Thursday, 2021-09-30

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mckoangood morning06:55
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JosefHolzmayrTheyo dudX07:06
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qschulzargonautx: you should use _append in configuration files BTW, otherwise I don't know, are you sure that /usr/src/kernel directory is in kernel-devsrc? oe-pkgdata-util find-path /usr/src/kernel07:56
qschulzjonesv[m]: no, this does not work. You need to pass the exact path to your init script, not the directory07:59
qschulz17:55:00          qschulz | jonesv[m]: a file can only appear in one package, so the first FILES to have a regex matching the file gets it07:59
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sstillerHow can I disable a PACKAGECONFIG entry for target only and leave it for -native?08:50
sstillerI want to remove python from my target. I figured out, that PACKAGECONFIG_remove += "python" removes the runtime dependency for a lot of recipes.08:50
sstillerBut now I get issues with itstool-native which requires python support of libxml2.08:50
qschulzsstiller: PACKAGECONFIG_remove_class-target, but it'd probably be cleaner to just redefine PACKAGECONFIG for the target with PACKAGECONFIG_class-target =08:55
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sstiller@qschulz: Thank you! PACKAGECONFIG_remove_class-target does not work, (PACKAGECONFIG_class-target is not set). Setting PACKAGECONFIG_class-target seems to work.09:20
sstillerDoes it mean, that now I have to check all the used recipes for their (default) PACKAGECONFIG values and decide, if I need them?09:20
mrpelotazowhat could cause a package listed in IMAGE_INTALL_append in an image recipe to not be installed in the image?09:21
wCPOIs there a preferred task to add do_deploy after/before if I have a recipe with only do_deploy?09:21
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rburtonndec_: was the BoF recorded?09:30
rburtonndec_: is there any where i can watch it?09:33
rburtonthe schedule just links to the zoom09:33
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ndec_rburton: right. it doesn't seem to be there yet.. they told us it would be recorded and available.. i will ask around.09:35
qschulzsstiller: PACKAGECONFIG_remove_class-target should work, are you sure you didn't type PACKAGECONFIG_class-target_remove instead?09:42
qschulzmrpelotazo: first, check with bitbake -e <image_recipe> that your package is really in IMAGE_INSTALL09:43
qschulzif it is, check that your package actually contains what you expect it to contains with oe-pkgdata-util list-pkg-files <pkg>09:43
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sstillerqschulz: I did some tests with libxml2. The default PACKAGECONFIG is "python ipv6"10:53
sstillerPACKAGECONFIG_pn-libxml2_class-target = "ipv6" --> breaks the compilation of libxml2-native and does other strange things. But the resulting PACKAGECONFIG variable looks good.10:53
sstillerPACKAGECONFIG_class-target = "ipv6" --> same as above10:53
sstillerPACKAGECONFIG_remove_pn-libxml2 = "python" --> same as above10:53
sstillerPACKAGECONFIG_remove_class-target = "python3" --> no visible effect.10:53
sstillerPACKAGECONFIG_remove = "python" --> also removes python from the libxml2-native, what I don't want10:53
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qschulzsstiller: are you modifying this PACKAGECONFIG from a bbappend?10:56
qschulzalso is this a typo or did you write PACKAGECONFIG_remove_class-target = "python3" instead of PACKAGECONFIG_remove_class-target = "python" ?10:57
sstillerThe typo is only here in the IRC. It's not in a .bbappend. I was hoping that I can disable python for all recipes in one place (distro conf).11:02
RPsstiller: if doing that from a config file, *always* use a pn- override in there11:02
qschulzRP: the point is they don't want to have it package specific, they want it global11:02
qschulzlike, to apply to all recipes11:02
* RP isn't convinced that is a great idea11:03
qschulzs/package specific/recipe specific/ (ugh, this pn naming still messes up with my brain)11:03
qschulz-with for proper english :)11:04
qschulzsstiller: proper way would be to have a bbappend per recipe, and possibly a PACKAGE_EXCLUDE = "python" (maybe python-core?) so that you're almost sure it does not make it to the image if you forget to append to a recipe using python11:05
qschulzalso... PACKAGECONFIG is not the only way to pull in python in your image, it can be in DEPENDS and in RDEPENDS/RRECOMMENDS too11:06
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qschulzI don't think you'll be able to have a generic solution for this unfortunately11:06
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RPI'd have thought PACKAGECONFIG_remove_class-target would "work" but might have some interesting side effects11:10
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qschulzRP: me too, surprised it does not work /me shrugs11:42
jsandmanHello! How do people manage having multiple MACHINE configurations when generating eSDK? Surely there is no need to generate several eSDK installers as the eSDK will build whatever MACHINE you select in local.conf. It is just a bit strange generating an eSDK selecting a MACHINE and then building other arquitectures inside this eSDK.11:44
jsandmanIs there something like the multiarch thing that can be setup for bitbake?11:44
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sstillerqschulz: PACKAGECONFIG_remove_class-target_pn-XXX usually works. And if not, PACKAGECONFIG_remove_class-target in a bbappend helps.12:23
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overridetrying to remember what can I put in my image recipe/config to get a compressed rootfs along with its bmap and hash.12:25
qschulzndec_: I'll try to write a proper mail but I think we could move the content of yocto-docs/documentation/sphinx-static into its own git repo and just fetch its master branch for every doc release we have12:25
qschulzthen it's always in sync and there's only one change to make12:26
qschulzthough they still are duplicated for each version of the docs, so it12:26
qschulzs just a different way to do the find command we currently have12:27
ndec_i would be curious to find out how others are doing it.. we are not doing something too unique here..12:27
qschulzotherwise, we can host the switchers.js to and then load it from this URL instead of a relatiev link12:27
qschulzbut I'd very much have a synced css too12:28
RPqschulz: doesn't that break offline viewing?12:28
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qschulzRP: you mean locally built docs? we can always have this be a configuration in the conf.py12:33
RPqschulz: you're going to mention submodules or repo next :/12:34
qschulzRP: no because you need to keep the commit in sync then for each branch of yocto-docs, and it's specifically what we want to avoid12:34
qschulzbut yeah, you'd need a git clone of this switchers-js.git12:35
RPI wonder if we just have the build process pull it out the existing tree from the master branch?12:36
qschulzRP: that's what we more or less do right now12:36
qschulzexcept for the css12:36
qschulzwhich means the fix I sent for broken responsive CSS a while back hasn't made it to other branches :)12:36
RPqschulz: ah :/12:37
RPqschulz: I think ndec_ and I did discuss whether to have a separate repo for these a long time ago12:37
qschulzRP: also... how do you feel about moving a git tag :p ?12:38
RPqschulz: which one?12:38
RPqschulz: this would imply 3.2 and others as well?12:38
qschulzand add a commit which changes this line:
qschulznothing else12:39
qschulzRP: AFAICT, only 3.3 has this issue but I'd need to check12:39
RPqschulz: I just remember once putting X.X.0 into the distro config and the world ended, I had to rebuild the release12:40
RPqschulz: the tags are shared in the same format with other repos12:40
qschulzRP: I meant, really moving the tag to another commit, not changing the naming convention12:40
qschulz(though, that was something I raised on the ML too but that was not what I wanted to talk about right now :) )12:41
RPqschulz: ah, that could be ok. they're signed so you'd have to talk to michael12:41
qschulzRP: that'd be nice, because currently 3.3 (and not 3.3.1, 3.3.2, etc..) is detected as dev release12:41
qschulzRP: ok, I'll send an RFC patch and Cc Michael in addition to usual ML and people :)12:42
qschulzndec_: BTW, we probably could have your release array in a different js file in a different repo and use $.load() from jquery, on paper that seems possible12:45
zeddiioverride: do you have bmap in your IMAGE_FSTYPES ?12:45
qschulzndec_: abort, got my thoughts mixed up. sorry for the noise :)12:46
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JPEWRP: I didn't see the email to comment, but on the image-artifacts-name change, isn't BUILD_REPRODUCIBLE_BINARIES == "1" the thing to check instead of inherits("reproducible_build") ?12:59
RPJPEW: we're effectively getting rid of that I think as it doesn't really work13:00
RPJPEW: patches aren't emailed yet, I was trying to get them to actually work first13:00
RPJPEW: the sstatesig one is horrible :(13:01
JPEWRP: Yes... I saw that13:01
RPJPEW: (it got worse)13:01
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dwagenkWow, the biggest files in my yocto DL_DIR are, around 3 GB, no matter if it's the git dir or the tar.gz mirror tarball. And what is it there for? A couple MB of ttf fonts from meta-oe/recipes-graphics/ttf-fonts/ttf-droid_git.bb13:42
dwagenkNow looking into ways to minimize this. But the subpath parameter for the git fetcher is only relevant for the do_unpack step, not for downloads and the tarball mirrors.13:44
dwagenkPartially cloning git repositories seems to be possible with recent git versions, but would need adaptions in the git fetcher.13:46
dwagenkMaybe downloading the 9 ttf files + accompanying license file individually via the wget fetcher would be an alternative. Not the nicest solution, but downloading and storing ~3GB of useless data is also not nice. Especially since we plan to archive the sources for each release to have full offline rebuildable releases.13:52
overridezeddii:: thanks, ill try adding bmap to IMAGE_FSTYPES13:52
overridealso trying to remeber, to get a recipe template for a python project from a git repo, we can just do devtool add recipe-name-here url-to-repo-here ?13:54
qschulzdwagenk: BB_GIT_SHALLOW="1" ?13:55
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qschulzwondering no why that is not the default?13:57
dwagenkqschulz first time I see that variable. As far as I understand git shallow cloning it justs skips parts of the history. But this is so big, because of the files contained in the git repository.14:00
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overrideive started getting this weird FileNotFoundError when I try making devtool fetch from a repo tool and create me a recipe14:01
overrideany idea why that might be?14:01
overrideused to work for me in the past14:01
Guest9115I need to split SRCPV in a bb recipe. Is there a util functio to use for that? Looking thru oe.utils but could not find anything.14:02
RPdwagenk: one of the side effect of shallow clones is cut down mirror tarballs14:02
RPqschulz: shallow clones have uses but are hard to update the checkouts and so on so have downsides14:03
dwagenkRP ok, will try that. Downloading and temporarily storing unneeded data is fine. As long as I don't have to archive it all I'll be happy with the solution.14:04
RPdwagenk: I think it might also use the subpath parameter but it may pay to glance at the fetcher code14:05
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dwagenkRP: tried that, since it would be a very easy adaption (setting subpath=data/fonts in the SRC_URI instead instead of setting S to ${WORKDIR}/git/data/fonts). It doesn't change the size of downloads and mirror tarballs. I haven't looked into the code, but I'm pretty sure it's only used during the do_unpack step.14:08
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RPdwagenk: I mean both shallow and subpath14:09
dwagenkah OK, I'll try the combination!14:10
RPdwagenk: looking at the code I think you're right and I'm confusing some code paths14:11
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overridejust doing something dumb here, can someone please take a look at this devtool add error im getting
fabatera[m]I'm trying to `runqemu slirp nographic qemuarm64 core-image-minimal &`... (full message at
JosefHolzmayrThefabatera: & doesn't make much sense with nographic, and you usually don't need to pass machine and image. what happens with just "runqemu nographic slirp"?14:23
RPJPEW: around? I think I've stumbled onto code you changed for reproducibility  and am finding different breakage :/14:26
RPJPEW: I added but it then breaks builds quite badly14:27
JPEWYa, I'm here14:27
RPJPEW: not in python3 itself but in things using it like python3-dbus14:27
JosefHolzmayrThe... now I'm there14:27
JPEWRP: I need to figure out what I changed in the first place14:28
JPEWAh right14:30
JPEWRP: Is sys.maxsize different?14:31
RPJPEW: 'INSTALL_DATA': 'FIXME_HOSTTOOLS_DIR/install -c -m 644',,vs 'INSTALL_DATA': 'FIXME_HOSTTOOLS_DIR/install -c -m ' \n        '644' was the original issue I was trying to fix14:31
RPJPEW: but it looks like there are things making assumptions about a variable per line14:31
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overridethought i was maybe mixing up devtool with recipetool but neither worked14:32
overridewonder what im doing wrong here14:32
overridei wonder i wonder14:32
JPEWRP: I'm a little confused about your patch because are reformatting the sysconfig files in do_package?14:33
JPEWOh, are you trying to reformat them for the sysroot also?14:33
fabatera[m]<JosefHolzmayrThe> "fabatera: & doesn't make much..." <- It is starting normally (builder is slow today). But I wanted to send it to the background, continue development and test with devtool deploy-target14:35
JosefHolzmayrThefabatera: i'd rather use tmux or screen and run it in two distinct terminals14:36
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overrideso i accidently deleted build/workspace14:42
dwagenkRP qschulz Down to a mirror tarball of around 100MB with BB_GIT_SHALLOW.14:43
overrideis threre a way to regenrate it? my minimal image recipe and all arent working either14:43
dwagenkno difference with subpath+shallow vs just shallow.14:43
fabatera[m]Alrigth! I was following one of your videos actually. :)14:44
fabatera[m]Then I've watched another video from Tim Orling sending it to background (without nographic, but it doesn't work for me). Thanks!14:44
fabatera[m]<JosefHolzmayrThe> "fabatera: i'd rather use tmux or..." <- Regarding my answer above14:45
ex-bugsbunnyI currently have a problem with bitbake-layers in conjunction with a self written python script and hope to find an answer here after my internet search didn't help me14:47
ex-bugsbunnymy script shall set up build environment for a bsp by creating  local.conf and bblayers.conf with the help of standard oe-init-build-env script (generating standard files if not yet present) and modifying it afterward14:47
ex-bugsbunnyfor modification of bblayers.conf I normally use "bitbake-layers add-layer" for all additionally needed layers14:47
dwagenkRP: I don't think subpath can be used to strip dwn the mirror tarball even further. The tarball contains a (shallow) bare git repository, while the subpath affects the checked out sources only.14:47
ex-bugsbunnyin the past that worked without problems, but for a new bsp for an intel based board, the intel bsp config include configuration snippets which are part of one of their layers14:47
ex-bugsbunnyconsequentially, adding layers with bitbake-layers fails due to a not startable bitbake server caused by missing configuration files residing in one of the layers to be added, a classical chicken/egg problem ;-/14:47
ex-bugsbunnyis there a possibility to use bitbake-layers command add-layer without involving any checks by a server?14:47
ex-bugsbunnyI'd like to avoid hand crafting layer management given that there actually is a standard tool for that :-D14:48
qschulzex-bugsbunny: kas does layer management so maybe there's something to check there for you (or even replace your tool with it?)14:52
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agherzanindex layer: does anyone know how to set a layer to a specific branch (not master)? I have submitted a layer ( and it seems to only try to index master while the repository only provides a dunfell version.14:54
ex-bugsbunnyqschulz: oh, never heard of that, I'll definitely have a look, thanks for that :-)14:54
ex-bugsbunnyqschulz: but I fear that this is no quick solution, so is there any chance to get that running with bitbake-layers nevertheless?14:55
fabatera[m]Josef Holzmayr (TheYoctoJester): to run 2 distinct terminals as you said, do you run environment script for each terminal or there is a way to use the environment that was set first?15:02
JosefHolzmayrTheyup, source it two times?15:02
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ex-bugsbunnyagherzan: I'm not familiar with layer index, but is dunfell the standard branch for the repo in gitlab? if not, it could be worth setting it accordingly and test again; if already the case I fear I cannot be of any help ;-/15:14
agherzanex-bugsbunny: it is. The default and only branch15:15
ex-bugsbunnyabelloni: ok, just thought to mention it, because I once created an empty repo in gitlab which got pushed an existing local one; that time the default branch was still master (gitlab default) but the pushed repo lacked such a branch - hopefully someone else has an answer ...15:17
agherzanex-bugsbunny: you've mentioned the wrong person :) But yeah, sadly it's not that simple. Index doesn't seem to have a way to be told in regards to the branch name it should be looking for. Or at least I don't know how to do it.15:23
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ex-bugsbunnyups, sorry abelloni for accidentally addressing you ... >.<15:33
ex-bugsbunnyagherzan: yeah, I should have guessed that you already checked that simple solutions ;-/15:35
agherzanIt's fine - sometime they are not that obvious.15:35
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RPdwagenk: right, I was mis- remembering, sorry15:46
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vdHi there -- I have trouble understanding when to use a site.conf. Let's say I want to tweak my distro and build for a specific customer, e.g. changing the splash screen image, or prefixing build artifact names. I was currently doing this in a multiconfig file to isolate a customer build. Should it be a site.conf scenario instead?16:01
vdRP might have explained that to me once, but I'm not quite sure16:04
RPvd: I  personally use site.conf as a way to specify things specific to my local machine setup like SSTATE_DIR and DL_DIR16:05
vdRP: I see, like setting IMAGE_VERSION_SUFFIX to the CI/CD build number before building?16:05
RPvd: I'd normally use auto.conf for all the CI bits16:06
RPvd: it is really up to the user to decide how to use the files ultimately, there isn't a "wrong" answer16:07
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vdsite.conf resides only in build/conf, contrary to a multiconfig which can be part of the layer configuration, right?16:10
vdJPEW: does whisk put its generated configuration in local.conf or auto.conf?16:11
RPvd: in general yes but it could actually be in the layers16:12
RPJPEW: I added to do_install and it breaks python3-dbus the same way as my change did16:13
RPJPEW: was what I tested16:14
JPEWhuh, that is bizzare16:18
vdRP: may I ask how would you personally split the "vanilla" configuration, from the customers customization? (different TMPDIR, tuned artifact names and other software branding tweaks)16:18
JPEWvd: auto.conf16:18
RPvd: customer is local.conf and site.conf, the other config should come from the layers, filename less important16:19
RPJPEW: It really shouldn't do this :/16:19
vdJPEW: another point for whisk. kas tweaks local.conf and I hate it ( rburton might hate it too ;-)  )16:19
vdho, interesting. bitbake "wrappers" shouldn't generate their abstracted configuration in auto.conf?16:20
JPEWRP: Oh is there a different one?16:22
JPEWRP, vd: Sorry I was wrong. It writes site.conf (not sure if that is any better :)16:23
JPEWvd: Ya, I purposely avoided local.conf16:25
vdRP: ha ha, that is a bit confusing for sure. Put differently, what is the best way to store and load customer-specific tweaks? I am currently using a multiconfig per customer, but that might be wrong. Maybe an `include somedir/${CUSTOMER}.conf` in somefile.conf would be preferred?16:29
RPvd: I was about to say you can also add your own config files16:33
vdthat seems right, but what would be preferable for "somedir" and "somefile.conf"?16:34
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overridefinally figured out why recipetool was acting up for me16:41
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ex-bugsbunnytalking about multiconfig and how to properly use, I am also a little puzzled in that respect: the intel bsp I talked about uses multiconfig for different configurations of one board (like different kernel versions or RT PREEMPT settings) but also for different boards (actually different processor generations); while the latter seems an adequate16:43
ex-bugsbunnyuse of multiconfig I would expect the latter rather to use different MACHINEs (unless the same game with various image/kernel/whatever configurations is played again)16:43
ex-bugsbunnyso what is common sense/best practice here?16:43
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ex-bugsbunny(different configurations can also mean different images in that case)16:48
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away16:50
vdex-bugsbunny: even though a multiconfig is yet another config layer, I personally strongly bind it to TMPDIR. Because you can reference images from a different multiconfig (mcdepends), it is strongly advised to use a different TMPDIR for each multiconfig (since it is usually used to build potentially incompatible images like a different16:59
vdarchitecture or libc.16:59
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yateswhy does yocto test applications (not shared libraries) for .text relocations? I thought that since applications are not shared, there is no need to make them PIC18:42
yatesWARNING: libcap-2.43-r0 do_package_qa: QA Issue: libcap-bin: ELF binary /usr/sbin/setcap has relocations in .text18:42
gchamphi, getting error "pod2man command not found" at binutils-cross-x86_64:do_compile (poky hardknott b98a5771598), adding `inherit perlnative` to fixes it, but is the right fix?18:44
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vdRP: is there such a thing as building a specific distro "version"?18:50
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yatestlwoerner: wasn't it you who informed me that the sdk can be built with "bitbake meta-toolchain" the other day?19:02
yateswhich i am thankful for19:03
tlwoerneryates: yes19:03
yateshowever, if that is the case, then why is "bitbake image -c populate_sdk" prescribed in item 6 of
yatesdoes the documentation need to be updated?19:05
tlwoernerwell, if you logged the conversation, i did mention the "-c populate_sdk" way of doing it19:05
tlwoernerno, there are 2 ways of doing it19:05
tlwoernerhowever, there is a slight difference19:06
tlwoerner"bitbake meta-toolchain" will only create an eSDK, a basic cross-toolchain19:06
yatestlwoerner: what is basic about it? i.e., what is it missing?19:08
tlwoerner"-c populate_sdk" will build the eSDK but will also consider the contents of your image and populate the cross toolchain with any packages you've specific19:08
tlwoernerlets say you want to use your sdk to cross-compile an application that depends on a library19:10
tlwoernerin order to build the application, the cross-compiled library would need to be available to your cross toolchain19:11
yatesi see19:11
tlwoernerso if all you had was a basic sdk toolchain, you'd have to start by first cross-compiling the library, then installing it somewhere where your toolchain could find it19:11
tlwoernerthen you could go ahead and cross-compile your application19:11
yatesi understand19:12
tlwoernerhowever, if you create an "image" that includes the library, then if you do "bitbake <image> -c populate_sdk" then bitbake will create the cross toolchain, and cross compile the library, and package them up into the sdk19:12
tlwoernerthen all you'd have to do is use the sdk to cross-compile the application, and the sdk tools would "magically" find the headers and library when building the app19:13
tlwoernerin summary:19:13
tlwoerner"bitbake meta-toolchain" is just a plain, basic cross toolchain (sdk)19:13
yatesbut it still seems to me this distinction should be made in the sdk doc, don't you think? it seems the doc should inform the reader that the limited form of the sdk is available without building an entire image19:13
tlwoerner-c populate_sdk is the sdk plus any libraries/headers/etc prepopulated19:14
tlwoerneri don't disagree with that19:14
tlwoernermaybe submit some documentation patches to michaelo and see what he thinks? ;-)19:15
yatesyes, good idea - i will. i'm already on the mailing list19:16
tlwoernerah i see, earlier i said the docs didn't need to be updated. sorry i misunderstood i thought you meant the docs should be updated to remove the -c populate_sdk option19:17
tlwoerneryes (i'm flip-flopping :-)19:17
tlwoernerthe docs could stand some updating in this area (if that's what they say, i'm not sure i've read that part of the docs)19:17
*** oobitots <oobitots!~oobitots@> has quit IRC (Quit: Client closed)19:17
tlwoerneri use the reference manual a lot, but the other ones not so much :-(19:17
yatesacknowledging that my situation is uncommon, it was a big deal for me since we are bringing up a brand new arch and our goal was to build a patched kernel, for which the "full" sdk is not required, and there were parts of the image build which were (and still are) not working.19:18
yateslike u-boot.19:18
tlwoernerif u-boot isn't working yet, you can create an image that doesn't include it, then use the -c populate_sdk thingy19:18
yateshey, no problem in the flip-flopping - thanks for your excellent help!19:19
tlwoernerthat way you get the sdk and any libraries/headers in your sdk19:19
yateshow do you build an image without a bootloader?!?19:19
tlwoerneran "image" doesn't need a bootloader if you're not planning to boot it (yet) ;-)19:19
tlwoerneran "image" is just a collection of dependent things to build ;-)19:20
yateswhere is the list of those "things" specified?19:21
yateswait, i think i can find that.19:22
tlwoernerdepends on what "image" is (e.g. core-image-minimal, core-image-base, etc)19:22
tlwoernerthe machine file specifies which bootloader to use, or not19:22
yatesi was atttempting core-image-minimal19:23
tlwoerner(and the kernel, usually)19:23
tlwoernerPREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/bootloader, PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel19:23
vdtlwoerner: but an image cannot override the preferred provider or preferred version of a package, right?19:24
yatesset "PREFERRED_PROVIDERS_u-boot ="?19:25
yates"PREFERRED_PROVIDER_u-boot ="?19:25
tlwoernervd: offhand i don't know, it wouldn't be the best place to do it, not for the kernel or bootloader19:25
yatesi can just jam my actual machine files - i've just created a rough version of them for our board19:26
tlwoerneryates: if you've already set the PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/bootloader to "u-boot" then you can specify which u-boot with PREFERRED_PROVIDER_u-boot19:26
yatestlwoerner: right, so just set it to nothing? "PREFERRED_PROVIDER_u-boot=" ?19:27
vdbut that cannot be done within an image recipe I believe.19:27
tlwoerner(sometimes a BSP layer defined multiple u-boot providers: one for upstream, on from the vendor)19:27
vdit has to be done from an higher configuration file19:27
tlwoerneryates: i thought i had blogged about this, but turns out i hadn't. i have a draft blog post i started in 2019 :-)19:38
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JPEWRP: Seems like the python parser errors out after 40,000 characters in a single line; we probably never noticed in the do_package version because the paths are shorter20:10
JPEWI'm re-writing the reformat script to account for this20:10
moto_timo[m]JPEW: that makes some sense20:15
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vdI just got that in fact you could have local.conf in your main layer's conf directory and it'd be picked if build/conf/local.conf doesn't exist20:16
vdand same for auto.conf, site.conf, etc.20:16
vdand those are openembedded specific. Bitbake specific configuration files are only conf/bblayers.conf and conf/bitbake.conf. Am I correct?20:19
RPJPEW: oh, interesting. I hadn't managed to debug that :/20:19
*** prabhakarlad <prabhakarlad!> has joined #yocto20:35
JPEWRP: Patch sent.... I have another idea if that one turns out to be non-reproducible (most likely due to pprint differences in host python)20:42
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RPJPEW: awesome, thanks. I was struggling to see that one20:57
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mtudanhi all, it happens to me that particular file is only added to recipe-sysroot-native and not to recipe-sysroot... any idea how to debug this and add it to recipe-sysroot as well?21:11
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RPJPEW: that does looks like it will work, thanks21:23
JPEWRP: Great! Like I said, keep an eye on the repro build output just in case21:23
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RPJPEW: will do, it was that it tested it with21:41
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