Thursday, 2022-02-17

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jclsn[m]otavio: I added... (full message at
* jclsn[m] sent a code block:
jclsn[m]Any ideas?07:46
alejandrohskanavin: saw your post, Im very tempted to buy one haha07:48
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kanavinalejandrohs, there's a 90 day trial period08:16
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Guest21If a custom yocto based system is currently in the future (3 nov 2103) what is the best way to bring back the system to the kernel build date ?08:41
amitkGuest21: change the date on your system to the present and then touch all built files recursively? find . -type f -exec touch {} +08:45
Guest21amitk thx for repply but i would like to do it inside yocto directly08:46
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* RP heads afk for food etc after starting an ab test run12:36
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landgrafRP: It's a magic :)15:10
RPlandgraf: just overrides ;-)15:11
landgrafRP: I have been playing with do_fetch() to fix the test but overengineer'ed again :(15:12
RPkanavin: those sstate tracebacks are interesting, finally we know where that key error comes from: but not why!15:13
RPlandgraf: a test related to the one above?15:14
kanavinmoto-timo, I'm not sure what that means for our ability to keep setuptools up to date :)15:17
moto-timokanavin: too early yet... sounds like maybe July 2022?15:17
moto-timokanavin: but at least it's a glimmer of hope15:18
landgrafRP: the one you've fixed with gitunpack-enable-recipe15:18
smurrayRP: for BB_DISKMON_DIRS, do you want a check added to erroronce if "ABORT" is seen its value if I switch it to "HALT"?15:18
landgrafRP: to "exclude it from the universe"15:19
kanavinRP: right, that is peculiar15:21
RPsmurray: I think for that one perhaps we convert the values and issue a warnonce ?15:21
smurrayRP: okay, I can code that up15:21
RPsmurray: it is much more constrained that the other issues15:21
RPlandgraf: it is causing issues in universe builds?15:21
smurrayRP: yeah, perhaps not a lot of users that don't take the default value from local.conf.sample15:22
RPlandgraf: it should only be getting enabled during the test itself?15:23
landgrafRP: it was15:23
RPsmurray: I know the autobuilder has a specific entry for that one we'll need to change in the config too15:23
landgrafnow it's fixed15:23
RPlandgraf: it did take me a while to work out that overrides way of handling it, not straightforward15:24
smurrayRP: yeah, I'll need to check, but I have a memory of the AGL CI env setup maybe setting it as well15:24
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RPkanavin: it makes more sense when you look at the code, looks like a genuine logic error. Why we don't see this deterministicly though... :/15:27
kanavinRP: would you be able to look into it? It's hard for me to tell if this is one of those RP requests in disguise ;)15:28
landgrafRP: I guess should be closed, right?15:28
RPkanavin: I'll sort. I was just thinking out loud, sorry :)15:28
RPlandgraf: once the patches merge15:29
kanavinRP: cheers, I'm determined to head into the storm for coffee!15:29
kanavinthere's a break in the clouds right now15:29
landgrafRP: sure. thanks for the confirmation15:30
vdhow can I make sure I have the correct name for a kernel module package? e.g. dm_verity? is it simply kernel-module-dm_verity?15:33
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qschulzvd: oe-pkgdata-util find-path '*verity*'15:39
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jclsn[m]Is this Electron layer still useable? Looks pretty old15:42
vdqschulz: do I need to bitbake something first? bitbake complains about no pkgdata directory15:42
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qschulzvd: yes15:44
qschulzotavio: see question from jclsn[m] above. I assume the answer is no, since 8 commits and nothing since 2015 :)15:45
jclsn[m]I guess15:46
jclsn[m]Is there not alternative?15:46
vdqschulz: I meant bitbake something specific for oe-pkgdata, because my project is built already15:46
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qschulzvd: I remember it didn't work if I had cleaned my tmpdir, so you probably need to make sure you have built something after cleaning your tmpdir to repopulate some dir it depends on15:48
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otavioqschulz: jclsn[m]: which question?16:19
otavioabout Electron?16:19
otaviosure not16:19
qschulzotavio: yup, about Electron16:20
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RPJPEW: master-next and put BB_STAMP_POLICY = "1" in local.conf16:28
RPmichaelo: around on irc>?16:32
JPEWRP: Interesting: `bitbake core-image-minimal` only shows the message once, `bitbake core-image-minimal | cat` shows it twice16:38
JPEWMust be some problem with non-interactive stdio16:38
RPJPEW: hmm, I was just seeing twice with bitbake -p16:38
JPEWYa, I see that now16:39
JPEWAh, those messages are reported before we set a logger. Hang on, I think we can re-arrange knotty to fix that16:42
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RPJPEW: we have to be careful since we can't lose early init messages about failures16:47
SaurRP: I have figured out the case when the logs go missing now. It is when Python code calls with a shell function that fails. I have added a test case for it (and a complementary test case for calling with a Python function that fails). However, I have no good idea on how to correct the code so the logs are added in this case without affecting any of the other cases...16:52
RPSaur: Understanding the issue and having a test case is a good first step!16:54
RPSaur: I can't promise when I'll look but I can try and see if I can work something out at some point16:55
JPEWAh, actually a really simple solution16:56
JPEWI like those16:56
RPJPEW: I do too!16:56
SaurI want a simple solution too. :(16:56
RPJPEW: hand off of state between the handlers?16:56
JPEWRP: even easier. bb.msg.create_logger() needs the filter16:59
JPEWSent a patch16:59
JPEWErr, bb.msg.logger_create() :)16:59
JPEWRP: Feel free to squash that into the other logging patch if you want17:05
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alejandrohsrburton: did you manage to sort out that python cryptography +openssl issue?17:18
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sgwRP: smurray: moto-timo: I will reply to the email, I have some changes for the conversion script that I will send shortly, and I will start reworking the WHITELIST_<license> changes.17:33
RPJPEW: thanks, patch looks good17:38
SaurRP: I sent the added test cases I made to the oe-core list so that you have them, in case you actually do find some time to look at the problem with the missing logs.17:38
RPsgw: I wish I had a better idea of a plan for that license issue :/17:40
RPSaur: having the tests is certainly a good start, thanks17:42
sgwRP: I am going to stare at the code for a while and hope for the best ;-)17:51
RPsgw: my only tip would be to step back and think about what users really need/want and the right API for that17:52
RPsgw: Saur did point at some discussion he previous had on the topic too17:52
sgwYup, that's what I am going to go back to.17:52
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smurrayRP: per your comment about follow up patches, are you okay with patches to poky master-next split along bitbake/oe-core/etc. lines, or do you want them for the separate repos?19:03
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sgwsmurray: I think they need to be split to the "upstream" repos from poky since that where they need to land ultimately, it might make RP's workflow easier (just a guess)19:48
smurraysgw: I was doing that, but then it wasn't clear what was in poky master-next vs the split out repos.  Looking now it seems at least oe-core master-next is up to date19:50
smurraysgw: I'll rejig my setup back again19:50
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landgrafI changed KERNEL_IMAGEDEST value (put new value into but resulted images still uses default one (boot). how to "trigger" that change?20:00
landgraftried -c cleanall yocto-linux and it didn't help :(20:01
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landgrafthe spec file contains the change but resulted rpm doesn't :(20:03
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RPsmurray: all the master-nexts in core, bitbake, meta-yocto etc should all be up to date. poky master-next is constructed from them20:07
smurrayRP: yeah, I see that now, I'm shifting my patches around20:07
RPsmurray: thanks. I'm sure I can work out whatever is needed, I'm kind of used to it20:08
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vdif I want my distro to bundle all kernel modules, should I add kernel-modules to DISTRO_EXTRA_RDEPENDS or DISTRO_EXTRA_RRECOMMENDS?20:38
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RPsgw, smurray: FWIW I queued master-next branches for meta-mingw and meta-gplv221:42
smurrayRP: I'm waiting for some selftests to finish, will send some patches after that21:43
RPsmurray: cool21:45
sgwRP: is now the time to re-write the INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE code vs after 3.5? Asking for a friend ;-)  I think I need to write up a proposal first especially if we want to take into account Saur's input21:45
RPsgw: I hate the current interface enough I'd say yes. It does need a proposal and discussion but I'm hoping it wouldn't be so much change it couldn;t be relatively quick?21:47
RPor am I dreaming?21:47
sgwnot dreaming, but I try to get something written up, but maybe by monday.21:49
moto-timoI have a python do_compile() task that works and properly sets a variable d.setVar('PYPA_WHEEL', wheel) ... I can read it with d.getVar('PYPA_WHEEL') in the do_compile task... then I try to read the same variable in do_install with ${@d.getVar('PYPA_WHEEL')} and the value is None... really scratching my head on this one21:49
RPsgw: Should I try and take a look tomorrow?22:00
*** howard[m] <howard[m]!~howardpla@2001:470:69fc:105::1:c220> has joined #yocto22:00
sgwNope, give me a day to work in it, you have enough, it's more about getting it written up and then reviewed.  I want to consider the impact of adding a COMPATIBLE_LICENSES variable.22:02
RPsgw: ok. I do think it is worth trying to sort some of this out, or just remove some of the functionality22:03
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moto-timoalejandrohs: my wip ^^22:10
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moto-timowhat I am trying to do is make the compile and install tasks less hard coded...22:10
moto-timofor the backend classes (flit_core and setuptools_build_meta)22:11
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smurrayRP: I've fired off patches to bitbake-devel, oe-core, and yocto for the various bits (later are for BB_DISKMON_DIRS local.conf.sample tweaks)22:16
smurrayRP: I've not done the yocto-docs tweak, but will if no one else beats me to it22:17
vdis it a problem is a layer provide a bbappend file for a recipe that no layer provide? (i.e. you don't have the layer providing the base recipe in your BBLAYERS)22:19
smurrayyou'll get a warning unless you set a variable that disables those22:20
RPsmurray: thanks, I was reviewing them as they came in and that look good. master-next updated22:20
RPsmurray: I updated autobuilder-helper to match in -next22:20
smurrayvd: or maybe it's an error, I forget right off22:20
smurrayRP: okay, thanks22:20
RPsmurray: meta-yocto technically has patches to the poky list but I doubt it matters much. I missed it at first!22:22
vdsmurray: ha. let's say your machine or distro layer configures qt is a certain way. But you use qt in your application layer. Where do you place the qt* bbappends?22:22
smurrayRP: ah, sorry, I thought meta-yocto went to the yocto list22:22
smurrayvd: see
smurrayvd: the work around for what I think you're asking is
vdsmurray: I understand that you're supposed to add the bbappends in your application layer with FOO:append:machine:distro I presume?22:24
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smurrayvd: the application layer is also changing the Qt configuration, is that what you mean?  I'm not really following22:24
vdsmurray: it shouldn't, but the application layer is what provides image recipes with qt applications in them. The qt configuration is mostly for hardware graphics (eglfs) support, input, etc.22:26
smurrayvd: there are no hard and fast rules at the end of the day22:27
vdBut it feels wrong to add qt5-layer to LAYERDEPENDS_my_machine_layer, just because it enables eglfs support for example22:27
vdsame for the distro layer22:27
smurraysee the BBFILES_DYNAMIC doc I linked, there's some potential there.  meta-freescale has some stuff like that22:28
moto-timometa-intel uses dynamic-layers also22:29
smurrayI'm on the fence, as a BSP consumer I'd almost prefer that not be in the main BSP layer, as the more tweaks like that are in it, the more it can complicate things for people who just want kernel + bootloader22:29
* moto-timo tries a build of my crazy pyprojecttoml branch on qemuarm64 to see how bad it blows up22:30
vdsmurray: true. I'm reorganizing the conf for the machine/distro/image tweaks that my product needs, I wanted to split them in bsp/distro/app layers because it felt wrong to have a common meta-myproduct including machine, distro and image variants, but splitting them all kinda complicates things a little and make them not very intuitive.22:31
smurrayvd: the Yocto compatible layer guidelines might be helpful to you, though I don't have a pointer right off22:35
vdsmurray: it'22:35
* vd stops there22:38
RPhmm, I look at a few things and suddenly master-next has 70 patches pending again22:41
moto-timoRP: AUH consistently finds 50 recipe upgrades for meta-python :/ no matter how many patches have already landed22:47
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zeddiimoto-timo: I feel that way with the go 'fetcher' things I'm trying23:39
zeddiiI've been heads down on it for almost a week, only slightly closer to having something workable for my upgrades.23:40
moto-timoIt doesn't help that I had some health issues for about 3 weeks that sucked my energy23:40
moto-timonow I need to figure out WTF the wheel has no version... and pray it isn't fixed in a later setuptools that we can't move to because numpy has reasons23:41
zeddiik3s seems to have about 150 sub fetches / dependencies that I'm attempting to fetch and create a working vendor/ dir23:42
zeddiiand this kids, is why we can't let go just fetch whatever it wants during build23:42
RPzeddii: the more you know about what it is really doing, the scarier it gets. Bit like the kernel :)23:50
RPor runqueue23:51
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moto-timogo needs to be in a cage at all times23:53
zeddiiI have a script now, that can chase down all of the dependencies, and generate git:// fetch lines. it's crazy how they figure out what to build, and there's some invalid specs, etc23:54
zeddiiso yah. VERY crazy.23:54
moto-timoso at some point I wrote a (slow) script to figure out what python3 recipes had pyproject.toml and now I have NO IDEA where it is... wtf...  I only use two build machines23:54
moto-timomaybe IRC history will be my savior (looking at you tgamblin)23:55
zeddiiI thought I oom'd my machine trying to do a test k3s build last night, I'm not sure the fetcher likes ~ 200 git:// references23:55
zeddiibut that's a problem for another day.23:55
zeddiiI need to see it *BUILD* first.23:55
moto-timoha... I shared the script with tgamblin so irccloud is indeed my cache23:56
moto-timoit was attrociously inefficient... but I also shared the results so \o/23:57

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