Wednesday, 2022-02-09

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ziga_I need to patch my kernel configuration. There is no ".config" file here: /tmp/work/fotovolt-poky-linux-gnueabi/linux-ti-staging/5.10.65+gitAUTOINC+dcc6bedb2c-r22b/git" while I did found some "defconfig" files here: "/home/ziga/yocto/003--builds/001--fotovolt/tmp/work/fotovolt-poky-linux-gnueabi/linux-ti-staging/5.10.65+gitAUTOINC+dcc6bedb2c-r22b/git/arch/arm/configs". How are those "defconfig" files related to ".config" file?07:24
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mckoanziga_: defconfig is a subset of the whole configuration (that ends in .config). defconfig contains all of the Linux kconfig settings required to properly configure the kernel build (features, default system parameters, etc) for that platform.07:45
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ziga_mckoan: I am using kernel "linux-ti-staging" and there is no ".config" file to be found anywhere at the moment. Especially not in the source tree of the kernel. But will it be created if I run "bitbake -c menuconfig linux-ti-staging" and choose to store the configuration? Where will it be created? Usually it is created in the current working directory from where we run "make menuconfig" but where is it stored in case of "bitbake -c menuconfig08:09
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mckoanziga_: the .config is creted from the defconfig you have in the recipe08:22
ziga_mckoan: Okay. But where is it created?08:23
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qschulzziga_: most probably in the build directory of the kernel08:33
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ziga_qschulz: It is not in "/tmp/work/fotovolt-poky-linux-gnueabi/linux-ti-staging/5.10.65+gitAUTOINC+dcc6bedb2c-r22b/git".08:37
ziga_qschulz: I found it in "/tmp/work/fotovolt-poky-linux-gnueabi/linux-ti-staging/5.10.65+gitAUTOINC+dcc6bedb2c-r22b/build"08:41
ziga_qschulz: Does this make any sense?08:41
qschulzziga_: git is the source directory, build is the build directory08:45
ziga_So that is it. Now I should only put this ".config" in my layer and use it by defining it .bbappend ?08:46
qschulzziga_: did you change with menuconfig?08:52
qschulzyes ok08:52
qschulzthen run -c savedefconfig08:52
qschulzthen take the defconfig and give it to yoru recipe08:53
ziga_Yes. I used "bitbake -c menuconfig linux-ti-staging" and then ".config" appeared inside the "/tmp/work/fotovolt-poky-linux-gnueabi/linux-ti-staging/5.10.65+gitAUTOINC+dcc6bedb2c-r22b/build".08:53
qschulzbut since kernel recipes are widely different in behavior, it's possible (I'd even say likely) that your defconfig won't be taken as is and you'll have to dig into the source code of the recipe and classes it inherits08:54
ziga_I just took an entire ".config" file and I intend to use it in my .bbappend like this SRC_URI += "file://.config;git". This would put it in the source directory and it would probably be used?08:55
qschulzziga_: it's an invalid syntax for starters08:56
qschulzand no, it's very likely to fail08:56
qschulzbecause defconfigs are used usually and not .config08:56
qschulzbut again, one will need to read the recipe implementation08:56
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ziga_@qschulz Sorry. I meant SRC_URI += "file://.config;subdir=git"08:58
ziga_schulz: I will check the recipe for more details.08:59
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX09:03
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mckoanhey LetoThe2nd09:28
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T_UNIX[m]JaMa: I'd like to chat about qtwebengine (rather qtpdf) with you.11:08
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JaMaT_UNIX[m]: just ask the question :), but to be honest meta-qt5 is quite dead nowadays and I just keep it buildable for some projects but at there won't be any new release, it doesn't make much sense to spend much time on it, rather work on meta-qt612:33
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RPkanavin: has the full tracebacks in, not sure it helps that much :(13:46
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smurrayJaMa: are you planning on doing your own meta-qt6?13:54
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JaMasmurray: no, I'm contributting to meta-qt6 from TQC14:14
smurrayJaMa: okay, I took a quick look at their cgit and didn't see your name.  Do you find their layers usable as is?14:15
JaMayes I'm building 6.2 branch with dunfell-kirkstone builds without any local patches now14:17
JaMasmurray: than you cgit-foo is failing :) e.g.
smurrayJaMa: heh, I just checked the top of the list of commits and the readme14:18
JaMaright, it didn't need that many commits and I also was trying to ignore meta-qt6 for a while (until the amount of local changes needed to keep webOS OSE buildable with latest Yocto was too annoying)14:22
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hcgHi Guys, does anyone know if there is a recipe available for kernel tools, for example I am looking for a recipe for the utility lsgpio14:48
kanavinRP: let me see if I can do something about it14:48
kanavinRP: there is a 'urllib.error.HTTPError: HTTP Error 503: Service Temporarily Unavailable' in there, i wonder if the libraries can be convinced to retry14:51
smurrayJaMa: does it seem like TQC's meta-qt5 will ever become the preferred option?14:51
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gpandersMy builds keep failing with the "pseudo abort" error: abort()ing pseudo client by server request. See for more details on this.14:59
gpandersThe wiki page that it links to doesn't provide anything useful on how to actually fix whatever is causing this14:59
gpandersit says that this can be caused when a file path changes but still has the same inode in the pseudo database? I have no idea how this would have happened, and this error keeps occurring even when I nuke my build dir and start from scratch. Anyone know what to do in this case?15:00
qschulzgpanders: are you building in a container by any chance?15:00
gpandersRHEL 7.7 workstation15:01
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gpandersusing gatesgarth (if that is relevant)15:02
gpandersis there a way to simply disable or delete the pseudo database, without having to delete my entire build dir, to get it back to some clean state?15:02
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gpandersthe annoying thing too is that in the log file it points me to where it says "path mismatch", the two paths it lists are identical15:04
jordemortgpanders: blowing away your build directory shouldn't be so bad as long as you keep downloads and sstate15:10
jordemortif you `rm -rf` build/tmp but keep the sstate then your next build will mostly just be copying packages out of the sstate and unpacking them, you shouldn't have to build the world again15:11
gpandersok that is good to know, thanks Jordan15:11
jordemortFWIW in my CI system i throw the build directory out after every build and only keep downloads and sstate, otherwise every once in a while i'd end up with something stuck in my craw and had to go clean it out manually before another build would succeed15:12
jordemorti'm doing things in containers though, and custom containers at that, so i'm probably doing something wrong to bring that down upon myself 🙂15:13
gpandersagh, but even when I nuke the build dir, I still get that pseudo abort error15:14
gpandersand it's always on the same package15:14
JaMasmurray: for paying customers with access to 5.15 LTS sure, but for everybody else qt5 is dead end anyway15:14
gpandersis there state being persisted somewhere outside of the build dir?15:14
smurrayJaMa: automotive folks aren't quick to change things ;)  And for my maintenance of the demos, some of the rants I've seen about QML in Qt6 aren't making me enthused about migrating15:15
jordemorti thought all the pseudo stuff lived in build/tmp but i could be wrong, i am far from an expert15:15
JaMasmurray: true, but e.g. chromium version in 5.15 qtwebengine is way too old for production devices already, I did an update in meta-qt5 from LTS version of chromium repository and I might do that again as long as it is relatively compatible with qtwebengine, but it won't last much longer I fear15:17
JaMaIdeally I would get to point when python-native (2) isn't needed anymore and I could drop the meta-python2 requirement (like in meta-browser and meta-qt6 already)15:18
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JaMabeing unemployed leaves me with more time to do such things, but so far I haven't run out of more interesting things to play with :)15:19
smurrayJaMa: the Igalia folks doing WAM integration for AGL have mentioned chromium 9x is getting to python3 RSN, so fingers crossed15:19
JaMasmurray: see
JaManow rebuilding images for openmoko phones, sharp zaurus and nokia n900 :)15:20
smurrayheh, kicking it old school15:21
LetoThe2ndsmurray: thats not old school, thats older school.15:21
smurrayLetoThe2nd: maybe even oldest? ;)15:22
LetoThe2ndsmurray: the black sabboth of OE.15:22
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smurrayLetoThe2nd: +115:24
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sgwRP: can I assume that the major failures have been dealt with and related to glibc?15:47
RPsgw: no :/15:48
RPsgw: most are a networking issue with sstate mirror15:48
RPsgw: I handled the glibc ones (buildtools and multilib)15:48
sgwOh, bummer, that's not good (network), I will go thought and mark as appropriate15:51
vdDo one need to do 'install -d ${DEPLOYDIR}' in do_deploy?16:13
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kergothRP: is there a schedule/features/status page for 3.5 as of yet? we're wonderinga bout planning and features16:21
kergoth(or anyone else)16:21
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RPkergoth: for kirkstone? I've pretty much given up on planning as we have next to no resource control :(16:32
RPkergoth: features are going to be whatever has merged and whatever can get in within the next two weeks...16:32
RPvd: I'd have thought there was a do_deploy[dirs] or cleandirs covering it but not sure16:33
vdRP: there is! Does that mean that bitbake takes care of creating the directory before the task is run and remove it after?16:34
kergothRP: ah, fair enough, thanks16:35
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RPkergoth: I get a bit frustrated that people want these things yet nobody responds to the "call for planning" messages or commits resources to work on things, particularly by specific deadlines :/16:36
RPnobody isn't perhaps fair. Lets say far too few.16:37
kergothI can understand that, I'm discussing with product management at siemens disw to see what we can do to contribute more developer time for proper active participation in yocto project features in-band. Obviously we're only one company, but will see what we can do for our part16:40
kergothGiven this is an LTS, a lack of planning is potentially concerning, so maybe this will be a needed wakeup call16:40
RPkergoth: You are one company but if a few do this...  :)16:43
kergothYeah, has to start somewhere16:44
RPkergoth: I've been worried about it for a while. I have raised it but people just don't listen to me on this one anymore :(16:44
RPkergoth: I do think the LTS is on a decent foundation, we haven't pushed a ton of features into it and have fixed a number of potential stability issues. I wish we could do better with some features16:45
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rburtonzeddii: small kernel patch your way, review appreciated17:31
rburtonkergoth: can you convince people that kas isn't just for ISAR and maybe considering other use cases would be sensible?17:31
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kergothrburton: that would be nice. I rather like kas, been playing with it with MEL lately.. has some interesting possibilities with the plugin support and menu capabilities18:01
kergothI wish it could had hooks to call out to a non-standard setup script or to call an external script to inject additions to local.conf, to get similar behavior whether kas is used or not.. currently it doesn't obey TEMPLATECONF and does its own thing 100%, which has upsides and downsides both..18:02
kergothHmm, could we not have used git ls-remote --symref to resolve the remote HEAD ref to get the default branch name when we require it? Or was it needed with NO_NETWORK? </random>18:07
khemJPEW: I have spdx in json format generated, is it possible to generate some human consumable format like pdf/html ?18:14
sgwkhem: Morning, I am doing my swat duty, your aware of the perl patch failure?  Seems RP might have retried it, not sure why the orignal failed yet.18:15
khemyeah I am you can ignore that failure18:16
khemthat patch was for testing and I have sent a new one already18:16
sgwkhem: regarding SPDX, it primarily intended as a machine readable exchange tool.  There are some transformation tools available at (java based) json-> tag:value and xml, I am not aware of pdf or html18:17
khemsgw:  ok, do you know of something handy I can use18:17
sgwnot that I am aware of18:18
khemsgw: will meta-spdxscanner help with that ?18:23
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JPEWkhem: Not AFAIK18:34
khemJPEW: ok, so are there some tools to visualize the data18:41
khemlike fossology etc.18:41
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smurraykhem: when dl9pf (Jan-Simon) was experimenting with meta-spdxscanner in AGL, he was importing into fossology, but I never dug into what that looks like19:15
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frosteyesHi folks. Hope everyone is great.19:35
frosteyesI am working on backporting gcc 8.5 from master of meta-tegra to a local layer with dunfell.19:36
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frosteyesAnd have some issues with gcc-8-runtime where it have a number of errors with cstdint - yocto-nvidia/build/tmp/work/aarch64-poky-linux/gcc-8-runtime/8.5.0-r0/gcc-8.5.0/build.aarch64-poky-linux.aarch64-poky-linux/aarch64-poky-linux/libstdc++-v3/include/cstdint:53:11: error: '::int_fast8_t' has not been declared19:37
frosteyesMy repo is located here -
frosteyesGuess it is some sysroot poison. Is starting to look into the recipes, but if anyone of you have worked with gcc, and have some ideas they are very welcome :)19:40
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* RP has just spent hours debugging something which should have been obvious :(19:57
RPI think I'd better add an obvious test :/19:57
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landgrafRP: So it's not only me? :) /me is enjoying bb.fetch2 (premirroronly bugs)20:10
dl9pfkhem: sgw: JPEW: smurray:    there is a chain of tools ...  basically  meta-spdxscanner piping into fossology for scanning and manual review followed by importing the data from fossology to sw360 .20:13
dl9pfthe other thing is e.g. ORT  but thats another beast of its own20:14
dl9pflet me dig out a presentation20:14
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rburtonkergoth: MEL?21:20
kergothMentor's (Now Siemens DISW) yocto-based embedded linux distro.21:22
* kergoth yawns21:22
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rburtoni quite like kas but its got some annoying behaviours and the lack of out-of-tree plugins for example is a pain21:27
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kergothAh, yeah, that'd be quite a weakness, it should be pulling them from layers ideally..21:36
kergothShould submit some issues proposing adding more flexiblity there21:42
kergothrburton: Hmm, looks interesting. repo-like more generic multi-repo management tool, but it has plugins, extensible addition of new commands which don't have to be in tree, with examples of build/flash/debug commands used in zephyr. I wonder if it'd be viable to teach it to do kas-like builds as an alternative21:42
RPkergoth: I still dream of putting some good version of these into bitbake to rule them all :)21:45
RPI also know that likely there is no single solution everyone would like21:45
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agherzankhem: Not bad with GitHub actions.22:19
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agherzanTomorrow I'll give matrix builds a go. And also mirroring back to poky. And with that I have the CI back.22:21
agherzanWho is maintaining ssh keys for repositories?22:26
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RPagherzan: halstead23:03
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