Thursday, 2021-07-15

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mcccHi, should $D be used in pkg_postinst_ontarget_${PN}?  Docs suggest it should in pkg_postrm_${PN} which makes sense to match pkg_postinst_${PN} although I'd imagine postrm would only ever run on the device.03:33
otaviomccc: not really; you can end removing packages in a rootfs step and D could be used03:37
mcccGot it, okay thank you otavio.03:38
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Ch^WI reviewed a resume today that said they had used "Buildroot/Yocto" as the build system on a previous project. Remarkably, that was not the strangest thing I found on that resume.07:31
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qschulzyates_home: PACKAGE_NO_GCONV is specific to recipes inheriting libc-package.bbclass. I'm not sure it makes sense to start listing what some classes do that makes FILES_ variable not work/or be not enough08:08
qschulzsplatch: not sure to understand the request... what about making bzimage an artifact in the swupdate image so that it can be flashed on its own. On initial flash (or forced), everything will be reflashed so you'll be good to go.08:14
qschulzswupdate has support for AB partitioning AFAIR, you might just need to add some logic so that your bootloader knows which partition (A or B) to boot from08:14
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splatchqschulz: I do have A/B partition, but bzimage is on boot partition and that's something I haven't found a good solution, best would be to use bzimage from A/B partition to do not mess with boot contents08:26
splatchthis was kind of surprise for me, cause I thought it will be as simple as "take partition A" and boot everything (including kernel) from there. It turns out to be different. Its not an issue of swupdate itself, cause I am pretty sure it can manage that. It is just lack of good examples to follow.08:28
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splatchqschulz: I found this which turns to be a quite compelx setup for grub (which I also use). The config is there:, however it uses separate rootfs and08:40
splatchkernel partitions.08:40
qschulzsplatch: so basically, you have A/B systems which selects a "rootfs" partition to boot, but in this rootfs you have /boot directory which can be updated from swupdate separately from the rootfs?08:49
splatchqschulz: let me have a look if I actually do08:50
qschulzI'm having a hard time understanding what your setup is and what your issue(s) is. Also... you might receive better help on the swupdate mailing list.. maybe they even have an IRC chan on some server?08:52
splatchqschulz: yes, this is pretty much what I have
splatchqschulz: I think I just need to read a bit more on grub config and how to mount /boot from rootfsA or B. Then it should work. I am kind of delaying writing to swupdate mailing lists as I am still able to generate some progress (with screaming but still!)08:54
qschulzsplatch: can your kernel be updated without the rootfs being updated?08:56
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splatchqschulz: I hardly can imagine such scenario right now08:57
splatchfor simplicity (of partitioning too) I would assume rootfs and kernel come together08:58
qschulzthen just remove the kernel entry in sw-description? then use the same mechanism in grub as the one you gave earlier, which is reading boot artifacts from different partitions09:00
qschulzand add your kernel directly in the /boot directory with Yocto09:00
JKDear gentlamem, is there any one who could help me to to solve the dependency ridle with yocto build ? The best might be dedicated channel such way I do not blast it here with logs.09:02
splatchmy grub call is 'linux /EFI/BOOT/bzImage-initramfs rootwait root=LABEL=${boot_part} rootfstype=ext4', I am just thinking is it possible to make it look like 'linux ${boot_part}/boot/bzimage ...'09:02
splatchgoing to play a bit with virtualbox to see how it goes09:03
qschulzJK: pastebins exist so you can put your logs there and ask your question(s) here09:03
JKOK I will do ....09:05
qschulzsplatch: I think you should use the (hd0,2) part in the grub.cfg, adapted to your need obviously09:07
qschulzbecause linux /some/path is for grub and what's after is for the kernel (kernel command line). So the kernel knows about /dev/sdxx (or /dev/mmcblk, etc...) but grub does not use this convention09:08
splatchqschulz: yeah, now figuring out what rootfsA/B numbers are, if this will fly then I'm set09:09
qschulzsplatch: I think you can list partitions from the grub terminal09:11
qschulzsplatch: ls :)09:12
splatchqschulz: I am lucky enough to have virtualbox where both parts are the same.. sometimes I ask myself why I haven't become a carpenter, do you have sometimes similar feelings? ;)\09:15
JKWell the situation is following: I have inherited this project and my skill with yocto is limited. The bitbake was working till about 1 month ago. Then I have received the error that dependency of one company recept package is missing << No local packages or download links found for pbr>=1.9 >> My gues is that some other package stopped require this particular package and it broke the dependency (it might be badly defined). Thus I added the dependency in image09:18
JKrecepy but the error remains. I have even tryed to create own recept for this package. I can see it by command bitbake-layers show-recipes but I still get the error ...09:18
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JKMy only gues is that the problem might be related to DEPENDENCY and RDEPENDENCY09:21
qschulzJK: missing DEPENDS +=09:21
qschulz"python-pbr" probably09:21
qschulzin python-tendo recipe09:21
JKwell I have added this change ....09:22
qschulzlooks like it might be looking for python-pbr to run on the host and not on the target, so try DEPENDS += "python-pbr-native"09:23
qschulzalso... Morty release? It's EOL for 3 years now :)09:24
qschulzotherwise, I've limited knowledge in python package recipes handling in Yocto, so if it still does not work, I can't suggest anything else..09:25
JKOK I will try and be right back ..... unfortunately I have too much to do on the project ... JS, python, VHDL etc.etc..... hw debuging ....09:25
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JKOK it seems it is working EXCELENT what is the difference in native package ?09:33
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qschulzJK: native package runs on the host, during compilation, target package runs on the target as the name implies. You need a target dependency in DEPENDS for headers, shared libraries that are used by the linker09:39
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JKWhat I do not understand is that it was working in the past. And stoped working not long time ago .... As you sad Morty is old. It should be stable. Howevet thanks a lot I would not gues -native ever. One last question. Is it difficult to migrate yocto ? Thanks a lot for Your help. It is much appeciated. I have spend a week on it :D09:41
JKNow I need to try that the device is working correctly and not missing the package ....09:42
qschulzJK: it does not need the pythn-pbr package on the target most likely, so it won't appear in your image09:43
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qschulzJK: two reasons: 1) host contamination, you had python-pbr installed on your desktop distribution and it disappeared or was uninstalled? 2) Morty still has bitbake-wide sysroot (it was changed in pyro to recipe-specific sysroot) which means if any recipe before python-tendo is built pulls the python-pbr-native recipe in the bitbake-wide sysroot, it'll be available to python-tendo. Obviously that09:48
qschulzmeans if DEPENDS aren't properly set, race conditions can occur. This also means if you happen to remove a recipe or package from your image or from dependencies of other packages, python-pbr-native might not make it to the bitbake-wide sysroot09:48
qschulzJK: migrating from bitbake-wide to recipe-specific sysroot is not always straightforward. There's also the jump from openssl 1.0 to openssl 1.1 probably, which might break your old source code if it does not get updated.09:49
splatchqschulz: building right now an older kernel release to test kernel downgrade :)09:50
qschulzBut before getting you hyped up with a Yocto upgrade, I think anyone (at least those planning for an upgrade) should know the basics of Yocto otherwise it's going to be a nightmare and constant confusion09:50
qschulzJK: as always "It depends" (TM)09:51
qschulzif you have a lot of recipes, legacy code, etc... it might take some time and be non-trivial09:51
JKYeah that is what I was thinking .... As I sad I inherited the project (not simple one) and I have to live with it as is ....09:51
qschulzthat's why we usually recommend updating often so the jumps aren't so big :)09:51
qschulzJK: staying with morty also mean highly outdated sw, with unfixed security issues (and missing features/optimization/bugfixes, etc...)09:52
JKfortunately, the use is specific in stand alone mode (requested).....09:53
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splatchI just did an upgrade from warrior to gatesgarth and it was a bit of pain due to changes in oe recipes and wireguard. Yet I would say someone with a minimum experience (as I am) was able to go through the process with container based builds. I did struggle a bit with host contamination, but it turned out to be my recipe error which I was able to trace with people's help here.09:54
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splatchhence, looking at my experiences I could recommend isolating build so you don't get false positives or fighting with host setup09:55
JKwhat exactly you mean by isolating ?09:55
splatchI inherited a project (rather simple) which rely on docker builds09:56
splatchso I haven't installed nor configured poky on my host machine09:56
JKI am also using docker .... so basicaly I run from scratch ech time ....09:57
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splatchJK: then you are in good place to start your transition. I found for example that I had to add DEPENDS or adjust RDEPENDS variables over the way. If you try going every second release maybe you will be finally able to streamline configs and get issues sorted.09:59
splatchI consider myself a n00b here (I run linux on daily basis, but that'd be it). I could not for example sort my build with zeus cause lack of time, then did two attempts with dunfell which also did not succeeed for various reasons. I guess sometimes it is a matter of luck and advices from people here!10:01
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JKOK thanks a lot, I will go now to continue in my work to fix firmware :) Something that I am a week delayed from by yocto :/10:02
splatchJK: welcome in the club :)10:02
splatchwe're waring same schoes10:02
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JK:D yeah ..... but I am HW engineer :D I am dealing with SW now and it is a lot to learn ...10:04
jsandmanHi! I'm trying to generate flashable image using some tools from my bsp provider. For that I added a MACHINE-bsp-native recipe to be used in the image recipe. I am trying to add a DEPENDS_machine += "machine-bsp-native" in my image recipe but I get a 'No such file or directory: 'cross-localedef'' error when the image recie does the do_rootfs stuff.10:06
jsandmanAny ideas why I am getting this?10:06
splatchjsandman: are you doing anything with gconv or localdef in your build?10:08
jsandmanI can't really tell right now. there are many components. At least for this bsp tool that should not be the case10:11
jsandmanThe thing is. If I just do DEPENDS +=  "machine-bsp-native". I seem to get the sysroot populated correctly. The problem comes when I do a pre-machine dependency with DEPENDS_machine += "machine-bsp-native"10:14
qschulzjsandman: DEPENDS_append_machine = " machine-bsp-native" then I assume is what you want10:25
qschulzjsandman: for the difference between DEPENDS_machine += and DEPENDS_append_machine ;)10:26
qschulzalso... I think you might want to have a look at IMAGE_CMD and add your own, and you can select it with IMAGE_FSTYPES IIRC in your machine.conf then i think there's an IMAGE_DEPS or something like this to specify on which rative recipe your IMAGE_CMD depends on10:29
qschulzpoky/meta/classes/image_types.bbclass is where most are defined10:29
jsandmanYeah! That seems to be working now. Thank you very much qschulz. I'll check that talk of yours. It will sure clear some things up.10:30
jsandmanThanks for the advise! I'll check that IMAGE_CMD too ;)10:30
qschulzjsandman: my pleasure, have fun!10:31
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thekappehello guys12:39
thekappewhile trying to bitbake my image, I got the following error:12:39
thekappeUninative selected but not configured correctly, please set UNINATIVE_CHECKSUM[x86_64]12:39
thekappeI've also had some previous problem with poky's uninative bbclass since the os.path.exists(loader) return with error. I fixed it (hopefully) changing it to os.path.exists(str(loader))12:41
thekappeI'm building from gatesgarth12:43
* RP ponders if ":" as an override character is an improvement:
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RPJPEW, kergoth, rburton: ^^^12:47
RPPerhaps we just have to start simple with this. Fixing that would then give the parser more options as we'd actually know what was an override and what was not12:48
RPThat will be a major pain to migrate to but I'm starting to think we're pinned in without doing it12:49
RPApart from the conversation, the package code will need heavy changes I suspect12:49
RPsince access to RDEPENDS12:50
RPsince access to RDEPENDS_${PN} no longer works12:50
JPEWIs that really an "override" though?12:50
RPJPEW: it is used as both :/12:50
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RPJPEW: certainly it was intended to be but it is used half and half12:53
qschulzRP: thanks for laying down your thoughts on the mailing list. I had a hard time following yesterday :)12:54
qschulzRP: I'll answer on the mail later, just a few questions: what about ??= and ?=, would yo have a FOO_weakval_weakval and FOO_weakval_defval?12:55
RPqschulz: weakval is ??=, I was ignoring ?= for now ;-)12:55
RP?= doesn't really equate well to overrides12:55
qschulzRP: what happens when you have FOO += "bar" followed by FOO = "baz"?12:55
RPtoday, baz gets set and bar gets dropped12:56
qschulzbut... why?12:56
RPqschulz: because that is the way the language is setup12:56
qschulzbecause FOO += "bar" is actually FOO_defval_append IIUC12:56
RPqschulz: right, in a new world, it becomes problemtic12:56
qschulzIf the changes are just internal (i.e. recipes do not need to change anything to be compatible with the next release), then it's fine. If it changes anything in the behavior (such as FOO += "bar" FOO = "baz" with the current suggestion), I feel like it's fine to also change the override delimiter from _ to :12:59
qschulzsince we're going to require changes anyways12:59
RPqschulz: the question is whether someone looking at the metadata can know what the correct change is12:59
JPEWqschulz: Some of your Pyrex changes don't pass the format check (run `black .`)12:59
qschulzJPEW: bad qschulz, bad.13:00
RPI'm ok to require changes to the metadata but I'm not sure we want to do things which create hard to find bugs13:00
JPEWRP: Is the expectation that the resulting recipes populate the same end variables in the datastore? I feel like a tool could be written to validate that13:01
RPJPEW: I did kind of start one. I'm thinking that could be useful to check13:01
RPit wouldn't cover things like the dynamic packaging code :/13:01
vmesonWe've been having trouble with the Yocto Autobuilder  load, if you'd like to help out or just find out what's going join:
RPThis is a meeting about trying to figure out the intermittent bugs13:02
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qschulzJPEW: kas actually disables known_hosts check in the container, would you be open to something similar for pyrex container images?13:09
JPEWEww, that's kinda terrifying :) What does the change look like (maybe we can make it optional)13:10
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thekappehello guys, while trying to bitbake my image, I got the following error:13:16
thekappeUninative selected but not configured correctly, please set UNINATIVE_CHECKSUM[x86_64]13:16
thekappeI've also had some previous problem with poky's uninative bbclass since the os.path.exists(loader) return with error. I fixed it (hopefully) changing it to os.path.exists(str(loader))13:16
thekappeI'm building from gatesgarth13:16
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lukmaI do have a question - what is procedure to get new layer added to:13:21
lukmaI would like to add meta-y203813:21
qschulzJPEW: I'll check again, but IIRC just adding StrictHostKeyChecking no to /etc/ssh/ssh_config?13:22
qschulzgithub can't find it in kas nor crops, so hopefully I didn't dream it last night :p13:22
JPEWlukma: You would add it to
JPEWlukma: The "Submit Layer" button at the top13:23
lukmaJPEW: Thanks13:24
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* RP has sent a summary of the override syntax change to the arch list13:57
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v2dhi all -- what would you guys use as an affordable headless mini PC for a modest build machine?14:01
rburtonwhat's "affordable"?14:01
rburtonfor some <$1K is affordable14:01
rburtonfor others that's a huge outlay14:01
v2dI don't need all Amazon power in my house, but a dedicated builder in my bench would be definitely more efficient than building on my laptop14:01
rburtoni'd just pick a budget and build a classic tower to fit14:02
rburtonAMD processor, as much ram and cpu as you can afford14:02
v2drburton good point, < $500 maybe?14:03
v2dI was looking at something like that but there might be better option to build :
JPEWv2d I don't know what you laptop is like but that would build pretty slow14:05
rburtonthe problem with mini stuff is the airflow sucks, which is the same problem you have with laptops14:05
JPEWv2d: I would take rburton advice and build a tower. Maximize CPU, I usually recommend 2-4 GB RAM per CPU core, and SSD disk if you can afford it14:06
v2dJPEW like 8-16Go RAM for a quad-core for instance?14:09
JPEWv2d: Ya14:10
rburtonmy last traditional builder was a dual socket xeon with 64gb of ram14:11
v2dpoky from scratch in 10 seconds14:11
rburtonha i wish14:11
rburtonthis was five years ago :)14:12
v2d64gb ram might not be enough for yocto anyway :>14:12
JPEWv2d: My current builder is a 18c/36t i9 with 64G RAM (not what I buy for myself though; AMD is better value)14:13
v2dis AMD better than intel for builds ?14:13
rburtonits typically slightly better value for money14:14
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v2ddo I need a big ass tower or is there a smaller case without compromising the air flow that you would recommend?14:17
TyakuHi, I would like to know what are the best practices to create a Yocto project under Git ? In my idea: One folder with submodules for all the "meta-*". The question is: What about the "build" folder with conf/local.conf and bblayers ?14:17
rburtondon't put that in git14:17
TyakuIs there a document somewhere that describe it ?14:17
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Tyaku<rburton> What do you mean by "that" ?14:18
rburtonbuild/ should never be in git14:18
Tyakuso, how do you share the bblayer and local.conf ?14:19
rburtonsubmodules work if you can handle them.  your layer can ship a template local.conf so creating a new build tree does the right thing out of the box.14:19
rburton is an example i did a few years ago of submodules + templates14:19
TyakuI found this:
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v2dTyaku the idea is that the local.conf should only contains your personally local tweaks, but it is often misused to carry shared stuffs. To simplify sharing a configuration with your workmates or whoever, look at tools like "kas" or "whisk" on github14:20
TyakuOk, i will check, but with the templates you are also able to store the bblayers ?14:20
LetoThe2ndyo ddX14:21
qschulzLetoThe2nd: o/14:21
rburtonTyaku: have a look at my example and you'll see14:21
LetoThe2ndqschulz: \o \m/14:21
v2dTyaku for example kas generates the local.conf and bblayers.conf for you from a .yml file describing your project. This yml file is what you track with git. Whisk should work likewise14:21
TyakuSo what is the best with <rburton> solution ?14:22
TyakuI think <rburton> solution is working out of the box (i see the .sample files)14:22
rburtonthe sample thing is separate from the kas thing14:22
rburtonand both *work*14:23
rburtonthey're just different choices14:23
TyakuWep I understand14:23
rburton'should I draw a picture with pens or pencils' doesn't have a single answer14:23
rburtonpersonally, i use kas for our CI setup and I like it14:23
RPrburton: crayon ;-)14:23
v2dI personally avoid git submodules if I can, but that's just me.14:24
TyakuYep thats another question. I think it depends if you need to use your meta for another projects14:25
TyakuThank you <rburton> and <v2d>14:25
frayI'm stepping into the middle of the conversation, but tracking multiple recipes instead of using a .yml or other file, RP and I had talked about using bblayers.conf or similar to control the setup and updating.  (Yes, it becomes OE specific, but the setup could then be part of bitbake directly.)14:27
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v2dfray not sure I follow. You'd put all tweaks from the has yml file in the bblayers.conf? how would you describe the images to build?14:49
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frayv2d no 'tweaks'..  the bblayers.conf would have contained all of the references to the repositories, and then a bitbake component could read it and fetch (and manage) them..14:56
fraythe fetch could be done by repo, git submodules, etc etc etc.  The how wasn't important, it was the common control language14:56
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JPEWfray: That's basically what we did with whisk15:06
v2dJPEW I might poke you in the next weeks about whisk, I do use kas at the moment to centralize the config, but I'm not fully satisfied with it, and I will likely use multiconfig to split builds for vanilla/dev/customer images, etc. Sooo, ... ;-)15:10
JPEWv2d: Sounds good15:11
v2dbtw what is the recommended way to clone private repositories from a local container? Mounting ~/.ssh sounds like a bad idea, is an ssh agent safer?15:14
qschulzyes, it's safer, in that it's not giving your private key15:22
v2dway to go then15:23
v2dthank you qschulz15:23
qschulzyou need to mount the file pointed by $SSH_AUTH_SOCK and pass the appropriate SSH_AUTH_SOCK env variable too15:24
qschulzyou can check if it works by using ssh-add -l in your container, if you get something, all good đź‘Ś15:25
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v2dqschulz you mount SSH_AUTH_SOCK read-only, right?16:01
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qschulzv2d: no, is it working if ro?16:19
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whuang89hi.. im not sure why I keep getting this error on the do_rootfs stage:16:58
whuang89Collected errors:16:58
whuang89 * Solver encountered 1 problem(s):16:58
whuang89 * Problem 1/1:16:58
whuang89 *   - nothing provides gstreamer1.0-python needed by python3-kivy-2.0.0-r0.aarch64-mx8mp16:58
whuang89 *16:58
whuang89 * Solution 1:16:58
whuang89 *   - do not ask to install a package providing python3-kivy16:58
whuang89gstreamer1.0 is provided in openembedded laer16:59
*** prabhakarlad <prabhakarlad!> has joined #yocto16:59
whuang89and my kivy recipe isn't asking for it =/17:00
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smurrayJPEW: I don't see any hash equiv specific testcases in oe-selftest, is the theory all tests are getting run with it because it's the default in poky?17:51
RPsmurray: try lib/bb/tests/ from bitbake-selftest17:54
*** vd <vd!> has left #yocto17:54
smurrayRP: ah, okay17:54
RPsmurray: its not great but there are some17:55
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* boo just realized that yocti is back18:27
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boobug #3133718:28
booYocto Bug 1234518:28
* boo files a warranty claim against yocti 18:29
RPboo: I think halstead may need to add the bugzilla plugin18:30
*** boo is now known as paulg18:30
paulgApparently  I'm incapable of editing an irc client config file in a way that sticks.18:32
RPpaulg: this software stuff is tricky18:33
paulgSure glad I don't have to write/maintain any of it to keep food on the table....18:34
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halsteadYep, I'll reinstall that plugin19:20
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JPEWpaulg: For a lot of software, I suspect you would either end up with the table on the food, or some error about `cannot import food`19:31
*** sakoman <sakoman!> has joined #yocto19:33
*** Dracos-Carazza_ is now known as Dracos-Carazza19:36
paulgJPEW,  "cannot import food" could also be MAGA or Brexit....19:38
RPshame we never made PACKAGECONFIG_pn-pizza = "ham mushroom red-pepper" work19:38
* paulg volunteers for run time testing19:40
paulg"Damn, it failed LTP ; we'll have to run it again."19:40
JPEWLTP = "LunchTastingProject"? I'm in19:41
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