Monday, 2022-01-24

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mckoangood morning07:39
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alejandrohsqschulz: morning08:43
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EtheryonHi all, I'm looking for some help if anyone maybe ran into the same issues. I'm trying to build an image that I'm running on a vm but I can't seem to get the framebuffer working. I've scoured the internet for resources, but no luck so far08:45
mckoanEtheryon: describe the problem08:50
EtheryonI can't get a /dev/fb0 to show up (for reference I'm trying to build a distro to run eglfs qt applications)08:53
EtheryonI'm still learning all this so even some pointers where to dig would be useful, thakns08:54
EtheryonI've tried with both the meta-intel intel-corei7-64machine and generic x86-6408:55
EtheryonI'm not even sure if the issue could be that I'm using a vm (in virtualbox)08:55
EtheryonI'm booting of a live iso, if that makes any difference08:56
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EtheryonI have removed x11 and wayland from the image08:59
coldspark29[m]Good morning09:00
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coldspark29[m]How can I fix this license file error? I just copied over the linux-fslc-imx recipe to my custom layer as a basis for my kernel modifications... (full message at
mckoanEtheryon: for x86 you need X11 and/or wayland, try using core-image-sato as starting point09:02
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mckoancoldspark29[m]: hard to guess09:03
Etheryonmckoan Thanks! So there's no way of using the framebuffer without one of those?09:06
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mckoanEtheryon: in case "linuxfb" not "eglfs", however I usually use X11/Wayland09:12
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coldspark29[m]<mckoan> "coldspark29: hard to guess" <- It is weird because this didn't happen before09:34
coldspark29[m]The directory where bitbake searches the license is empty09:34
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qschulzcoldspark29[m]: what's the path in LIC_FILES_CHKSUM exacrtly?11:05
qschulz(before expansion)11:05
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rburtonRP: just one new CVE, in libtiff.  there's a patch in-progress but it's got feedback so I won't pick it just yet.11:32
RPrburton: It was nice to see the numbers go down for master! :)11:34
kanavinrburton, I looked at that too, what do we do about CVEs that remain unaddressed?11:37
kanavine.g. what if this tiff thing is never fixed?11:37
rburtonwell, this one will be fixed as there's active work11:38
rburtonwe have to decide if its not a problem (there's a load of qemu issues which we have done that with), or we just leave them open and the user can decide what to do11:39
rburtonif upstream is dead but its a core component, some other distro may have patched it already11:39
kanavinI mean, there are 6 open CVEs for master, and except for tiff, all are old and never got a proper fix seemingly11:39
RPkanavin: some are just deemed low priority upstream. I did create some entries in the inc file to cover cases like this11:41
rburtonthat's cve-extra-exclusions.inc11:42
RPkanavin: 6 is as low as we've ever got it down to11:42
kanavinRP: right, I just like empty lists (e.g. reproducibility ;)11:43
RPkanavin: so do I, hence that inc :)11:44
RPkanavin: it may not be realistic in this case :/11:44
kanavinRP: maybe some users may need a bit of education, an open CVE does not mean the product is insecure, or urgent action required or anything like that11:44
RPkanavin: Right, it is a tracking mechanism and just means there is something you may need to check/understand11:47
kanavinRP: nice spreadsheet - I also find it peculiar how clearly it shows that the older your yocto version is, the more open CVEs there are11:48
kanavin'staying close to upstream is good for you' in a shape of a graph11:49
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RPkanavin: what it doesn't show well is how many get addressed :/11:49
rburtonadd 'known CVEs' the chart?11:50
kanaviner, first derivative would?11:50
kanavinmy calculus is a rust-land nowadays11:50
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RPkanavin: sadly not :/11:51
RPrburton: I'm not sure how you'd get a meaningful number - how do we get a number for "these are the ones we fixed" ?11:51
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coldspark29[m]<qschulz> "coldspark29: what's the path..." <- `LIC_FILES_CHKSUM = "file://COPYING;md5=6bc538ed5bd9a7fc9398086aedcd7e46"`12:00
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coldspark29[m]The same as in linux-fslc-imx_5.10.bb12:01
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coldspark29[m]I also don't understand how this kernel is stitched together from three different sources. I already asked Andrey Zhizhkin, but he does not reply12:09
coldspark29[m]Oh I included the wrong file12:12
coldspark29[m]Got it12:12
OutBackDingoso DISTRO_FEATURES_APPEND = has become  DISTRO:FEATURES:append ??12:18
rburtonand the original was DISTRO_FEATURES_append12:23
rburtonthe variable is called DISTRO_FEATURES, and you were appending it12:23
rburtonand here you see the confusion and why the operator was changed to :12:23
OutBackDingoLOL  yeah okj typoed that one i have DISTRO_FEATURES:append12:24
OutBackDingorburton: thx12:24
OutBackDingook so this is odd then, ive added12:34
OutBackDingoDISTRO_FEATURES:append = " systemd"12:35
OutBackDingoVIRTUAL-RUNTIME_init_manager = "systemd"12:35
OutBackDingoVIRTUAL-RUNTIME_initscripts = "systemd-compat-units"12:35
OutBackDingoCORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL = " git openssh kubernetes nvidia-docker pip-glances python3-pip "12:35
OutBackDingoIMAGE_INSTALL +="packagegroup-core-buildessential packagegroup-core-ssh-openssh"12:35
OutBackDingoto core-image-minimal-xfce... boots to xfce fine but no sshd listening12:35
rburtonare you looking for a sshd process? systemd will listen on the socket and start sshd on demand.12:36
OutBackDingoi cant ssh in to look :)12:37
rburtoncheck the image manifest to verify that openssh-sshd is installed12:37
OutBackDingorburton: sorry ? where is this "manifest" in tmp ?12:40
coldspark29[m]qschulz: I also don't understand that in the original there is a `file://defconfig`in the SRC_URI and this doesn't work in my copied version. Bitbake complains that there is no defconfig. Where does bitbake expect it to be? There is one in `linux-fslc-imx/mx8/defconfig`but copying it over still doesn't let bitbake find it12:44
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* coldspark29[m] sent a code block:
coldspark29[m] * ```... (full message at
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coldspark29[m]I think that this recipes is using two different defconfigs for linux-fslc and linux-imx.12:58
* coldspark29[m] sent a code block:
coldspark29[m]I need to know which one to use as a base for patching12:59
coldspark29[m]Ah I think they are organized by the machine names13:03
RPrburton: I guess what would be interesting would be a CVE scan of original dunfell. Although that wouldn't account for the CPE changes13:05
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coldspark29[m]It is appending the machine name twice. Weird13:12
qschulzcoldspark29[m]: bitbake-getvar OVERRIDES returns what?13:13
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coldspark29[m]qschulz: Guess I forgot a `:`at the end of `MACHINEOVERRIDES =. "imx-boot-container:mx8:mx8m:mx8mm:mymachine"?13:16
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coldspark29[m]It returned `OVERRIDES="runtime-gnu:toolchain-gcc:linux:aarch64:pn-defaultpkgname:aarch64:armv8a:use-mainline-bsp:imx-boot-container:mymachinemymachine:fslc:class-target:libc-glibc:forcevariable"`13:17
coldspark29[m]It works when I put an `:`at the end, but then I have the `mymachine`override listed twice13:17
coldspark29[m]I guess I don't need to list it in `MACHINEOVERRIDES` at all...13:19
coldspark29[m]Man, what a missing `:` can do in bitbake. I was searching for this error for days13:20
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qschulzcoldspark29[m]: no need to add your machine name to MACHINEOVERRIDES because it's already in there13:21
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coldspark29[m]Is there any way I can tell bitbake to show me the live build output for a recipe?13:22
coldspark29[m]Ah yes thanks13:22
qschulzcoldspark29[m]: no idea, but you do have the logs in $WORKDIR/temp/ for each recipe though13:23
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coldspark29[m]qschulz: So I have one remaining question. Since the linux-fslc-imx kernel is comprised of linux-imx and linux-fslc plus community patches, where do I have to apply my custom patches that I have previously applied to linux-imx in 5.4? Andrey writes patches should be applied to linux-fslc... (full message at
coldspark29[m]I guess I need to apply those patches to linux-imx like before, because when I apply them to linux-fslc, make is complaining that there are headers from linux-imx missing for our custom patches.14:15
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qschulzcoldspark29[m]: devtool modify linux-fslc-imx and then patch from the workspace14:17
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coldspark29[m]qschulz: What do you mean by "patch form the workspace"?14:19
qschulz coldspark29[m] devtool modify creates a workspace14:21
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coldspark29[m]qschulz: I already created copies of the recipe in our custon layer by hand14:22
coldspark29[m]but I guess there is a more elegant way...14:23
qschulzcoldspark29[m]: are you going to use their layer or not?14:24
coldspark29[m]Guess I have to read more in the docs14:24
qschulzthen why do you copy the recipe?14:27
qschulzjust append to it14:27
rfs613recently, the kernel recipie has started failing on me. Upon investigation, it's the do_validate_branches() function, and specifically the "git checkout -q -f ${machine_branch}" step, where mainline_branch is "master", however my kernel repo doesn't have such a named branch (I'm building on a different branch specified in the SRC_URI)14:28
rfs613the odd part is the problem is intermittent: one build will abort, trying again immediately, it will succeed.14:28
rfs613anybody else encountering this?14:29
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coldspark29[m]qschulz: Because the .bb file itself doesn't contain any links to git repositores, but includes two files, namely and and I did not think you could create .incappend files to change those urls. We want to use our own Gitlab repositories and apply the patches to those14:30
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coldspark29[m]God, now he fsl-imx8mm.dtsi has a syntax error although I just copied it over from linux-imx...14:31
coldspark29[m]This is really complcated14:32
coldspark29[m]Before we just added our two drivers and our device tree to the linux-imx kernel14:33
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qschulzcoldspark29[m]: bbappend applies to the whole recipe,m after bbclasses and inc files are included14:35
qschulzso you can modify the URL from a bbappend14:35
coldspark29[m]qschulz: But there are two SRC_URIs14:35
coldspark29[m]How to modify both with on .bbappend??14:36
qschulzcoldspark29[m]: no there's only one, with multiple values in it, probably14:36
qschulzbitbake-getvar SRC_URI14:36
coldspark29[m]That prints nothign14:38
qschulzah probably need a recipe :p14:38
qschulz-r linux-fslc-imx14:39
coldspark29[m] (full message at
coldspark29[m]I have no idea how this works.14:41
coldspark29[m]Not really beginner friendly :D14:42
qschulzcoldspark29[m]: me neither, vendor stuff14:42
coldspark29[m]No this freescale stuff14:42
rfs613coldspark29[m]: there's comments, can't be vendor stuff :-)14:42
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dwagenk docs for dunfell have a little problem: selecting 3.1.13 brings up the documentation for 3.1.12 with the big red banner saying "please use the docs for 3.1.13"14:47
dwagenk^ ping qschulz or who is managing the server for the docs?14:48
qschulzmichaelo: halstead: good afternoon/morning. Some issues with the 3.1.13 docs ^14:49
qschulzdwagenk: thanks for the report14:49
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OutBackDingook now im confused, i added15:32
OutBackDingoCORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL = " git openssh kubernetes nvidia-docker pip-glances python3-pip "15:32
OutBackDingoIMAGE_INSTALL += " packagegroup-core-buildessential packagegroup-core-ssh-openssh"15:32
OutBackDingoDISTRO_FEATURES:append = " systemd"15:32
OutBackDingoVIRTUAL-RUNTIME_init_manager = "systemd"15:32
OutBackDingoVIRTUAL-RUNTIME_initscripts = "systemd-compat-units"15:32
OutBackDingoand bitbake core-image-minimal-xfce ... xfce comes up no ssh or sshd installed... what did i miss15:33
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moto-timoOutBackDingo: you want to add IMAGE_FEATURE ssh-server-dropbear or ssh-server-openssh15:42
moto-timothen you can drop the CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL openssh and IMAGE_INSTALL packagegroup-core-ssh-openssh15:43
OutBackDingomoto-timo: so adding IMAGE_INSTALL += " packagegroup-core-buildessential packagegroup-core-ssh-openssh" is basically useless15:44
moto-timoOutBackDingo buildessential is installed via EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURE tools-sdk
moto-timoOutBackDingo: the reason is both of these things require more than just the packagegroup...15:48
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OutBackDingomoto-timo: and nothing from CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL = " git openssh kubernetes nvidia-docker pip-glances python3-pip " is in the build either15:52
OutBackDingoreally odd15:52
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moto-timowhat image are you building? if it doesn't inherit core-image then the CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL variable won't be used15:55
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OutBackDingoand core-image is included in minimal-xfce15:59
OutBackDingoexport IMAGE_BASENAME = "core-image-minimal-xfce"15:59
OutBackDingoinherit core-image15:59
moto-timoThat's a bug in the core-image-minimal-xfce recipe16:01
moto-timoby using = for the IMAGE_INSTALL they are overriding the core-image behavior16:01
moto-timothe quick workaround is to use IMAGE_INSTALL:append to add your desired packages16:01
moto-timosince CORE_IMAGE_BASE_INSTALL is not being used... no soup for you16:02
OutBackDingomoto-timo: say basically IMAGE_INSTALL:append = " git openssh kubernetes nvidia-docker pip-glances python3-pip "16:04
moto-timoOutBackDingo: take out openssh, but more or less yes. kubernetes needs a DISTRO_FEATURE as I recall... and I don't know about nvidia-docker16:05
*** Schlumpf <Schlumpf!~Schlumpf@> has quit IRC (Quit: Client closed)16:05
moto-timokubernetes is not simple... caveat emptor16:06
*** dgriego <dgriego!~dgriego@user/dgriego> has joined #yocto16:06
OutBackDingomoto-timo: ive gotten through the k8s before....16:06
OutBackDingojust bit by the bug16:07
moto-timoOutBackDingo:  then you know what I mean :)16:07
OutBackDingoneeds distro_feature = virtualization16:07
OutBackDingoyeah IMAGE_INSTALL:append works16:08
moto-timoand a lot of setup, but obviously you already know so I won't keep blathering on about it16:08
OutBackDingomoto-timo: thz for the pointer16:08
moto-timoOutBackDingo: you're welcome... that wasn't an obvious one16:09
OutBackDingothinks core -image-minimal-xfce needs a buggy repoty :016:09
*** zpfvo <zpfvo!~fvo@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)16:10
*** zpfvo <zpfvo!~fvo@> has joined #yocto16:11
moto-timoor just send a patch16:13
*** goliath <goliath!~goliath@user/goliath> has quit IRC (Quit: SIGSEGV)16:15
OutBackDingomoto-timo: true16:15
*** zpfvo <zpfvo!~fvo@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)16:15
moto-timokanavin: I see you have python3-hypothesis python3-setuptools-scm and python3-importlib-metadata staged... do you want me to send the patches or just do your usual patch bomb?16:15
*** zpfvo <zpfvo!~fvo@> has joined #yocto16:16
rburtonarmpit: are you still the resident expert on check-layer?16:26
*** goliath <goliath!~goliath@user/goliath> has joined #yocto16:28
*** SunflowerMix <SunflowerMix!~Sunflower@> has joined #yocto16:29
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SunflowerMixHey all, it's known practice that you can do something like `MACHINE=x86 bitbake core-image-minimal` to inject the machine value for the build using the CLI instead of having it in `local.conf`16:31
SunflowerMix However the shell introduces limitations to this if there are dashes involved. i.e. this `PREFERRED_VERSION_my-recipe=1.0.0 bitbake core-image-minimal` won't ever reach bitbake16:33
rburtonnot all variables can do that16:33
rburtonsee the EXTRAWHITE variable in scripts/oe-buildenv-internal16:33
SunflowerMixThanks, taking a look...16:36
SunflowerMixI see, so even if the dash "-"  wasn't causing the problem for bash there would still be a limit to this.16:38
SunflowerMixIs there a way to workaround this?16:39
SunflowerMix(Context: I want to automate the generation of images which have different combinations of versions of certain userspace apps)16:39
rburtonSunflowerMix: write conf/auto.conf16:40
rburtonthat gets read like local.conf and you can put your vars in there16:40
SunflowerMixThat sounds like a good alternative, thanks!16:43
*** Tokamak <Tokamak!~Tokamak@> has joined #yocto16:48
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coldspark29[m]It built! I thought this day would never come 😭17:00
coldspark29[m]Those are tears of joy. Very manly tears of joy...17:00
*** florian <florian!> has quit IRC (Quit: Ex-Chat)17:02
rfs613coldspark29[m]: \o/17:06
rfs613glad you got it sorted!17:06
*** jmiehe <jmiehe!~Thunderbi@user/jmiehe> has quit IRC (Quit: jmiehe)17:08
mckoancoldspark29[m]: and what was the problem17:09
*** zpfvo <zpfvo!~fvo@> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)17:09
*** manuel_ <manuel_!~manuel198@> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)17:10
coldspark29[m]mckoan: Many things. First of all, I did not understand how the defconfigs were served to bitbake, so I chose the wrong defconfig as basis for my changes. Then I used patches from the Android branch, which was wrong and the MACHINEOVERRIDE was wrong, which Quentin helped me sort out.17:13
coldspark29[m]I am still not sure what's the best way of organizing the kernel mod though.17:13
coldspark29[m]Guess I will have to play around a bit and see what's the most convenient.17:15
*** ardo <ardo!> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)17:22
*** ardo <ardo!> has joined #yocto17:22
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kanavinmoto-timo, please do send patches17:34
moto-timokanavin: ack17:35
kanavinmoto-timo, they're automated patches from AUH and I stage all of it as a last resort in case maintainers neglect their duties ;)17:35
moto-timokanavin: understood17:35
kanavinmoto-timo, of course I know you're not like that :)17:35
moto-timo(and I have been guilty sometimes)17:35
kanavinmoto-timo, it'd be better to run auh every other week, not every week17:35
kanavinthe churn is a bit too much with the weekly schedule17:36
kanavinbut buildbot doesn't allow this because of its scheduler syntax17:36
moto-timoespecially for these #&(@# packages like python3-hypothesis that bump a release for every commit17:36
kanavinI feel ya, it's annoying that many python packages go outdated in less than 24 hours!17:37
moto-timokanavin: I will probably send python3-pyparsing bump as well, because it's in the dependency tree for the PEP 517 work17:37
moto-timoFWIW I run my own AUH builds  ~every wednesday, including meta-python and meta-perl... but the amount of recipes that change in meta-python is on the order of 50 per week. Too many for me to properly address on my own.17:39
moto-timoand the ones that are broken take extra care17:39
moto-timokanavin: one thing I would like to add to AUH is a report of "UNKNOWN_BROKEN"... which tells us the UPSTREAM_CHECK_URI or _REGEX is broken (usually the URI)17:40
RPrburton: qemuarm64 stap: :(17:40
moto-timokanavin: I mean add to the report17:40
moto-timooh I said that... Moar KOFFEEEE17:40
rburtonRP: so upstream integrated a fix for the buffer thing, i'll backport that17:40
RPrburton: please :)17:41
rburtoni presume we can't get dmesg from it17:41
kanavinmoto-timo, but can't you just run 'devtool check-upgrade-status' which reports that?17:42
RPrburton: its OOM :/17:43
RPrburton: we have the dmesg17:43
rburtonOOM means we just need to throw more ram at the problem17:43
RPrburton: pokybuild@tumbleweed-ty-3:~/yocto-worker/qemuarm64-alt/build/build-renamed/tmp/work/qemuarm64-poky-linux/core-image-sato-sdk/1.0-r0/testimage/qemu_boot_log.2022012415090417:44
RPrburton: that was with 512 memory btw17:46
rburtonsilly systemtap17:47
RPrburton: I wonder if something else is eating it17:47
rburtonruntime tests are serial, right?17:47
RPrburton: yes. I still suspect rngd17:47
*** frieder <frieder!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)17:47
*** lucaceresoli <lucaceresoli!~lucaceres@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)17:48
rburtonit does have a lot of allocations17:48
moto-timokanavin: yes, but it's lost in the logs from AUH runs and I would like it to be highlighted... it's a bug in each recipe no?17:48
kanavinmoto-timo, what I mean is tat you can run devtool separately?17:48
kanavinand yes, any appearance of BROKEN means the check isn't working right17:49
rburtonRP: but its OOMing during the compile, so its not executed the probe at all17:49
*** florian_kc <florian_kc!> has joined #yocto17:49
* moto-timo just wishing17:49
moto-timosometimes recipes with bad fetch urls also completely lock up the upgrade script... but I've been trying to catch those and fix17:50
rburtonRP: the rss for rngd is tiny17:51
rburtonits got a stupid amount of vm allocation but resident is just 407 pages17:51
RPrburton: perhaps I just saw those numbers and wondered what it was doing. Fair enough on the compile, I guess we have to move sdk to more memory :(17:52
rburtonalways alt though, which is interesting17:52
rburtonwhy doesn't this happen on 5.1517:52
RPrburton: it isn't always alt but much much more frequent17:53
*** florian_kc <florian_kc!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)17:56
kanavinRP: I keep getting this trying to run a-full on my update set
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away18:05
RPkanavin: sorry, fixed pushed18:05
kanavinRP: thanks :)18:05
*** rfuentess <rfuentess!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)18:11
rburtonRP: new patches posted. fingers crossed.18:12
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moto-timough. python3-setuptools cannot be upgraded until we can pin to Python 3.7 as a minimum
moto-timowe're multiple releases off from upstream19:15
*** leon-anavi <leon-anavi!~Leon@> has joined #yocto19:17
kanavinmoto-timo, also numpy is still forcing 59.x19:19
kanavinI tried, and that's where it ended :)19:20
*** leon-anavi <leon-anavi!~Leon@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)19:21
moto-timokanavin: oh dear lord19:24
*** florian_kc <florian_kc!> has joined #yocto19:31
kanavinmoto-timo, as well19:32
kanavinthis is where they added this 60.x ban19:33
kanavincommentary might be interesting for you19:34
*** pabigot <pabigot!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)19:34
moto-timopackaging.version.parse() just works, people don't need LooseVersion anymore19:35
*** pabigot <pabigot!> has joined #yocto19:36
moto-timowell, that was StrictVersion but still19:37
* zeddii has spent much of the day reading go mod internals.19:37
* moto-timo ships a case of beer to zeddii19:37
zeddiiit really is kind of evil19:38
moto-timo"It's a trap!"19:38
zeddiiif they would just give me a way to figure out what is being fetched and how they figure it out, i could finish my generation tool.19:38
zeddiibut I'm going to have to put it up for a few days again, and catch up on other mundane things like merging and testing.19:39
kanavingo internals are evil :)19:40
kanavingetting go to reproduce was an adventure in uncharted territories19:41
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vdI have btrfs-tools installed but mount doesn't know the 'btrfs' type. What am I missing?20:13
*** sakoman <sakoman!> has joined #yocto20:26
moto_timo[m]Kernel module?20:27
vdgood catch20:27
vdI recently remove kernel-modules and forget to add individual ones in the initramfs... It's gonna be long20:28
*** florian_kc <florian_kc!> has joined #yocto20:33
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*** Tokamak <Tokamak!~Tokamak@> has joined #yocto20:41
moto-timoand make sure you have the config fragment enabled
moto-timobut if so, you should be able to "oe-pkgdata-util list-pkgs kernel-module-* | grep btrfs"20:42
vdI see20:44
vdI've added a similar fragment for linux-ti-staging which unfortunately doesn't use the same mechanism20:45
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ziga_I create a Yocto image,, mount the SD card and delete all the .dtb files from /boot... Then I try to boot with this SD card and it boots!??? HOW COME? I completely removed the device tree...21:46
ziga_Inn the /boot folder there are currently only files MLO, extlinux, u-boot.img and zImage.21:47
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