Sunday, 2021-09-19

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moto-timoJPEW: kanavin: [WIP]
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kanavinmoto-timo, cool, but why not just maintain poky patches ;)09:53
kanavinit will go in at some point, so might be as well prepared now09:53
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* RP wonders whether the do_build package change I just sent as an RFC is a good idea or not10:59
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* RP was curious how long the "meta" class had been around and which crazy person created it. Answer was of course me in 2007 along with an "sdk" and "task" classes13:07
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JPEWkanavin: it needs a lot from meta-gnome IIRC13:34
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jaskij[m]So, I need to build some things depending on postgresql. Since pg_config is a binary, it means either relying on a native variant, which I'm not sure would give correct results, or writing a script mocking pg_config and dropping it into recipe-sysroot-native. I was thinking of using the second solution. Probably as a separate recipe which the plugins would depend on then?15:49
RPjaskij[m]: a lot probably depends on what pg_config returns but a script could work either as part of portgresgl or as a separate recipe15:55
jaskij[m]RP: it outputs a number of variables to stdout, mostly paths, but also version number15:56
jaskij[m]There's an old python-psycopg2 which simply disables the check, but that's not the way I want go about it. Yes, python3-psycopg2 is one of the recipes I intend to write15:57
RPjaskij[m]: sometimes you can also use BUILD_CC inside the recipe to generate a "cross" version of the binary which you install into the sysroot instead of the target one15:58
jaskij[m]That sounds... Hacky.15:59
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RPjaskij[m]: realities of cross compiling. Easier to maintain than the script if the output change15:59
RPjust mentioning the options15:59
jaskij[m]Fair. And the script I believe is fairly stable - I'm no pgsql expert, but *a lot* of 3rd party code depends on it.16:00
RPright, pros and cons each way16:01
jaskij[m]Or rather pg_config output should be stable16:01
jaskij[m]Oh, also, before I go digging through the manual: if a recipe sets a variable (without ?), the only ways to override it is either bbappend or forcevariable, right?16:02
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RPwell, other overrides would probably work16:03
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jaskij[m]Why I'm asking is Fortran, was thinking about submitting a patch to use DISTRO_FEATURES to enable it. Right now the base recipe does allow for Fortran enabled, but the base recipe sets FORTRAN to empty and it's either bbappends in my layer or using forcevariable, least for the solutions I'm aware of.16:07
RPjaskij[m]: distro override?16:07
jaskij[m]That's an option too, once I figure out how to do it16:08
jaskij[m]I'll have to properly read up on overrides it seems.16:08
RPjaskij[m]: presumably you set DISTRO to something?16:09
jaskij[m]Rolled my own distro, wanted to get read of the legacy stuff as far as possible16:09
RPso XXX_<distroname>16:10
RPjust like forcevariable but nicer16:10
jaskij[m]Where? Because that still requires a bbappend for gcc16:10
jaskij[m]Or am I missing something?16:10
RPhow do you use forcevariable without a bbappend?16:10
jaskij[m]And I'm not using it16:11
jaskij[m]I just set FORTRAN in a bbappend16:11
RPjaskij[m]: you can do something like VAR_pn-XXX_mydistro from your distro config16:11
jaskij[m]that works too I guess16:14
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* RP thinks he may just have found vmeson's debug race in the selftest17:07
RPpossibly, maybe17:07
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RPwell, a way to reproduce it perhaps17:22
moto-timobaby steps17:22
RPit is amazing how may weird issues these patches are forcing out the woodwork :/17:22
moto-timoultimately I suppose that is a good thing.. despite some pain now17:23
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* RP starts to suspect the test doesn't work on arm17:50
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moto-timoJPEW: I misplaced your mod to build mutter-gsettings subpackage... also phosh now has an rdep of libcallaudio which we don't have a recipe for yet18:23
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moto-timoJPEW: added callaudiod recipe and it builds and boots on rpi420:30
JPEWmoto-timo: awesome! Thanks! I need to get my CI up and running so I can keep that layer maintained20:34
moto-timoJPEW: need to figure out how to set the passcode for the lockscreen20:35
JPEWIt's just the user password20:35
moto-timoit's a number pad...20:35
moto-timobut maybe I didn't set a password20:35
JPEWYa it can only be digits, but it's just plugging into pam20:35
JPEWIt doesn't allow an empty password (possible upstream improvement)20:36
JPEWI just set the user password on the serial console when I was testing before20:39
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marexhey, I have a layer here and I build e.g. linux-yocto 5.13 for two different machines, they are almost identical aarch64 ones21:24
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marexI have a machine config for each, i.e. machine-1.conf and machine-2.conf , so they each have different MACHINE variable21:24
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marexnow if building linux-yocto, that MACHINE variable is pulled into do_unpack task hash, and it changes, so sstate cache invalidates the task and rebuilds linux-yocto21:25
marexis there a way to avoid it ?21:25
marexI mean, the KMACHINE is the same for both, the kernel config is the same, all the scc files pulled in are the same21:25
marexit should be identical kernel build21:26
marexso , how do I avoid this rebuild ?21:26
RPmarex: how is it being included in do_unpack exactly?21:33
jaskij[m]marex: multiconfig21:36
jaskij[m]Also, is the device tree the same for both?21:37
jaskij[m]Because (as annoying as it is), those are also part of the kernel recipe21:37
RPjaskij[m]: I think the point is that it could reuse sstate for both21:38
marexRP: yep21:38
RPmarex: Im sure it could be done. Whether it is worth it, not as sure as it will be complex :/21:39
marexit does show up in bitbake-diffsigs for do_unpack after running .../work/OE/poky/scripts/sstate-diff-machines.sh21:39
RPmarex: right, but the question is where/how. I'm guessing it is because the package arch is machine specific21:39
RPmarex: so to make it work you'd need to create a shared package arch for those machines, maybe based on KAMCHINE21:40
marexRP: shared machine arch ?21:40
marexI suppose MACHINEOVERRIDES = . "shared-arch:" is not enough ?21:41
RPmarex: not even close21:41
marexsomehow I expected that kind of answer21:42
RPmarex: the real issue is the kernel is PACKAGE_ARCH = MACHINE_ARCH21:42
marexRP: well that is kind-of true, except only for a subset of tasks21:46
marexthe do_unpack for linux-yocto shouldn't really be MACHINE_ARCH, should it ?21:46
RPmarex: the WORKDIR is machine specific so yes, it would be21:53
marexah ... of course it is21:55
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ramHi, I'm trying to build a yocto project with a custom layer. I'm having the following error "Processing dependencies for protobuf==3.3.0 Searching for six>=1.9 ". I have checked for the external libraries available and I can see python-six available. Can anyone help me to identify the issue?22:25
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marexram: try python3-six ?22:31
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ram@marex When I do "bitbake -s | grep ^python3", I can see that python3-six with version 1.11.0 is already available22:36
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marexram: does your recipe DEPENDS on python3-six ?22:40
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ram@marex I tried to add python3-six in the bb file of the recipe and build it but still I get the same error22:45
marexram: is the search path for those python modules OK ?22:51
ram@marex how do I verify that?22:57
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marexram: try bitbake -e recipe, that will print all the build time variables and co.23:20
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