Monday, 2021-10-04

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JosefHolzmayrTheCan anybody shoot me the current (new) documentation link real quick?06:24
moto-timoJosefHolzmayrThe:  http://docs.yoctoproject.org06:36
JosefHolzmayrThemoto-timo thx (why are you awake?)06:41
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mckoangood morning06:41
moto-timoJosefHolzmayrThe: just barely06:44
moto-timoNight shift hands off to the morning shift. May your espresso be excellent and the cream strong.06:45
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dagmcrhi, does anyone know why PARALLEL_MAKEINST variable change makes the sstate unusable for quite a lot of recipes? (only tested on dunfell)08:17
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RPdagmcr: makes it unusable how? It should be filtered out08:33
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dagmcrRP: unusable meaning recipes will rebuild08:35
dagmcrjust using latest dunfell from poky and updating PARALLEL_MAKEINST value in the site.conf08:35
dagmcr(some recipes)08:36
RPdagmcr: recipes from OE-Core?08:38
dagmcrwell, i'm using oe-core from poky so, yes. For example, glib-2.008:42
dagmcrwayland, libxcb...08:42
RPdagmcr: I just checked locally and you're right, it doesn't work as intended08:45
dagmcrIt's a bit strange because even if you set up the same value I think it rebuilds08:46
RPdagmcr: in a really quick test, adding PARALLEL_MAKEINST[vardepvalue] = "1" made it work here08:47
dagmcrokay, I wasn't sure how to add the variable globally08:47
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RPdagmcr: most people let PARALLEL_MAKE and PARALLEL_MAKEINST take the same value which then means you don't see this issue08:49
RPdagmcr: I'll queue something to tweak this in core08:49
dagmcrRP: they had the same value assigned individually in my conf file08:50
RPdagmcr: right, and if you just didn't define one it would have worked :)08:51
RPdagmcr: I've sent a patch08:51
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dagmcrRP: Awesome!08:55
dagmcrYes, it would have worked. Defining PARALLEL_MAKE redefines PARALLEL_MAKEINST and then, the sstate is being reused. But defining something like this:08:55
dagmcrPARALLEL_MAKE = "-j 32"08:55
dagmcrPARALLEL_MAKEINST = "-j 32"08:55
dagmcrmakes the sstate unusable for some recipes08:55
dagmcreven though the string value was the same as the previous build08:55
RPdagmcr: I understand, hence my patch08:56
dagmcrRP: Thanks again for the quick fix! :)08:57
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kanavinabelloni, can you drop my patches from kirkstone-next please? I meanwhile modified the set, and wouldn't want confusion and half-baked items in there.09:04
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kanavinI can resend them perhaps09:04
abelloniwhich ones ? :)09:05
kanavinabelloni, I can do some git-fu perhaps to determine that, I'll let you know.09:05
abelloniI'm guessing the rpm stuff but there are more updates that are probably useful09:05
kanavinabelloni, I guess you would just need to replace the patches that I modified afterwards, I just need to detemine which ones.09:06
kanavinand resend them09:06
dagmcrRP: I can't make your patch work in dunfell (I haven't tried in master). I'll try to see if there is something else more.09:17
kanavinabelloni, I just sent two patches (rpm zstd, inetutils), those should replace ones in kirkstone-next09:23
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abellonikanavin: I did have the CVE patch removal for inetutils09:33
dagmcrRP: Okay, after applying your patch, the build went again without reusing the sstate. After it finished, your patch worked as intended and I can update PARALLEL_MAKEINST reusing the sstate. Is this second build due to the bitbake.conf change, isn't? But I guess in this case is intentional?09:45
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fabatera[m]Yocto builds are taking over all machine resources after updating build server from Debian 9 to 11. The system becomes non responsive and builds take forever.10:11
fabatera[m]Debian 9 docker container has the same issue (used to work in Debian 9 host).10:11
fabatera[m]Any suggestions here?10:11
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fabatera[m]It takes much longer even to finish the "parsing recipes"10:21
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kanavinabelloni, thanks, I only look at my own patches11:08
RPDoes anyone have any idea why centos8 machines would be losing files from /tmp ?11:33
RPdagmcr: yes, it has to adapt to the new signature11:33
dagmcrRP: okay11:34
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RPabelloni: any ideas on why so many /tmp issues, all centos8?11:42
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abellonino idea :(11:48
abelloniwas there an update recently ?11:48
abelloninaveen also reported something, I didn't have the time to look at11:48
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RPabelloni: master is broken atm due to me damaging sstate :/12:20
cameron6Good morning, I'm looking for a reliable way of determining the ID of the touchscreen device as reported by `xinput list` on my debian yocto build. Any ideas?12:24
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gchamphi! how is decided which firmware in linux-firmware makes it in a seperate package? If I only need amdgpu firmwares, should I create a new package for those?13:59
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RPabelloni: was there an older one of these issues, I think in one of your builds? Just wondering if we can put time bounds on it14:02
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overrideanyone feeling like giving me a run down of steps for updating kernel module version? Think im running an older version of CAN drivers which dont support flexible datarates (FD)14:09
RPgchamp: yes, just add entries for the pieces you're needing similar to the existing nes14:12
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gchampRP: ok, thanks.14:20
JPEWRP: That is an interesting way to work around the caching path issue :)14:25
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RPJPEW: I'd love something better15:03
RPJPEW: starting to think we may want to be explicit about the call sites for it15:03
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JPEWRP: Maybe the class can provide a standarized prefunc so users can do `do_my_special_task[prefunc] += "get_source_date_epoch"` ?15:13
RPJPEW: right, I was thinking about something like that15:14
JPEWPresumably, the repro testing would detect if that call was missing15:14
JPEWand we can over the most common cases (do_compile, do_install, do_package, do_deploy, etc.)15:14
RPJPEW: if we cover the common cases it should be fine, yes15:15
overridecan some one walk me through the process of updating recipes etc to fetch the latest socket can drivers? trying to get some direction here15:25
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RPoverride: usually it is a case of changing the SRC_URI, version in the recipe or recipe filename and then the checksums to match the new version. You then have to deal with any issues that arise in the new version and compatibility with the rest of the recipes15:29
RPoverride: but I know nothing of socket can drivers15:30
overrideRP: im just trying to figure out a sure shot way of figuring out what recipe the bsp is using to bring in the driver to begin with15:30
qschulzif the can driver is in the Linux kernel sources and not an out-of-tree driver, you'll need to backport the patches you want manually (nothing to do with Yocto) or upgrade your kernel version (still nothing to be done in Yocto until you get your board to boot the newer kernel)15:31
RPI was assuming this was some out of tree module but yes, you need to know where they're coming from first15:31
qschulzoverride: if it's a module, just run oe-pkgdata-util find-path '*can-whatever.ko'15:31
qschulzthen from there, oe-pkgdata-util lookup-recipe <pkg_returned_by_previous_command>15:32
overridepretty sure its a tree module. Its this thing
overrideqschulz: isnt backporting for downgrading? im suspecting im like a version behind or something becuase the current driver doesnt seem to support the flexiable datarate mode15:34
overrideplus isnt there a recipe that brings in the kernel to begin in? why would you say updating the kernel has nothing to do with yocto? lost me there15:36
overridebegin with*15:37
qschulzoverride: I expect that you have a custom kernel, so it's not as simple as just modifying a commit hash15:37
qschulzin a recipe15:37
qschulzyou need to do the work before integrating it to Yocto15:38
overridebut like yocto does bring in the kenel using a recipe though, right?15:38
overrideI was thinking I should maybe find that recipe15:38
qschulzIf it's in-tree (which is very likely), you'll need to backport the driver or patches from newer upstream release to your kernel15:38
qschulzyes, I gave you the commands to run earlier15:39
qschulzif it's really built as a module15:39
qschulzif it's not, just run bitbake -e virtual/kernel | grep "PREFERRED_*_virtual/kernel" to find the name of the recipe and the version15:39
overridejust to clarify, if something is given a [y] as apposed to [m] in that make menuconfig thing15:40
overrideis it still considered a module, like I can do this backporting method of getting it updated ??15:40
overrideI currently dont have to modprobe the module so its not a loadable module is what im trying to say15:41
fray(like 1/16" or so)  :)15:42
frayha.. wrong window15:42
qschulzit's built-in driver not a module15:42
fray(I was talking about adjusting the rear toe-in on my vehicle..  toe changes based on weight levels)15:42
qschulzyou can still patch the kernel yes15:43
qschulzthough the amount of work required depend on the quality of the vendor kernel and/or how far you are in terms of Linux version you are from the driver which has the features you want15:43
overrideok, i guess I can also see why itll be called backporting, newer driver version being added to an older kernel..15:44
overridecan u explain the preferred_*_virtual/kernel bit too a litttle or should I mega manual that instead ?15:45
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qschulzPREFERRED_VERSION and PREFERRED_PROVIDER are mechanism to chose (for the former) a specific version for a recipe if there are multiple valid version and (for the latter) which recipe to pick if multiple recipes are able to provide a given recipe (mechanism called virtual recipes)16:06
kergothRandom tip: another way to check what recipe is being used for a provider, even in the case where a preferred preference isn't set, you can use the FILE variable to see the reicpe file for it. i.e. bitbake-getvar -r virtual/kernel FILE16:08
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Xageni have a bbappend for apache2 that i added RDEPENDS for ttf-dejavu fonts, but when i build apache2 i get ERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'ttf-dejavu-common-native'16:17
Xagendoes anyone know how to fix this?16:17
rburtonXagen: just add the rdepends to the target package16:19
rburton(using class-target override)16:19
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rburtonsurprised apache needs a font rdepends thoug16:19
Xagenthere's some content that we're displaying on a webpage that apache is hosting that needs those fonts16:19
Xagenso i felt like that was the right place to put it16:20
Xagenrburton: are you saying that the depends needs to be in the image recipe instead?16:20
rburtonXagen: i'd put the content in a separate recipe and the rdepends on that16:22
rburtonkeep apache the daemon separate from the content16:22
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Xagenrburton: but wouldn't that recipe then also have the same issue of saying that nothing RPROVIDES it?16:23
rburtonno, because you wouldn't have a native form of your content recipe16:24
rburtonapache needs apache-native to build, and you're saying that apache-native needs the fonts16:24
Xagenand then it appends the native to the fonts16:24
rburtonthe fonts don't have a native form (yet) as that's typically pointless16:24
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Xagenok, i gotcha16:24
Xagenlet me play around with that then16:24
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overridecan some one tell me where the index or something for kernel modules is at? im trying to see when / what version exactly was the FD feature added  to the SocketCAN driver17:25
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manuel1985I have problems executing a self-written do_patch() function after a self-written do_fetch() function.17:34
*** davidinux <davidinux!~davidinux@> has joined #yocto17:34
manuel1985do_fetch() mkdirs the directory and git-clones the repo, but do_patch deletes the directory17:35
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vdrburton: I just commented on a new syntax proposal for kas and auto.conf etc. You might like it.18:30
rburtonah cool, i'll read that properly later18:39
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alex88_Hi I'm trying to create a package which only purpose is to install more dependencies however even if in IMAGE_INSTALL the package is ignored, why?19:04
vdalex88_ you should use a packagegroup for that19:06
alex88_vd, oh, got it, thank you!19:06
alex88_vd, just found that exact one, thank you again19:10
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vdDoes EGLFS imply GLES2?19:21
vdI'm kinda lost between opengl, gl, gles2, egl, eglfs19:24
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overridethis can git tree for instance, I cant really tell what version CAN this is. Can someone help me figure that out?20:56
vdthat's a lot of CANs20:58
overrideim just trying to figure out where in can-dev or like the simple can.ko kinda drivers have their versions specified20:59
overridelike is there a var in kconfig or something for the version?20:59
overrideone of the CAN's on m baords acting it when I make it talk to a micro, so im trying to figure if it has something to do with the versions21:00
agherzanRP: What is the current estimation for getting feedback on Layer Compatible applications?21:01
agherzanIf you happen to know.21:01
RPagherzan: er, I haven't seen on. ndec_ should get them initially21:03
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vdIn which scenario would a distro decide to remove the x11 or opengl feature for example?21:31
ant__if you only have dvb? maybe glesv2 for kodi?21:34
ant__some bcm stb21:34
ant__actually they do it per-machine not in the distros21:35
vdmy point exactly, distro features configure software, they don't reflect the hardware support21:37
ant__mostly v3d variants or mali/hisil21:37
vdThe only reason I could think of is reducing the binary size by removing likely unwanted features, but it feels like an eventually undiserable trade-off21:38
ant__depends on the size of your filesystem :)21:39
ant__some have nowadays only 512MB21:40
ant__older 25621:40
vdtrue but again, that'd be an image feature don't you think? removing e.g. the ext4 support in the distro itself seems a little drastic21:40
ant__20 yrs ago 32 or 64 :)21:40
ant__I am actually biased thinking about the dvb world where the set-top-boxes are/were indeed limited21:41
smurrayvd: for one of you specific examples if you only support wayland, removing x11 avoids building  unneeded bits21:41
vdidk maybe distro features are only a very biased point of view of the target software, but I wouldn't expect one to tweak it too much in comparison to machine or image features.21:41
smurraythey can be (and signficantly are for some of them) used to determine PACKAGECONFIG values in recipes21:43
vdsmurray but that's totally biased, you agree? e.g. if I'm writing a distro for kiosks, I think x11 or wayland is bad and only directfb or dvb is cool. If you want to use a full screen wayland app for your kiosk, well, too bad! Seems a little rough.21:44
smurrayI'm not sure I follow, the whole point of OE is to build customized distros21:44
ant__most packageconfig knobs are related to MACHINE or DISTRO features (at least in kodi)21:45
smurrayant__: systemd is widely used21:45
smurrayvd: if you want a generic distro that can run anything, turn them all on, if not, tweak them21:45
smurrayant__: and there are many bsp layers that use x11, wayland, opengl, etc. to configure their graphics bits21:46
ant__yes, it all depends on the target capabilities21:48
ant__this is what OE/Yocto is for21:48
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vdsmurray: ok so let's say I'm writing a distro for kiosks (embedded machine with an optional screen with limited user interaction), it'd be my choice as the distro maintainer to exclude software rendered graphics and compositors and only allow direct fb, eventually hardware accelerated. Thus I would add DISTRO_FEATURES:remove = "x11 opengl wayland21:51
vdvulkan", DISTRO_FEATURES:append = " directfb" and let the machines configure packages like "eglfs gles2" for Qt for example.21:51
smurrayvd: that's definitely an option21:52
vdThis is what I was describing by being a bit rough and definitely biased. But true, you wouldn't want packages configured with x11 for sure if a window manager isn't supposed to be used on the target.21:54
smurrayit's your choice as a distro definer21:55
vdAnd if a given scenario (like a development/testing environment) needs a window manager to test a GUI, then it's the user/machine maintainer responsibility to hack the distro in order to support wayland or x11.21:56
vdOkay, a distro is biased by definition after all, so it makes sense.21:57
vdthen there are scenarios like qtbase which seems to depend on wayland to support egl but that's another special case ^^22:01
*** FredO <FredO!> has joined #yocto22:01
vdsetups like Qt are tricky because you may not wish to enable eglfs or libinput even though you have a 3d capable touchscreen, so that's where the distro features comes in.22:04
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vdbtw does opengl mean software only or eglfs/gles2 rely on opengl?22:16
smurrayvd: I'm not sure right off the top of my head22:18
*** arlen <arlen!> has joined #yocto22:20
vdit's a little weird to me because I get this: Feature 'eglfs' was enabled, but the pre-condition '! && !config.darwin && !config.win32 && !config.wasm && features.egl' failed.22:20
vdAnd I don't really understand how to enable the said 'egl' feature which eglfs seems to depend on.22:21
*** arlen_ <arlen_!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)22:21
vdI'm not even sure to understand if eglfs/gles2 is hardware specific or can be software rendered.22:23
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