Thursday, 2021-12-30

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Piratydoes opkg maintainer Stewart lurk here?12:41
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lukmaDear community14:22
lukmaIs there an elegant way to add/install or libgcc.a to /usr/lib in recipe-sysroot?14:22
lukmaI'm asking as one program (ported to yocto/OE) requires it to have __aeabi_udivi and friends provided14:23
lukmaIt turns out that hack as:14:23
lukma-L=/usr/lib/arm-poky-linux-gnueabi/9.3.0 with --sysroot set to /patch/to/recipe-sysroot14:25
lukmabut I'm wondering if there is any better way to avoid crafting LDFLAGS with compiler name and version in recipe to be passed to this Makefile?14:25
lukmaIn short -> adding DEPENDS_append = "libgcc" doesn't help to have in /usr/lib or /lib in recipe-sysroot14:26
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oberoncwhen I create an image that includes a software package that I wrote that depends on curl I get the following error:17:08
oberoncQA Issue: /usr/sbin/aradrouterd contained in package arad requires, but no providers found in RDEPENDS_arad? [file-rdeps]17:09
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oberoncI figured that adding "curl" in DEPENDS isnt enough17:09
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oberoncso I created a file called "curl_%.bbappend" in which I have the following line:17:10
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oberoncPACKAGECONFIG_append = " gnutls"17:10
oberoncthis doesnt solve the issue17:10
oberoncwhat am I missing ?17:10
oberoncI'm not sure how to make it add
RPlukma: doesn't simply -lgcc work? The compiler should already know to search there?17:17
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kanavinhalstead, looks like the maintenance isn't yet complete?
kanavinI'd like to run a build but don't want to use limited capacity17:29
kanavinRP: I have a much nicer set of changes for go reproducibility :)17:30
vmesonoberonc: if you look at: or the recipe, you see that there's a PACKAECONFIG optin for libcurl-gnutls:
oberonchow do I use it ?17:41
vmesonmaybe there's a better explaination in the manual but that's what came up first.17:42
vmeson The main PKGCFG info:
oberoncso PACKAGECONFIG_append_pn-curl = " gnutls in local.conf ?17:43
vmesonoberonc: yes17:45
oberoncsame message17:45
oberoncwhat am I supposed to write in RDEPENDS_${PN} ?17:46
vmesonoberonc: did you look at the curl log.do_configure to see if --with-gnutls was used?17:46
oberoncremind me where can I find it17:47
oberoncit has --with-gnutls17:50
oberoncI believe I need to change this line in my recipe:17:51
vmesonad is your* file in tmp/work/<arch>/curl/.../packages-split somewhere? It may be packaged seperately from the default installation.17:51
oberoncbut what am I supposed to add to it ?17:51
oberoncno in there17:54
RPkanavin: that sounds promising! :)17:55
oberoncit depends on gnutls directly17:55
oberonc(only exists)17:55
moto-timoprobably a PACKAGECONFIG?17:55
oberoncwhy does it even think I need libcurl-gnutls ?!17:56
vmesonoberonc: good questin, I don't know offhand and I have errands to run. I'll check back later17:56
oberoncok, thanks for your help17:57
oberoncgodspeed with your errands17:57
moto-timooberonc: we don't know what your custom code has, but it appears bitbake is detecting that an .so is expecting libcurl-gnutls (this can be double checked with ldd or similar tools)18:01
oberoncok, how do I provide libcurl-gnutls ?18:01
moto-timowith the PACKAGECONFIG switch already discussed earlier18:02
oberoncI tried:18:02
oberoncPACKAGECONFIG_append_pn-curl = " gnutls" in local.conf18:02
oberoncPACKAGECONFIG_append = " gnutls" in curl_%.bbappend18:02
moto-timowhat release of Yocto project are you on?18:02
oberoncRDEPENDS_${PN} = " gnutls curl"18:03
oberoncnothing works18:03
oberoncand my custom code doesnt even use ssl18:03
oberoncssl in curl that is18:04
moto-timowell, the recipe might be picking up host contamination then. but curl without ssl is not recommended anymore18:04
oberoncI dont mind adding ssl to curl18:04
oberoncbut how ?18:04
moto-timowhich release of Yocto Project are you on please?18:04
oberoncamm, how can I tell ?18:04
oberonc(sorry,  but i'm kinda new)18:05
moto-timowhen you cloned poky/openembedded-core you got it from somehwere... that likely had either a version number (like 3.1.x) or a branch name (like 'dunfell')18:06
oberoncwell, technically I'm using windriver18:07
oberoncwhich is based on yocto18:07
moto-timoso which version of windriver?18:08
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oberoncLTS 21.2018:08
moto-timook, from that is based on 3.3 (which is codename 'hardknott'
oberoncmakes sense ..18:11
oberoncdoes it give you any clue ?18:11
oberonc.. about the curl issue18:11
moto-timowell, it tells us whether you need to be using the "new override syntax" or not18:11
oberoncwhen I run ldd on the file I see that it is linked against gnutls18:12
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oberoncso all that needs to be done is figure why it thinks a file called libcurl-gnutls even supposed to exist18:13
moto-timoit is not it is the recipe you built (arad)... read the error message again18:14
oberoncor why the file isnt named libcurl-gnutls.so18:15
moto-timoyou can have many .so files, so having more than one that starts with libcurl* is not unexpected18:15
moto-timoreally hard to help you without seeing the recipe18:16
oberoncvery well18:17
moto-timobut, if you look in your conf/local.conf you should see a line like PACAKGECONFIG_append_pn-qemu-system-native18:18
moto-timowell, without the typo18:18
moto-timothat shows the syntax you need in your conf18:18
moto-timoso in my local.conf I see PACKAGECONFIG_append_pn-qemu-system-native = " sdl"18:20
oberoncthat is the format in my local.conf as well18:20
moto-timofollowing that pattern, you should add PACKAGECONFIG_append_pn-curl = " gnutls"18:20
moto-timowhich it sounds like you already tried18:21
oberoncI have this line already18:21
oberoncand it does link against gnutls18:21
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oberoncbut no is created18:21
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moto-timooberonc: it has to be something in your Makefile for aradrouterd18:25
oberoncall I do there is link with -lcurl18:25
moto-timoso then it is picking up host contamination maybe?18:26
moto-timoor some other library you are linking to has the gnutls requirement18:27
oberoncon my host I do have libcurl-gnutls18:28
oberoncI only link vs curl18:29
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moto-timoYes. Which is why I say your Makefile is picking up host contamination.18:30
oberoncwhen I copy host compiled aradrouterd to the installed image I see this:18:30
oberoncroot@intel-x86-64:~# ldd /usr/sbin/aradrouterd18:30
oberonc (0x00007ffe605b8000)18:30
oberonc => not found18:30
oberonc => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007f6aca3fe000)18:30
oberonc => /lib64/ (0x00007f6aca3e4000)18:30
oberonc => /lib64/ (0x00007f6aca3c4000)18:30
oberonc => /lib64/ (0x00007f6aca1fe000)18:30
oberonc => /lib64/ (0x00007f6aca0bc000)18:30
oberonc    /lib64/ (0x00007f6aca62b000)18:30
moto-timoplease use pastebin18:30
oberonchow do I prevent host contamination ?18:30
oberoncI setup the env correctly18:30
moto-timoother signs of host contamination are the /lib64/ paths (unless you are building with multilib)18:31
oberoncI'm not18:32
oberoncI use these 2 commands to setup env:18:32
oberonc. ./environment-setup-x86_64-wrlinuxsdk-linux18:32
oberonc. ./oe-init-build-env18:32
moto-timocan you share the line in the make file where -lcurl is called?18:32
moto-timotrust me, that is the root cause of your issue... the Makefile is not cross-compile compatible18:33
oberonclets see18:34
moto-timobingo. your problem is line 218:36
moto-timooe_runmake defines it's own CC but you are forcing it to use the (host) g++ rather than the one built by yocto project18:37
oberoncwhat should I change it to ?18:37
oberoncI thought it will pick up yocto g++18:37
moto-timowell, really you should be using CXX and not defining specific tools in your Makefile... let the build environment define it for you18:39
moto-timoCC is for plain old C and CXX is C++18:39
moto-timoI could tell you the specific triplet to use, but that's not the right solution... the solution is to not be defining CC=g++18:40
moto-timoor change that to CC?=g++18:40
moto-timoso that it is a weak definition18:40
oberonclets try18:40
moto-timoalso, DESTDIR and LDFLAGS are defined as empty, so you might have other issues... you might want to make those DESTDIR?='' and LDFLAGS?=""18:41
moto-timoforcing those definitions in hand crafted Makefiles is very prone to troubles.18:42
oberoncQA Issue: File /usr/sbin/aradrouterd in package arad doesn't have GNU_HASH (didn't pass LDFLAGS?)18:42
moto-timoyou set LDFLAGS to be empty18:42
moto-timoline 418:42
moto-timoso now the linker has no idea what to do18:42
oberoncok :-)18:43
oberoncmakes sense18:43
moto-timoif you run 'bitbake -e arad' you can see what the final variables are defined as for the build18:43
moto-timobut most of those variables cannot be hard coded to "host" values or left empty... it means you are crippling the cross-compile (even if you are compiling for x86_64, the build is cross-compiled by the Yocto built toolchain)18:45
oberoncI understand18:45
oberoncI commented it out18:45
oberoncnow it seems to be working18:45
oberoncthank you very much for your help18:45
moto-timoyou are welcome18:45
oberoncyep, image created18:46
moto-timosometimes you need to figure out what the right question to ask yourself is :)18:46
oberoncI guess18:47
oberoncwhen you have someone who can solve the problem gfor you you shutdown half your brain18:47
moto-timoalso, you might want to add oe-pkgdata-utils to your commonly used tools18:47
moto-timooe-pkgdata-util list-pkg-files -p curl18:47
moto-timothis would show what the curl recipe provides18:47
moto-timoIRC is not a free unpaid consultant service... we help because we want people to learn and grow, but at some point you do need to find your own way to learn18:49
oberoncI know18:49
oberoncyou should have told me to RTFM18:49
oberoncand maybe point to a place :-)18:49
moto-timowell... that assumed we knew where to look ;)18:50
moto-timobut the fine manual would never have told you about the issues with the Makefile...18:51
oberoncwrong window18:51
oberoncno ? they dont explain host contamination and give examples ?18:52
moto-timobut the issues with the Makefile are why the yocto jester was recommending not to hand craft Makefiles back in november18:52
oberoncI guess I got lucky to dodge the bullets long enough18:53
moto-timocuriosity and sleuthing are important traits :)18:57
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kernelspacehi, i am on dunfell, using a u-boot-xx.bbappend and a u-boot-xx,bb forward ported from older stuff20:30
kernelspacecompiling u-boot i get20:30
kernelspace arm-oe-linux-gnueabi-gcc: error: unrecognized -march target: armv520:30
kernelspacei should be armv7 so not clear where armv5 comes from20:30
vmesonoberonc: I'm happy to see that moto-timo was able to help you out. Asking the right question takes a few years/decades of experience. FYI, we do have some WR docs about Makefiles such as this one based on using an SDK:
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lukmaRP: Unfortunately, -lgcc cannot be found ...22:05
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moto-timokernelspace: what release of Yocto Project are you on? so something else is involved in your issue22:12
moto-timokernelspace: oh you said, dunfell22:13
moto-timokernelspace: what bsp layer are you using? what MACHINE?22:13
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moto-timolukma: can you expand on -lgcc cannot be found? did you DEPENDS or RDEPENDS (as appropriate) on gcc?22:19
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lukmamoto-timo: Yes, the DEPENDS was set to gcc22:40
lukmaTo be more specific - DEPENDS="virtual/arm-poky-linux-gnueabi-gcc virtual/arm-poky-linux-gnueabi-compilerlibs virtual/libc bc-native"22:43
RPlukma: libgcc in DEPENDS too?22:51
RPI'd think virtual/libc should take care of that but...22:52
lukmaYes, it was also added23:00
RPlukma: does seem a little strange as gcc itself can find and link it in when it thinks it is needed :/23:02
lukmaRP: This is vendor specific makefile ...23:03
lukmaRP: Even more strange - is installed in <sysroot-dir>/lib23:04
lukmaBut no libgcc23:04
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kernelspacemoto-timo: thanks, sry, was off for some dinner time, i solved, was a bad EXTRA_OEMAKE23:59

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