Monday, 2021-12-13

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kergothrburton: lima really is nice for oe and omni builds on my macbook, connecting to it over ssh with vscode + remote - ssh.02:38
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JosefHolzmayrTheyo dudX07:35
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mckoangood morning07:38
JosefHolzmayrTheyo mckoan07:51
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ykronshello all08:18
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ykronsI have two packages (watchdog and watchdog-keepalive) created by the same recipe that are declared as conflicting ( I have only watchdog-keepalive in my image and that is fine08:23
ykronsHowever the SDK complains because when it tries to find watchdog-keepalive-dev it fallbacks on watchdog-dev which depends on watchdog which is in conflict with watchdog-keealive. What's the best approach to get rid of this issue?08:25
ykronsDoes adding RDEPENDS_${PN}-dev = "" and RDEPENDS_${PN}-keepalive-dev = ""  a good practice?08:26
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rburtonRP: hooray no new vim CVEs11:08
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michalkotylaHi, i need to remove "-Werror=format-security" flag for specific layer. How can I do that? i tried CXXFLAGS += "-Wnoerror=format-security"11:18
michalkotylaand TARGET_CXXFLAGS:remove = "-Werror=format-security" but this do not work. I see that unexcepted (for me) flag is placed in SECURITY_STRINGFORMAT (poky/meta/conf/distro/include/ but i didnt see how it is used by CXX11:18
rburtonset SECURITY_STRINGFORMAT="" for the recipes that break with that error enabled11:18
rburtonTARGET_CFLAGS becomes CFLAGS for target builds, which is then respected in makefilesetc11:19
rburtonobviously, the best solution is to fix the bugs, because that error is pointing out buggy code11:20
rburtonRP: what happened to build-perf?11:24
michalkotylarburton: thanky you very much, thats work for me11:25
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RPrburton: The shallow clones I added to speed up the AB broke it. I've been trying to remove the bad data from the results repo and can't quite fix it :(11:32
RPrburton: They appeared in some of the older release branches but yes, master looks good11:32
RPrburton: I asked Neal to update the members meeting slides due to the decreases :)11:32
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wyrewhat's the most proper way to create an empty folder in /var/log for my app logs?11:38
wyreI've used install -d and included the path also in FILE_${PN}11:40
wyrebut this is not working because the folder doesn't actually exist11:44
wyreFile './var/log/stp16cpc26' cannot be packaged into 'python3-stp16cpc26-api' because its parent directory structure does not exist. One of its parent directories is a symlink whose target directory is not included in the package.11:44
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rburtontempfiles and volatiles, as /var/log may well be a tmpfs11:52
wyrerburton, then how should I handle this?11:54
wyrerburton, now what you say that ... I've noticed /var/log is already tmpfs11:57
wyrebut my point is I would like to create logs in /var/log/<my app folder>11:57
rburtonsee eg cups has volaties/tempfiles support to create that folder on boot11:57
wyrerburton, in the cups recipe?11:58
frosteyesHey folks. Is it possible to use old version of autotools in yocto. E.g. to select a specific autotools version.11:59
rburtononly if you write a recipe for it11:59
rburtonbetter to fix the configure script12:00
frosteyesProperly yes..12:00
wyreoh, /var/log is a symlink to /var/volatile/log12:00
wyrei see12:00
frosteyesJust had some code not working with autotools 2.71 in Honister12:01
frosteyesSo was thinking if it was possible to inherit a specific version :) But properly better to update the configure script12:02
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rburtonwe don't keep old versions around, it's easier to just update the than apply fixes to many different versions12:03
frosteyesthanks rburton :)12:03
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wyrerburton, when I try to do the very same than cups recipe I'm having this error
wyreI cannot see here that volatiles.99_cups is in FILE variable12:41
rburtonthats because sysconfdir is in the default FILES:${PN}12:42
wyrebut why am I having that error then?12:42
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edgarmvHi, I have a recipe which installs some binary files into the rootfs. These binaries are not intended to be run by the target, but by another processor programmed by the target. Is there a way to install this file as-is? (Without checking arch, debug split, stripping etc, DNF)12:45
wyrerburton, oh, apparently I forgot += in FILES:${PN} definition 😞12:46
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wyreso I was actually overriding FILES:${PN}, I guess12:46
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dvorkindmitryunbuildable dependency chain was: ['hardinfo', 'gtk+', 'glib-2.0', 'util-linux', 'kernel-module-scsi-debug']12:48
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dvorkindmitrywhy there is no definition of kernel-module-scsi-debug in yocto kernel?12:48
rburtondvorkindmitry: because your kernel isn't building it, or isn't building it *as a module*.  All kernel depends should be recommends.12:49
edgarmvI have made some progress by adding things to INSANE_SKIP_${PN} and adding INHIBIT_PACKAGE_DEBUG_SPLIT = "1" and INHIBIT_PACKAGE_STRIP = "1", but it now fails on "do_rootfs: Could not invoke dnf, Problem: conflicting requests12:50
edgarmv  - nothing provides"12:50
rburtondvorkindmitry: ah unless you have a custom kernel recipe which is broken12:50
coldspark29[m]JPEW: THings like devtool edit-recipe don't work in Pyrex, because it tries to open vi in the container, doesn't it?12:50
JosefHolzmayrTheedgarmv: have you looked up the "packagin externally produced" section in the dev-manual?12:51
rburtonedgarmv: set EXCLUDE_FROM_SHLIBS iirc.  that's likely the automatic "this binary links to these libraries" magic.12:52
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wyrerburton, is there soemthing like ${roothome} for /home/root?12:57
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edgarmvrburton, JosefHolzmayrThe: Thanks for the suggestions, but neither worked. It seems yocto still assumes I want to run the binary on the target and is unhappy because of a missing dependency13:09
JosefHolzmayrTheedgarmv: then chances are you got something in the variables name wrong, i'd say. i have shipped a lot of non-target runnable binaries already. maybe inspect by bitbake -e?13:10
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dvorkindmitryrburton, it IS recommended only in two recipes. why honister won't build my recipe at all?13:30
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dvorkindmitrywhere can I find kenel 5.4 for honister?13:35
JPEWcoldspark29[m]: I don't use devtool much, when does it open vi?13:38
JPEWAh edit-recipe... Need more coffee13:38
coldspark29[m]JPEW: devtool edit-recipe13:39
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JPEWcoldspark29[m]: ya that probably won't work as well; not sure if there is much to do about that other than run it outside the container13:40
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JosefHolzmayrThedvorkindmitry: if your bsp doesn't provide such, then you'll have to forward port one yourself. honister kernels in poky are 5.10 and 5.14.
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rburtondvorkindmitry: the standard kernels provide kernel-module-* so you must be using a custom kernel which doesn't use any of the standard tooling.  if so, use the standard tooling (kernel.bbclass)13:51
manuel1985Are the recorded talks of the Yocto Project Summit 2021.11 publically available? If so, I'd be glad if someone could send me a link. Thanks in advance.13:55
JosefHolzmayrThemanuel1985: not yet AFAIK, but hopefully soon.14:03
manuel1985JosefHolzmayrThe: Alrightey thnx14:04
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dvorkindmitryrburton, it is enabled in kernel only of "DISTRO_FEATURES" includes "ptest".14:16
dvorkindmitryrburton, there ar two recipes "RRECOMMENDS" "kernel-module-scsi-debug", but honister won't build my recipe at all.14:17
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rburtondvorkindmitry:  do you have a custom kernel, or are you using linux-yocto14:18
dvorkindmitrythe chain is: 'gtk+', 'glib-2.0', 'util-linux', 'kernel-module-scsi-debug'. There is no rdepends, only rrecomends for -scsi-debug.14:18
dvorkindmitryrburton, I copied the standart kernel recipe, updated the file name and description only now. that is.14:18
rburtonthen it should be setting PACKAGES_DYNAMIC=linux-module-*, so is a provider for kernel-module-scsi-debug14:19
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rburtonif you want a tested 5.4 recipe, then
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dvorkindmitryrburton, thank you14:33
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coldspark29[m]<JPEW> "coldspark29: ya that probably..." <- I don’t think that is possible as the container would need access to the host, which is a security issue15:22
JPEWcoldspark29[m]: Correct; you make it start outside the container in the first place instead of running in the container and trying to break out15:22
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JPEWcoldspark29[m]: Pyrex has a list of commands it excludes from running in the container; It *might* be possible to exclude all of devtool, or Pyrex would need to learn about specific devtool commands15:24
JPEWI'm not exactly sure how devtool works15:24
coldspark29[m]JPEW: Seems like it is possible via named pipes
JPEWHmm, maybe15:26
wyrerburton, I've followed the curl recipe for the /var/log thing ... but I still cannot see the folder in there, this is my recipe
JPEWThat seems like it's more complicated that we need15:27
wyrein fact 99_python3-stp16cpc26-api file is in /etc/default/volatiles15:29
wyrebut how is /var/log/stp16cpc26 created?15:29
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rburtonwyre: created on boot. if you're using systemd then you need to use tempfiles, not volatile.15:36
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wyrerburton, so I should use then lines 81 to 85 instead 87-89?
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rburtonwyre: 81/82 are actually redundant and not needed15:38
rburtona recipe should write both15:38
wyrerburton, I see15:38
rburtoni wonder if we can write a generator to create tmpfiles from volatiles15:38
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wyreI'll write both then, I'm using systemd for my distro, but ... sure, if the recipe needs to be reused I will need to take this into account15:38
wyrethank you 😊15:39
JPEWrburton: I don't think they have feature parity last I checked15:39
rburtonJPEW: the cups ones at least are the same data expressed in different order15:40
JPEWrburton: tmpfiles.d doesn't support bind mounts at least15:40
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JPEWrburton: Ya, I think for the most common things it's probably possible.... I guess you could error out if something wasn't acceptable?15:41
rburtonor create a mount unit for the bind mounts15:42
JPEWrburton: Ah, ya you could do that15:42
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rburtonJPEW: that would likely mean we can drop the volatile-binds recipe too, if i can find where the bind mounts are created in sysvinit...15:56
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rburtonkhem: anything apart from srecord failing with clang?16:04
rburtonthe upstream makefiles are a mess so i'm not surprised16:08
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dvorkindmitryis it possible to append DISTRO_FEATURES += "something" in external layer so if I included this layer, I'll have this feature16:14
qschulzdvorkindmitry: that's not a good idea16:14
qschulztechnically, including or not a layer shouldn't trigger drastic changes16:14
dvorkindmitryqschulz, why?16:14
qschulzwhat you want is to create a new distro16:14
qschulzwhich has this feature enabled16:14
qschulzand then the user can use the distro from your layer or not16:15
neverpanicdvorkindmitry: see how meta-selinux handles this:
neverpanic"By default the selinux components are disabled.  This conforms to the Yocto Project compatible guideline that indicate that simply including a layer should not change the system behavior. "16:15
neverpanicincluding their layer does (ideally) nothing, you have to enable it in your distro config using DISTRO_FEATURES_append.16:16
dvorkindmitryqschulz, for example, openamp. If I add it - I'll have libs in my SDK. Seems I have no possibility to disable TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK:append in my image if I have no "openamp" layer, but have DISTRO_FEATURE += "openamp" in my distro16:17
dvorkindmitrycase openamp is not compatible with honister I'd like to be able to enable it or disable it if directory exists or not (layers.conf). If I'll add extra flags user has to edit, It will be more complicated16:18
dvorkindmitryneverpanic, ok. I have DISTRO_FEATURES:append = "openamp" in my distro conf by default. To be able to run without it I have to create one more distro file with all variables copied? Not good. One central point is layers.conf. I'd like not to annoy users with an instructions like "if you want to enable openamp, you shoul clone it and then edit layers... also do not forget to edit distro file".16:22
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neverpanicThat's the way this usually works. Users clone, add to layers.conf, and edit their distro.conf for the distros where they want to use the feature. E.g., somebody could be building multiple distros from a single source tree (e.g., for different CPU architectures, target devices), and might only want your feature on some of them.16:23
neverpanicIf you add your feature to all distros automatically, that prevents users from making this choice. Instead, they now have to explicitly remove your feature in the distros where they don't want it.16:24
neverpanicBetter to clearly tell people what they need to do to enable your feature (which also means they'll know how to disable it), rather doing it automagically, IMHO.16:25
qschulzdvorkindmitry: you can include one distro conf file from another16:35
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frayya my combined basis is 112.49 right now..16:39
fraywell that was the wrong window16:40
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rburtonkhem: fixed srecord.  no idea how it worked in the first place )16:50
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khemrburton:  yes it works here now too, thanks for patch19:07
khemrburton:  everything else seems ok with clang too19:07
rburtonhonestly not sure how srecord built before19:09
rburtonmore luck than judgement19:09
tlwoerneri'm working on adding zram as an IMAGE_FEATURE. zram needs util-linux-libmount but the build is complaining about depending on something that gets renamed19:09
tlwoerneri need the "mount" that comes with util-linux-libmount19:10
tlwoerneris "libmount" a pseudo "virtual" standin for any "mount" or does it mean the util-linux-libmount one specifically?19:12
rburtonmaybe paste the actual error?19:21
rburton(what util-linux-libmount)19:21
rburtonoh right now i see the split19:21
rburtonthat's just the libraries and not the mount binary, right?19:22
khemrburton: yeah I dont have a dunfell build handy here but it would be in the libtool file there perhaps it was using native libtool and overriding enough of vars to let it cross compile19:23
rburtonmaybe, but nothing should have changed...19:23
khemI wonder are libtool scripts same ? before and after19:26
khemautotools-fu is an AI in itself, I am glad its on its way out19:27
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vdis there an issue with multiple 'inherit foo' lines in a recipe?19:59
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Saurvd: Multiple inherit lines should work.20:31
*** kiran_ <kiran_!~kiran@2607:fea8:5a80:ea0:3bc4:80e:1acd:1508> has joined #yocto20:31
vdI mean inheriting multiple times the same class20:36
vdas in literally multiple 'inherit foo' lines20:36
SaurIt very much depends on what the class actually does, but generally it should be avoided.20:37
vdwhat is the common practice when "extending" an existing class, should the new class inherit the base class or should the new class assume that the base class will be inherited in the recipe?20:38
SaurIt depends a lot on your use case and which class it is. You can make a local class with a new name, that inherits the original class. This is suitable if you only want to use the extended class in your own recipes. An alternative is to make  a local wrapper class with the same name as the upstream class. Then let that class require (not inherit) the wrapped class. That way your extensions will be used by all recipes using the class, whet20:41
Saurher they are upstream or local.20:41
SaurYou can of course also backport a bbclass file as is to a local layer and modify it. This is suitable if you need to make modifications that cannot be made by extending a class. This of course have the drawback that you will need to keep your local copy in sync with upstream changes.20:43
vdSaur thank you, I didn't know you could require a .bbclass file. That is handy to "append" a class with a temporary patch, similarly to a .bbappend file for a recipe.20:43
SaurWell, require just inserts the contents of another file into whatever file is currently being parsed, so you can use it to insert any recipe, bbclass or other file.20:45
vdmakes sense20:45
vdSaur: it makes even more sense to use this mechanism in a meta-patches custom layer to temporarily hold changes before they are applied upstream20:46
SaurThat should work.20:47
vdCan you specify conflicts for packagegroups?20:54
SaurHow do you mean? Packagegroups are just normal recipes.20:54
vdthat means yes?20:55
SaurIf you mean RCONFLICT, then yes, it should work.20:55
dvorkindmitryneverpanic, sounds logically! thank you20:56
*** otavio <otavio!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)20:57
vdI'm trying to figure out the difference between a packagegroup installed via CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL += "packagegroup-foo" (or e.g. IMAGE_INSTALL:append) and a FEATURE_PACKAGES_foo = "packagegroup-foo" that you install with EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES += "foo".20:58
SaurWell, either should work. The latter should be the preferred method though.20:59
vdwhat is the value added with pure packagegroup image features?21:00
vd(by pure packagegroup feature I mean image feature which do not also add postprocess functions and other tweaks.)21:01
*** dtometzki <dtometzki!~dtometzki@fedora/dtometzki> has joined #yocto21:01
SaurWell, I guess it is just an extra layer of indirections where you focus on the features you want in your image rather than what packages should be added to it.21:03
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vdSaur but isn't it what package does already? It provides an abstraction for a set of packages adding support for a "feature"21:05
*** dtometzki <dtometzki!~dtometzki@fedora/dtometzki> has quit IRC (Quit: ZNC 1.8.2 -
SaurTrue. But maybe there is only one package when you first introduce a new feature and thus you let FEATURE_PACKAGES_foo point directly at it. Then later when you realize you need to add some more packages to the feature you introduce packagegroup-foo and let FEATURE_PACKAGES_foo point to it instead. Not a major reason to use one over the other, but I know we have done this now and then.21:07
vdI see. But the exact same reasoning goes with a packagegroup which can initially container a single package.21:08
SaurYes, but that is an extra recipe you don't need if the feature will only ever have one recipe included. ;)21:09
vdSaur but in this case (the example you gave) you could also just add the second package to the FEATURE_PACKAGES_foo. It doesn't have to contain a single packagegroup.21:10
SaurBasically, it comes down to if you want to use IMAGE_INSTALL and/or IMAGE_FEATURES to add packages to your image. In our case we have chosen to go with IMAGE_FEATURES, so we have FEATURE_PACKAGES for everything we may want to include and don't use IMAGE_INSTALL at all.21:12
vdSince conflicts seem to be described in packagegroups as well, the only added value I can see so far for features is the ability to replace a set of features by another with e.g. IMAGE_FEATURES_REPLACES_mysmarterfeature = "common-feature1 common-feature2" or IMAGE_FEATURES_REPLACES_sampleapp = "defaultapp" (even though this might be a preferred21:15
vdprovider/version instead).21:15
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tlwoernerrburton: oops, sorry, i didn't catch your replies21:29
tlwoerneractual error:21:29
tlwoernerpackagegroup-core-zram-swap-1.0-r1 do_package_write_ipk: An allarch packagegroup shouldn't depend on packages which are dynamically renamed (util-linux-libmount to libmount1)21:29
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Perceval[m]hello all :) I'm trying to bitbake dbus 1.12.12, but I have the following error :21:54
Perceval[m]| error: Unexpanded AX_ macro found. Please install GNU autoconf-archive21:54
Perceval[m]I tried to bitbake autoconf-archive and autoconf-archive-native first (with success) but I still have th error21:55
Perceval[m]I also tried to use dbus v1.12.20 recipe, but the error is still there21:56
Perceval[m]dbus is using autotool to build. I tried to build it manually (outside bitbake) but I have the same error (and autoconf-archive is installed on my system)21:57
Perceval[m]could you please help me if you have any idea on where it could come from?21:58
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