Wednesday, 2021-09-08

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wCPOIf I want a recipe executing only do_deploy, should I just add a noop do_install and "addtask deploy after do_install" or is there a smarter way?07:04
kanavinthe sad truth about warnings is that they never get fixed, and people just ignore them07:06
kanavinthe best course of action is to give everyone hard errors, even though this inevitably causes anger07:07
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kanavinLinus discovers what (I think) RP had known for years ;)07:09
RPkanavin: heh :)07:31
kanavinRP: but perhaps overwhelming people could have been avoided - warnings to errors could be a gradual pre-planned and clearly scheduled transition rather than a flag day07:32
kanavin(I mean in the kernel, not in yocto :)07:33
kanavinand btw rngd swelling and causing oom is potentially serious, I'll try to look time permitting07:34
mihaithat's the first take after major gcc upgrade which changes warnings into errors, first commits disables errors :)07:35
wyreis ${S} by default ${WORKDIR}=07:38
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mihaiwCPO: you could disable them do_task[noexec] = "1"07:40
mihainot sure if it's smarter07:40
mihaithe same is done for image recipes, afaik07:41
qschulzwyre: no07:41
wyreI'm trying to make a proper do_fetch task but my gitlab repo is private and I'm not sure if deploy tokens could help me07:44
qschulzwyre: bitbake -e <anyrecipe> | less and go to the first line starting with S=, then look into the history of the variable, the first line is usually the default07:44
wyreoh, I see07:45
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qschulzrecommended to use ssh key access that is setup for the building machine07:45
qschulzby far the easiest I assume07:46
qschulz(that's all I have ever used)07:46
wyreqschulz, do you have some doc as guide?07:46
wyreqschulz, the problem is I'm using a docker container07:47
qschulzwyre: nothing to be done on yocto side except specify protocol to be ssh07:47
qschulzwyre: ssh-agent forwarding is the answer07:47
qschulzPyrex does it, CROPS might be doing it, I imagine kas is doing it too07:47
qschulz -v $SSH_AUTH_SOCK:/tmp/ssh_auth_sock -e SSH_AUTH_SOCK=/tmp/ssh_auth_sock -e SSH_AGENT_PID is what I pass to custom containers (crops seems to require this from my shell history)07:48
qschulz-v ~/.ssh/known_hosts:/home/pokyuser/.ssh/known_hosts:ro also07:49
qschulzbut really, you should just use whatever is already available instead of reinventing the wheel07:49
qschulzif it does not fully match your use case, you can patch/fork/contribute to it and or extend it07:50
qschulzRP: I like the argument being "the layer works with multiple poky releases without doing anything". Literally in the same sentence or the next one "I just needed to backport this class"... So are you saying it is in fact not compatible :D?07:51
wyreqschulz, you mean when you do the docker run command?07:51
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qschulzand yeah, I've circonvened that check at my previous company too.. And considering how many warnings there were when I arrived and how concerned the devs were about them, we sure don't want to turn it into a warning :D07:52
wyreqschulz, also ... where should I specify ssh as protocol for yocto?07:54
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qschulzwyre: see the link to the git fetcher08:00
qschulzwyre: yes, for CROPS i add those arguments to podman (should be more or less the same for Docker) when running the container08:00
qschulzPyrex should be doing it for you IIRC08:03
RPkanavin: with the warnings/errors you need to get them under control over time08:05
RPkanavin: I was wondering about rngd, whether it really was using all the memory and why08:05
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kanavinRP: I am watching another lttng stress-test going on now. ps aux give:08:09
kanavinroot       328  7.2 48.4 1283444 985008 ?      Ssl  07:52   1:12 /usr/sbin/rngd -r /dev/hwrng08:09
kanavinthis does not look healthy at all08:09
kanavinI'll check if this is x86 specific08:10
wyrecannot I set SRCREV as a branch name?08:10
kanavinwyre, what's the use case?08:11
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kanavinRP: much healthier on arm:08:13
kanavinroot       326  0.9  0.0 300628  1996 ?        Ssl  05:20   1:40 /usr/sbin/rngd -r /dev/hwrng08:13
qschulzwyre: see git fetcher link above, there's a branch parameter08:13
qschulzand also which I assume is what you're after (auto-pulling new commits of a branch?) Note that this is seen as a development feature only and shouldn't be used for any release build08:14
wyreqschulz, I apparently have to set SRCREV08:14
RPkanavin: that does seem rather worrying08:16
wyreqschulz, ok, I've set SRCREV as ${AUTOREV} but bitbake is not able to fetch the repository, despite I'm able to clone it with git:// (ssh) from the inside of the container08:18
wyreI can see a message saying "fatal: Unable to look up (port 9418) (Name or service not known)"08:19
qschulzwyre: SRCREV should store the commit hash08:20
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qschulzif not set to AUTOREV08:20
wyreit's set to AUTOREV08:20
qschulzthe commit needs to be available in the branch passed in the "branch" parameter of the git fetcher. if it's not specified, it's master08:20
wyreI've specified the branch, sure08:21
wyreI mean, I've specified the branch with branch parameter and SRCREV is set as "${AUTOREV}"08:21
wyrehere is my recipe
qschulzwyre: can your container actually do a git clone of that specific git repo?08:22
wyreqschulz, apparently it can08:23
wyreI've tested it manually and it's able to fetch it08:23
qschulzwyre: carefully read the git fetcher documentation08:23
qschulzit's ; and not ,08:23
qschulzyou're missing the protocol argument I told you08:23
qschulzand the URL is incorrect, use the clone button on gitlab for ssh connection, after you should have a : and not a /08:24
qschulzand S should be set to ${WORKDIR}/git08:24
wyreok, done and still the same
wyrein fact I've replaced : with / to try if that was the problem08:26
qschulzyou're missing protocol=ssh in the git fetcher08:27
wyreqschulz, well, I've set also protocol but still doesn't fetch
qschulzand the recipe?08:32
qschulzwyre: i told you about the protocol of the git fetcher08:32
qschulzit's an argument08:32
qschulzI didn't tell you to replace git with ssh08:32
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Guest4845Hello (cruel) World!08:34
wyreqschulz, I mean, I didn't replace git with ssh ๐Ÿ˜ž I'm not sure why bitbake is printing urls with ssh://08:34
qschulzthen I guess try with / instead of : in the URL since it says it cannot resolve After that, I'm clueless sorry08:36
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wCPOWhen would I use do_<stage>[depends] over just DEPENDS ?08:46
kanavinRP: not too worrying for master branch. There's a botched upstream release of libjitterentropy in my branch, with that reverted rngd is back to normal.08:49
kanavinRP: issue filed, update deferred
RPkanavin: good to at least know the cause, thanks!09:03
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kanavinRP: this means we may have achieved issue-free ptests for lttng - I'll run the robustness tests a few more times. They've yet to fail on arm.09:04
kanavin(I hope the x86 fail was in fact due to rngd)09:04
wyreqschulz, now it works, thank you ๐Ÿ˜€, the problem now is that python3 cannot find but I guess I can deal with it09:05
qschulzwyre: :+1:09:06
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fbreHi, if the .c file is located in .../build/tmp/work-shared/mymachine/kernel-source/drivers/net/ethernet/freescale, in which folder does bitbake put the .o file?09:18
fbre...on building the kernel09:18
RPkanavin: I think that lttng-relayd segfault is still out there but yes, it is good progress09:20
kanavinRP: I haven't seen that yet with 2.13.0 versions09:21
qschulzfbre: in the tmp/work/mymachine/<linux-kernel-recipe>/<linux-kernel-version>/<git probably>09:22
wyreqschulz, should S be set as the same folder where is?09:23
wyreI don't get why it says pwm/ doesn't exist but it's there ๐Ÿค”
qschulzwyre: likely yes, or set DISTUTILS_SETUP_PATH correctly09:26
RPkanavin: it is relatively rare and I think load related, you're on relatively quiet autobuilders09:26
qschulzwyre: you probably need to add ${S} or ${WORKDIR} in front of your pwm/ path09:27
RPkanavin: are we looking better on the multiconfig change?09:33
kanavinRP: yes, I think I wrote a comment in the bug about it09:33
wyreqschulz, I'd say before I had not to add ${S} but now apparently I need it, you are right :think09:34
qschulzwyre: do_install runs in ${B} IIRC09:36
qschulzit's set to S by default IIRC but there is probably something changing it then09:36
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fbreqschulz, yeah right (y)  thanx09:38
RPkanavin: ah, thanks. Somehow refreshing wasn't working09:38
fbreand build/drivers/net/ethernet/freescale there09:39
wyreqschulz, so I guess I should also set B as ${S}, right?09:41
qschulzwyre: no, you usuallyt want the outcome of a build to be separate from the sources09:42
qschulzsome software can only be built within the source directory but that's deemed to be a bug09:42
wyreso then is better to use ${S} in the install commands inside do_install?09:42
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fbrehmm... I deleted the .o files in that work subdir but they are not build again with bitbake, even with a cleansstate09:49
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fbre...ok, now I've found a way to rebuild them...10:00
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rburtonfbre: bitbake [recipe] -C unpack will force a rebuild10:36
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fbreDoes anybody know if the imx-freescale stuff will switch the kernel version from 5.4 to 4.10 in the near future?11:18
fbreรคh 5.1011:18
rburtonyou'll need to ask them directly i expect11:19
fbrethought some freescale guys are around here, but you're right, likely the plans are top-secret11:21
qschulzfbre: meta-imx seems to have a hardknott branch with 5.10?11:22
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fbre  is 5.4.7011:28
qschulzfbre: I did say meta-imx which is the vendor tree11:28
qschulzmeta-freescale is community maintained IIRC11:28
qschulzso feel free to send a patch to migrate to 5.10 :)11:30
fbreI use poky+meta-openembedded+meta-mingw+meta-freescale+meta-mystuff11:31
fbreThis is for the imx811:32
fbreNot sure what you mean with meta-imx11:33
qschulzNXP works on meta-imx only11:35
fbreA while back I switched to the free version because people here recommended that to me11:36
fbreI'm not sure, but am I right meta-freescale is the alternative community version and meta-imx is the vendor version?11:37
fbresorry for asking odd questions, I'm just trying to recall11:39
fbre...what I have forgotten11:40
qschulzthat's what I said a few lines above :)11:43
fbreok, thanx11:43
qschulzsince meta-frescale is community maintained, patches are welcome, if you want 5.10 ASAP, you can add support for it and then contribute back to the layer :)11:43
fbreno, I don't want it, I just check what is available. Because I check the newer sources of all those available branches. And I compare them against my "old" dunfell version. I want to know whether a ethernet driver bug is fixed or not.11:45
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fbreI already check the branch "hardknott" of meta-freescale. But that ugly ethernet driver bug still happens after I merged those newer sources back to my old dunfell sources11:46
qschulz ..... there seems to be a 5.10 kernel already available?11:48
fbreqschulz, the imx8 uses linux-fslc-imx_5.4.bb11:50
qschulz that's not what's said here11:51
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fbreah OK, thanx, I'll check that. Until now I thought I can only use linux-fslc-imx but not linux-imx11:53
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wyreI've included i2c-tools in my image recipe but I haven't i2cdetect11:54
wyrejust i2ctransfer11:54
qschulzwyre: oe-pkgdata-util find-path '*i2cdetect*' and add the package to your image11:55
wyreqschulz, unable to find any package producing path i2cdetect11:56
wyreapparently i2cdetect is part of i2c-tools
wyrebut I'm not sure why I have not that binary in my image11:57
wyrehowever I have i2ctransfer ๐Ÿ˜ฅ11:58
qschulzand the oe-pkgdata-uitil returns something for i2ctransfer?11:58
wyreqschulz, sure, busybox-ptest11:59
wyrebut I've i2c-tools in my image recipe!11:59
wyreoh, just in PKG_DEBUG ๐Ÿ˜ฅ11:59
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RPkanavin: that zstd compression thing looks like the number of threads is getting encoded into the rpms somehow which is bad :/12:10
RPkanavin: are the rpms the same with varying numbers of compression threads?12:10
kanavinRP: I had already fixed it, I just would like to know how poisoned items made it into reproducible builds (which are not supposed to utilize sstate)12:11
kanavinRP: they are12:11
kanavinRP: the fix is here, and the issue is not zstd specific
kanavinthe reason it's not seen with xz is because AB hardcodes the number of threads12:12
RPkanavin: reproducible builds use sstate for half the build12:12
kanavinRP: but the other half is also saying 'zstd'12:12
kanavinfrom the abelloni's likn12:12
RPkanavin: both sides of the build looked to encode it in that build, yes12:13
RPkanavin: I think abelloni used the series from the mailing list12:13
kanavinRP: right, those were before I added the fix12:13
RPkanavin: that would explain things12:13
kanavinand it was marked as RFC, meaning, do not queue into builds ;)12:14
RPkanavin: abelloni and I are trying to work out how to queue the non-master patches that are still flowing in. Leaving them just ends up as a different kind of nightmare (hence the kirkstone-next brancht that appeared)12:16
JPEWUgh, is that zstd thing specific to rpms? I didn't see that when I used the standalone utilities12:17
kanavinRP: right, but that particular RFC set shouldn't be queued - it was strictly for comments, and will be resent later when things reopen for merging12:17
kanavinJPEW, nothing is broken, there was just a mixup with not fully tested patchset12:18
JPEWAh got it12:18
* JPEW needs more coffee12:18
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RPkanavin: if the right set is ready now I'm wondering if we should queue that just so people know what is done and what isn't?12:26
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yates_workin meta/recipes-devtools/gcc, there are several recipes related to gcc, e.g., gcc_{pv}.bb, gcc-cross_{pv}.bb, gcc-cross-canadian_{pv}.bb, gcc-source_{pv}.bb, etc. is there a document describing what each of these is for?12:30
yates_worki need to modify the way crti.S is assembled for our cross-gcc, and there are multiple crti.S files and multiple recipes involved. i am confused.12:32
yates_workwe are using glibc12:32
kanavinRP: I'm running a-full on it right now, once that completes, I can send the whole thing to oe-core
yates_workthere is also the libgcc stuff there, which is one of the packages which contain a version of crti.S, such as libgcc_{pv}.bb and libgcc-initial_{pv}.bb. i'd really like to know what the difference of those is for.12:35
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raidoHi Yocto community! I am wondering, is it possible to run any task from `devshell`, like do_configure? When trying to just run the script from /temp/ folder from devshell, it will not work.13:08
raidoThis will give an error: ./run.do_fetch.4700: line 2: syntax error near unexpected token `('                                        ./run.do_fetch.4700: line 2: `def do_fetch(d):'13:09
qschulzraido: I assume you need to prefix this with `python` since it's probably a python taks13:12
raidoit is a python task. Sorry, did not mention that yes, running as ```python run.do_fetch.4700``` will give similar error:13:13
raidoTraceback (most recent call last):13:14
raido  File "run.do_fetch.4700", line 6, in <module>13:14
raido    do_fetch(d)13:14
raidoNameError: name 'd' is not defined13:14
qschulzmmmm I think there's devpyshell too? don't know what it's for though13:14
raidoMay be my yocto version is too old, it doesn't have devpshell :(13:15
raidoand.. I have not heard it about anyway13:16
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raidoBut would be great to have it. And anyway - there is little information about this in documentation pages.13:36
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Guest45is it possible to set partitions permissions using a wic kickstart file? "part /data --ondisk mmcblk0 --fstype=ext4 --label data --align 4096 --size=5000"13:37
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andy99Hello everyone, I have some other question based on previous discussion about the initramfs+fitimage. This commit prevent installing the kernel . So how it's being installed into rootfs from deploy folder?13:41
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Guest87How can I track down dependencies in an image? E.g. have an image containing libxml2 and want to find what package is pulling that in.14:02
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andy99Guest87: Do you have the opkg or buildhistory?14:08
paulgI'm sure there are more elegant ways, but brute force always works.   You can blacklist libxml2 and then see who complains.14:08
Guest87buildhistory I have. I can add opkg package manager if that helps.14:08
rburtonthe ghetto way of blacklisting libxml2 and seeing what fails does work :)14:09
rburtonor bitbake [imagename] -g -u taskexp14:09
* paulg wallows in duct tape and bailing wire and cable ties.14:09
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paulg...stored in an old non-functional refridgerator  on the porch ; near the car up on blocks.14:11
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Guest87blacklisting is done via PACKAGE_EXCLUDE in image?14:18
qschulzyeah or local.conf14:20
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Guest87looks like libarchive pulls in libxml2. not sure why, because PACKAGECONFIG does not have libxml14:30
qschulzGuest87: bitbake -e libarchive and then grep for libxml214:35
Guest87yes I see it in PACKAGECONFIG then14:35
qschulzread the history of the PACKAGECONFIG variable just above the line starting with PACKAGECONFIG= and you'll see where it comes from14:36
Guest87not sure I understand where it comes from. maybe this line
rburtonthat says on target builds, turn on libxml14:41
Guest87but DISTRO_FEATURES does not have acl and xattr.14:41
rburtonignore line 1414:41
rburtonline 13 is the cause14:41
*** goliath <goliath!~goliath@user/goliath> has quit IRC (Quit: SIGSEGV)14:41
rburtonjust do a PACKAGECONFIG_remove to force it off14:42
Guest87but in my bbappend i have set it hard. isn't that sufficient?14:42
rburtonno, because the append will append14:43
rburtonwell, you could do PACKAGECONFIG_forcevariable = "these and exactly these option"14:43
rburtonappends won't happen then14:43
paulg     <---- blame fray and sgw   :)14:46
*** roussinm <roussinm!> has joined #yocto14:53
sgwwhat am I getting blamed for now?  Everyone knows I am a trouble makers!14:54
RPsgw: from 2013!14:56
sgwJust took a while for everyone to catch up to what we were doing!14:59
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Guest87ok I will use the PACKAGECONFIG_remove to get rid of libxml2 in libarchive. that works for me for now.15:03
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wyreI've included lmsensors in my image recipe, and I'm having a message saying "nothing provides lmsensors-isatools needed by lmsensors-3.6.0-r0.cortex7t2hf_neon"15:12
wyrewhy is that? should I add some extra layer? ๐Ÿค”15:12
rburtonwyre: looks like you need to backport
wyrerburton, and how can I get it the backported version?15:15
rburtonyou apply that change to your branch15:15
rburtonor submit the patch as a backport and wait for it to be applied15:15
wyremy branch?15:15
wyreyou mean in the meta-oe layer?15:16
qschulzor override the whole RDEPENDS_${PN} in a bbappend so that it does not have isatools in there15:18
rburtonjust a remove in a bbappend would be sufficient15:20
rburtonwith a comment pointing to the real fix so you know to remove it in the future15:20
wyrerburton, could you give me some example?15:22
rburtonRDEPENDS_${PN}_remove = "lm-sensors-isatools"15:23
*** vd <vd!> has joined #yocto15:24
wyrerburton, and how should I call the bbappend file?15:25
wyrelmsensors_3.6.0.bbappend, i guess, right?15:26
qschulzrburton: except if they plan to support an x86 machine with their yocto builds but yeah :)15:27
wyreit's still trying to fetch the dependency ๐Ÿ˜ฅ15:28
qschulzcheck that your bbappend is applied by running bitbake-layers show-appends lmsensors15:29
qschulzif yes, then check the output of bitbake -e lmsensors to see where the mistake is15:30
wyreapparently it's being applied15:30
rburtonoh the recipe uses ${PN}-isatools, so i guess you need to put that15:30
*** jmiehe <jmiehe!~Thunderbi@user/jmiehe> has joined #yocto15:31
wyreyou mean RDEPENDS_${PN}-isatools_remove ?15:33
*** goliath <goliath!~goliath@user/goliath> has joined #yocto15:33
rburtonno, the value you're removing15:33
qschulzrburton: I think the issue is that you wrote lm-sensors-isatools and it should be lmsensors-isatools15:33
rburtonyeah that would also be a problem15:33
qschulzdamn distro which cannot agree on the same naming for lmsensors15:34
rburtonmine was very much an example ;)15:34
qschulzlmsensors, lm_sensors, shellcheck, ShellCheck, ugh15:34
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Guest45does wic have a way of setting permissions on a partition?16:20
rburtonpartitions don't have permissions16:29
rburtonthe file system has permissions16:29
rburtonthe permissions are set by those at rootfs generation time, and will be the same as what is in the packages16:29
Guest45with wic, i am generating an ext4 filesystem like this "part /data --ondisk mmcblk0 --fstype=ext4 --label data --align 4096 --size=5000"16:32
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arunssI have a custom machine with 64-bit kernel and 32-bit userspace, using multilib. Target builds fine, however SDK seems to compile userspace packages for both 32 and 64-bit arch. Is there anyway I can specify SDK to build only for 32-bit?17:36
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tmooreI am trying to dynamically modify the LIC_FILES_CHKSUM in a custom task that executes prior to the do_populate_lic task.  I am able to append to the LIC_FILES_CHKSUM using `appendVar` however when the do_populate_lic (or any following task) executes it does not contain any of my appended license files.  I see that if I modify LIC_FILES_CHKSUM in an18:30
tmooreanonymous python function the modification is seen in do_populate_lic.  I would like to avoid an anonymous function since it is executed several times.  Why are changes to the LIC_FILES_CHKSUM removed when the custom task completes? Is there any way to make these updates persist for processing in a different task (e.g. do_populate_lic)?18:30
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vdopenembedded-core has no honister branch?19:15
smurraytmoore: AIUI tasks get their own task-specific copies of the datastore, but RP would be the person who could answer definitively if he's around19:15
vdhow do you guys deal with version bump? especially with this override syntax change19:28
vdI cannot bump some layers because they now use the new syntax, but there's no honister branch nowhere so I don't quite understand the expected update process here19:29
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* vd is back19:50
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rburtonvd: honister isn't out yet, use master branch20:24
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vdrburton ho ok, makes sense20:55
vdI'll wait20:56
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RPsmurray: I may be back, tmoore is gone though. Your right FWIW21:20
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bqHi all. Aside from implementing my own bbclass, is there a built-in way of banning/disallowing nobranch=1 in SRC_URI?23:33
bqI'm mostly interested in checking that nobody has specified nobranch=1 when committing code to master, since it's a common pitfall our devs fall into for introducing silly/subtle bugs23:34
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