Saturday, 2021-10-02

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vdcross-canadian.bbclass is resetting ABIEXTENSION/TARGET_OS for some reasons...01:32
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RPkhem: seems very odd. Was that master-next?08:28
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RPkhem: it could be the pclist change in master-next. I think gatlib may be doing something odd with pc files?09:01
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RPkhem: it is that change. Looking into it10:15
RPkhem: the code is actually right. The .pc is in the main ${PN}, not ${PN}-dev :)10:16
RPkhem: patch sent10:22
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override_been trying to get this right for a  while now. I need my image recipe to give out just the root filesystem compressed (bmap supported fomrat) along with the bmap file for it. How do i go about it? There doesnt seely appear to be class for bmap I can just append to IMAGE_FSTYPE14:48
RPoverride_: bmap is an additional file to the base one so it is seen as a "compression" type for bitbake. Doesn't something IMAGE_FSTYPE = "tar.gz.bmap" work? I assume you just want a tarball for the base rootfs?14:55
RPoverride_: which base format do you want the root filesystem in?14:56
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whuang0389is it normal for qt builds to look like it has hanged for few hours?15:04
whuang0389and CPU usage is near 0%15:04
moto-timoRP: welll spotted on gattlib, thank you15:05
RPmoto-timo: was nice my fixes were actually finding a real problem rather than breaking it :)15:06
moto-timoRP: indeed!15:06
* RP thinks he is chasing phantoms in the autobuilder sstate. Time to change to a new version number I think15:10
override_RP: IMAGE_FSTYPES += "wic.bmap"15:30
override_IMAGE_FSTYPES += "wic.bmap"15:30
override_gives you the wiz.gz & the wic.bmap for it..15:31
override_think thats all that I wanted15:32
override_RP: have you used bmaptool much with python? Trying to see if I can add it to python as a python module, rather than calling it from a subprocess..15:33
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ant__RP: hi15:41
ant__so I have about 20 @bb.utils.contains in one file...sincerely too many15:41
ant__even converting to packageconfig seems futile15:42
ant__(would need the same check)15:42
ant__do you remember offhand one class processing these 'switch' procedures?15:43
ant__as example?15:43
ant__see and again #18015:45
ant__sorry the .bb not the .inc
ant__is it worth to 'optimize'?15:51
ant__hmm... contains_any ...reading15:57
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RPant__: doesn't look that bad to me. I'm not sure how you'd optimize it more16:11
JaMawhuang0389: it's more normal to see 100% CPU for few hours (e.g. for qtwebruntime build), not 0%16:15
JaMatail -f the log.do_compile log to see if something is really happening or not (the linking can take very long)16:16
RPFinally, only native differences in these two test builds16:27
whuang0389JaMa yea nothing is going on when i tail any of the qt compile logs16:35
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ant__RP, ok, thanks17:49
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vd1785khem: hi -- .../meta-qt5/recipes-qt/qt5/ fails with sed: can't read .../build/tmp/work/armv7at2hf-neon-poky-linux-gnueabi/qtwebengine/5.15.2+gitAUTOINC+5537ff4437_f5a93d251c-r0/image/usr/lib/pkgconfig/Qt5WebEngineCore.pc: No such file or directory. Does that ring a bell to you?19:21
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vd1785Aren't patches like meta-qt5/bf2daefeb57ac4c3e4bc39af3ddbfa6719978931 supposed to be ported to branches like hardknott?19:29
vd1785That new override syntax really made development a PITA these last weeks :-(19:30
vd1785The main issue with OpenEmbedded/Yocto is that not all layers maintainers respect the branching models. Patches aren't backported and kept on top of incompatible features, many layers don't even bother creating the release branches. It'd be really helpful to enforce these policies at least on layers approved under the Yocto umbrella...19:41
vd1785Cc: RP ^19:41
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argonautxhello out there, I just tried to build my sdk with populate_sdk_ext and got an error "undefined reference to `xdr_uint32'21:53
argonautxIm building on Debian testing, is this fixable?21:53
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RPvd: we can't really force anyone to do anything22:01
RPargonautx: had to know with just that to go on22:02
argonautxRP: what do you need to know?22:20
RPargonautx: which executable showed the undefined reference? which task failed? where in the task did it fail? did this used to work and you changed something which caused it to fail?22:22
RPargonautx: the project release series you're trying to build would be good to know too. That sounds like some of the rpc/nis changes but if it were that, it would be rather old?22:26
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vdRP: backports cannot be track easily for sure but requiring release branches shouldn't be hard to check...22:27
RPvd: Who is going to check and enforce this? We can't force anyone to do anything. Most people are also volunteers when it comes to a lot of the work22:29
argonautxRP: of course, here is the log file
RPargonautx: so unfs3-native failed. If you're not using NFS in your SDK you could remove that dependency as a really easy work around22:30
vdRP: what about a bitbake sanity class to ensure that git-fetched layers have a release branch? A check similar to the layer compat.22:31
RPargonautx: looks relevant22:32
RPvd: we did add the LAYER_* series variables for this reason and that causes enough complaints, I don't think there is the interest in mandating branches22:33
argonautxRP: thank you22:34
vdRP: the problem is that because you "can't force anyone to do anything", applications like QtWebEngine cannot compile basically. Latest master branches are too unstable (especially when something like a new syntax arrives), and common release branches aren't present or badly maintained. This results in no known reference versions to build a project22:50
vdand forcing the end user to tweak, revert, backport or cherry-pick changes here and there.22:50
moto-timoWelcome to open source22:51
vdmoto-timo that is wrong. This is mainly a problem of distributed projects. Monolitic projects like the kernel or buildroot are less likely to break the compilation of know releases.22:52
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RPvd: I think you should demand a refund ;-)23:06
RPvd: seriously, whilst I do appreciate the pain points, this is an open source project and community. We rely on a lot of people's best efforts23:06
RPvd: not all layers are going to be maintained to the same standard. I'm fairly sure some of them would welcome help maintaining stable branches23:07
RPsadly appeared in a full from scratch build :/23:10
* RP has no idea why that is breaking23:10
moto-timoRP: a little suspicious they are ‘noarch’ or ‘all’23:14
moto-timoRP: and font related?23:14
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RPmoto-timo: yes, and fallback vs. correct timestamp changes only23:24
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* RP tried to sleep but had an idea, may as well test that overnight23:36
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