Wednesday, 2021-11-03

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zeddiistrace blew up with the 5.15 headers, but I've fixed it now. testing musl but so far so good. will send the recipes by end of week at this rate.00:22
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khemRP:  much appreciated, I have staged them too00:57
khemand it avoids all slew of warnings that I was seeing locally00:58
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mckoangood morning07:33
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JosefHolzmayrTheyo dudX07:52
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kroonIs it just me that has been having problems with the default CONNECTIVITY_CHECK_URIS,, when starting bitbake this week ?07:58
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mckoankroon: that's a frequent problem therefore I always et in my local.conf CONNECTIVITY_CHECK_URIS = ""08:09
kroonyeah thats what I did, maybe worth upstreaming, or even removing the check..08:10
frosteyeszeddii: just FYI regarding my SDK issue with compiling kernel modules out-of-tree. I had some time yesterday and found that the unwinder was set to frame pointer (CONFIG_UNWINDER_FRAME_POINTER=y) and not ORC. So objtool was not part of the kernel delivery and not part of kernel-devsrc.08:11
kroonI don't see any other application that uses the network that does this check08:11
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JaMazeddii: there are quite a few warnings for missing protocol=https because of those 'SRC_URI = "git://${PKG_NAME}.git;branch=master"' where PKG_NAME starts with, but the conversion script doesn't parse that far, it's not fixed in master-next, do you want me to send my version or do you have something already locally?08:44
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JaMazeddii: sent08:51
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HerdingerHi, I have a very quick question. I am including a custom kernel module and need to ship udev rules with it, what is the correct FILES_ variable for that? I tried FILES_${PN} but that does not included the installed files when the module is installed.09:09
JosefHolzmayrTheHerdinger: on which release?09:10
HerdingerJosefHolzmayrThe: dunfell09:10
HerdingerApparently the package the kernel module ends up with is something like recipe-kernelversion-board.ipk, I can not really tell what that is derived from.09:11
JosefHolzmayrTheHerdinger: k. so generally, FILES_${PN} should be right. have you inspected its value, as well as the PACKAGES variable as they end up being calculated, via bitbake -e?09:12
HerdingerYes, and I get a package containing those files but it is not the same package as the kernel module and it does not get installed when the kernel module is installed.09:13
JosefHolzmayrThehave you checked how the name of the module package gets generated?09:13
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qschulzHerdinger: it does not really make sense to have a udev rule part of a kernel module. You're mixing two things, kernel space and userspace and they are usually separate. So just have an additional package in another recipe which is included in your image (or is added to MACHINE_EXTRA_RDEPENDS or something like that in your machine conf file).09:15
JosefHolzmayrTheqschulz: good point!09:15
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Herdingerqschulz: In both cases youre shipping files to rootfs so I do not completly agree. But sure that is a way to solve it.09:18
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qschulzHerdinger: udev rule is for udev enabled systems which isn't necessarily the case for all systems. some have mdev, some have none, some have udev. I don't remember but there might actually be small differences between udev and eudev too, so there are actually choices, as compared to just a kernel module which isn't impacted by the rootfs choice09:19
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JosefHolzmayrTheits a classic "works for me" versus "the right thing" discussion. in a specific environment/product, i'd agree that bundling can be ok. for a solution that gets published as a layer (BSP?), qschulz is right and it should be treated as a seperate instance.09:21
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Herdingerqschulz: I see your point. I would probably model it to have the functionality with udev and bells and whistles in a seperate recipe and let that depend on the kernel module. The only thing that still would confusing to me are kernel module headers that get shipped, currently I am including them in the kernel module recipe and have a dependency on09:21
Herdingerit for recipes that use those.09:22
Herdingerqschulz: Is there a way were I could depend just on the recipe for the actual functionality and have that transitively included the kernel headers?09:23
qschulzin any case, I assume ${PN} is wrong and should be something like: ${KERNEL_MODULE_PACKAGE_PREFIX}-${@d.getVar("KERNEL_PACKAGE_NAME") or "kernel"}-module-<ko module name>-${KERNEL_MODULE_PACKAGE_SUFFIX}09:24
qschulzHerdinger: why would you need the kernel headers at runtime?09:24
Herdingerqschulz: Thanks for providing an actual answer to the question!09:25
qschulzsee for how the package name is created09:25
qschulzor run oe-pkgdata-util find-path '*<module>.ko' and replace <module> accordingly09:25
qschulzand hardcode the name09:26
qschulzI do not understand your last question though :/09:26
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HerdingerI would not need them at runtime but for building userspace utilitities that call ioctls for the kernel module device. So currently I just list the kernel module itself as a dependency for that.09:26
HerdingerIf there was a package that encompasses the entire feature with kernelmodule and userspace udev rules etc. I would like to just depend on that for the kernel headers instead of the kernel module directly.09:27
qschulzHerdinger: custom kernel headers requires custom handling in Yocto. You need to create a new recipte that provides this additional kernel header and depend on it in your kernel module (I assume it's needed there) and other recipes making use of it09:27
JosefHolzmayrTheqschulz: i sense a documentation opportunity for you :P09:28
Herdingerqschulz: I do not need custom kernel headers, its a header that the kernel module provides. Sorry if that was confusing. Its working as it is right now, I just did not want have to depend on different packages depending on the context.09:29
qschulzJosefHolzmayrThe: what for specificially?09:29
JosefHolzmayrTheqschulz: "how to properly integrate my custom kernel module"09:30
qschulzHerdinger: I'm not sure you have a choice there :/09:30
HerdingerOk than :(, thanks so much for the advice.09:31
qschulzYou can use PACKAGECONFIG to make it a bit more magic but there'll still be a option changed somewhere (in conf file or directly in the recipe which depends on different recipes)09:31
qschulzto select which recipe to depend on09:32
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qschulzdepending on what exactly your changes imply, it could either be something machien specific or something distro specific09:32
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qschulzalso, make sure to use the correct wording. Recipes are metadata used to build packages. A recipe (build) depends on other recipes and packages (runtime) depend on other packages09:33
qschulzI'm not sure which one you meant in the end09:33
qschulzIt's a very important notion that is source of much confusion for people, so I'm just making sure this is clear or at least explicit :)09:34
qschulzJosefHolzmayrThe: I think there should already be something about that somewhere in the BSP guide?09:34
JosefHolzmayrTheqschulz: yeah i think there is something.09:35
HerdingerHm, can't I depend on a package at buildtime? If I list a -dev package as a dependency for example. I though that was the whole stick of RDEPENDS vs DEPENDS.09:36
HerdingerCompletly unrelated but since someone who has the power to document is here  I had a long long bug search because of the difference of a patch with and without a trailing slash in the SRC_URI. When I asked on IRC I got lots of conflicting and confusing answers.09:36
qschulzJosefHolzmayrThe: but maybe we could add stuff to it, not sure09:36
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qschulzHerdinger: trailing slash in SRC_URI means it's a directory so not sure there's something we can do about it?09:37
qschulzI guess it should have told you that it cannot find the directory?09:37
qschulzHerdinger: DEPENDS are on recipes, RDEPENDS are on packages09:37
qschulzno, you cannot DEPENDS on a -dev package09:37
HerdingerThe difference is that a trailing slash correctly dependency tracks folder content, i.e. if a file is added or removed changed etc. While it was very very sporadic when things get rebuild without a trailing slash, it has been a while so I do not quite remember.09:37
qschulzbut that is more or less what's done by DEPENDS <recipe>09:38
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qschulzHerdinger: ah, yeah that's possible. I can't say, I think there was some fixes in that area in the last few releases.09:39
qschulzalso, * is not supported in SRC_URI, just to make sure this was not in play09:39
HerdingerUsing a trailing slash if you want to track a directory and its contents was definitly not documented when I looked. I got flat out told it is impossible and I need to explicitly list all files in SRC_URI.09:40
qschulzHerdinger: nah, you can use directories in SRC_URI09:40
qschulzit's just not working well with bbappends09:40
qschulzbut that's a design choice09:40
qschulzHerdinger: starting from slide 7809:41
qschulzI think I explained this in the video so you can watch iton youtube somewhere09:42
qschulzMaybe select 0.75x speed :)09:42
HerdingerSo if I depend on a recipe I basically get the install of that recipe for my build right? That gets split into multiple packages for the later install on rootfs either through explicit install or RDEPENDS. Also there is some magic that adds shared libraries to RDEPENDS if I recall correctly.09:43
qschulzHerdinger: now if it is actually supported in your Yocto version is another thing but I used that on thud09:43
qschulzHerdinger: you get the content of the directories from ${D} directory (WORKDIR/image, where your do_install installs files) listed in SYSROOT_DIRS09:43
Herdingerqschulz: Thanks I'll work myself through the slides in total later :)09:45
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Guest50Hello, someone here has already use WhiteSource to scan Yocto sources ? there a simple way to get a good report ? I'm pretty sure that scanning the rootfs is not the best way :P10:25
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mckoanGuest50: AFAIK there is no WhiteSource integration available for Yocto10:29
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RPkanavin: I think I may somehow have lost the perl patch for gdbm during the last test run  - did that only break the ptests on the autobuilder?11:11
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JaMaRP: the srcuri conversion script works reasonably well, even when there are quite a few false positives in layers which use some variable to provide branch parameter (all layers I maintain :)) and now I have warning free builds again and haven't seen any failure since yesterday (for dunfell-honister as well). Thanks!11:19
RPJaMa: glad it helped :)11:19
RPit was all a bit hacky but it seems good enough to do the bulk of the work11:20
JaMayes, I think the only reasonable improvement would be to somehow use bitbake parser to parse each recipe SRC_URI before modifying it11:21
JaMabut then it would be difficult to find all the right places where it should be modified (e.g. if there is SRC_URI in .inc file and then overwrite in .bb file and both should get ;protocol=https)11:22
JaMaso it's good-enough and at least it leaves some work for us humans to do:)11:22
RPJaMa: devtool does have code that can do it but yes, it is a lot more work11:23
RPJaMa: I did try sed at first but that got too complex so I went with python :)11:23
JaMatrue, I always start with sed and when it gets really complex I wish I didn't but its often too late to switch11:24
JaMaand then we end with some fragile unreadable sed machinery, just because I was too proud to give up and re-write it in something sensible11:26
JaMaat least it's not public usually11:26
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RPJaMa: It became clear fairly quickly that python would be faster :)11:33
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kanavinRP: yes, perl is the only thing that needs fixing with new gdbm.11:43
RPkanavin: ok, thanks. I misunderstood what was going on. Not sure why I missed that patch the first time11:43
kanavinRP: right, you can double check with
kanavingit rebase is pure magic in catching things like that :)11:44
nadHi all. For my understanding; what's the reason why PR variable was set to r9 when creating the recipe here ?11:46
RPnad: imported from elsewhere where it was already at r9 ?11:46
RPkanavin: most should rebase out now :)11:46
nadRP: ok I missed it from oe-core thanks11:58
kanavinnad, it's better to configure pieces that pull in readline to disable that, than to add meta-gpl212:00
kanavinnad, there should be PACKAGECONFIG options for that12:00
nadkanavin: you mean, playing with PACKAGECONFIG_remove_ instead instead of adding meta-gplv2 ?12:05
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kanavinnad, yes, or 'PACKAGECONFIG_pn-recipename =...' (overriding the recipe)12:05
kanavinmeta-gpl2 is something we all want to get rid of, and no one should be using it12:06
kanavinthose old versions are a security disaster waiting to happen, and a pain to keep in working condition12:06
nadkanavin: I agree. I wonder how to act in case tools require readline which cannot be inherited because of its license12:10
kanavinnad, you disable readline support in them, often it's done via configure options, or if it isn't you have to write a patch :(12:11
kanavinnad, another option is to package tools in such a way that they don't get added to the product image, only to development/testing images12:12
kanavinquite often only the library is needed in the product, and not the command line tool :)12:12
kanavinor it's stuff like gdb which shouldn't be in a product12:13
kanavinnad, what industry do you work in?12:13
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nadkanavin: I fully agree to use it for dev purpose only12:18
RPkanavin: it would be nice if we could figure out the bash compatibility piece for busybox such that you can configure busybox to replace bash12:19
RPkanavin: making that configurable would remove a lot of the remaining need to gplv212:19
kanavinRP: does busybox have a bash compatibility piece? I thought it only provides posix shells?12:20
RPkanavin: it has bash compatible extensions I think. How far those go, not sure12:21
nadkanavin: auto12:22
kanavinnad, of course12:23
kanavinnad, I used to work for Daimler/Mbition until 3 months ago12:23
zeddiiJaMa: I hadn't picked up that corner case yet, thanks for the patch!12:47
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hmw[m]hi, probaly wrong plase to complain but i don't know where i should. We use sd-cards as rootfs/boot partition. and our boot partition is fat32 but after a recent os update the arm target is not booting. no u-boot. but if i use a old sdcard ( preformatted) and copy the same u-boot it boots. it seems like my os is not creating the same sort of fat partition13:03
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Guest5047mckoan thx for the info:)  I will try to find a workaround13:03
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JaMaRP: in meta-webosose we configure busybox to provide bash and sofar nothing got broken by using that implementation, only issue is to prevent all other recipes to accidentally pull real bash into the image (whenever bash gets built in the same TMPDIR), so it needs a lot of VIRUTAL-RUNTIME variables everywhere13:42
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JaMawith CONFIG_BASH_IS_ASH=y in busybox's defconfig13:45
kanavinJaMa, can you make a bugzilla ticket with that info?13:46
JaMait's already included in
kanavinJaMa, but that's about something else and is RESOLVED FIXED - I mean a ticket for bash replacement when bash's license is a problem13:49
RPJaMa: I wonder if some systemwide filter mechanism for packages to replace VIRTUAL-RUNTIME would make sense13:50
JaMait would be definitely easier to maintain, I'm still adding more and more bbappends doing this whenever some typicaly PN-ptest packages is discovered to need bash dependency as well13:52
RPJaMa: I'm certainly open to the idea13:52
RPJaMa: in fact you could do this really easily with a replacement runtime_mapping_rename function13:55
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RPwell, get_package_mapping() is easier again13:56
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RPJaMa: if you want to experiment14:10
*** camus <camus!~Instantbi@> has quit IRC (Quit: camus)14:10
JaMaRP: thanks, cannot test now, but will add it to my branch to experiment some other day14:12
smurrayI guess you're using VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_base-utils as the "busybox is bash" flag ATM?14:14
JaMame? no I don't use VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_base-utils at all14:15
*** scott_ <scott_!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)14:16
smurrayJaMa: ah, okay, so do you add a VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_bash?14:18
*** jatedev <jatedev!~jatedev@> has joined #yocto14:19
RPJaMa: a tested version which works :)14:20
smurrayJaMa: nm, looked at that meta-weboose commit you pointed at14:21
*** vd <vd!> has quit IRC (Quit: Client closed)14:22
smurrayRP: if that were available, I could imagine maybe adding a recipe for replxx and trying to point readline users at it14:22
RPsmurray: it would be an interesting test14:26
RPI suspect that patch allows you to do a lot of things that could get you into trouble too14:26
RPbut since when did that stop us previously14:26
smurrayheh, yes, it occurred to me that it'd be a new footgun to hand people14:27
*** roussinm <roussinm!> has joined #yocto14:37
JaMasmurray: yes VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_bash and VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_stat which needs similar work arounds, but luckily in only a few places14:41
JaMaRP: thanks2 :)14:42
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Guest5032Hi all, I'm currently searching the best way to export licenses information from a Yocto build. We have configured Yocto to generate image-license.manifest file, There is a way to export SPDX file from Yocto?15:25
RPGuest5032: with honister and master, see the create-spdx class15:25
Guest5032RP I'm stuck with gatesgarth version, thx for tips I will take a look :)15:26
Guest5032RP thank you it's exactly what I need :)  do you think it's compatible with older version ?15:45
rburtonbackporting won't be trivial as it involved some fairly instrusive pkgdata changes15:45
rburtonthere are standalone layers that do similar though which might backport easier15:46
*** bps3 <bps3!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)15:47
Guest5032rburton thk you, I will double check that :)15:47
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sakomanIs anyone aware of any low cost (100USD-ish)  risc-v development boards?16:27
mckoandrewfustini: ^^^16:30
qschulzsakoman: based on an Allwinner D116:32
qschulzif you can get your hands on a BeagleV then that but there are only engineering samples and they won't start production on that one IIRC what drewfustini said on twitter16:33
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smurrayqschulz: yeah, that's my understanding re Beagle V, they're engaging with some other SoC vendor now instead of J-Star AIUI16:38
smurraythere'll probably be a bunch of cheap Allwinner D1s/F133 boards showing up, but that SoC only has 64 MiB onboard RAM, so it's more of an IoT oriented thing16:41
khemD1 is good although the SOC has some incompatible extentions16:46
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sakomanqschulz: thanks for the pointer!16:57
sakomanI was asking since BeagleV isn't a good option any longer16:58
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smurraywith Alibaba open-sourcing their core designs, I expect a bunch more SoCs to pop up17:00
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sakomanqschulz: do you know if there is a Yocto bsp for that board?17:04
qschulzsakoman: BeagleV or Allwinner?17:04
qschulzAll I know is BeagleV is supported in upstream Buildroot, don't know about Yocto17:05
qschulzand for the allwinner one, I assume not since it's pretty new and I'm not sure with that much RAM it'll be super easy to run Linux without tweaks on it17:05
sakomanqschulz: the allwinner17:05
*** florian <florian!> has quit IRC (Quit: Ex-Chat)17:06
sakomanqschulz: the link you provided claims: Memory – 1GB DDR3 memory17:06
qschulzsakoman: mmm my bad, it's the other one that isn't yet released I had in mind:
qschulzso in short: no I don't know :)17:08
smurraythe newer D1s has the onboard memory, the full D1 uses external AIUI17:09
smurrayif you poke around on alibaba, sipeed claim 1 month delivery for a nezha board, but whether it's worth paying > $100 for it or not is a good question17:12
sakomansmurray: I ordered one, so I'll find out :-)17:14
smurraysakoman: heh, I am curious how it goes17:15
NishanthMenon :( (beagleV)17:16
smurraysakoman: I've been told some of the opensbi stuff around booting is pretty fresh, so you may have some fun if it uses that17:16
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*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away17:26
sakomansmurray: seems it comes with debian installed.  It will be interesting to see the boot setup17:28
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drewfustiniRISC-V International has a developer board program to get boards to open source developers18:31
drewfustiniCurrently Allwinner D1 Nezha and SiFive Unmatched (limited number) are being sent out through that program18:31
drewfustiniso please fill out that Google form is you are trying to get a D1 board... there is a good quantity avail18:32
drewfustiniThe Allwinner D1 Nezha comes in 1GB and 2GB board version18:33
drewfustinithough the 2GB qty is limited18:33
drewfustiniis also variant of D1 called F133 which is a SiP with 64 MB DRAM18:34
drewfustiniwhich is used in this open source design for example
*** troth <troth!> has joined #yocto18:35
drewfustinicould meta-riscv system be squeezed down that small?18:35
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khemdrewfustini: by all means18:38
khemdrewfustini: I have had arm systems with 32MB RAM running images built with Yocto/OE18:39
*** paulg <paulg!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)18:39
drewfustinikhem: are there any RV boards that you are lacking?18:39
khemI dont have allwinner ones18:40
khemah nice they are using kiCad18:40
khem64MB, we shuld be able to boot a core-image-base with musl18:41
drewfustinidid you fill out the risc-v google form?18:45
*** drewfustini <drewfustini!> has quit IRC ()18:45
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hpsy[m]<JaMa> "anyone else seeing ca-certificat..." <- JaMa: Today I am facing it on dunfell, I haven't looked into it yet.19:21
*** zyga-mbp <zyga-mbp!~zyga@> has joined #yocto19:21
khemJaMa:  is it persistent ?19:28
khemI see it in local build once but a rebuild seemed to not find it19:28
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JaMahpsy[m]: what was it? do_fetch failure or something else?21:11
*** xmn <xmn!> has joined #yocto21:18
jordemorthas honister changed something about the way packagegroups work? i have one "top level" packagegroup that RDEPENDS on a bunch of other packagegroups that i've been using to build out a package repository, but since cutting over to honister building the top-level packagegroup only seems to result in an RPM for the top-level one, and not RPMs for any of the other packagegroups it RDEPENDS21:24
jordemorti.e. i have `packagegroup-foo-packages` that RDEPENDS on `packagegroup-foo-bar` and `packagegroup-foo-baz`, in dunfell and hardknott building `packagegroup-foo-packages` got me packages for all 3, but in honister it only gets me `packagegroup-foo-packages`21:25
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JaMahpsy[m]: upgrade ca-certificate on you host, I had slightly older version on 20.04 ubuntu and the root cert of salsa.debian wasn't trusted yet21:37
JaMakhem: yes, persistent on host with older ca-certificates21:37
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JaMakhem: maybe following rebuilds fetched it from some PREMIRROR for you?21:37
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jordemortdoesn't look like packagegroup.bbclass or have changed much in years21:41
jordemortif i query RPM that the top-level packagegroup produces it still clearly shows it depending on the other packagegroups, but those just don't get built for some reason21:42
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RPjordemort: I'd look at the changes to do_build dependencies and the removal of the meta class22:09
RPjordemort: I'd suspect did it22:10
jordemortRP: aha, thanks22:12
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hpsy[m]JaMa: Yes, do_fetch failure:22:37
hpsy[m]ERROR: ca-certificates-20211016-r0 do_fetch: Fetcher failure: Fetch command export PSEUDO_DISABLED=1; export ... git -c core.fsyncobjectfiles=0 fetch -f --progress "" refs/*:refs/* failed with exit code 128, no output22:37
hpsy[m]JaMa: Thanks,  my builds are running in Ubuntu 18.04 containers, I guess I need to update the containers.22:39
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khemJaMa I think it was a 20.04 host where it worked but 18.04 where it failed for me23:25
khemcerts seems to be issue perhaps23:25
JaMakhem: see
JaMaupdating ca-certificates definitely fixed the issue for me23:32
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RP - an attempt at removing VIRTUAL-RUNTIME usage23:53
RPJaMa: you might find that interesting23:54
RPOf course it generates a ton of build-deps warnings and I didn't fix the tests23:54

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