${PN} = "package (operator version)" is what I'm talking about09:20
BuZZ-Tis anyone here using eclipse for development in the "pre Eclipse Yocto Plugin" era?09:25
BuZZ-Teh.. i mean in the "post Eclipse Yocto Plugin" era :)09:27
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bizulkHello. I have an issue building for raspberry pi 1 (host x86_64 ubuntu 20) : task poky/meta/recipes-devtools/gcc/
bizulkI have a lot of undefined reference like this one : build-rpi/tmp/hosttools/ld: lto-lang.c:(.text+0x3279): undefined reference to `builtin_info'09:50
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bizulkI am using master branch09:55
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bizulk72there is a tip that I would like to test : "build glibc without static PIE support", but how can I do that10:16
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splatchBuZZ-T: I don't do any C stuff, so I am set with regular text editor. If you need debuging capabilities I believe you have all necessary tools in Eclipse CDT. I am not sure what yocto plugin used to do as information available online is fairly limited.10:26
lukmaDear All, I do have the question regarding 'uninative'. As fair as I see, by default (in the poky.conf) require conf/distro/include/ is inherited. Moreover, I do know that for eSDK this uninative is used to build its "host" tools. I do have a question then - is this libc version used also for "normal" built of -native packages for using bitbake ?10:29
lukmaIn the link: the ARM (32 bit) is missing, but this is built by eSDK, so no issues10:32
rburtonah, yeah, no 32-bit arm uninative tarball.10:33
rburtoni'd say 1) please file a bug and 2) you can turn off uninative10:33
rburtonthe primary use of uninative is so that a set of different distributions can reuse the same native sstate.10:33
lukmarburton: But I want to use uninative10:34
lukmathe goal is to have singled "native" set of sstate built packages10:34
rburtonthen definitely (1), and make your own tarball that you use for now10:34
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lukmarburton: I'm just not 100% sure if uninative is used by default10:35
rburtonpoky uses uninative, yes10:35
lukmafor example when I want to build core-image-minimal for beaglebone reference board10:35
rburtonuninative is *native*, target isn't relevant10:35
lukmawill it used the uninative libc, which in turn will produce the same set of -native tools10:36
lukmawhich then I could reuse on the same setup deployed on e.g. Fedora build host ?10:36
rburtonif you use uninative, the native sstate can be shared between different build host distributions10:37
rburtonthat's the purpose of it10:37
lukmarburton: And by default uninative is enabled in poky distro ?10:37
lukmarburton: Thanks for the clarification :-)10:37
bizulk72here is the pastbin, it does seem there is a link missing :
rburtonit was created to share sstate on the autobuilder10:37
lukmaThat was uncrear for me ...10:38
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rburtonthe first thing you said was that poky uses uninative ;)10:38
rburtonare you actually doing a build on a 32-bit arm host?10:38
lukmarburton: It is a bit more tricky ....10:39
lukmaI do have poky, which runs on debian 1010:39
lukmaand this poky uses meta-virtualization layer10:39
lukmato build the OCI container10:39
rburtonbut none of that is relevant to your point of 'there is no 32-bit arm uninative'10:39
rburtonwhich is why I think you're confused10:40
rburtonor, hopefully, were confused10:40
lukmaso I guess that this container uses libc, which was built with uninative poky libc10:40
lukmaand this container would also need to have eSDK set of tools installed in it10:40
lukmaand the eSDK would be for ARM 32 bit targets10:41
lukmaSo I would like to have everything built starting from single sources of libc10:41
lukmathe uninative libc -> (can be prebuilt for ARM 32 bit and x86_64)10:42
RPlukma: are you ever trying to run builds (i.e. ibitbake) on a 32 bit arm system? If not, you don't need a 32 bit arm uninative10:42
lukmaso in that way (hopefully) I would have OCI container agnostic from the Host OS on which it is going to be run :-)10:42
rburtonbut the eSDK grabs uninative if its being used, does it not?10:43
rburtonlukma: the only reason esdk uses uninative is so that sstate is sharable.  honestly, you can probably just turn it off10:44
lukmaRP: rburton: From the code, yes, eSDK installs the uninative container on the host on which is it installed10:44
RPeSDK can only run on the platform it was built on10:44
lukmaRP: That is the problem - I need to wrap eSDK into OCI container, so it would be Host OS agnostic10:45
rburtonPretty sure you're confusing things again.  Just turn off uninative :)10:45
RPlukma: what  do you mean by host agnostic? What is different about the hosts?10:46
RPThere is a bug with eSDK and pseudo-native atm :(10:46
lukmaRP: I build the eSDK on Debian, but then somebody else loves Fedora and would like to install eSDK on it10:46
rburton(I do think that uninative should be something we enable on the autobuilder but not in poky out of the box)10:46
lukmaNow it is not possible10:47
lukmabut with eSDK wrapped to OCI container :-)10:47
lukmahe/she just runs it from there10:47
RPlukma: right, the above open bug?10:47
lukmaRP: Yes, this is the bug10:47
RPlukma: if you run your build of the eSDK in the container environment, the eSDK should then work in that container environment even with the above bug10:48
RPor help us fix the above bug...10:48
lukmaRP: I also thought about the workaround: Create OCI container with Poky for x86_6410:49
lukmathen in the bitbake recipe run this container with bindings to the yocto build directories10:50
lukmaexecute the bitbake populate_sdk_ext10:50
lukma(so it would use the sysroot + -native stuff from the OCI container)10:51
lukmaand then install it with the installer10:51
lukmathe questions are as follows:10:51
lukma1. Will bitbake allow/correctly handle running container it ist task (like "build" task) ?10:51
lukma2. Have anybody tried to use --bind container option with bitbake?10:52
RPlukma: bitbake will run in a container fine. Just don't try and run bits of the build in the container and bits outside10:52
RPand I do think certain bind mount options will cause problems due to the way bitbake uses the filesystem. Exactly what issues those are I don't know, mostly related to copy-on-write10:53
rburtonfwiw, the crops container guide explicitly says to bind your build directory into the container10:54
lukmaRP: Do you have any idea how and if it would be possible to add OCI container (as a "skin") to yocto/OE build ?10:54
rburtonor do you mean build-inside-a-container10:55
rburtonlook at crops for prior art10:55
rburtonor kas, which has a kas-docker script10:55
lukmarburton: Yes, I'm using the to create the OCI container10:56
lukmaIMHO I would also need to "wrap" in some way bitbake populate_sdk_ext into the OCI container (bo build it into it and install)10:57
lukmathat would solve this problem10:57
RPlukma: it would be way easier just to fix pseudo ;-)10:58
lukmaand as a result I would have the OCI container with eSDK built inside it and it installed.10:58
lukmaRP: Maybe you are right :-) I will look into the bug report ...10:58
lukmabut I need a backup plan10:58
rburtonlukma: core-image-base, also make it depend on the populate_sdk_ext task, then in a rootfs-post-process install the eSDK into it10:59
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lukmaRP: But this bug has "High major" Importance....10:59
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RPlukma: right, we're aware this is a major problem and I'm going to need to try and fix it11:02
RPlukma: it was reasigned to me yesterday as there is nobody else to work on it (or any other esdk bug)11:02
lukmaRP: So you are the "one" :)11:03
qschulzrburton: and now I'm quite confused. What's the difference between pyrex and kas-container then :D ?11:03
rburtonqschulz: well kas-container comes with kas built in :)11:03
RPlukma: I'm more than a little frustrated and saddened we have nobody working on the esdk :(11:04
lukmaRP: From my perspective - eSDK is the first tool, which is seen by developer11:04
lukmaexterna or internal11:04
RPlukma: well, yes. Hence my feelings on the subject. How do we encourage people to help though?11:05
RPpaulg: wish I had the capability :)11:07
qschulzrburton: that I figured, but I'm not using kas yet, thus I'm more interested in what makes them different outside of kas :p11:09
rburtoncan the LF stump up £100 to anyone who sends a merged patch that fixes it :)11:09
rburtonqschulz: i imagine, pyrex/kas/crops containers are all 99% identical (just the build deps), it's the little bit of glue that makes them different11:09
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RPndec: could we have bug bounties? :)11:25
RPrburton: would be YP itself rather than the LF, no idea if we could so that11:25
rburtonthe return of bug bounties could be fun11:26
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BuZZ-Tsplatch: the yocto plugin provided a convient way to create autotools, cmake and make file projects from eclipse. It has setup the correct PATH a.s.o. to build/deploy and debug the binaries generated in eclipse. Thats what it has done.11:51
BuZZ-Tsplatch: But I made a few steps in the right direction, i'm able to setup the automake projects using the eSDK way.. when eclipse started from a "sourced" sdk environment, then the build and debug with is working with a few tweaks.11:52
BuZZ-Tits not what our devs were used to too, but at least i know that eclipse is generally usable.11:53
RPrburton: did you work out why parted was intermittent?11:58
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rburtonRP: no, didn't look. need a better way to mine the ptest logs12:18
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paulgzeddii, if you are bored, you can probably nuke v5.10/standard/base-aufsv2 and v5.10/standard/base-noaufs ; we don't need them polluting the branch namespace, or reminders of that LTP/cgroup horror.12:24
yatesif i set BBFILES = "${TOPDIR}/*", does that mean .bbappend files of any base name will be incorporated from any level directory, recursively, under ${TOPDIR}?12:25
yateswhat is the syntax to specify that?12:25
yatesoh wait12:25
yatesi should be using ${LAYERDIR}12:26
rburtonthe idiom is BBFILES += "${LAYERDIR}/recipes-*/*/*.bb ${LAYERDIR}/recipes-*/*/*.bbappend"12:26
* paulg needs to revisit the topic of nuking other old branch polluting cruft.12:26
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yatesis BBFILES further constrained by BBFILE_PATTERN_{layer-name} in the layer's layer.conf file if it is present?12:30
yatesi guess i really don't see the use in the BBFILE_PATTERN variable. the layer's BBFILS are already specified by BBFILES12:32
rburtonno, pattern is the reverse lookup and idiom is just BBFILE_PATTERN_layername = "^${LAYERDIR}/"12:34
yatesthere aren't just arbitray questions. i have a layer.conf file with both BBFILES and BBFILE_PATTERN_blah (as well as BBFILE_COLLECITONS and BBFILE_PRIORITY_blah)12:34
rburtonyou need all of those12:34
yatesok, so what is their perpose/meaning?12:35
yatessheesh. can't type today (or spell)12:35
rburtonBBFILES is "this is the glob to find files to parse"12:35
rburtonso the idiom is BBFILES += "${LAYERDIR}/recipes-*/*/*.bb"12:35
rburtonerm, and *.bbappend12:35
yateswhat about BBFILE_PATTERN_blah?12:36
rburtonBBPATTERN is the reverse for finding the layer of an arbitrary file, because this stuff grew organically12:36
rburtonthe idiom is eg BBFILE_PATTERN_core = "^${LAYERDIR}/"12:36
yatesok well here is my layer's layer.conf:
rburtonso i'd say you should have just used bitbake-layers instead of guessing what the variables were for12:37
rburtonbitbake-layers new-layer will create a new layer with the idiomatic values in the file12:38
rburtonBBFILES is recipes and appends, not classes12:38
yatesit appears a .bbappend in <yocto>/meta-csky/recipes-core/glibc/glibc-locale_2.32.bbappend is not being loaded12:39
rburtonuse bitbake-layers to verify if its being parsed and just not doing what you expect, or not being parsed at all12:40
yatesok let me read up on that utility12:40
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EmantorThe mega-manual doesn't get any more updates, right? Is there another convenient one-page searchable option?13:09
rburtonthe search button on
EmantorSearch Button works, but I liked the "open mega-manual, Ctrl-F, next until relevant section" more since it didn't include page loads.13:14
rburtoni wonder if sphinx has a generate-one-huge-page button13:16
rburtonyes, -b singlehtml13:19
rburtonyou could do that locally on the docs?13:19
JPEWrburton, Emantor: It's published even:
rburtonah cool :)13:20
JPEWAlso selectable from the drop down menu at the top of the page :)13:20
rburtonoh yes!13:20
rburtoni looked but couldn't see it :)13:20
qschulzwe decided to remove it from the left nav panel about a month ago I think13:20
qschulzIt used to be there too13:20
rburtondoes anyone know tcl here?13:22
yatesrburton: you might try #emacs - there are a lot of eclectic and old-fart programmers there13:25
*** thekappe <thekappe!~user@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)13:27
rburtoni'm on #tcl which you'd think would be good13:27
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kroonHi. Anyone know the easiest way to download a yocto image to a Toradex Colibri imx7d emmc ?13:45
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OutBackDingokroon: is there not docs for yocto on toradex site ?13:55
*** sakoman <sakoman!~steve@> has joined #yocto13:56
timbert[m]<kroon "Hi. Anyone know the easiest way "> Have you found this page: ?14:01
kroonOutBackDingo, lots of docs, hard to tell what is the easiest method14:01
OutBackDingokroon: so its a self-built yocto image ?14:02
kroonfor instance, does mfgtool (uuu?) work with imx7d, or that tool deprecated ?14:03
OutBackDingokroon: that or the easyinstaller should work, last i knew... at least when i worked for toradex14:06
mckoankroon: unfortunately I totally agree, it's overcomplicated14:07
mckoanI usually use the Toradex "Easy Installer" to setup a prisine board14:08
qschulzkroon: I used uuu with an imx8mm at my previous job, so far from being deprecated ;)14:08
OutBackDingomckoan: yep, i would also agree, even though they say its easy14:08
mckoanToradex Easy Installer (2.0b6 | 2020-11-02 | 29.37 MB)14:09
mckoan p14:09
mckoanUncompress it and call recovery-linux.sh14:09
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dvorkindmitryIf I generate sdk with -c populate_sdk ... command, and then re-run it on another day, I got error "No such file or directory:... /locale". Because SDK links are reffering to old dir. How can I avoid this problem in dunfell?14:37
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RPdvorkindmitry: is there some date reference in the path? Seems a little strange :/14:47
dvorkindmitryRP, there are! i my Distro.conf: SDK_VERSION = "${@d.getVar('DISTRO_VERSION')}"14:48
*** gjohnson <gjohnson!~gjohnson@> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)14:48
dvorkindmitryand DISTRO_VERSION = "3.1.2-${DATE}14:52
dvorkindmitryRP, sorry. forgot to show you DISTRO_VERSION="3.1.2-${DATE}14:53
RPdvorkindmitry: I suspect the best way forward is to find out why the rebuild doesn't work smoothly. Which task is failing? this is for the populate_sdk task right?14:55
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dvorkindmitryRP, right. I always get this problem rebuilding SDK on next day, case some of SDK directories are named with <DATE> and I need date in final file, but don't know how to regenerate date reference:
*** zyga-mbp <zyga-mbp!~zyga@> has joined #yocto15:15
RPdvorkindmitry: since the sdk task is re-running, the next question to ask is where the date is being encoded that causes the problem such that a new run doesn't account for the new date15:16
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kroonmckoan|away, OutBackDingo, yes I've used Toradex Easy Installer, but I think its overly cumbersome.. unless I can skip the gui somehow and send the image over the SDP/USB link16:26
kroonthats why "uuu" looked interesting, but as I understand it I have to send first a specialzed u-boot with support, then the image I want to write16:27
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kroonand I don't know where to get that specialized u-boot from16:28
kroonand I can't find a recipe for building uuu-native or mfgtools-native16:30
rburtonquestion: do we want to support <500MB ext4 file systems which can't handle y2038 bugs16:31
rburtoncurrently, file systems smaller than 500mb don't get big enough inodes for 64-bit times16:31
rburtonvery tempted to patch that down to 100mb or something ...16:32
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kroonrburton, maybe not set inode size to 128 for "small"/"floppy"/"hurd" in e2fsprogs ? thats what I did as a workaround16:38
rburtonwas considering changing the cutoff for small to 100mb or something16:39
rburtonbut i just discovered that in wic we force all filesystems to be 'default', not small16:39
rburtonso maybe just duplicate that in the bare file system creation?16:39
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jordemortkroon: the u-boot you need for uuu is not actually that specialized, it just needs fastboot support compiled in17:01
jordemorti just use the u-boot.imx in tmp/deploy/images/${MACHINE} and i'm fine17:01
kroonjordemort, hmm ok, I tried that: "uuu -b emmc_all u-boot.imx image.wic" with no success17:02
jordemortkroon: it took me a while to figure out but here's the uuu script i use to flash my device (which happens to also be an imx7d)
jordemortso i save that as "script.uuu" and then run "uuu script.uuu"17:03
kroonjordemort, ok and you use yocto to build the mfgtools kernel and initramfs ?17:05
jordemortkroon: yep!17:05
kroonI can't build "fsl-image-mfgtool-initramfs" with MACHINE="colibri-imx7-emmc"17:07
kroonI get "u-boot-imx-mfgtool PROVIDES u-boot-mfgtool but was skipped: incompatible with machine colibri-imx7-emmc (not in COMPATIBLE_MACHINE)"17:07
kroonAnd "u-boot-fslc-mfgtool PROVIDES u-boot-mfgtool but was skipped: You cannot use UBOOT_MACHINE and UBOOT_CONFIG at the same time."17:07
jordemorthm not sure, i'm an imx7sabresd17:08
jordemorter imx7dsabresd17:09
kroonyeah im guessing toradex MACHINE's only cares about toradex easy installer support :-/17:09
jordemortyeah i'm not using those layers, just meta-freescale17:10
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perdmann_does, for example, {@urllib.parse.quote} automatically import urllib?17:41
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jordemortcan anyone help me understand the difference between itbImage and fitImage? itbImage also seems to be FIT17:47
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RPperdmann_: sadly not18:01
perdmann_RP: so how do i know which modules are available and which not?18:03
*** florian_kc <florian_kc!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)18:10
RPperdmann_: basically os, sys and bb I suspect18:18
RPand oe18:18
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perdmann_RP: ok ....18:39
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v2dhi there -- I get an "do_rootfs: The postinstall intercept hook 'update_udev_hwdb' failed" error related to qemu-native when building from my CI. Seems to be related to RedHat derivated distros. Is it a known issue by any chance?18:57
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dvorkindmitryRP, are you there? sorry for the delay in answer23:03
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dvorkindmitryI have SDK_VERSION = "${@d.getVar('3.1.3-${DATE}')}", so when I build SDK on the next day, some directories of the SDK are not cleared amd refer to previous day (by name). How to clear SDK build and reassemble it again?23:48
dvorkindmitrythere is no "cleanall/cleansstate" action inside "populate_sdk" action :)23:49
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