Friday, 2021-09-17

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hpsyDoes host-user-contaminated run after package split or before it?04:35
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hpsyI am asking because INSANE_SKIP doesn't seem to work for it on the main package or the package that has the issue04:50
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RPkanavin: is another warning that caused test failures06:32
RPand same issue in
RPkanavin: I've merged the other fixes but not the enable patch until we get that one fixed. All looking good though thanks!06:33
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JosefHolzmayr[m]yo dudX06:41
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mckoangood morning06:54
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ThomasD13Hi everyone. Where is the appropriate place to specify the used linux kernel (+config) and the devicetree for a linux build? Image configuration? Machine configuration?07:16
JosefHolzmayr[m]ThomasD13: machine configuration.07:19
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ThomasD13thanks JosefHolzmayr[m]. Am I allowed to ask a git related question here too? It might be obvious for some git cracks :)07:20
fbreyes, allowed07:20
ThomasD13When I rebase like "git rebase --onto targetBranch feature~3 feature" it will "move" the last 3 commits of feature ontop on targetBranch07:21
ThomasD13When I checkout feature and do "git rebase --onto targetBranch HEAD~3 HEAD" it will COPY the last 3 commits of feature ontop of targetBranch07:21
ThomasD13Why the difference? I thought HEAD is a reference as well as <branchname> is?07:21
ThomasD13This log demonstrate my case:
ThomasD13The first rebase does a MOVE, the second a COPY of these commits07:23
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ad__hi, on gatesgarth, i am getting the follwoing imx-sc-firmware was skipped: incompatible with machine "xxx-imx8mp" (not in COMPATIBLE_MACHINE), what's should the proper way to solve this ?08:50
ad__well i added proper machine in OVERRIDES, hope is ok08:55
qschulzad__: usually it's in MACHINEOVERRIDES you should put it09:05
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mtudanis it possible to compile the kernel recipe only with clang? I've set the following variables in the kernel recipe but cat /proc/version still reports gcc was used to compile kernel:09:07
mtudanTOOLCHAIN = "clang"09:07
mtudanRUNTIME = "llvm"09:07
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JosefHolzmayr[m]mtudan: i don't think the kernel can be built by clang without being patched, and so it probably is in the UNCLANGABLE variable of meta-clang, therefore skipped.09:11
mtudanI've searched if it is in the config file, but couldn't find possible entry regarding the kernel recipe:09:13
JosefHolzmayr[m]bitbake -e always gives the authorative answer.09:14
ad__qschulz, yes, done, thanks09:29
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TyakuHi, If we have spaces in folders names and we want to "install" all headers files from these folders, how to do it ? ex:     install ${S}/src/darwin/CHIPTool/CHIPTool/View Controllers/*.h ${D}${includedir}/matter/src/darwin/CHIPTool/CHIPTool/View Controllers10:20
qschulzTyaku: it's run in a shell, so quote the whole string10:20
qschulzand or escape the space10:21
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fbreHi! Where is the .bb file which defines the partition sizes of the .wic file?10:27
fbre(I mean, which meta layer and which recipe-... dir)10:28
qschulzfbre: find where the WKSFILE variable points to10:29
qschulzbitbake -e should help10:29
qschulzor look directly at WKS_FULL_PATH10:31
qschulzwith bitbake -e10:31
qschulzon the image recipe10:31
qschulzthe logic of wic is handled in meta/classes/image_types_wic.bbclass10:31
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fbrethe .wic file contains boot and root partition, and my problem is the root partition is of different size from bitbake build to bitbake build. I actually wanted a fixed size for the root partition.10:36
qschulzif the root partition is the last partition on the flash, it makes more sense to resize at first boot I'd say10:38
fbreI have more partitions behind the rootfs partition (my partitions 3 and 4).10:38
qschulzotherwise, yeah, you need to reserve the space10:38
fbreI currently exchange boot and rootfs partition but if the new .wic file is bigger, it exceeds the size of device :)10:39
fbreI currently keep partitions 3 and 4 because they contain my user data10:40
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user_123Hi , Please Support to setup ECLIPSE IDE for Yocto Tool chains( arm-poky-linux-gnueabi)11:09
JosefHolzmayr[m]user_123: in case you are looking for the yocto eclipse plugin or support on it: it is explicitly deprecated and not supported for years.11:12
user_123i am trying cross compilation with my yocto tool chain11:49
user_123i am facing issues with stdint.h not found11:50
JosefHolzmayr[m]user_123: then i'd suggest to either stick to non-integration (e.g., not using the eclipse magic) or trying vscode as shown here:
JosefHolzmayr[m]user_123: sorry, but eclipse is and oten has been a constant source of headaches.11:51
user_123using VScode can i able to communicate ioctl and driver layer communication using SDK , toolchain ??11:54
user_123I am developing Linux System Programming in C , is it support? if support Please provide doc...Thank you11:56
JosefHolzmayr[m]user_123: using the setup that the video shows, you can write c code and compile it using a yocto based toolchain.11:57
JosefHolzmayr[m]and using a standard toolchain on linux you can usually acess files, and therefore drivers.11:57
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JosefHolzmayr[m]but if you are just getting started, its probably way easier to learn the basics without yocto and all, just try on your desktop.11:58
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user_123OK Thank you12:33
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jonmasonlooking at stale email addresses, there appear to be many in the patches13:54
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jonmasonA lazy grep also shows "scripts/combo-layer:#               Richard Purdie <>"13:55
jonmasonI'm sure that bounces13:55
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stwcxHello.  I managed to backport the override syntax support in bitbake to Zeus and Rocko (LOL).  I know those are EOL but if I were to send patches what is the probability they'd be applied to those branches?14:00
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berton[m]Hi! I was looking the PACKAGE_BEFORE_PN variable and I don't understand what the difference is between:15:40
berton[m]PACKAGE_BEFORE_PN = "${PN}-foo"15:40
berton[m]PACKAGES =+ "${PN}-foo"15:40
kergothberton[m]: PACKAGE_BEFORE_PN is exactly that, right before the PN package, but still after src, dbg, dev, etc. If you don't want to risk overriding something belonging to those, PACKAGE_BEFORE_PN is best.15:49
kergothfor example, lets say you wanted to package ${bindir}, if you do that with PACKAGES =+  you could accidentally grab .debug files, depending on your configuration for dbg file paths15:50
berton[m]kergoth:  OK. This example with debug files clarifies usage for me. Thanks!15:51
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kergothi expect that unless you explicitly want to override those special packages, it'd be best to use PACKAGE_BEFORE_PN to clarify your intention with the line15:58
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* kergoth shrugs15:58
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RPjonmason: the challenge is some are signed-off-bys which you can't really update16:15
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paulgmore e-mail update sweeps?16:16
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jonmasonRP: yes, it can be a little bit of a nightmare.  Just pointing out that there are some out there that might be able to be changed.  And probably, if they are changed to be applied to a newer version of the package, they need to be modified anyway.16:19
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RPjonmason: right, we could do with cleaning some of this up16:28
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tgamblindoes meta-browser have its own chat?16:54
tgamblinTrying to uprev chromium to fix a pile of CVEs, unsurprisingly running into do_compile issues16:55
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RPjonmason: FWIW the virtio test failed with but the 4014 build passed :/17:01
jonmasonWhy would ssh fail when just the GPU changed?17:03
jonmasonAnyway, I'll run locally and see if I can replicate and fix17:03
RPjonmason: I'm not saying it was due to that. Just hard to untangle17:03
jonmasonIt's fair, and I was overeager to get it out last night before doing a full regression myself17:04
RPjonmason: the later build worked so it probably isn't virtio but I don't know what to make of it17:04
RPI guess I'm asking if you have any thoughts on it17:04
* RP 's thoughts are to go and find food :)17:05
jonmasonFresh from McD here, with lots of sugary soda in my bloodstream17:05
RPjonmason: I could use some sugar after being out on the mountain bike17:30
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rburtonRP: i recommend chimichurri steak on focaccia.  in related news, the cafe at phoenix bike park really does exceed expectations17:55
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RPrburton: I loved the chimichurri steak I had in portland as Brian would attest20:17
kanavinRP: I am back :)20:19
kanavinRP: was another visit to linutronix office20:19
RPkanavin: thanks for the patches, I saw the cpan one :)20:19
kanavinRP: ah right then it's sorted20:20
RPkanavin: I'll run a few more tests over the weekend but I hope so20:20
kanavinRP: there's a bunch more warnings, but those are not directly visible in AB logs, so will be fixed gradually later20:20
RPkanavin: sounds good20:21
kanavinRP: or some only start showing up when bitbake itself runs on py 3.1020:21
kanavin(I fixed the most serious one though)20:21
RPkanavin: we no doubt have that to look forward to but this at least puts us in a better position20:21
RPit is nice to try and get ahead of things for a change!20:22
kanavinRP: one serious item is that distutils is deprecated and will be removed in 3.12. There's a fair number of spots where it is used in oe-core/poky (and not inside components but in yocto itself).20:23
kanavinwe have two years I guess :)20:23
RPkanavin: we should probably put some plans in place to resolve that20:24
RPat least someone has realised which is a good first step20:24
* RP is still trying to decide which invasive issues are worth tackling in 3.520:24
kanavinRP: on my favorite subject :) I tend to think that sato->weston transition should be deferred to after the next LTS20:26
kanavinso that LTS is looking just like people are used to, and then we can do it :)20:27
kanavinmaintaining the patches is not hard20:27
RPkanavin: yes, I think that makes sense20:27
kanavinby then it should also be more obvious to the community that standalone X server is effectively EOL20:27
kanavinthere's some hobbyist volunteer from poland who has proposed to do a new x server release, but that by itself doesn't make it alive and kicking20:28
RPkanavin: right, I think it will go one a little yet but it is ramping down20:29
kanavinRP: I do wish we had wayland eye candy, but it just isn't showing up20:30
JPEWkanavin: Now that rust is in place, it might be more reasonable to get phosh running20:30
JPEWkanavin: I *think* many of the issues I had with it were due to old librsvg.... need to try again20:31
kanavinJPEW, we need to finally resolve the old librsvg too20:31
moto-timoJPEW: it would be nice to get phosh or similar working20:32
* kanavin hasn't heard of phosh until now20:33
moto-timoI was at least able to build librsvg with vmeson contrib. But I don’t think I runtime tested it.20:33
kanavina smartphone shell as a reference UI is not a bad idea!20:33
kanavin(for yocto)20:34
kanavinbecause we can never otherwise agree what a reference ui is supposed to be20:34
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RPkanavin: feel free to give librsvg a go! :)20:34
moto-timokanavin: you should come to a meeting once in a while we’re we tend to discuss things like this ;)20:34
kanavinRP: I've heard others are working on it? and working and working and working, and no patches are showing up :-/20:35
kanavinthat discourages me from trying ;)20:35
RPkanavin: vmeson is trying but doesn't have a lot of time20:35
RPhe is also on vacation atm so we can talk about him :)20:35
moto-timoSo far my issues with rust are mostly setuptools_rust not being cross friendly20:36
* RP fixed a few build issues but knows little about it20:36
kanavinmoto-timo, I'm generally content with reading the meeting notes :)20:36
moto-timokanavin: you would have heard about phosh a dozen times already. But point taken ;)20:37
kanavinRP: I finally got a green build for py 3.10 and openssl 3 as well yesterday. So this whole patchset is ready, except I need to replace wip commit messages with real ones
RPkanavin: that is rather nice, good work! :)20:40
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RPkanavin: Should let us make a good start in 3.520:40
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kanavinRP: we might beat all other distros to having py 3.10 *and* openssl 3 ;)20:42
moto-timokanavin: I’ll be sending you upgrades fir my core recipes soon for staging. python3-hypothesis and -importlib-metadata update frequently, so not sure if we want sequential patches or rebase20:43
RPkanavin: looks slightly incorrect20:43
kanavinwhen RP says 'slightly', one should get *very* concerned ;)20:44
moto-timo“soon” meaning a few days20:44
RPkanavin: would be nice to "win" that race20:44
RPkanavin: small but quite important small detail wrong20:44
kanavinmoto-timo, I generally don't stash other people's updates, you can keep them in your branch unless there's a reason I should have them?20:45
kanavinRP: ouch!20:46
moto-timokanavin: fair enough20:46
kanavinRP: one is often blind to one's own changes that way20:46
kanavinRP: should be squashed withe the commit introducing ZSTD_THREADS anyway20:46
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jaskij[m]are multiconfigs with only a string of numbers in the name supposed to work?20:47
RPkanavin: it is easily done, I just mention it since I saw it20:47
RPmoto-timo: we are kind of pulling together a kirkstone-next (between abelloni and I)20:48
RPjaskij[m]: from the question I guess they don't? There are probably reasons it might break but its not something I've ever tried20:49
jaskij[m]jaskij[m]: or rather, did they break in hardknott? I had a multiconfig named 504, worked fine in dunfell, stopped working after switching to hardknott20:49
RPjaskij[m]: I don't think we intentionally broke that20:50
jaskij[m]wanted to confirm on chat before I fire anything on the mailing list20:50
jaskij[m]ERROR: Unable to register event handler '504sstate_eventhandler_stalesstate':20:50
jaskij[m]Traceback (most recent call last):20:50
jaskij[m]  File "/home/jaskij/yocto/layers/poky/meta/classes/sstate.bbclass", line 120:50
jaskij[m]    def 504sstate_eventhandler_stalesstate(e):20:50
moto-timoRP: ok, at least the 3 recipes that don’t change every three days might be worth staging in kirkstone-next. I’ll let you know20:51
RPjaskij[m]: hmm, right, you can't start a python function with a number20:51
RPjaskij[m]: I am tempted to say "don't do that" and we should just warn against it20:51
jaskij[m]curiously enough, this did work in dunfell20:51
kanavinmoto-timo, right, the problem with all those python3-thingy recipe updates is that they have a very short shelf life20:52
RPjaskij[m]: that eventhandler is new20:52
kanavinnot all, but quite many20:52
RPjaskij[m]: we also fixed multiconfig event handlers iirc so it could be that20:52
kanavinso one is better off updating them on an independent cadence20:52
jaskij[m]RP: fair enough, just that it threw a *massive* amount of errors at me while switching, manually wiping the cache cleared the output enough for me to notice what was going on20:52
jaskij[m]renaming the mc to something starting with a letter fixed the issue20:53
RPjaskij[m]: a bug (or patch) to give a nice error instead would be good20:53
moto-timokanavin: absolutely. AUH run on meta-python usually results in about 50 upgrades (with a couple handfuls addressed by patches to the ML)20:54
moto-timokanavin: I just need to asses the ones in core that might have more impact to other core usage20:54
kanavinmoto-timo, sometimes I wonder if all those python module maintainers really need to tag versions several times a week, and what prompts them doing that. Is it a tag on every commit principle?20:56
jaskij[m]RP: fair enough, I'll try to mail something in20:56
jaskij[m]tbh, mailing lists are super intimidating to me20:56
*** florian_kc is now known as florian20:56
RPjaskij[m]: please don't be intimidated, we're all a friendly lot20:57
RPjaskij[m]: feedback should be constructive20:57
jaskij[m]it's just something about mailing lists, not the people in the project20:57
jaskij[m]like, if it was a forum or a GH repo or something, I'd have no issue with it20:58
RPjaskij[m]: bugzilla is another option FWIW20:58
RPjaskij[m]: there isn't a huge difference between a forum and a mailing list really. I have been around them for too many years though so I probably wouldn't see it :/20:59
jaskij[m]it's in my mind, and I gotta deal with it anyway sooner or later20:59
RPjaskij[m]: if we can help somehow let us know21:00
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JPEWkanavin: I like phosh as an option because it's just gnome under the hood, so you get a huge library immediately21:37
JPEWAnd phone ui makes a lot of sense from a input perspective (supports touchscreen and keyboard)21:38
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jaskij[m]have there been any serious attempts to mock `pg_config`?22:02
jaskij[m]Probably wrong chat22:06
jaskij[m]My bad, tired mind didn't notice chat isn't as split as mailing lists22:06
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moto-timokanavin: python3-hypothesis definitely tags and releases on every commit :/22:58
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