Monday, 2021-10-25

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JosefHolzmayrTheqschulz: michelo: what do you think, would it make sense to have this in the manual? Maybe the common tasks section?05:40
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coldspark29[m]Morning, is there something like a U-Boot Matrix channel? I have some questions about FIT images, because I can't seem to boot mine06:02
JosefHolzmayrThecoldspark29: U-Boot is on libera afaik, no idea if they have the bridge enabled06:03
coldspark29[m]Thanks. I never used IRC before. Seems like so ancient.06:05
rber|rescoldspark29[m], on which board do you want to use fit images?06:11
coldspark29[m]rber|res: On an i.MX8. I used this guide
coldspark29[m]Did everything exactly as in there, but I am getting an error when booting06:12
rber|rescoldspark29[m], can you post the error on pastebin or something similar?06:13
rber|rescoldspark29[m], did you use yocto/fitimage class or an SDK and everything manually?06:14
coldspark29[m]I already posted in the NXP forums
coldspark29[m]But the community there doesn't seem to be very active.06:15
coldspark29[m]rber|res: This is actually for Android. My job is to exchange our current Android base system with a Yocto base system for flexibility reasons, but before I need to learn a bit about the old solution and also secure it.06:17
rber|rescoldspark29[m], Hmmm - I would assume that something is overwritten due to choice of you addresses06:17
coldspark29[m]The current Makefile creates a uImage with... (full message at
coldspark29[m]and then I try to create a FIT image, which I boot.06:18
coldspark29[m]rber|res: I was thinking the same thing, but wouldn't know where to get the right addresses from.06:18
rber|rescoldspark29[m], hehe - the most trusted process in the world of engineering06:19
rber|rescoldspark29[m], trial and error ;)06:19
rber|rescoldspark29[m], you could try with this
rber|rescoldspark29[m], there you might be lucky and it just works - I think you still need to pass some addresses06:20
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rber|rescoldspark29[m], you are not06:24
coldspark29[m]Why is Element opening Wine when I click on the links?06:25
coldspark29[m]rber|res: Ah the last link is helpful. I will try that out thanks06:28
rber|rescoldspark29[m], might be very Toradex specific06:30
rber|rescoldspark29[m], I would bundle kernel,fdt,ramdisk in one fit image and load/run this, than you have less issues with addresses06:31
rber|resToradex is a board manufacturer06:31
coldspark29[m]rber|res: That is exactly what I am trying. FIT images seem like state of the art. We will have less problems, once we configured it right. Plus you can make one image with different configurations.06:32
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rber|rescoldspark29[m], well you need a use case. The way you do it - fit image and than extracting kernel/fdt/ramdisk is not very useful. You could load each item over tftp as well.06:38
coldspark29[m]rber|res: What do you mean? This is for a USB update currently, but it should also be booted from eMMC, of course.06:39
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rber|rescoldspark29[m], I will be slow with my replies now, since I'll deliver a training session06:45
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mckoangood morning06:51
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mckoancoldspark29[m]: is there any particular reason why you need to use a FIT image?06:57
coldspark29[m]I tried calculating the load address of the FIT image as shown in the NXP post, but the same problem occurs06:58
coldspark29[m]<rber|res> "coldspark29, https://pastebin...." <- I am not using imxtract so far. Should I?06:58
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coldspark29[m]mckoan: Well, I just successfully signed the kernel for authentication with NXP's HAB. Now I should extend this to the ramdisk and I figured the easiest way is to create a FIT image, which I then sign the same way. So first of all I am trying to load the FIT image without secure boot, but even that fails.06:59
coldspark29[m]I also want to get into it, because it seems to be the most modern approach.07:01
coldspark29[m]And good morning :)07:02
banana_smoothieGood morning.07:16
banana_smoothieI had a question about the third-party prebuilt python package on saturday. Can anyone help me to solve my issue? :)07:18
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coldspark29[m]So I just made it. I took the uImage to create the FIT instead of using the standard Image. I also used arm instead of arm4. It boots  now :)07:52
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Guest25Hi, I am trying to create a sdcard image (rawcopy of u-boot.bin, boot-partition and rootfs-partition) via The resulting .wic-file is not as expected. The alignment in the rootfs-partition is at 1024, even though I used the "--align 4096" option and all files have strange modification dates (March of 2018). Any idea what could have09:17
Guest25gone wrong?09:17
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rber|rescoldspark29[m], I guess you have in uImage the baked in address which works09:25
rber|rescoldspark29[m], but ... uImage and fitImage is not exactly what it was supposed to be ;)09:26
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barathis there a general rule for when to use DISTRO_INHERIT vs just INHERIT? the mega manual just says that one is "global" while the other "at the distribution level". the mega manual says to user INHERIT_DISTRO_append for enabling icecc for instance.11:26
barathI guess one might be distribution specific, but then I dont know what might happen when doing multiconfig builds for instance? I guess it's set for every distro that's built? but then, why not use the "global" INHERIT?11:27
rber|resbradfa, I was not aware of INHERIT_DISTRO, but the doc says: INHERIT_DISTRO[doc] = "Lists classes that will be inherited at the distribution level. It is unlikely that you want to edit this variable."11:31
rber|ressorry for brarth11:31
barathrber|res: 👍️  but that doesn't tell me what "at the distribution level" means compared to "globally", in practice 🤔11:32
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rber|resbarath, but it says "Don't touch"11:33
barathyep, but the docs for icecc also say "touch!" :D11:33
barath>      INHERIT_DISTRO_append = " icecc"11:34
barathhence my confusion11:34
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* RP has made the mistake of trying to build a non-release libtool in OE. It needs git submodules :(11:45
rburtoni should rebase slibtool :)11:45
rburtonand hey, gitsm: works well11:45
RPrburton: there is talk of a libtool release so it might be nice to sort our patches out11:50
rburtongood luck with that11:51
rber|resbarath I use: INHERIT += "icecc"11:58
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barathrber|res: yeah I guess either works. just have to make sure that all nodes use the same I assume12:10
tnovotnybarath: we use site.conf for that purpose (it is designed for it)12:14
barathyeah thanks 🙏12:15
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banana_smoothie[I'm trying to use a prebuilt shiboken2 package on a basic dunfell release and when I import shiboken2 it returns the following error:... (full message at
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barathbanana_smoothie: is that on the target? looks like you need to find the yocto recipe which provides that python module, or install pip on the target and fetch it at runtime12:25
banana_smoothie[barath: It's on the target. I used an arch and python3.8 compatible package. If I build the python3 on target, I can import this module without any error. Only yocto based python3 throws errors.12:27
banana_smoothie[* used an armv7 arch and12:28
banana_smoothie[Unfortunatelly there is no recipe for this module, so I had to create one which extract the archive and install it to the target. I patched the python3-manifest.json too, but the issue is not solved, and I have no idea what should I do to use this package with a yocto based python3.12:32
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rburtonbanana_smoothie[: typically, the solution is to find the source and build it12:39
rburtonprebuilt binaries are always a pain, as they might like link and version assumptions12:40
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ad__from bbappebdm, is it possible to COMPATIBLE_MACHINE += "another" ?12:40
ad__becourse i tried and seems to fail. Only = "another" works12:41
rburtonwell, COMPATIBLE_MACHINE is a regex, so you need to format it right12:42
rburtonits not a space-separated list of names, but a single regex12:42
rburtona fairly common idiom is to use overrides, COMPATIBLE_MACHINE:mymachine = "mymachine'12:43
ad__rburton, thanks !12:44
banana_smoothie[<rburton> "prebuilt binaries are always a..." <- I manually built a python3 on a yocto based image and the prebuilt package is worked on that. It only does not work with yocto based python3 🙄12:47
rburtonyou should try and figure out what the difference is.  python3 binaries are a bit of a beast, and cross makes it really tricky.12:48
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coldspark29[m]Is there a way to pass arguments to .its files?13:06
coldspark29[m]I would like to tell dtc (or mkimage in this case) where to find the images for constructing the FIT13:07
coldspark29[m]* the FIT., *  Atm the .its file has to be in the same directory as the images, which makes my Makefile kind of messy.13:08
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Guest49Hi Guys, can I use some "if not cond" override mechanism? Normally I would use "FOO_append_cond" if I want to append when condition is true. But I would be interested in something like "FOO_append_!cond" (append only when condition isn't true). Does something like this exist?14:02
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JaMaGuest49: use can use BAR = "something"; BAR:cond = ""; FOO:append = "BAR"14:05
frayalternatively, always append it and add a conditional _remove..  but JaMa's method is pretty common (I've certainly used it) and I prefer it ovr the remove in most cases.14:08
Guest49thx JaMa14:11
JaMayes, remove is impossible to undo, so avoid using it unless really needed14:12
JaMaanyone seeing incremental builds with meson all failing with:14:20
JaMa| Traceback (most recent call last):14:20
JaMa|   File "/OE/build/luneos-kirkstone/webos-ports/tmp-glibc/work/x86_64-linux/libepoxy-native/1.5.9-r0/recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin/meson", line 33, in <module>14:20
JaMa|     sys.exit(load_entry_point('meson==0.59.2', 'console_scripts', 'meson')())14:20
JaMa|   File "/OE/build/luneos-kirkstone/webos-ports/tmp-glibc/work/x86_64-linux/libepoxy-native/1.5.9-r0/recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin/meson", line 25, in importlib_load_entry_point14:20
JaMa|     return next(matches).load()14:20
JaMa| StopIteration14:20
JaMa| ERROR: meson failed14:20
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rburtonwould that be the upgrade/egg thing that was mentioned last week on the list?14:23
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JaMarburton: just noticed v2 of that patch and it might be the same, pity it doesn't show the error in commit message14:28
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kergothfell behind on swat triage over the weekend since my son got a stomach bug and shared it with me (ugh), lot of laying around miserable. going to try to catch up today..15:22
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chepI'm using opencv in my project and it works fine when I build an image. But when I want the SDK, almost all libopencv_*.so libraries are only in usr/lib/.debug directory15:34
chepis there something to configure that behaviour?15:35
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rburtonchep: try adding opencv-dev explicitly to the sdk15:37
chepwhat is the variable to do that?15:37
rburtonappend TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK15:37
chepi'm trying, thx15:39
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jaskij[m]Moving to Hardknott, `VIRTUAL_RUNTIME`, same as `PREFERRED_PROVIDER`, are regular variables, not overrides, right?16:18
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smurrayjaskij[m]: I suspect you mean honister, and yes16:26
jaskij[m]smurray: nope, Hardknott, only just now upgrading from Dunfell. Thanks.16:28
smurrayjaskij[m]: I mentioned honister as it requires the syntax change, but hardknott does not (though it'll work there with the backported compatibility)16:29
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jaskij[m]did I misread it that badly? oof16:30
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Guest2197Hello, i hope this is right place to ask :)  I need some advice regarding debug build of yocto (3.1.8). We have several common meta layers meta-java etc... and our own meta layer with several apps/bb. I would like to enable debug build only for our stuff. When I try to set variable DEBUG_BUILD = "1" anywhere, it influences the whole solution -19:28
Guest2197kernel etc... Is there some way to enable debug build only for single meta layer? or what would be correct approach to do this? Thanks.19:28
vdrburton: when compiling qtwebengine, does bitbake use a single core or multiple cores? (I think gcc is single thread?) I'm trying to compare the AMD Ryzen 7 5700G vs ryzen 9 5950X for OE builds19:38
RPvd: gcc is single threaded but make is run with PARALLEL_MAKE19:40
vdRP: so basically 2x $number_of_cores objects are compiled at the same time I suppose19:44
jaskij[m]except linking, which is a single core bottleneck19:45
jaskij[m]and if by chance LTO is enabled, that will take a long time19:45
RPvd: in theory19:46
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RPjonmason, rburton: can I upgrade u-boot now? :)19:52
* RP deliberately didn't do that on the weekend19:52
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vdjaskij[m] true for linking. So for the same amount of RAM (let's say 64Go for QtWebEngine) the 5700G 8-core @ 3.8Ghz should provide good performance compared to the 5950X 16-core @ 3.4 Ghz in theory19:55
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jaskij[m]vd: if that 5950X isn't boosting to around 4GHz during builds, I'd RMA that PC19:58
jaskij[m]Or at least 3.8-3.820:00
RPGuest2124: currently there are no "layer" specific overrides you can use so you'd have to do it in some anonymous python I suspect20:03
jaskij[m]vd   I'm not going to suggest XMP here (since it's *technically* OC), but hopefully you at least went with 3200 JEDEC memory? It's hard to get AFAIK, but Ryzens are *extremely* memory sensitive. I've seen benches where performance scaled linearly with RAM clock (up to a limit, but it's higher, around 3600-3800).20:08
jaskij[m](don't want to spam here with advice on build machines, feel free to dm me)20:08
Guest2124and some "correct" .bb or .bbappend way to do this? :)20:09
Guest2124I noticed someone else had same problem today , and I guess its quite valid use-case to debug only your development stuff in some future release if its not possible now :)20:17
jaskij[m]Any advice on where to start for a relatively easy kiosk mode GUI? I'm reluctant to use Qt with their licensing changes and the direction they've shown. `meta-gnome`?20:18
rburtonRP probably. Give Jon notice and we’ll quickly add the version being removed if we’ve not managed to remove the version pinning yet. Now I’m off for a few days!20:22
elfenix|cloud@jaskij[m] if you can deal with a very soft feature set, you might check out one of the gaming oriented  toolkits like DearImGui - great for running simple displays20:23
RPrburton: have fun20:24
rburtonjaskij[m]: Pick a toolkit you know. Gtk has bindings for most languages, or just make a web app20:24
elfenix|cloudif you're not dealing with commercial licensing of Qt, there's always the option of LGPL variants20:25
jaskij[m]Might've asked it wrongly: I'm thinking from Yocto end, for now, what to set up. Guess if I go with Gnome in kiosk mode, it's entirely up to me which graphical toolkit goes on top of that?20:26
jaskij[m]elfenix|cloud: LTS is afaik commercial-only20:26
jaskij[m]or did they backtrack on that one?20:26
RPzeddii: I'm wondering if we should get rid of the destsuffix git fetcher parameter in favour of the subdir one used by every other fetcher backend20:26
elfenix|cloudjaskij[m]: is there a compelling reason to use LTS versus the normal open source release?20:27
vdjaskij[m] I'm writing a distro for kiosk ^^ I'm currently using QtWebEngine for a web front-end though.20:27
jaskij[m]vd: Web is a no-go for us, unfortunately. We don't have the skills in the team and can't outsource because stupid grant rules.20:28
vdjaskij[m] but given all web frameworks out there, a locally hosted web interface could be really simpler to write compared to some UI specific toolkits20:29
jaskij[m]vd: with no one with web frontend experience?20:32
vdThis is a skill easier to get rather than UI specific toolkits IMO20:35
zeddiiRP: seems reasonable to me. I'm a heavy user of it, but it's an easy update.20:35
RPzeddii: I posted a patch on the bitbake list to add support for it. It just seems like a glaring horrible usability issue in the API currently20:35
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RPkhem: having looked at libtool patches, I started looking at the gdb ones. I'm very surprised upstream haven't done something about some of them :/20:40
zeddiiRP: the patch reads ok to me. but it is adding / fixing subdir, right ? I didn't see the removal of destsuffix20:40
RPzeddii: right, this one just adds it. Removal (or warning) is another level of work20:40
* zeddii nods. I was was going to suggest a warning, but then noticed it wasn't being removed .. yet20:41
RPzeddii: I'm left wondering if it is a good idea or not (or do I just send patch changing the existing users?)20:41
jaskij[m]<vd> "This is a skill easier to get..." <- Fair. Considering the skills on the team (only desktop experience is C#), I'll probably spend a few days trying to package an AvaloniaUI demo and go on from there. Alternatives are web or Qt.20:41
zeddiimeta-virt is probably the heaviest user. I can do a conversion without much trouble.20:42
RPzeddii: I was asking you as I know you're a heavy user :)20:42
zeddiiif I'm aware enough of when it is merging, I can do the conversion.  I tend to see the patches, and then not track when it actually lands in master :D20:43
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RPzeddii: ok, I'll let you know :D20:46
vdjaskij[m] "Blazor: Build client web apps with C#" do you know this M$ thing?20:47
jaskij[m]looks neat, thanks20:48
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yatesdo_install installs built components for each recipe into the recipe's image folder. what task copies/installs those files into the global sysroots-components folder?21:22
RPyates: populate_sysroot21:23
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yateswell duh.21:35
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zeddiianyone else seeing some meson based recipes blow up in master ? I updated earlier, and now glib-2.0 and xorgproto-native are failing22:56
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fraythere was a patch on the list about meson and empty python eggs? directories23:03
moto-timozeddii: what symptoms are you seeing?23:05
RPzeddii: probably the python egg meson issue23:09
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zeddiithis is what makes the console:
zeddiiI'm rebuilding a few things now.23:29
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zeddiiwith enough cleanalls on the offending -native packages, it seems to be chugging along now.23:41
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