Friday, 2022-02-04

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khemkanavin sounds good, I think we might want llvm 14 for Spring LTS,  I am in process of upgrading meta-clang to 14.x03:41
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alejandrohsoops :)06:25
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX07:23
jclsnLetoThe2nd: How did you like the film btw?07:30
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LetoThe2ndjclsn: new one? not seen yet. hopefully soon.07:34
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jclsnLetoThe2nd: Yeah, I really liked it07:43
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mckoangood morning07:51
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kanavinkhem, llvm 14 isn't due until after feature freeze I think, and llvm deadlines can slip10:34
kanavinbut if they can get it at least to rc stage by march, maybe it's possible10:35
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ad__question: i am in zeus, anm openssl bbappend is disabling a lot of openssl featurs, as md4 and others, but then, wpa-supplicant fails to build, claiming for md4 functions. How to manage this ?12:55
jclsnWhy do packages sometimes not get installed althoug I have added them via IMAGE_INSTALL:append ?13:30
jclsnI really don't get this13:30
qschulzjclsn: triple-check that they really are added to IMAGE_INSTALL13:32
qschulzbitbake-getvar should be helpful13:33
jclsnI checked that13:33
qschulzalso, some packages are empty13:33
qschulzand finally.. how do you know theyr are not installed?13:33
jclsnMight also have to do with the honister override syntax in this case13:33
jclsnMy colleague did install some sytemd units with IMAGE_INSTALL_append_mx8, which would be IMAGE_INSTALL:append:mx8 now right?13:34
jclsnIf yes, the syntax conversion script did miss this13:35
jclsnI know that they are not installed, because the files are not in /etc/systemd/system13:35
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agherzanjclsn: that would be correct13:45
agherzanThe conversion script is not perfect.13:45
qschulzjclsn: the conversion script requires some configuration IIRC, e.g. all the possible OVERRIDES13:51
qschulzand since mx8 is not one that exists in poky/oe-core then it was probably just not added13:51
qschulzso in fact, your packages were NOT in IMAGE_INSTALL and bitbake-getvar would have returned such info13:51
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jclsnThey are in IMAGE_INSTALL. I checked that with bitbkake -e14:15
qschulzjclsn: if the syntax was incorrect AND you didn't have the package installed, I'm pretty sure it was not :)14:16
qschulzanyways, if it's fixed it's the most important :)14:17
jclsnNo it is still not there14:17
jclsnIt is seems like it isn't included in the image when rebuilding14:17
qschulzjclsn: where is your IMAGE_INSTALL?14:17
qschulzthe append one, in which file14:17
jclsnI realized this a few times. I always had to clean everything and rebuild, which is weird14:18
jclsnIn the image recipe14:18
qschulzthis is a huge red flag14:18
qschulzyou shouldn't need to rebuild14:18
qschulzif it does fix it, you seriously need to investigate because it means you cannot trust that whatever you're building is actually what gets installed on your system14:19
qschulzwell except if you clean everything all the time, which is rather inefficient :)14:19
jclsnWell I need to package the image at least14:19
jclsnI also installed busybox and the printenv command is not available14:20
jclsnAh not busybox is there14:20
jclsnMaybe recipe to install the sytsemd units is incorrect14:20
jclsn*ah no14:21
qschulzjclsn: check in the recipe if there isn't something that was missed during the migration to the new syntax14:22
qschulze.g. RDEPENDS_${PN}14:22
qschulzor FILES_, etc...14:23
jclsnThere is just the do_install:append:mx8 () {..}14:23
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RPkanavin: There was a weird mesa symbol virgl issue with master-next:
RPalso, three of the syslog fails :/14:32
kanavinRP: let me check, possibly cross-host contamination via sstate14:35
kanavinRP: I just started looking into adding avx/avx2 to qemu btw14:36
kanavina project I had in mind for a long while14:36
kanavinthis 'core2' thing we use starts to look ridiculous, and it won't be far until avx becomes a hard requirement in some base piece14:37
kanavinfor reference the key source file is qemu/target/i386/tcg/translate.c14:38
kanavinit has interpretation of sse4, and stops at that14:38
RPkanavin: it does look a bit like a cross host issue :/14:41
RPkanavin: I'm surprised nobody else has looked at avx yet14:41
kanavinRP: the interested parties are intel and amd, and I guess them and their customers just run everything natively or via kvm these days?14:42
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kanavinpeculiar fact: alder lake doesn't have avx512 - I wonder if intel's giving up on it14:44
kanavin(technically, it does on the big cores, but it's disabled because efficiency cores don't have it)14:44
RPkanavin: could be, still seems a little odd14:47
RPkanavin: I'll try and figure out the syslog issue...14:47
RPI'm surprised it failed three times in one build14:47
kanavinRP: can I see the syslog issue?14:50
fabatera[m]Is it needed to pass CC, LD, AS to make file like this?... (full message at
fabatera[m] * Is it needed to pass CC, LD, AS to make file like this?14:51
fabatera[m]oe_runmake CC="${CC}  LD="${LD}" AS="${AS}" make_target14:51
fabatera[m]These variables are exported in do_compile so I expect the makefile already have them.14:51
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qschulzfabatera[m]: you shouldn't have to do anything14:52
qschulzfabatera[m]: no need to call oe_runmake even, the default do_compile should have this tackled14:53
moto-timokas users, is there any tooling to grab the commit hash for the layers and inject into the yaml? To pin the refs for a release or tag for instance.14:53
qschulzfabatera[m]: however, there might be some changes required in the Makefile of the project is they hardcode some stuff (which is common for Makefile based projects)14:53
RPkanavin: sure:
qschulzmoto-timo: some python script with yaml parsing and subprocess git and you should be good to go :p14:55
moto-timoqschulz: sure, I was just thinking this should be a common enough workflow that someone might have already done it (could be a feature for kas)14:55
moto-timoasking for a customer, not my own use ;)14:56
kanavinRP: right, the syslog one is new to me14:56
kanavinRP: [pokybuild@centos8-ty-1 ~]$ cd /home/pokybuild/yocto-worker/oe-selftest-centos15:01
kanavin-bash: cd: /home/pokybuild/yocto-worker/oe-selftest-centos: No such file or directory15:01
kanavinthis doesn't help :-/ I have to replicate the failure separately then15:02
RPkanavin: lots of people running builds so the broken ones age faster :(15:02
RPkanavin: I have the no-x11 one saved if you want a look15:02
kanavinRP: I'll take a look at virgl first15:03
RPkanavin: ok. I'm going to probably tweak the testcase for the syslog one, get more info next time it fails15:03
shivamurthyHi All, I am having some issue in yocto dunfell build with ubuntu 20.04 host:
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qschulzmoto-timo: I could see a kas freeze-layer command for example. But the issue I see is when you have layers spread over multiple yaml files15:06
qschulzI don't remember but is it even possible to override a commit hash of a layer from one yaml in another? that would make it more or less impossible to figure out exactly what to do without human intervention?15:07
moto-timoqschulz: good point. 'kas is not psychic' to paraphrase rburton15:08
moto-timoand I already have layers in multiple yaml files (keep feature and repos together)15:10
moto-timoit might get even worse if you use yaml from other layers and they included other layers...15:11
fabatera[m]@qsYes, that's the case15:11
* moto-timo tosses that idea in the bin15:11
fabatera[m]s/@qsYes/qschulz:  Yes/15:11
moto-timoproject specific python script as you suggested it is qschulz15:12
fabatera[m]qschulz: in my case I have to use oe_runmake. I'm not sure if CC LD etc should be passed15:12
qschulzfabatera[m]: why do you "have to" ?15:13
qschulzI mean, it's technically done for you already, so just wondering why you need to explicit it15:13
fabatera[m]qschulz: But as I found here looks like it should:15:15
fabatera[m] oe_runmake 'CC=${CC}' 'CFGL=${LDFLAGS} -L./lib -llsof' 'DEBUG=' 'INCL=${CFLAGS}'15:15
qschulzfabatera[m]: ok let's start from the beginning15:15
qschulzwhat are you trying to do? and what is the error?15:16
qschulz(before you even decided to go for an explicit oe_runmake)15:16
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fabatera[m]qschulz: I'm building an out-of-tree module and some apps that come inside the same package.... (full message at
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qschulzfabatera[m]: if I were you I'd have two recipes, one for the module and one for the app15:29
qschulzone would `inherit module` to build an out-of-tree module and have most of the usual stuff setup15:30
qschulzyou might still need to have ti patch the makefile (I used to maintain an out-of-tree recipe for a wifi kernel driver ,a few patches for the build system were needed15:31
qschulzand then a more common recipe for the app which is in the same git repo15:31
qschulzat least it'll be easier to debug and get help15:31
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fabatera[m]qschulz: Sure it is, but the package comes "as is".15:38
fabatera[m]I would patch it every time a new one is available or use oe_runmake15:38
qschulzfabatera[m]: we maintain plenty of patches in OE/YP which are used across multiple versions when we cannot upstream them :)15:39
fabatera[m]qschulz: Alright! If I just let do_compile would not build the too modules inside the package: they are located in separete folders with separate make files15:40
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fabatera[m]and there are other apps to build in the same package, so I'm doing everything in one do_compile15:42
fabatera[m]There is no error, I'm just asking if, in this case, I need to pass CC LD.15:43
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qschulzfabatera[m]: what I;'d do is just cd into the directory with the makefile and call module_do_compile function directly15:47
qschulzeverything is done for you already15:47
qschulzand since the module classes are actually pretty not straightforward, I'd saw it's better to reuse whatever was already done15:48
qschulzat least we know it's properly tested15:48
qschulzah but you do that already15:48
qschulzwell, module_*do*_compile actually and not module_compile15:48
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qschulzIIRC if the makefile is correctly written, the env variables CC, CFLAGS, LDFALGS, etc... should be used without doing anything15:50
qschulzi.e. make will read from the environment first15:50
rfs613shivamurthy: not sure why you are seeing all those errors. I've updated my ubuntu-20.04 with all the latest patches, and I am able to rebuild both autoconf-native and libtool-native from dunfell16:15
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shivamurthyrfs613: is it because I am using ubuntu 20.04 container?16:16
rfs613shivamurthy: well, mine is native rather than container, but this shouldn't really make a difference. More likely something in the setup is different, like bash-vs-dash for example.16:17
shivamurthyI am using dash as default16:19
rburtonthat *shouldn't* be a problem16:19
rfs613I switched mine to bash a long time ago, but the Yocto manual doesn't mention it, I think it was done for other reasons (xilinx or altera tools)16:19
shivamurthylike this /usr/bin/sh -> dash16:19
rburtonfwiw my sh is dash16:20
rfs613ok, so the shell is not it ;-)16:20
rfs613shivamurthy: I presume you have all the packages listed in
shivamurthyyes, i installed all of them16:21
rburtonand that's just a poky clone, nothing else, and you're just checking out the dunfell branch?16:25
rfs613I believe you... I just can't think of what else might explain all the "command not found" errors16:25
rburtonwhat directory are you doing a build in?16:26
rburtonshivamurthy: ^16:26
rburtonthe full path to the build tree16:27
rfs613from his logs, looks like /home/ubuntu/workspace/yocto-build/poky/16:28
shivamurthyyes, it is dunfell default16:28
rburtonhunches are a) spaces in the path b) a mount which forbids executable files16:28
shivamurthypath : /home/ubuntu/workspace/yocto-build/poky/build16:28
rburtonso not that then16:28
khemJPEW: Any pointers for starting to create SBOMs with latest master ( some steps ) I find some docs/ppts describing the process etc at highlevel but I was looking for enabling it in builds16:29
rburtonshivamurthy: its quite possible its the container causing problems, if the filesystem on /home is unusual16:29
shivamurthyrburton: ^^16:30
rburtonand whats the output of 'mount'?16:30
JPEWkhem: Mostly, just INHERIT += "create-spdx"16:33
JPEWkhem: There are a set of 4 variables at the top of create-spdx.bbclass (all default to "0") that you can use to add additional things16:34
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qschulzshivamurthy: I guess another question would be what the exact command you use to start the container (also, rootless container?)16:34
shivamurthylxc exec <cont_name> -- su --login ubuntu16:35
rburtoni guess this could be lxc messing things up, never tried it.  can you try a build outside the container?16:36
rfs613the 'mount' output is a bit curious, it lists /dev/nvme0n1p2 both as root (/), as /home/ubuntu/workspace, and as /snap16:37
shivamurthyrburton: i will give a try now16:39
rburtonrfs613: put that under 'lxc messing things up'?16:39
rburtonclearly that's not the truth16:39
rburtonso some 'magic' hiding the file system reality?16:39
* rfs613 wasn't clear if this 'mount' output was from the host, or from within lxc container16:39
rburtongood point, we need the mount from inside, ie what bitbake will see16:40
shivamurthyrfs613: from lxc container16:40
rburtonyeah lxc is doing something 'interesting' then16:40
rfs613yep seems like it16:40
rburtonmy money is the workspace mount is some magic filesystem like docker has, where it pretends to be a proper FS but then you try and do some things and it silently does something else16:40
fabatera[m]<qschulz> "fabatera: we maintain plenty..." <- qschulz: Thanks a lot for the patience! :)16:41
fabatera[m]Yes, I totally understand and agree it's the best way. But in my case it's not convenient (or practical) to maintain the patches and one recipe for each app/module (6 in this package and there are 20 packages more).16:41
fabatera[m]It's not standard way but works very well in the long term.16:41
shivamurthyI am mounting workspace directory from host to container, i have some other things there which i use for different yocto build16:41
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rburtonshivamurthy: so what's the mount on the host, as the container thinks that the same device is mounted in three places, which isn't right16:42
rburtonwe will figure this out and get a sanity check added :). (we already check for the thing that breaks everyone using a linux docker on macos)16:43
kergothiirc bind mounts show up like that in /proc/mounts, looks like just multiple mounts of the same device rather than what it actually is16:43
kergothnot 100% certain, though16:44
qschulzfabatera[m]: yeah sometime sthe best practices don't apply well to some obscure development workflow of some companies :)16:47
rburtonshivamurthy: and /home/ubuntu/workspace is just a normal directory on your host which you magic into the container somehow?16:47
shivamurthyrburton: yes16:48
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rburtonsuper weird16:50
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khemJPEW: thanks16:59
khemJPEW:  will it work in dunfell too ? or is it too much to ask 🙂16:59
RPsmurray: thanks. I need to sort this syslog issue before I can merge more but sounds like we don't have any blockers which is great17:04
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JPEWkhem: there is interest in back porting it. I think the license changes sakoman is bringing in will help with that17:13
khemJPEW:  thanks17:20
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kanavinRP: I reproduced the centos thing - qemu from sstate does not link with librt, while qemu on centos does17:40
kanavinRP: looking into why17:40
shivamurthyrburton: rfs613: you are right, the problem is with container, build works on normal system17:40
shivamurthythanks for the help and sorry to trouble you17:40
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RPkanavin: this is probably the "merge everything into one libc" issue?17:46
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RPkanavin: oh, I remember what I was thinking of now. This was why I added those binary shims to pseudo :/17:49
khemkanavin: librt has been merged into libc in recent glibc so perhaps its being built on one of the newer distros where it wont have librt in DT_NEEDED but when built on centos it does17:49
RPso pseudo native would work cross platforms17:49
khemmaybe we should use tools tarball17:49
RPkanavin: although with uninative it should be using that and not need the separate librt :/17:50
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SpiderDroneXYo, any tips on the quickest way to add a temporary single file to the image? Can something hacky get into local.conf without having to create a recipe and then adding it to the image...17:54
kanavinRP: I was just looking at libSDL from the two builds, and indeed:17:55
qschulzSpiderDroneX: ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND I guess17:55
kanavinDynamic Section:17:55
kanavin  NEEDED     
kanavin  NEEDED     
kanavin  NEEDED     
kanavin  NEEDED     
kanavin  NEEDED     
kanavin  SONAME     
kanavinand another:17:55
RPsgw: I've sent a patch to try and aid debugging of the syslog issue FWIW and kanavin is looking at the qemu librt one17:55
kanavinDynamic Section:17:55
kanavin  NEEDED     
kanavin  NEEDED     
kanavin  SONAME     
SpiderDroneXqschulz: Thanks17:56
sgwRP: ok, is the Qemu one related to the libEGL failure on centos8 machine or a different one?17:56
RPkanavin: there is a dummy librt in uninative which I think is supposed to cover this :/17:57
RPsgw: not sure. It is the one with the librt issue being reported17:57
kanavinRP: the first is from direct build on centos 8, the second one from sstate17:58
kanavinRP: so I would have to identify the distro the second one is from and see why it won't link with librt?17:58
RPkanavin: I think more the question is why that second one won't find or use the librt from uninative correctly17:58
kanavinRP: because librt is requested by a mesa driver opened with dlopen() :(17:59
kanavinRP: so it ends up using one from the centos host17:59
kanavin(the mesa driver is also from the host)17:59
RPkanavin: so the issue is a mesa built on centos8 with a libsdl that wasn't?17:59
RPah, right, so it is a host mesa18:00
kanavinRP: yes18:00
rfs613shivamurthy: glad you were able to get your build working - I've not used lxc myself so I have no idea what might be happening there.18:00
RPkanavin: it should still be looking at the uninative librt first :/18:00
RPkanavin: we probably need an strace to see if it does look at it and rejects it or just doesnt look18:01
sgwOk, I will just add the other 2 syslog failures to the bugzilla for tracking then18:01
kanavinRP: I have the straces18:01
SpiderDroneXqschulz: But I can't define function outside a `bb` file to feed the  `ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND`, right? ;)18:01
RPkanavin: ok, so does it reject the librt or not look at it at all?18:02
kanavinRP: let me check again18:02
rburtonshivamurthy: no problem. Really want to figure out what is causing problems so we can detect it…18:02
RPkanavin: would be in sysroots-uninative18:03
kanavinRP: first and only mention of librt:18:03
kanavinopenat(AT_FDCWD, "/lib64/../lib64/tls/", O_RDONLY|O_CLOEXEC) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)18:03
kanavinopenat(AT_FDCWD, "/lib64/../lib64/", O_RDONLY|O_CLOEXEC) = 1018:03
ex-bugsbunnyquestion: is there a possibility to add files in a bbappend to be automatically taken into account by referred recipe's do_install() (in an accumulating way) or do I have to use a do_install_append() in the bbappend file for that purpose?18:04
kanavinso not tries to look in uninative at all, seems like18:04
RPkanavin: I wonder if LD_LIBRARY_PATH would help18:04
RPsorry need to step away for food :/18:05
kanavinI'll keep poking18:05
qschulzex-bugsbunny: bbappends, bbclasses, included/required files, original recipe are all flattened and then "exectued"18:05
RPkanavin: it is almost certainly because we're mixing libc bits, it needs all the uninative ones18:05
RPlibc is backwards compat but not forwards18:06
qschulzex-bugsbunny: so if your original do_install installs a whole directory or has a glob matching the file in the bbappend, that's probably ok yes18:06
ex-bugsbunnyjust to get it right, qschulz: that means that I just need to replicate the file hierachy of the underlying recipe's output in my bbappend's files directory and this will get merged before do_install() kicks in, right?18:09
qschulzex-bugsbunny: didn't understand the question18:18
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kanavinRP: librt is loaded by host's /lib64/libLLVM, via RPATH which seems to bypass uninative (not sure why) and is also immune to LD_LIBRARY_PATH. LD_PRELOAD works though.18:27
sgwkanavin: are you looking at the recent qemuppc failure? Just to confirm from my swatting18:27
kanavinsgw, no18:27
sgwRP: it appears that the build dir for the qemuppc failure is already gone then, just have the buildbot logs18:29
kanavinRP: ah, RPATH takes priority over everything else in loader's search order18:30
kanavinwith uninative it shouldn't though18:31
kanavin(e.g. we should tweak uninative's loader to ensure it's not tricked into loading things from the host that are available in uninative)18:31
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kanavinor just declare Centos 8 broken for having RPATH in its binaries18:34
ex-bugsbunnyqschulz: sorry for the complicated question, maybe I better describe an example: assume the recipe uses a git repo which contains dir1/file1 (source path in do_install() will have tp prepend "git/" for it to be installed in some place in rootfs); the bbappend wants to add dir1/file2 to be also installed; is it possible to simply use FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "files:" and put file2 into files/dir1/files2 relative to bbappend file to have i18:37
ex-bugsbunnyhopefully this is clearer ...18:37
ex-bugsbunnyqschulz: do_install() uses a for loop over ${WORKDIR}/git/dir1/* when placing these files into appropriate location within target rootfs18:40
ad__trying to exclude a package from the image build, but maybe since part of a packagegroup, PACKAGE_EXCLUDE does not work, same for IMAGE_INSTALL_remove18:53
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landgrafDocumentation of PERSISTENT_DIR is confusing (or simply wrong). It says "Specifies the directory BitBake uses to store data that should be preserved between builds". In fact the data is is NOT preserved between build by default and controlled by BB_SRCREV_POLICY. Default value is "clear". This causes
ex-bugsbunnyqschulz: nevermind, it is as easy as you said, I only needed also to add an appropriate SRC_URI in bbappend and it worked :-) thanks for your help21:09
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kergothShould probably change that from 'uses' to 'may use'21:56
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