Thursday, 2021-10-07

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CocoJoegood morning06:15
CocoJoeI am getting an error with bmaptool like this06:16
CocoJoebmaptool: ERROR: checksum mismatch for blocks range 256-42406:16
CocoJoewhen trying to copy over a wic image06:16
JosefHolzmayrTheyo dudX06:20
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mckoangood morning06:46
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wCPOAre any of you aware of any GitHub Actions <-> Yocto autobuilder integrations?06:52
JosefHolzmayrThewCPO: not yet, but what function would you think of the DH action to fulfill? (and vice versa, of course)06:53
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wCPOJosefHolzmayrThe: Just something simple. Build it and test it. Perhaps I can use the Checks API and some light scripting:
JosefHolzmayrThewCPO: ok but what would you need the yp autobuilder for, then?06:57
JosefHolzmayrThei mean - who would be the trigger, and who would be the builder?06:57
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wCPOJosefHolzmayrThe: I haven't thought it all through yet. We could use one of GitHub runners and a sstate mirror, to make it somehow fast. Maybe triggering a autobuilder build isn't worth it07:05
JosefHolzmayrThewCPO: jon and me are both using gitlab ci/cd for various tasks, and its a pretty neat thing. no need for the autobuilder (and i'd guess most things you can do there also apply to GH actions)07:06
wCPOJosefHolzmayrThe: we use github for the "network effects" (or something like that), but I know gitlab CI can be used with github. Are the .gitlab-ci.yml files public?07:08
JosefHolzmayrThewCPO: sure, jons stuff is for example at and my stuff or parts of it are for example or
JosefHolzmayrThewCPO: please note that especially the esdk-builder is one of my tinkering places, which may or may not be in a working state at any given point in time.07:11
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eFfeMHi all, I am having problems cloning meta-gplv2 due to a certificate issue, Is this a known problem?07:36
eFfeMfrans@DESKTOP-N51I0K2:~/git$ git clone
eFfeMCloning into 'meta-gplv2'...07:36
eFfeMfatal: unable to access '': server certificate verification failed. CAfile: none CRLfile: none07:36
JosefHolzmayrTheeFfeM: manually or through google repo?07:36
eFfeMcloning using http works07:36
eFfeMJosefHolzmayrThe manually using the command I pasted07:37
JosefHolzmayrTheeFfeM: can't reproduce, work manually over https.07:38
eFfeMhmm, ok07:38
JosefHolzmayrTheeFfeM: yesterday we had a report of somebody else giving a similar problem for poky, but the asker blamed it on google repo which was in the build chain.07:39
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JosefHolzmayrTheeFfeM: anyways, i'll give the admin a heads up and ask to verify the cert chain if there is something unusual.07:39
eFfeM64got disconnected07:39
JosefHolzmayrTheJosef Holzmayr (TheYoctoJester) eFfeM: anyways, i'll give the admin a heads up and ask to verify the cert chain if there is something unusual.07:40
eFfeM64I tried this from the office network and it failed, disconnected from vpn (that is why I was disconnected from chat as well) but if I try on my local network it also fails07:41
eFfeM64JosefHolzmayrThe thanks07:41
JosefHolzmayrTheeFfeM64: what distro/release are you on?07:42
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eFfeM64JosefHolzmayrThe I just tried to clone on ubuntu 20.04 under WSL, but actually we saw the issue first on our build agent07:43
JosefHolzmayrTheeFfeM64: and the agent uses?07:44
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eFfeMback again, I just tried on an ubuntu 20.04 system and there it worked07:45
JaMado you have ca-certificates installed in WSL?07:45
alicef_eFfeM: check if works with "git config --global http.sslverify false" ?07:48
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eFfeMJaMa JosefHolzmayrThe tried on build agent and there it now works, in WSL it still fails but indeed I have no ca-certificates installed there, will try07:48
JosefHolzmayrThei wonder if there have been recent changes in ubuntu there.07:48
alicef_there have been recent changes in letsencrypt07:49
eFfeMJaMa ca-certificates were installed on WSL07:49
alicef_they disabled dsu root x307:49
alicef_and changed it with ISRG root X107:50
eFfeMalicef_ with setting http.sslverify to false it works07:51
alicef_if so is the ssl root certification probably broken. you should find a way of updating it for a "permanent" solution07:53
alicef_try to update ca-certificates package or try to use update-ca-certificates command07:53
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RPabelloni, kanavin: we should be ok on builds again now07:59
alicef_JosefHolzmayrThe: how do you open a yocto issue ? maybe we should document this08:00
JosefHolzmayrThealicef_: there's a bugzilla08:00
alicef_link ?08:01
alicef_ah found08:01
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rburtonif you get TLS/SSL failures then you just need to update ca-certificates.08:07
qschulzjonmason: if the non-https downloads links are not in literal blocks, please use :yocto_dl: to replace them08:09
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qschulzI should say that on the ML, so will do08:12
qschulzwhich exists only for yocto-docs and not bitbake/docs08:15
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eFfeMalicef_ rburton update-ca-certificates didnt fix it for me08:35
kanavinRP: PLATFORM:·noarch-unknown-linux vs PLATFORM:·noarch-pc-linux08:37
kanavinRP: seems like my build with TARGET_SYS changes could've poisoned the cache somehow? :-/08:38
kanavinreally don't understand how it could happen - I never seen this before08:38
kanavinRP: also, only noarch packages08:40
kanavinRP: I can check how that header's value gets produced08:40
kanavinthere might be undesirable leakage that wasn't triggered before08:41
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kanavinRP: I had changed meta/site in my build and I think that isn't factored into sstate signatures08:56
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kanavinRP: let me see how rpm gets that value09:00
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eFfeMalicef_ just want to let you know that updating ca-certificates did help, also with WSL. Stupid me forgot to do an apt-get update first :O09:15
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eFfeMthanks for your help alicef_ JosefHolzmayrThe09:16
JosefHolzmayrThenp, have fun!09:17
eFfeMalways :-)09:18
lukmaDear Community, Is there any reason that do_rootfs modify the ELF headers of programs?09:24
lukmaIn the "package" (or even in image directory) the ELF program seems not to be touched09:25
lukmabut when I inspect it with readelf on the running rootfs, it has some offset added (to entry point value for example)09:25
JosefHolzmayrThelukma: you probably have prelink enabled, then.09:26
michaeloHello. Any reason for having the available only though http, not https?09:34
lukmaJosefHolzmayrThe: Thanks for the hint09:35
lukmaI will investigate this :-)09:35
JosefHolzmayrThehave fun!09:37
kanavinRP: still not sure. that field is written into rpms during package_write_rpm, the task depends on rpm-native:populate_sysroot, that depends on rpm-native:configure, that depends on BUILD_SYS, which depends on BUILD_VENDOR09:44
RPkanavin: I was wondering if it could have been cross pollution but in the sstatesig patch, I changed sstate version and hash equiv version so it shouldn't have been that, just bad timing I think09:44
RPkanavin: I'm wondering if my changes meant noarch was being crossed between musl and non-musl or something09:45
RPkanavin: it could also be arm host somehow i guess09:45
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RPkanavin: what is the command to view an rpm's tags? I'm sure I did know at some point :/09:51
jonatanHi everyone. I am setting up a project with a lot of python packages, several of which depend on the Poetry build tool. Yocto doesn't have any poetry-native support yet, right?09:51
RPjonatan: the layer index would be the best place to check and see if it exists anywhere09:52
rburtonoh great another "useful" tool09:53
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qschulzrburton: there's flit also for python packages :)09:54
JosefHolzmayrTherburton: cue xkcd "standards"09:54
jonatanAh, I haven't actually seen the layer index before. That's nice. But nothing with Poetry, it looks like09:55
rburtonpoetry looks like it does everything possible to be actively hostile to traditional distributions09:55
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RPkanavin: I'm pretty sure it is arm host built rpms vs those built on x8609:57
jonatanFirst bad things I hear about poetry, to be honest - but also my first time using it with Yocto. It doesn't play well with buildroot, either09:58
kanavinRP: right, meanwhile the rust target issue seems to be down to just mozjs trying to be clever (and failing), it's not rust-wide :)09:58
RPkanavin: just going off "strings <rpm>" I see noarch-unknown-linux on arm and pc-linux on x8609:59
RPkanavin: I wonder what we should force this value to. Probably "pc" looking at the platform files09:59
kanavinmozjs is calling out to some GNU config.sub nonsense to canonicalize the system name, GNU script adds -gnu to the name, and then that's used as a rust target10:00
RPkanavin: ah, config.sub is rather gnu centric10:01
kanavinI guess I can patch that out, just need to find where10:02
kanavinRP: I suspect those names are provided by the same config.sub, but this time in rpm-native's configure10:03
kanavinyou can run it directly to see what it prints10:03
kanavinfor rpm, we can simply set --vendor btw10:04
RPkanavin: I think it is way worse, see the rpm/platform/ files. There is no aarch64 one10:04
RPkanavin: but yes, I think we can just code it10:04
kanavinRP: those are dynamically generated10:04
kanavinRP: the value is determined as RPMCANONVENDOR at do_configure10:05
RPkanavin: dynamically generated from what? :/10:05
RPkanavin: good news, setting _vendor does fix it on the arm worker10:06
kanavinRP: I guess we can just add --vendor=${TARGET_VENDOR} to ./configure10:08
kanavinRP: --with-vendor, exactly10:09
RPkanavin: yes, that would help with determinism I guess10:09
RPkanavin: that also works in testing so I'll send a patch as it is probably the better fix, thanks!10:13
kanavinRP: cheers10:13
kanavinRP: nice coincidence that I am sorting the same issue in mozjs, so have a 'hot cache' in my head ;)10:13
RPkanavin: yes, and ironic you were poking this system wide so it looks like corruption but isn't10:14
RPrburton: it suggests output on the arm workers isn't being well reused on x86 until now, quite interesting10:15
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rburtonah interesting10:16
RPrburton: and always norarch only since we don't build x86 on arm and we test reproducibility with an x86 target10:18
JosefHolzmayrThedon't tell me you haven't been warned, folks!
kanavinRP: you opted for 'pc'? I guess it doesn't matter.10:23
RPkanavin: it is the value we've had everywhere so far10:24
kanavinRP: right, I'm just a bit worried that this mismatch will come up somewhere10:24
kanavin(pc vs poky)10:24
kanavinbut I guess it hasn't until now10:25
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RPkanavin: I suspect there is a much bigger chance there is rpm magic that looks for "pc"10:48
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CocoJoeis it possible to verify a wic with bmap without doing antyhing else?10:55
JosefHolzmayrTheCocoJoe this is mostly a bmap topic I guess, but at least it's manpage mentions nothing like it.11:05
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nucatushello! What is the yocto way of configure a specific package to use a predefined configuration file based on the image it is built? For instance, if imgA is built, our package would install /etc/confA file, and if imgB is built, out package would install the /etc/confB11:36
JosefHolzmayrThenucatus: none, because thats not how it works. the package recipe has no way of knowing the image in question (think, what would happen if you build two images? or none?)11:37
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JosefHolzmayrThenucatus: one common way would be to provide seperate recipes, where the images only pull in one each.11:38
JosefHolzmayrTheshared things can go into an include that the packages all use.11:38
JosefHolzmayrThean alternative are distro flags.11:38
qschulzJosefHolzmayrThe: you could have two packages only from the same recipe (provided the paths of both config files are different, otherwise need to play with pkg_post_inst and RCONFLICTS between the two packages, but not impossible)11:39
JosefHolzmayrTheqschulz: sure, one recipe can provide multiple packages too.11:39
nucatusok. I think it makes sense now11:40
JosefHolzmayrThewhen did it not make sense? ;-)11:40
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nucatusit was not clear for me whether the image is a proper place to make such configuration11:42
qschulznucatus: an image is still a recipe and recipes cannot impact other recipes11:43
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jonmasonqschulz: the yocto_dl is only for inside documentation, correct?13:01
qschulzjonmason: it'll just be replaced by c.f.
qschulzthe %s is replaced by X from :yocto_dl:`X`13:03
qschulzby *13:04
jonmasonyes, I get that  part13:04
qschulzok, :yocto_dl: can only be used from within the project that sphinx is building13:04
qschulzso yocto-docs only13:04
jonmasonthese changes are all over the place, just making sure it's only in the docs repo13:04
jonmason 84 files changed, 208 insertions(+), 208 deletions(-)13:05
qschulznot all extlinks are present in the bitbake docs though13:05
qschulz(and since it's a different docs project... :) )13:05
jonmasonexactly, PITA13:05
qschulzone more thing we should put in common between the two projects I guess :|13:06
qschulzndec_: ^13:06
qschulzjonmason: be careful, extlinks do NOT work in blocks (at least literal, probably code-blocks too)13:06
qschulzso a simple sed might be a bit too optimistic :)13:07
jonmasonqschulz: docs n00b.  by blocks what do you mean?13:08
jonmason    PREMIRRORS:prepend = "\13:08
jonmason-       git://.*/.* \n \13:08
jonmasonnot that?13:08
jonmasonqschulz: RTFM?  ;-)  Thanks for the link, I will actually read it now13:19
qschulzjonmason: and maybe
qschulzso, basically any section starting with :: (can be at the end of a sentence, or at the beginning of the line)13:20
jonmasonqschulz: looking over the changes, I think all but maybe one hyperlink is in a block13:20
qschulzand MAYBE (haven't checked), the sections started by .. code-block::13:20
qschulzjonmason: not RTFM, I always link the docs in case I misinterpreted (and also for reference :) )13:21
jonmasonhonestly, it's probably why they were http and not replaced anyway13:21
jonmasonqschulz: not offended, just joking around13:21
qschulzjonmason: the shortest way to figure this out is to run make before your changes, then after, then do a git diff or meld on that output and see if the changes are what you wanted in the first place13:22
qschulzif the :yocto_dl: extlink is not replaced, it'll be obvious to the eye :)13:22
qschulzjonmason: I had guessed :)13:22
qschulzjonmason: the thing we COULD do is replace those with an entry in poky.yaml instead13:23
qschulzwhich would be something like &YOCTO_DL; and then it would work, because we change those and not sphinx (well, it's part of sphinx process but we do it manually, without sphinx help)13:23
qschulzwhich incidentally also only exists in yocto-docs and not bitbake :)13:24
qschulzI think a search and replace will do for now :)13:25
jonmasonqschulz: so, what I'm hearing is that for documentation, I should add the yocto_dl and similar into poky.yaml, then replace everything in the blocks with that13:26
jonmasonYOCTO_DL_URL : ""13:26
jonmasonlooks like its already there13:26
qschulzwell, then yes :)13:27
qschulzfor yocto-docs only13:27
qschulzdoes not apply to bitbake/docs unfortunately13:27
jonmasonyes, and I've many changes there as well13:27
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qschulzmichaelo: we need a download button on for the epub and pdf now :)13:55
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kanavinRP: new master-next a-full started without stopping the previous one, is that intentional?14:21
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ad__how can i overlay a bbclass of a lower layer in my bsp layer ?15:11
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ad__i just tried with same bbclass name inside my layer, in /classes , but does not work15:12
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qschulzad__: you're not supposed to do it15:18
ad__qschulz, ok, i created a custom class and inherited it15:18
qschulzyup, that works :)15:18
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vd898kinda existential question: does "core" in recipes-core originally came from the "core" layer (OE-Core) and was then cargocult used by other layers or does "core" as another meaning here?15:24
rburtonrecipes-core are recipes that are core to a system15:27
rburtonrecipes-* are basically arbitrary namespaces15:27
moto-timovmeson: python3-cryptography 3.4.8 (really it's setuptools-rust/pyo3) is failing on musl. it ends up trying to rebuild the rust code in do_install and I don't know why.15:28
moto-timovmeson: and python3-cryptography 35.0.0 uses a newer version of pyo3 (0.14.5) that only seems to work on host == target15:29
moto-timovmeson: plus tgamblin is seeing the "rebuild in do_install" even on qemux86-64 which seems somehow to be host dependent :/15:30
vd898when you change a recipe's PACKAGECONFIG, do_configure is naturally triggered again, but does do_compile restart from scratch or from the previous compilation?15:35
RPkanavin: yes, testing two things in parallel15:38
qschulzvd898: tasks are organized in a tree15:41
qschulzall leaf nodes to the current task are retriggered if current task is modified15:41
qschulzand do_compile depends on do_configure so yes15:41
qschulzexcept... if you have hashequiv server running and two different do_configure actually output the exact same thing, in which case the sstate-cache of compile is used15:42
rburtonvd898: most recipes do out-of-tree builds so on configure the build tree is entirely deleted.  some recipes don't support that, so you don't get a guaranteed build from clean.15:49
qschulzoh, completely missed the question I see :)15:52
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vmesonmoto-timo: is that using buildall-qemu ? I see a glibc then musl failure for rust-hello-world. pgowda_ is working on that...16:08
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pgowda_A patch is posted as well as per Richard's (RP) suggestions that fixed the issue..16:16
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*** chrfle_ is now known as chrfle16:29
RPrburton: Sstate summary: Wanted 2672 Local 0 Network 2657 Missed 15 Current 0 (99% match, 0% complete)16:32
RPJPEW: that hack in bitbake master-next does look to solve the problem16:32
JPEWRP: cool16:33
RP(the 15 was base-files rebuilding as I changed the branch head)16:33
*** Barry[m] <Barry[m]!~barryriot@2001:470:69fc:105::900> has joined #yocto16:37
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kanavinRP: right, I'll wait :)16:50
*** Spectrejan[m] <Spectrejan[m]!~spectreja@2001:470:69fc:105::1609> has joined #yocto16:50
RPkanavin: I have yet another queued too. Trying to sort a few last minute changes and test a key bugfix in isolation16:51
moto-timovmeson: pgowda_: this was with multiconfig building qemux86-64, qemux86-musl and qemuarm6416:51
*** khem <khem!~khemmatri@2001:470:69fc:105::b81> has joined #yocto16:51
RPkanavin: I did stop the earlier one now we have the needed data from it (the noarch stuff is corrupt in sstate right now :( )16:51
RPI feared that was the case16:52
moto-timovmeson: pgowda_: to be clear, it is something specific in setuptools-rust and/or pyo3 (the rust bindings for python). Not obviously a problem with rust stack in oe-core.16:52
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jonmasonqschulz: thanks for the reviews.  patch 7/8 should address what you were mentioning this morning17:07
vmesonmoto-timo: ok, thanks for the heads up. there's an uprev of rust to 1.55 in kanavin's poky-contrib tree so you might try that just for fun. pgowda_ says it fixed: DEBUG_BUILD = "1"  for rust.17:08
kanavina lot of other rust fixes too17:08
kanavinlatest greatest librsvg and mozjs build ok now :)17:09
kanavinmozjs in particular would've prevented python 3.10 otherwise :-/17:09
kanavin(staying with old rustless one)17:09
kanavinand one can't just blacklist it, because polkit needs it17:09
*** Ad0 <Ad0!~Ad0@> has joined #yocto17:13
*** CocoJoe <CocoJoe!> has joined #yocto17:13
moto-timokanavin: great work. I'll try my 2 branches rebased that as well.17:28
moto-timo1 branch is python3-cryptography 3.4.8 which was working for me except musl (but tgamblin had trouble on F34 on qemux86-64 for _reasons_). The other is 35.0.0 which upgrades pyo3 and is failing in other ways...17:29
moto-timoeither way, they aren't landing in honister branches anymore I assume so punt to kirkstone17:29
* moto-timo might go back to phosh for a bit17:31
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vd898I was wondering about package configuration. Some recipes like systemd and (meta-arago) qtbase have a ${PN}-conf package to deploy /etc files. Similarly to ${PN}-dev, should ALL package have a ${PN}-conf package so that any package can be easily configure by users and distros?17:34
vd898RP: ^17:34
vd898(or at least a conf.bbclass that one can inherit from a bbappend or from INHERIT so that it activates ${PN}-conf package(s))17:35
*** kpo <kpo!> has joined #yocto17:36
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RPvd898: we don't have any policy like that19:35
RPI'm not even sure it would be straight forward to do in the general case19:36
vd898so a conf.bbclass which adds a ${PN}-conf package and e.g. CONF_FILES to fetch from SRC_URI would make sense for huge package like systemd then?19:40
* RP realises that agl certificate problems took out my queued builds :(19:43
RPsmurray, dl9pf: - think it is fixed now though?19:44
*** Jon96 <Jon96!~Jon@> has joined #yocto19:44
khemvd: re qtlocation, is that due to -fcommon flag ?19:45
smurrayRP: I believe dl9pf fixed the certificates on the AGL hosting, yes19:45
RPsmurray: I'm just a bit worried that takes out our builds :(19:46
*** vquicksi1 <vquicksi1!~nobody@user/vquicksilver> has quit IRC (Quit: WeeChat 3.1)19:47
khemvd898:  I would question the benefits of doing so. I can see multi init system setups but then now a days packages have systemd support in more than conf files19:47
*** vquicksilver <vquicksilver!~nobody@user/vquicksilver> has joined #yocto19:47
smurrayRP: he's been on vacation (back next week AIUI), and I've no access to that side of the infra, so if you're seeing issues today, it might be a problem unless he checks irc / email19:47
RPsmurray: I think it is fixed now, this build is running past the failure poin19:48
RPsmurray: I'd just expected to see a build 2.5 hours in now :/19:48
smurrayRP: I notice it's a debian 8 builder, I guess the new ca-certificates is in the buildtools?19:48
RPsmurray: yes, should be19:49
smurrayRP: it clones with that URI here, so a bit puzzling19:50
RPsmurray: I think it is fixed now19:50
smurrayRP: okay, cool19:50
vd898khem: so are you saying that packages like this one aren't the way to go and a bbappend must be preferred?;a=blob;f=meta-arago-distro/recipes-qt/qt5/;h=5c2974e1f37f00221409362a05ed2971ede47e53;hb=HEAD19:51
RPvd898: systemd is more of a special case for this, most recipes are a lot more entwined for these things19:53
*** tre <tre!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)19:57
khemit makes sense when say you have platform specific configs19:58
khemso you just want the configs to be machine specific and main package could still be arch specific19:58
khemRP:  I looked at
khemRP:  I think we should experiment with this option and see if it has something in it for us19:59
khemmarex pointed this as well19:59
RPkhem: right, marex mentioned to me as well. I think there is an open bug. Maybe tgamblin has it?20:02
khemI dont have bug20:04
khemso maybe open one20:04
vd898khem: why one would prefer to add a foo-conf package rather and adding SRC_URI:machine in the main package?20:04
marexkhem: am I missing something in the log ?20:05
RPand in searching for that I found another bug I think I accidentally fixed20:14
RPhmm, actually not :(20:14
JaMavd898: because foo-conf will be MACHINE_ARCH while main package can stay TUNE_PKGARCH (shared between multiple machines)20:16
JaMayou can even add foo-conf to main package RDEPENDS as long as it's just config file without any ABI different between machines (and you add it to SIGGEN_EXCLUDERECIPES_ABISAFE or SIGGEN_EXCLUDE_SAFE_RECIPE_DEPS), I was using it quite havily in meta-fso (long time ago)20:17
JaMamaking qtbase (and everything which depends on it like qtwebengine) effectivelly MACHINE_ARCH is BAD especially when the only reason is small MACHINE specific config file you were too lazy to ship in separate recipe20:19
marexRP: that bug 14466 , i.e. enabling fno-semantic-interposition , does not really do the 1.3x trick, does it ?20:20
vd898JaMa: that's why I'm proposing that OE-Core provides something like that, like a conf.bbclass to easily add machine specific configuration files to an arch specific package20:20
RPmarex: well, our hope is that it would20:21
RPmarex: your tests suggest it doesn't20:21
marexRP: I tried, it does not (as-is)20:21
marexbut then, maybe I messed something up ?20:21
RPmarex: I've not tried it. I really have my hands full at the moment20:21
marexRP: for me it isnt urgent20:22
*** nucatus <nucatus!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)20:22
marexRP: so ... no stress ?20:22
RPmarex: could you add a comment about what you tried and how you measured the speed?20:22
RPmarex: we may as well collect the data we have in the bug20:22
RPmarex: I'm sure one of us will get to having a look at it at some point20:22
*** nucatus <nucatus!> has joined #yocto20:22
marexRP: yea....have my hands full too, I'll just add it to my roll of todo paper20:23
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overridewhats the difference between RDEPENDS and RECOMMENDS20:37
vd898override RDEPENDS lists packages that are necessary for the program to run properly (otherwise it may fail) and RRECOMMENDS list package that are not crucial for the execution of the program but that you are likely to want (like plugins for example)20:39
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halsteadRP: I Debian 8 is running openssl 1.0.1t-1 but the new certs need openssl 1.1.0 or later. I think we need to retire debian 8. I can replace it with Debian 11.21:05
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RPhalstead: I think buildtools have that covered but retiring I think makes sense at this point21:12
RPdebian8 has done well but... :)21:12
*** roussinm <roussinm!> has joined #yocto21:12
RPhalstead: oh, I think I understand - the checkout is happening with the host's certs as buildtools isn't present yet21:12
RPIf the certs are the issue there then yes, we should retire21:13
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tgamblinRP: khem: marex: I have a bug for that: but I haven't had a chance to look at it yet21:32
marextgamblin: yeah, we discussed that before21:33
marextgamblin: the dumb "add -fno-semantic-interposition to CFLAGS/LDFLAGS" approach does not work21:34
marexthere must be something more21:34
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manuel_Can I have graphics acceleration in qemux86-64?22:21
manuel_Am using wayland.22:21
JPEWmanuel_: Yes, using virtio22:23
manuel_JPEW: Archlinux wiki says I have to start qemu with -vga virtio. Does runqemu does this? Guess I can change the default qemu options using some variable22:29
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manuel_When I do `runqemu slirp kvm gtk gl` it tells me "Failed to run qemu: qemu-system-x86_64: Display 'gtk' is not available."23:07
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