Monday, 2021-10-11

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JosefHolzmayrTheyo dudX06:41
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mckoangood morning06:54
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fbreHi! What is the name of the yocto package which includes the program tcpreplay in the yocto distro?07:19
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JosefHolzmayrThefbre: do you have a build that already has it and you want to find out where it comes from? or are you asking for the recipe because you want it?07:22
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fbreJosefHolzmayrThe I want to add the magic word to IMAGE_INSTALL_append07:27
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fbreJosefHolzmayrThe I'm not sure what keyword do read from that page07:30
fbre IMAGE_INSTALL_append += " tcpreplay" ?07:31
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JosefHolzmayrThefbre: read: you need the meta-networking layer, and the recipe is called tcpreplay, which means you've got a 99% chance that the package is also called...(wait for it)... tcpreplay. (badum-tsh!)07:32
fbre2 days ago I needed "util-linux" for the program "taskset" X)07:35
JosefHolzmayrThefbre: well, always check the layerindex first. and what you are referring to is that some upstream provides a source package named util-linux, which happens to provide several tools. so if you need something that comes from a package with several tools, then the name obviously differs. but think about it, it makes sense. or would you expect busybox to provide each command in a seperate package, for example? or systemd?07:37
fbreI don't have survey over every Linux tool. That's why a table program <--> package would be useful for looking it up07:39
JosefHolzmayrThefbre: and that again is why i asked about your objective. because if it were something you already have, then oe-pkgdata-util could do the lookup. if you have a file in an image and want to know where it comes from, then it can tell you.07:40
JosefHolzmayrThefbre: it doesn't work into the opposite direction though, because a recipe is not needed to list everything it pacakges. hence, one can de facto only search recipes that actually have been built already.07:41
fbrethat's cool (y)  thanx for your help07:41
fbreNow the error is "Nothing provides 'tcpreplay'07:43
JosefHolzmayrThei am pretty certain that the package is called tcpreplay. and that you have not read, but only skimmed what i explained.07:45
fbremeta-networking is in meta-openembedded here07:46
JosefHolzmayrTheand is the layer also enabled in bblayers.conf?07:47
fbreoh, no, thanks. Now I've added it in bblayers.conf and that seems to help (y)07:49
JosefHolzmayrTheQED. skimmed.07:49
fbreno, I did not read your words inprecisely. It's just hard for a newbie to read your hints and understand I have to add something to bblayers07:52
JosefHolzmayrThei see. i agree that things are complicated, and that i sometimes am a bit impatient. but seriously - i guess you are doing this for a living - if you are constantly struggling with very introductory stuff, then it might a good idea for your $BOSS to get you some proper training.07:55
tnovotnyfbre: another useful tool (besides the already mentioned oe-pkgdata-util) is bitbake-layers (e.g. subcommands show-recipes and add-layer).07:57
JosefHolzmayrThetnovotny: and create-layer! one of the most underrated tools that we have!07:58
fbretnovotny I already had 1 week training by R. Berger payed by the boss and it was great! It still is complicated!07:58
fbre(this should go out to Josef)07:59
JosefHolzmayrTheagreed, thats a good start.08:00
JosefHolzmayrTheanyways. lessons learned for today: always go for the layerindex if you need something :)08:00
fbreyes, now I've learned the layer name mentioned on the layerindex page says something ;)08:03
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vladestplease help: live555 library not appeared in final image , nor sdk image. added live555 to IMAGE_INSTALL_append but no luck. its hardknott repo08:49
JosefHolzmayrThevladest: a) didi it successfully build? b) what would you expect to show up in theimage?08:51
vladestyes, it did. I'd expect headers and library08:53
qschulzvladest: usually headers and non-versioned libraries aren't needed at runtime08:54
RPJosefHolzmayrThe: where does quantum electrodynamics come in? :)08:54
qschulzso they are not added to the image, that is the expected, desired and default behavior08:55
JosefHolzmayrTheRP: after coffee #3 and before beer #108:55
vladestyeah, but what about sdk?08:55
qschulzif you need the headers at runtime, it's probably because you want to compile something on the target..though you have a build system that is able to do such a thing, so just create a recipe for the thing you want to compile on your target08:55
qschulzsdk should have it, but I think it has a different include mechanism?08:56
qschulzaaaaah, the SDK is just a toolchain08:56
qschulzin abstract08:56
vladestmy main issue: sdk doesnt have it.08:56
qschulzyou should maybe have a look into the eSDK08:56
vladestesdk? what is this?08:57
JosefHolzmayrTheqschulz: hum no, the sdk that matches an image should actually bring the libs and headers.08:57
qschulzJosefHolzmayrThe: sdk or esdk?08:57
JosefHolzmayrTheqschulz: sdk08:57
qschulzvladest: extended SDK
qschulzJosefHolzmayrThe: I'll let you handle this question, as I have never used nor intend to use an SDK in the near future :)08:58
vladestjfyi: im creating sdk using "-c populate_sdk" option of bitbake08:59
RPJosefHolzmayrThe: looking forward to that video :)08:59
JosefHolzmayrTheqschulz: hehe. TBH i don't have the time to reproduce it here at the moment. but *in general*, a sdk (as created by -c populate_sdk) for a given image should include the libraries. if that works as intended for that particluar library, no idea.09:00
mckoanJosefHolzmayrThe: totally agree09:00
vladestJosefHolzmayrThe: i'd expect the same, and, basically, its the same for all the libraries i'm using except live55509:02
vladestqschulz: thanks. will take a look09:02
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qschulzvladest: assuming all the -c populate_sdk task do is to install the -dev packages, check where your headers are installed for the live55509:05
* RP thinks it may be time to run the release build09:05
qschulzoe-pkgdata-util list-pkg-files live555-dev09:05
* qschulz grabs popcorns, put on tiny party hat :)09:05
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vladest        /usr/include/AC3AudioFileServerMediaSubsession.hh09:09
vladest        /usr/include/AC3AudioRTPSink.hh09:09
vladestbut actually I cant see the files nowhere in poky folders09:09
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vladestwhen adding live555-dev to local.conf, I've got:09:15
vladestERROR: Unable to install packages.09:15
vladest * Solver encountered 1 problem(s):09:15
vladest * Problem 1/1:09:15
vladest *   - conflicting requests09:15
vladest *   - nothing provides live555 = 20210406-r0 needed by live555-dev-20210406-r0.cortexa7209:15
vladest *09:15
vladest * Solution 1:09:15
vladest *   - do not ask to install a package providing live555-dev09:15
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RPvladest: that sounds like live555 may be an empty package09:17
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vladestRP: its part of meta-openembedded09:27
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mckoanvladest: please add in your local.conf IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " live555-mediaserver"09:28
mckoanvladest: and/or live555-openrtsp live555-playsip live555-examples09:34
rburtondoes sound like a broken recipe though, so a patch to fix the deps would be good09:42
vladestmckoan: same as for -dev but its warning now09:45
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barathso I see that icecc will not build with anything that has INHIBIT_DEFAULT_DEPS set, and that includes for instance clang11:58
barathis there a workaround?11:58
barathis jenkins down?12:01
barathsry that was the wrong channel :D12:02
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rburtonJPEW: with master-next i'm seeing this in the cooker log occasionally12:22
rburtonJPEW: task: <Task pending name='Task-4' coro=<AsyncServer.handle_client() done, defined at /home/ross/Yocto/poky/bitbake/lib/bb/asyncrpc/> wait_for=<Future pending cb=[<TaskWakeupMethWrapper object at 0xffff8a5ab910>()]>>12:22
rburtonError talking to server: Connection closed12:22
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JPEWrburton: Hmm, can you get the server log by chance?13:47
RPJPEW: I merged those hashserv patches, thanks. Hope mine is ok! :)13:55
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JPEWRP: Ya, looks good14:09
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RPWith threading in python, how careful do you need to be with writes to the same data structures from multiple threads?15:18
RPi.e. is an issue?15:18
JPEWRP: I would use a semaphore as you would in any other language instead of relying on the Global Interepreter Lock15:19
RPJPEW: right, so the above patch is probably needed...15:22
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qschulzRP: not sure how safe having two different with is though15:23
qschulzsince you're modifying the same structure in both15:24
qschulzif the order in which .add and .remove should be run matters, it might be an issue?15:24
RPqschulz: that shouldn't happen in that code15:25
RP(tid should only ever get processed once)15:25
qschulzRP: otherwise, don't use the context manager and do a Lock.acquire() and add a finally which has if Lock.locked() Lock.release() ?15:26
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JPEWRP: If each tid only gets processed once, then its fine; the `if tid in missed` slightly implies that is not the case.15:28
JPEWRP: Is there a specific bug you are trying to fix?15:31
RPJPEW: there is an earlier loop over tid values outside the threaded code so it should be ok15:33
RPJPEW: I'm trying to explain some weirdness we see periodically. Sadly the bug doesn't reproduce on demand15:34
JPEWWhat's the weirdness?15:34
RPJPEW: ross is seeing builds from sstate where sometimes things aren't reused when they should be15:35
RPJPEW: it looks as if it doesn't think they're on the sstate mirror. Why, not sure15:36
RPJPEW: I'm also seeing sstate issues but I think mine are network issues15:36
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RPJPEW: there was also very weird build failures when testing patches to this code on the list15:37
RPJPEW: those were thought to be a thread issue15:37
RPI'm remembering that and wondering if ross' issue is connected15:37
rburtonok latest run has a slew of non-urllib errors15:37
rburtonWARNING: checkstatus() urlopen failed: <urlopen error [Errno 16] Device or resource busy>15:38
rburtonWARNING: checkstatus() urlopen failed: <urlopen error [Errno 24] Too many open files>15:38
RPrburton: this is your 256 thread thing isn't it? :)15:38
rburtonhell yeah15:38
rburtonits otherwise idle, so no idea why sometimes it works and sometimes fails15:39
RPrburton: so you're running the system out of file descriptors? :)15:39
rburtondamnit urllib15:39
RPwe do raise those limits on the AB15:39
rburtonfs.file-nr is 6553615:40
RPrburton: what is ulimit -n ?15:41
rburtonhm 102415:42
RPrburton: on the AB I think it is 13107215:42
RPhalstead: can we get this info added to please?15:43
RPrburton: in theory if we lower this we should see more errors15:43
rburtonlets see!15:43
RPrburton: the generic except: catcher in there is a guess pretty bad at hiding errors here :/15:43
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RPseemed like a good idea at the time :/15:44
rburtoncant drop it to 512 as bitake won't start15:44
RPrburton: would fit with minimal working and not sato15:47
RPrburton: for fun I tried BB_NUMBER_THREAD = "512" and just doing the sstate queries. It's hung :/.15:47
rburtonwould be nice if we could just use requests in bitbake's fetcher15:48
RPrburton: ah, not hung, just going very slowly and showing unsuccessful fetch messages now15:49
RPrburton: so I think I just replicated15:49
RPhung batch of unsuccessful fetch tests for things which were working15:50
rburtoni think the basic problem is that checkstatus's api is "success unless exception" which makes raising errors tricky15:50
RPrburton: we could test which exception though - 404 vs anything else15:51
SuhlerHey all, I'm trying to build Zeek (natively compiled, not yocto) on a Dunfell build. I've pulled in all the requirements via local.conf (bizon, flex, libpcap, etc....) but I'm getting a .configure issue where it " Could NOT find PCAP (missing: PCAP_INCLUDE_DIR)". I can confirm the is under /usr/lib/. Before I go down the 200 year rabbit15:52
Suhlerhole of libs, is there anything else I can attempt to pull in for libpcap (like headers, for example)?15:52
halsteadRP: I can add our ulimit setup to the wiki.16:03
RPhalstead: please, it is useful for people to be able to see that16:05
rburtonRP: oh it explicitly handles other errors like connection refused because soureforge hates humans16:05
rburtondropped ulimit to 800: Sstate summary: Wanted 1193 Local 0 Network 695 Missed 498 Current 0 (58% match, 0% complete)16:07
rburtonand lots of WARNING: checkstatus() urlopen failed: <urlopen error [Errno 16] Device or resource busy>16:07
rburtoni wonder if something is holding files open longer than needed16:08
RPrburton: I wondered that. My test did suddenly start working again suggesting things did get freed eventually16:08
rburtongoing to randomly run a lsof and see if it says anything meaningful16:11
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rburtonhuh vscode eats a load of handles16:12
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rburtonsorry what vscode's server has 3444 open files16:14
moto-timokanavin: just got phosh running on qemux86-64, including epiphany, puzzles, pcmanfm, l3afpad. Looks a bit wonky (screen resolution) and touch/mouse is not quite the experience you would expect. But all the apps launch ok.16:18
moto-timotoday I discovered PACKAGECONFIG:pn-qemu-system-native:append = " gtk+" was the source of my qemu-system-native "pthread check failed" woes. It needed to be PACKAGECONFIG:append:pn-qemu-system-native = " gtk+". doh16:21
moto-timorburton: maybe vscode is trying to be unix... everything is a file16:24
* moto-timo ducks16:24
rburtonvast numbers of pipes, guessing it uses those to talk to itself16:24
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kanavinmoto-timo, nice - screenshots?16:59
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overrideits basically  just this server if you need more context.. a recipe has a -native appeneded to its name, all that it pulls in would stay on the build machone and not get copied overt the target machine/imagE?17:23
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overridewhatever a recipe with a -native in its names pulls stays on the build machine? nothing gets written to the target image / rootfs?17:25
overridewhatever recipe with a -native in its name pulls stays on the build machine? nothing gets written to the target image / rootfs?* :rbutron17:29
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