Thursday, 2021-08-05

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vmesonRP thanks I was going to apply that elfutils patch but you have it in master-next already !00:02
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mckoangood morning06:48
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX and mckoans07:08
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RPvmeson: it fixes x86 but not arm :/07:35
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LetoThe2ndyö, even!08:22
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override/window 311:33
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mseeberin case a machine config file is present in two layers, how does bitbake determine which file to use? From testing, it seems to me, that the layer priority is ignored but ordering of the layers inside bblayers.conf determines which config file is used. Is this the intended behavior? (tested on on zeus)15:01
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qschulzmseeber: it is based on BBPATH defined in layer.conf15:03
qschulzsince each layer is appending by default to the existing BBPATH, the consequence is that indeed, the "precedence" depends on the order from BBLAYERS in bbalyers.conf15:04
qschulzs/appending by default/by default appending/15:05
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qschulzmmmm to be checked15:08
mseeberthanks, that explains the behavior.15:08
qschulz checked :)15:09
qschulzmichaelo: and do not match and that's not good :)15:09
qschulzspecifically leaving out an important piece of information15:09
mseeberThat sounds to me, that there is no way to prioritize machine configs through layer priorities, which means the only safe way is to include the old config in the new one (with the same file name) and override the variables.15:13
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qschulzas for bbclasses, conf files aren't meant to be extended15:15
qschulzso you have to write a new one which include the other15:15
qschulzplease use different names15:15
mseeberah, that makes sense15:16
qschulzbut you can use MACHINEOVERRIDES to tell Yocto that they are in fact of the same "family"15:16
mseeberthanks a lot! i will look into that15:16
qschulzmseeber: my pleasure, have fun!15:17
mseeber3rd party bsps are always fun ;)15:17
qschulzthat's not the word I would have used :)15:19
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RPmoto-timo: I don't think we show the output of the link I posted to in triage so vmeson's approach to addressing this may be better, not sure15:33
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halstead[m]dl9pf: Do you know who set up the matrix bridge? It seems it's missing messages.
moto-timoRP: agreed, ptest runner is using SIGKILL which is where the 9 came from.16:17
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moto_timo[m]halstead: pretty sure shoragan was involved?16:23
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shoraganmoto_timo[m], hmm, according to the #libera-matrix topic, the bridge is up and running...16:38
halstead[m]shoragan: Could you respond the the bug asking for whatever detail might help?16:39
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shoraganhalstead[m], hmm, need to create a bugzilla account first....16:41
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RPhalstead, shoragan: michaelo is here FWIW16:49
shoraganhalstead[m], RP: i've replied to the bug16:52
RPshoragan: thanks16:52
shoraganmichaelo, if you notice anything strange, you can also ping me here16:55
michaeloshoragan: thanks for your help.16:55
michaeloshoragan: the issue may be on my side, but on my Matrix client (, the last message I see is the "shoragan: Could you respond..." one from almost 20 minutes ago.16:56
michaeloAnybody else on Matrix? khem? Do you have all the latest messages?16:57
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shoragan[m]michaelo: It works fine for me.16:58
shoragan[m]And I'm on as well.16:58
michaeloJust received all the messages in a burst. Maybe that's because my client is dealing with more than one Matrix server at the same time (which I was surprised it could do). Let me check in a dedicated tab.17:00
shoragan|mThis is from a federated matrix server.17:01
shoragan[m]So currently it seems to work fine at least for my two matrix accounts.17:02
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halsteadmichaelo: Your last message on the Matrix side still hasn't arrived here. Hrmm..17:06
michaelo[m]Thanks for confirming this!17:08
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shoraganmichaelo[m], your last message took a long time...17:09
michaelo[m]1Yes, indeed17:09
shoraganmaybe federation between and is not good?17:09
michaelo[m]1But not these two ones 🙃17:10
michaelo[m]1shoragan: right, that must be because of the way is configured.17:10
michaelo[m]1Because when I use my account, everything just works smoothly.17:11
michaelohalstead, shoragan: many thanks for your help and for testing on your side. I can fix the bug now.17:12
shoragan[m]michael.o: check if your synapse instance has enough disk IO and RAM. we had similar issues last year when the instance was still running on HDDs.17:12
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michaelo... while we address the issues.17:12
vdis do_image_squashfs_append_override supposed to work, given "override" is in OVERRIDES?17:14
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vdhow can I append a task for a specific override?17:53
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overridehow can I see what PACKAGECONFIG gets resolved to for openembedded-core/meta/recipes-gnome/gtk+/gtk+3.inc17:56
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jsbronderoverride: bitbake -e gtk+3 | grep -B 20 '^PACKAGECONFIG'18:11
overridethanks jsbronder!18:11
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rpcmeIs there an estimate of a target date for yocto-check-layer to go active for dunfell?  I will want to ensure that I am available when it goes live "just in case"...18:54
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RPsakoman: see rpcme above19:52
sakomanrpcme: The patches were sent to the mailing list for review this morning.  If there are no objections I'll send a pull request to Richard at end of day Monday, and they will go live once he takes the pull request19:53
sakomanThe 3.1.10 QA report comes out tomorrow, so I have been avoiding pushing anything to dunfell just in case they find an issue at the last minute19:54
sakomanfwiw, meta-aws, meta-intel, and meta-openembedded all passed the check-layer-nightly build in my test branch19:58
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yates_workthere is a recipe for libffi in oe: meta/recipes-support/libffi/libffi_3.3.bb20:32
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yates_workis there anything anywhere else in oe that depends on libffi being version 3.3?20:32
yates_workasked another way, is the mere presence of the recipe what establishes version 3.3 of libffi?20:33
yates_worki ask because i need to use a newer version20:33
rpcmesakoman: thank you very much - love the progress - will ensure I'm around Monday20:34
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Xagenyates_work: I've upgraded versions before by simply changing the version in the recipe filename as that's what is used when it's pulling it from the repo20:48
Xagenyates_work: i've generally only ever had to do that and change checksums if it's not pulling from a git repo20:49
yates_workXagen: thanks. so if you have version 3.3 in one layer and version 3.4 in another, yocto will choose the latest version?21:03
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Xagenyou can set your PREFERRED_VERSION_libffi to your target version if there are multiple ones available21:04
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vdFOO ??= "A" ; FOO_append = "B"; would FOO equal "AB"?21:19
vdok, _append really happens after the assignment, regardless the assignment was weak or not.21:21
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