Wednesday, 2021-07-21

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overridethe filesystem layout that wic creates, I can just dd that onto my emmc??00:37
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mckoangood morning07:08
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LetoThe2ndyo dudx08:03
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rburtonoverride: depends on what wic file you used, what your target is, and what the medium is, but that's the intention yes09:43
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wyredo you recommend to do a different recipe for a systemd application?10:32
wyreI mean, for a systemd service of an application?10:32
mckoanwyre: as the YoctoJester chants "it depends"10:36
rburtonwyre: in the application recipe would make a lot of sense10:39
rburtonso you can't have one without the other10:39
* LetoThe2nd shuffles off into lunch break, humming "ebony and ivory"...10:41
* LetoThe2nd ponders throwing something really sharp and pointy rburtons way10:41
wyrealso I'm trying to create a recipe for a python module so ... I should install it in /usr/lib/python3.7/site-packages, but could I do this directly?10:42
rburtonwyre: does the module support distutils/
rburtonis it on pypi already?10:42
wyrenope, it's not on pypi10:43
wyreand it won't be in there unfortunately10:43
wyreit's a local module10:43
rburtonassuming it's sensible and uses then just use distutils3.bbclass10:46
OutBackDingoanyone knows what branch/release gcc 9 was last in ? dunfell ?10:46
OutBackDingoseems its dunfell10:48
wyrerburton, could you provide me some example?10:58
wyreI mena, I've done the, how should I use distutils3 ?11:04
wyrein the recipe?11:04
wyreI mena, I'd appreciate some example to create my recipe11:06
OutBackDingook, so did something change in guthub ? alot of fetches failing, no master branches, now main ?11:11
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wyrewhy it says it cannot find when it's in the workdir? rburton11:31 is in the working directory, so ... why it cannot found it?11:33
rburtonwyre: you didn't set S and you're fetching from git?11:36
rburtoneasier for you to debug than me, that log tells you what S *is*, and you can see what it actually unpacked too, not me11:36
wyrerburton, that's the recipe11:37
wyrethe log contains the very same I've just pasted11:38
wyreand I can't see there what S is11:38
rburtonls tmp/work/cortexa7t2hf-neon-poky-linux-gnueabi/python3-dp1642gw-api/1.0-r0/dp1642gw-dev/ <-- that is not what you set as S11:38
wyrehowever, in the recipe I'm setting S as ${WORKDIR}11:39
rburtonthe unpacker is mirroring the local file structure11:39
rburtonyour local files are in a directory so it copies the structure11:39
rburtonand if your installs properly then you can just get rid of most of that install_append11:40
wyrerburton, apparently the is working but it generates an .egg file11:49
wyreso I cannot see what's actually installing11:50
* LetoThe2nd bites keyboard11:50
LetoThe2ndmust... not... type... pun....11:50
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rburtonwyre: a properly written will install properly anyway, as the class tells it to12:14
overrideCan we only dd a disk image, or can we dd just the rootfs as well? To further elaborate what I'm trying to figure: The disk layout shown here, lets say I ive added another blocks of rootfs to it. Any updates to my board's rootfs, Id try to write to this additional rootfs partition I added. Im trying to see if thats12:14
overrideeven possible. Can we dd a rootfs (an ext4 file), or does it have to be a complete wic image. If its the latter, then on my emmc would the two partitions look something like this |{imx-boot boot rootfs}| |{imx-boot boot rootfs}|?12:14
rburtonwith ext4 in IMAGE_FSTYPES you get just a bare ext4 if that's what you want12:14
rburtonyou could manually dd that into the right partition12:15
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dv_I've seen command lines that try to set the build's nice level by calling "nice bitbake", and other setups that use BB_TASK_NICE_LEVEL in local.conf instead12:18
dv_it is my impression that the second approach is better, but I don't know the details12:19
dv_anybody knows more?12:19
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overriderburton: that's partly what's confusing me right now. I was given the impression that complete disk images are wis. when I set IMAGE_FSTYPES to ext4 id get a complete disk image in ext4 format some how? It would include everything  {imx-boot boot rootfs}, and not just the rootfs? why's ext4 usually just associated with root file systems then? why can IMAGE_FSTYPES be set to wic, when wic is considered to12:21
overridebe a disk image?12:21
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rburtonif you set image fstypes to ext4 then the image you ask for is put in an ext4 file system.  a wic takes the root filesystem (when its just a directory) and makes partition tables, pulls in other files such as bootloaders, etc.12:22
rburtona ext4 isn't a disk image, its just a partition12:22
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overriderburton: so let me ask you this why are we able to set IMAGE_FSTYPES to wic or ext4 when only ext4 is an file system type and not wic?12:26
rburtonwic is a tool that takes instruction (the wks file) to build a disk image from root filesystems12:27
rburtonthe main root filesystem being the image you built in the first place12:27
JPEWoverride: you have 2 separate cases: first you need to create the initial flash image with two partitions, for which wic is an option. Second, you need to update one of the partitions, which you can do by dd'ing the ext4 image into the partition12:30
overriderburton: feel free to link me some stackoverflow or something if you feel like im just going around in circles. Would it be correct to say that when we set IMAGE_FSTYPE to ext4 we wont really get a disk image at all? we are just getting a partition with the file system in it?12:31
overrideJPEW: Im losing my mind here just understanding why is that we call a partition with the ext4 rootfs an image? like you just said the "ext4 image into the partition", wouldnt that just be the rootfs and not the entire disk image???12:33
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rburtonyes, IMAGE_FSTYPES never promised to be a "disk image"12:34
rburtoninput is an image, which is a filesystem tree on disk.  output is... something.12:34
rburtonset IMAGE_FSTTYPES to tar.gz and you get a tarball12:34
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rburtonext4 and you get a ext4 file system on disk which contains that tree12:35
rburtonwic will invoke the wic tool which uses the kickstart file you specify to do further operations, like making a partition tables, pulling in a bootloader, etc12:35
rburtonthe problem is that 'image' is a somewhat overloaded term12:36
rburtona full disk image includes the partition table, which obviously isn't part of an ext412:37
overridethanks for patiently explaining me all this, think I get it now.12:38
rburtonbasically, do_image is input: directory tree as defined by the image recipe, output: whatever you tell it in IMAGE_FSTYPES12:39
rburtonyou can do anything in an image fstype: ext4.md5 will write a md5 checksum file for your ext412:39
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overrideIm also trying to understand where exactly the partion tables at? if the wks were to look like this
rburton--ptable msdos says to create a classic doc partition table12:42
rburtonanoyingly thats not in the docs12:43
overrideim guessing its a thing to have no partition table at all? I dont see any --ptable msdos in the wks in looking at. Ive definitely come across that term in my bed time reading on file systems, wic, and all things related..12:45
overridemaybe --no-table means no partition table?12:46
overrideis the partition table usually defined in the u-boot partition?12:46
rburtonhow can the partition table be defined inside a partition? :)12:48
rburtoni believe what that imx one is doing is putting the uboot at the beginning of the disk, then a partition table and the partitions12:48
overridewhat do you even call that contraption that has the partion table12:50
overrideif its not a partition12:50
rburtonits just a bit of the disk12:50
overriderburton: thanks youve been immensely helpful this morning12:51
overrideJPEW: so I didnt have my logs turned on till this morning, and you prolly told me this before, but can you link me to some wks that creates an initial flash image with two partitions?12:52
rburtonno idea if its the same board but page 14 documents the disk layout the imx is after12:53
JPEWoverride: I don't have an example of that, sorry12:53
overridewe would call those two partions rootfs im thinking?12:53
overrideswap out the rootfs and youd get all the new python modules and stuff?12:54
JPEWoverride: I think so. If you play around with the wks file for a while I think you can get it figured out12:54
overrideI just wana get my ducks in a row before I start playing around. With the chip shortage going on my entire company's only got a handful of these eval kits from toradex. If I brick it, I wont hear the end of it.12:55
JPEWoverride: Will it boot from an SD card?12:57
overridefor now I could have it boot from an sd card even12:57
overridefor like a POC thing12:57
JPEWoverride: That's what I would do until you have the bootloader working12:57
overrideeventually, i think what I want to do is set eveything up on sd card then dd it to the eMMC on the board12:58
JPEWoverride: Yep, that's what we do on our factory assembly line12:58
qschulzoverride: I believe most iMX SoCs have a USB boot mode via USB OTG and the uuu tool when there's nothing on any boot storage media12:58
qschulzI've seen that on i.mx6, 7 and 812:58
qschulzand since it boots via something uploaded to volatile memory, no risk of bricking it12:59
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angoliniI don't think you will get to brick a toradex board only by copying images to the emmc or sdcard. And yes, uuu is always an alternative13:00
overrideyeah, ive used the uuu. the uuu thing was what got me doing this a/b scheme for updating stuff to beging with (I will use it later to for in field updates and all) the uuu just doesnt work on macs, so Im doing this now..13:01
overridebut yeah, its good to know I wont brick anything13:01
angoliniI don't know which toradex board you're using, but probably it can be used with uuu13:01
overrideim using the verdin, so yeah im familiar with uuu and all13:01
angoliniwe used to have a sdcard image type on meta-freescale... I mean, on the past13:02
angolinimaybe this is something you want to play with13:02
angoliniit was a bbclass13:02
overrideyou got a link for its wks? I can checkout the meta-freescale repo too13:03
overrideThanks for the help guys. I better take the plunge now and just start trying out different wks files i guess13:04
_franck_hi, I'm using "devtool modify" to work on a project. I can build the recipe with "devtool build $MYPROJECT". However, when I build my image, it seems like it uses the other recipe (the original one, not in /workspace) and do_populate_lic crashes13:04
_franck_do I miss a step ?13:04
override_franck_ do a bitbake reset <recipe> on the one you dont want no more?13:05
_franck_it will reset the one not in ./workspace ?13:05
overrideshould reset whereever the recipe you give it is at I think?!13:06
_franck_is "bitbake reset" a thing ?13:07
overridethink its devtool reset13:11
overrideand not bitbake, sorry.13:11
qschulzangolini: sdcard images were replaced by wic in most cases IIRRC13:11
qschulzmeta-raspberrypi still hasn't migrated though:
qschulz_franck_: look at the layer priority of the layer holding the original recipe and devtool's13:16
qschulzbitbake-layers show-layers or something like that should give you the info you want13:16
_franck_qschulz: sounds good, let me see13:17
_franck_workspace is at the very end of the list13:18
_franck_nedd to find how to change that13:18
qschulz_franck_: it does not matter much, the layer priority (it's a variable in layer.conf) matters first13:18
qschulzthen among layers of the same priority, the order in which they are listed in BBLAYERS in bblayers.conf matters13:19
_franck_ah yes, the number at the end of each lines. workspace = 9913:19
qschulzthen it should have priority13:21
qschulzI think youmight find interesting log if you do bitbake -DDD <recipe>13:22
qschulzand then check the reasons why a recipe was taken and not the other13:22
qschulzbut it seems like something broken in your layers/devtool becauyse devtool  modify basically just creates a bbappend for the original recipe13:22
_franck_ok thanks you, I'll dig this up and come back13:23
qschulzso except if the bbappend is ignored for some reason, or its content overriden from another bbappend (which is unlikely because its priority is 99, probably the highest of all yours)13:23
qschulzI don't see why it wouldn't be used13:23
qschulzcan you tell us exactly what you're seeing and what makes you think bitbake isn'13:24
qschulzt using the devtool'ed recipe?13:24
_franck_I'll try with -DDD13:24
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_franck_it parses the main bb file -> OK, it appends the .bbappend file -> OK then it does do_populate_lic from the build dir, from a directory that doesn't exist: WARNING: kernel-module-esp32sdio-0.1-r0 do_populate_lic: Could not copy license file ..../kernel-module-esp32sdio/0.1-r0/git/....13:35
_franck_I don't have this git directory13:35
angoliniyes, @qschulz, a long time ago13:40
smurrayRP JPEW: I need a bigger build machine, oom killer kicked in overnight when I tried generating load with oe-selftest -j 4 ;)13:46
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paulbarkersmurray: That's exactly what happened to me. On my machine running oe-selftest with parallelism munched through 64GB RAM, 8GB swap and then died13:51
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smurraypaulbarker: it looks like I have enough swap to get through with -j 2, but it takes quite a while13:55
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paulgdid the oom killer identify something with an unreasonable RSS, or did it do the usual circular firing squad thing?14:17
* paulg has no idea what lives inside oe-selftest.14:17
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paulgspeaking of parallel - can we revert meta-yocto f83319541  ??      Hiding the parallel options in the extended sample means they aren't copied to the autogenerated default (as commented out) local.conf14:32
paulgAnd then when starting with a new build or project, one has to go hunting for them to ensure one has the names correct vs. simply just uncommenting them.14:32
paulgI can't imagine I'm the only one who would rather manually set parallelism values fairly regularly.14:34
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frayI don't screw with them often, but honestly it's always a pain when I'm on a shared machine and need to look up the right variables to set..  I'd love to have them back in the same file, but shorten the explanation leaving the default value in the bitbake.conf14:36
fray(yes I know they're in the sample.extended, but nobody ever looks there because that file doesn't end up in the build directory like local.conf does)14:37
paulgthe referenced commit moved them from the sample to sample.extended14:37
Xagenwhen a build is started with bitbake, which mechanism is used to determine which packages are already built that it can pull from for dependencies?14:37
fray(there is a third setting which was never in the documented references to control the paralleization of the parsing as well.  I also need to look that one up in bitbake)14:37
paulgand I don't want to look at sample.extended since I know it isn't used by default and worry it may contain bitrot.14:38
frayon a tangently related topic, I've been fighting people using rm_work on shared machines recently and the disk I/O is REALLY bad with a ton of people trying to rm at the same time across teh shared disks..14:39
paulgwhee,  I can only imagine.14:40
frayI'm wondering of do_rm_work[number_threads] = "1" (or some similar small number) might actually speed up disk I/O for everyone and real-world times..14:40
frayhadn't considered trying that until just now14:40
paulgdo_rm_work[12 hours from now]14:41
frayunfortunately that won't work in my situation.. :P  These shared machines have criminally small amounts of storage on them shared between 20 and 30 users..14:41
paulgdoesn't help if you have people from all time zones on the machine either.14:41
fraytimed a build yesterday, and 95% of the execution time was spent on sstate-cache extraction and rm_work..14:42
paulgthat had to be blindingly fast.  :-(14:42
fray25 minutes (real-clock) time for equivalent for bitbake core-image-minimal when most of sstate-cache was used..14:43
fray(note the 'most' not all)14:43
fraylisted 'system time' as 95 seconds..14:43
wyrerburton, the works as expected, however I'm still having the same issue with bitbake, it cannot open the file14:47
rburtonwyre: because your S isn't where the files are unpacking14:47
rburtonthe fetcher is mirroring the directory structure, so your is not in WORKDIR, but a subdirectory of it14:48
wyrerburton, so should I set S to the directory containing or force the to be in the working directory?14:51
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*** camus1 is now known as camus14:59
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wyrerburton, now I have problems with another file install: cannot stat "'dp1642gw_dev/': No such file or directory"15:05
rburtonget your installing on its own, and drop all that15:05
rburtonthats most likely because you just changed S and now your relative paths are all wrong15:06
wyrerburton, well, I'd like to put these scripts in /usr/bin15:06 is in the same folder than setup.py15:06
rburton <-- how to install stuff to /usr/bin with setup.py15:07
wyreoh, I see can be because the install statements15:07
wyrethey have still the folder15:07
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wyrerburton, now I'm having problems with the systemd services, again the problem about "files were installed but not shipped in any package"15:15
wyreoh, I need to set FILES 🤔15:16
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rburtoninherit systemd should do that?15:18
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wyrehere is being done explicitly ... 🤔15:19
mckoanrburton: \o/15:24
rburtonwyre: well, many recipes in oe-core don't15:25
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Ad0I run dunfell. I completely forgot how I can patch the kernel with bitbake17:37
Ad0I need to reintroduce a kernel function that was removed in a later kernel heh17:37
*** wing0 <wing0!~wing0@2804:431:c7ed:6171:bb13:7508:2998:4a1b> has joined #yocto17:38
Ad0"2.4. Using devtool to Patch the Kernel" right?17:41
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whuang0389so why does Yocto do this? My image builds fine incrementally. When I delete my cache (tmp sstate-cache and deploy), do a full rebuilding (minus the download), the build fails on some recipes18:04
overridewhats the difference between a .wic.gz and wic.bmap? which should I be writing to a sdcard. Can someone also please suggest a dd command for writing to an sdcard?18:08
kergothoverride: the .bmap is just information for bmaptool to use when writing .wic or .wic.gz or .wic.bz2.18:08
kergothoverride: you need both18:08
kergothbmaptool is the best way, but dd will do, in which case you woudln't need the .bmap18:09
rfs613whuang0389: by "incrementally" do you mean running bitbake again? If nothing changed, the previous build (from sstate) will be used, it won't rebuild from scratch.18:09
whuang0389incrementally meaning yes, using sstatecache. I would add new recipes to the build and rebuild the image with previous cache. Just now I deleted my cache, tmp, and deploy folder to do a full rebuild and it fails =/18:10
overridethe .wks that is shown under deploy, is that the one that gets used or something? I didnt put it there, but I somehow see a copy18:11
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rburtonoverride: bmaptool optimises writing images which typically have a lot of empty space. the bmap file says where the holes are, and bmaptool just writes the actual content.  When you have a 4GB image with 3.8GB of empty space, that makes a huge difference18:13
rfs613whuang0389: okay, i see, so the issue is that your incremental builds are not building everything. So you either have some broken/incompatible recipes, or there are dependencies which are not explicit (so it works when you add one at a time, but not when you ask bitbake to build everything from scratch)18:13
overriderburton: ok cool. and whats the deal with the .wks under deploy. is that suppose to mean something?18:14
overrideis that bitbakes way of saying what got used for making the .wic image?18:14
JPEWoverride: ^^ correct18:15
overridecool and this bmptool should come with yocto like those oe-utils or no?18:15
whuang0389yea =/  so is it proper to wipe the cache each time we add a new recipe?18:15
JPEWoverride: It's not an OE tool... you can usually install it from your host distro18:16
JPEWoverride: e.g.
kergothoverride: .wks is a file used to tell wic how to construct the image. the image build process may well write it to deploy for informational purposes, but its not needed for deployment18:18
rfs613whuang0389: it seems like overkill to me, but I guess it depends where the recipes are coming from. My setup is fairly static, not adding layers or recipes very much, so I don't really notice any problems.18:18
kergothOT, but I had a python task that refused to output anything at all but was erroring, so used to inject python function call tracing into the task18:18
kergothproved to be useful in the end18:18
overridekergoth: for some reason my new .wks isnt getting picked up, or atleast in deploy i keep seeing the old one. do i need to run clean or something?18:20
kergothif WKS_FILE is correct ( run bitbake -e yourimage | grep WKS_FILE=), then it used the right one18:20
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overridecan I do a lsblk or something on a .wic disk image before writing it to my board?18:32
overrideJPEW: know some command that'll make uboot boot from the wic image from the sd card (when there is already an image loaded on the board at first bootup)18:37
whuang0389i think i used that before18:38
whuang0389to inspect contents18:38
JPEWoverride: Not off the top of my head18:40
overridewhere would be a good place to look, something thatll set the uboot environment vars to reboot from sd-card18:42
whuang0389boot_targets? (not sure18:43
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rfs613override: typically you would use somethign like "fatload mmc 0:1 $loadaddr filename"18:44
*** LetoThe2nd <LetoThe2nd!> has joined #yocto18:45
rfs613this is assuming your SD card is using FAT/VFAT formattting... which in turn depends on how the wic.bz2 was constructed.18:45
overridelet me go check what the wks says for formatting18:46
rfs613a common setup is 1st partition is VFAT and contains kernel + devicetree, and possibly a ramdisk.18:46
overridebootimg-patition does seem to have vfat18:46
overridethe rootfs is in ext418:46
rfs613right, so the ext4 is probably the 2nd partition in that case18:47
overriderfs613: this is what im trying to go for -
rfs613override: okay, looks like you've gone one additional partition at the start, for u-boot. So shift the numbers I said by one.18:49
overridehmm ill checkout that fatload command. trying to see that 0:1 is for18:50
rfs613in your case it will be 0:2.. the first is device number (0 based) and the second is partition (1 based).18:51
rfs613you can also use "fatls mmc 0:2" from u-boot prompt, you should see the contents of your "/boot" partition.18:52
overridevery cool. thanks18:52
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kergothoverride: how to boot your device from sd depends on how the board boots, in some cases there's a multi-level uboot setup, in others it's a dip switch, etc. check your board documentation19:24
overridei forgot, how can i explicty declare what wks to use. and where was I putting that in? distro.conf or machine.conf?19:25
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Guest26I added gles2 to IMAGE_INSTALL_append in my local.conf file but when I build I get ERROR: nothing provides "gles2"  I guess I have to add something else?19:42
whuang0389usually the graphic stuff is provided by vendor.. no?19:44
overridekergoth: ill get to the board boot scheme in a bit, can you rmind me where and how I can explicity define what .wks to use?19:47
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Guest26I'm using meta-qt I thought it would be in that? I'm new to yocto. I also added PACKAGECONFIG+="gles2" in my new recipies-qt/qt5/qtbase_git.bbappend file19:47
LetoThe2ndGuest26: i don't think there's a package for that, maybe you want virtual/gles2 or something like that? (just guessing, no graphics guy)19:47
LetoThe2ndi'd expect it to be indirectly provided by mesa19:48
overridekergoth: I made changes to my default one, but im trying to explicity name a wks in my image recipe or something. just so that everything stays in the meta i got access to19:49
Guest26Oh mesa, I'll see it that is turned on.19:49
whuang0389you should probably do bitbake -vn virtual/gles2 (i think it's that command)19:51
LetoThe2ndGuest26: don't randomly try and install stuff. 1) IMAGE_INSTALL doesn't belong into local.conf. 2) try to understand what you need, and where you get it. if in doubt, look at demo images/distros by your vendor.19:51
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overrideJPEW: I forgot what var lets you explictly defien the name for a .wks file. remeber you telling me once, but ofcourse my logging wasnt on then...19:55
overridenot sure if talks about .wks name variable19:56
JPEWoverride: WKS_FILE19:57
overridethanks, and I should be defining that in image recipe?19:58
Guest26LetoThe2nd: Yeah I'm working on a project someone who left here a year ago setup and all the bitbake stuff runs from Cmake. I am kinda hacking around, we are using a Kontron board but NXP bsp.19:59
JPEWusually in machine.conf19:59
overrideok cool. thanks20:00
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LetoThe2ndGuest26: unfortunately thats a classic story "i just inherited and am trying to beat it into shape". start small. put the target aside. learn the basics of distro vs. image vs. machine. create a layer, create an image, create a handful of testing recipes. then come back to the original task.20:01
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Guest26LetoThe2nd: Thanks, good advice, I should have found this IRC channel 2 weeks ago!20:06
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LetoThe2ndGuest26: i'd suggest to find yourself a drink and bingewatch
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