Friday, 2022-02-25

zeddiik3s just built. using my constructed vendor directory. that's a month of off and on trying00:01
RPzeddii: nice :)00:01
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moto-timozeddii: good news. thank you for sticking with it00:01
zeddiiI manged to get the fetch time down to about 20 minutes :P00:04
RPzeddii: how many entries in SRC_URI?00:05
zeddiiso there's optimization to be done, but the point is proven that it is possible.00:05
zeddiilet me count. sec00:05
zeddiibuild [/home/bruc...ualization]> cat recipes-containers/k3s/  |grep -E ^SRCREV_ | wc -l00:06
RPzeddii: wow. Ah well, bitbake can scale :)00:06
zeddiithis is why you have a licencing issue if you let go fetch for you00:06
Saur[m]That's insane.00:06
zeddiiI'll try hacking in the shallow clone option and see how much it speeds up.00:07
Saur[m]I guess you don't have all of those in SRCREV_FORMAT? Would make for a veeeeeery long revision string...00:09
zeddiihah. no,  just the k3s main one, and the major secondary one.00:10
* RP -> sleep00:10
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thekappeHello guys, I've a question. I wan to ship "openssl" in a yocto image. I've addded RDEPENDS_${PN} = "openssl"  to the recipe of a package that requires openssl being installed. This package is adedd to the list of packages required for the image. By the way the openssl binary is not available. Any hint ?07:22
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jclsn[m]Any tips on how to debug why the weston.service fails?07:27
jclsn[m]`systemctl status weston` does not give any useful information07:27
landgrafjclsn[m]: jclsn[m]  journalctl -u weston ?07:28
landgrafjclsn[m]: and there's log file under /var/log . I don't remember the exact name (weston.log ? )07:29
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX07:40
jclsn[m] landgraf journalctl doesn't provide more information than systemctl07:40
jclsn[m]Couldn't find anything related to weston which looks like a log either07:41
LetoThe2ndany quick pointer on how to find the active provider for a virtual provider, specifically: which u-boot is in effect?07:41
jclsn[m]This is everything I could find07:42
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landgrafjclsn[m]: You can edit service file to run weston under strace (and save logs somewhere). like prepend with strace -o/tmp/weston.out [original weston command]07:54
jclsn[m]landgraf: Will try thanks07:55
landgrafjclsn[m]: another approach may be
* landgraf has spent few nights with weston and systemd debugging. Not the best nights of my life I'd say :D07:57
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turquoisetreeHello guys, explains via an example how to create users, but it does not show how to add it to an existing recipe. For example, how can I add useradd-example as a dependency to another recipe?08:09
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jclsn[m]Anyone ever tried Progressive Web Apps on Yocto?08:12
mckoanturquoisetree: in your recipe add RDEPENDS_${PN} = "useradd-example"08:13
jclsn[m]Someone just threw this topic at me and I have no idea what that even is08:13
mckoanjclsn[m]: I know only Progressive Rock :-D08:14
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jclsn[m]@mckoan Yeah me too ^^08:16
LetoThe2ndjclsn[m]: essentially, its about a web app that is "kind-of" installed onto the device.08:17
LetoThe2ndno fun.08:17
EtheryonProgressive Web Apps run in the browser08:17
turquoisetreemckoan: Thank you :)08:17
jclsn[m]LetoThe2nd: Why?08:18
LetoThe2ndjclsn[m]: because pain. much pain.08:19
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EtheryonOn linux you need a Chromium-based browser08:24
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RPmoto-timo: build looks happier thankfully08:39
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qschulzthekappe: very likely openssl-bin package. You can check with oe-pkgdata-util find-path '*openssl*' to find which package isntalls the file you're after08:57
thekappeqschulz: thanks08:57
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kanavinmoto-timo, RP: do you need help with python things?09:09
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RPkanavin: Yesterday, yes. I think after the changes last night we might be just about there though, at least for the core changes, thanks10:03
landgrafRP: Hi! no logs anymore :(10:08
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dwagenklandgraf: yes, something like that!10:11
dwagenkjclsn[m]: weston has it's own log somewhere.10:11
dwagenkat least on sysVInit systems. I'll deal with a project involbing weston later today, so I can look up the path10:11
dwagenk<thekappe> "Hello guys, I've a question. I..." <- since openssl is also a lib it's possible you need to install/RDEPEND on openssl-bin10:11
dwagenk<jclsn[m]> "" <- Dunfell build, nothing special, systemd, without changing the weston config I also get `/var/log/weston.log` on the running system.10:11
dwagenkLast line of `/usr/bin/weston-start` is this: `exec openvt $openvt_args -- $launcher $weston_args --log=/var/log/weston.log`10:11
landgrafdwagenk: looks like weston doesn't start at all and fails on earlier stage (without logs). strace should answer this question10:12
landgrafor maybe some preinit stuff unable to start10:13
RPlandgraf: oh, that is rather annoying :(10:15
RPlandgraf: I'm fairly sure what I did was run oe-selftest on the autobuilder with BB_SERVER_TIMEOUT=60 or something like that10:16
RPlandgraf: question was why that caused failures, it shouldn't have10:16
landgrafRP is it reproducible localy?10:17
RPlandgraf: should be but oe-selftest takes a long time :/10:17
landgrafRP: I know... will see10:18
landgrafthere're some failures already10:18
RPlandgraf: I'll see if I can run this on the AB quickly now10:19
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RPlandgraf: scheduled, we're short on workers so it isn't running yet10:21
landgrafat least it will heat up my house a bit :)10:22
RPlandgraf: Build servers do help with that! :D10:22
landgrafRP: gentoo does as well :)10:22
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rburtonkhem: is there an explanation as to why all the layers in meta-oe have different priorities, or is it just historical.  personally I'd say a layer having a priority different to core needs to have *very strong* justification.10:44
rburtonas it entirely overrides other layers10:44
rburtoneg the py-wheel thing10:44
turquoisetreeI couldn't find anything about include files. So, what is an include file? How does it differ from a recipe file?10:44
rburtonan include file isn't anything special, it's just a file which is included during a recipe parse10:45
rburtonrecipe says require, is parsed at that point10:46
Saur[m]rburton: Isn't that the point with the layer priorities, to know deterministically which order recipes are used. How will I otherwise know which variant of a recipe is used, if the layers it exists in have the same priorities?10:47
turquoisetreerburton: I see, can an include file specifiy tasks, so that a recipe could build on them?10:48
jclsn[m] Why is kas always showing errors when updating?... (full message at
rburtonsure, all they do is tell the parser to read another file10:48
rburtonjclsn[m]: because kas shows output from git as an error. file a bug with kas.10:49
turquoisetreerburton: great, thank you :)10:49
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jclsn[m]<rburton> "jclsn: because kas shows..." <- I filed a bug11:19
jclsn[m]How do you work without libgbm on i.MX6 platforms? It is needed by cog for example11:19
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RPkanavin: I think your cross sstate change breaks reuse of existing tmpdir :/11:29
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JaMarburton: "even if PREFERRED_VERSION_foo is set to 2." this isn't true AFAIK11:46
rburtonmaybe my test was bad11:46
JaMaonly "even if DEFAULT_PREFERRENCE is set to -1 in in"11:47
rburtonthe underlying point that meta-oe isn't a distro layer so shouldn't have any need to set priority stands11:47
rburtonit's caused pain in meta-arm already11:47
rburtonand again the wheels thing in core/py11:47
JaMahaving the same priority makes it a bit more undeterministic, doesn't it?11:47
JaManot sure what's worse11:48
rburtonit's then layer order, which is more understandable11:48
rburtoni'm very much of the opinion that all layers should be prio 5 unless you've exceptional reasons11:48
JaMain our builds we always override priority from layer.conf and I plan to keep it that way (with meta-oe layers having higher prio)11:48
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rburton(and layers which just provide more recipes don't have a good reason)11:49
JaMathen don't look at 2nd column in , our priorities are from 5 to 75 ;)11:49
JaMaand higher in some other builds with more layers11:50
LetoThe2ndI want 42!11:50
JaMawe can solve 2 universes with 8411:51
LetoThe2ndJaMa: so we finally get "bitbake multiverse"?11:52
RPI think there are too many options and we need to remove some of them11:53
JaMarburton: having the same prio in multiple layers was causing issues as well, e.g.:
RPLetoThe2nd: multiverse would include all multiconfigs?11:54
RPwe should do that :)11:54
JaMaLetoThe2nd: don't even start with multiverse, it's only couple characters away from metaverse :)11:54
LetoThe2ndRP: count me in!11:54
RPJaMa: metaverse needs to be a recipe in the meta-meta layer11:54
JaMait will be terrible when meta joins yocto project11:56
JaMabut at least people will forget about naming confusion caused by poky :)11:57
RPJaMa: it already did11:57
JaMaoh :)11:58
landgrafRP: Thanks for the logs12:00
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RPlandgraf: there should be more, that was just the first to complete12:02
* RP worries that the autobuilder can't connect to intermittently. Guess we wait and see what the datacentre move does now12:03
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pasherringHey there! I am trying to debug an issue with device trees. If I got it right, it would be better to do it with devtool.12:38
pasherringBut, after changing a dts file on the workspace, and running devtool build <rn>, the dtb files aren't recompiled.12:39
pasherringI am clearly doing something wrong here, because right now, I run devtool build --clean <rn>, and then a new build command12:40
pasherringAny one care to share how to do it efficiently? :)12:40
kanavinRP: it probably does, but hopefully only once when the commit is pulled in?12:42
RPrburton: I've just merged python-wheel into core. I didn't take much of the other python stuff yet12:42
RPkanavin: you have to wipe tmpdir and start again. People don't expect this and the weird sstate build errors will confuse people :(12:43
RPkanavin: we don't often force people to wipe tmpdir12:43
RPkanavin: I think this is why I never made that particular change :(12:43
kanavinRP: I'm fine if this goes in post-LTS, but I don't think you can have both binutils-cross-x86 and binutils-cross-arm in a sysroot any other way :-/12:48
RPkanavin: I'm not saying the change is wrong. I'm saying it breaks things for users trying upgrade paths so we'd have to think more about how to handle migration paths12:51
RPkanavin: we have a load of code designed to migrate TMPDIR to new changes. sstate and all of it's uninstall functionality handles most of that now but you're changing the sstate code so it can't help12:51
kanavinRP: maybe add a specific advice to wipe tmp/ to the error that's going to happen? not ideal, but better than a completely cryptic error12:53
RPkanavin: the migration code is sanity_handle_abichanges in sanity.bbclass12:53
* RP remembers there are open bugs against that code12:54
RPkanavin: I think that code could probably uninstall the cross manifests and update the tmpdir abi12:54
RPkanavin: the error is but could be in gcc-stahed-builddir or gcc-cross or some other cross recipe12:56
RPignore the first two systemd lines there, that is something else12:56
RPthere are many more lines to it but that gives the idea12:57
RPkanavin: now I think about this more, I'm also worried about whether we have any cross recipes left which don't have TARGET_ARCH in PN?12:58
RPA quick check says we're ok since libtool-cross doesn't inherit cross13:00
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RPkanavin: FWIW the reason this sstate code was like this is that the cross recipes used to install into the target workdir and didn't have the arch in the PN13:01
kanavinRP: I checked from the other direction, what does inherit cross - I think it's just binutils/gcc/gdb/go/rust13:02
kanavinPN = "go-cross-${TUNE_PKGARCH}"13:03
RPkanavin: right, that should be ok13:03
kanavinPN = "rust-cross-${TUNE_PKGARCH}-${TCLIBC}"13:03
kanavinPN = "gdb-cross-${TARGET_ARCH}"13:03
* RP suspects go should have the TCLIBC13:03
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RPwe've likely just not hit that bug yet13:04
RPkanavin: you are picking up where I left of with some of this, it is just taking me a bit of paging back in :/13:04
kanavinRP: so what would be the right way to uninstall manifests?13:07
RPkanavin: have a look at sstate_eventhandler_reachablestamps13:08
RPkanavin: we'd need to call sstate_clean_manifest() on all the cross manifests which were no longer correct13:08
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RPkanavin: I'm thinking a custom version of something like that function in the sanity abihandler codepath13:21
RPkanavin: I mention that function just as it shows how to iterate manifests and clean them13:21
*** jmiehe <jmiehe!~Thunderbi@user/jmiehe> has joined #yocto13:22
kanavinRP: thanks, I can look into it13:22
jclsn[m]Is 5.14.x+fslc not used yet or deprecated? The last commit is from November. I thought this was the latest kernel to use13:27
jclsn[m]On 5.10.x+fslc the last commit is from February. Weird13:29
agherzanDid the time of bitbake.conf parsing change from dunfell?13:50
agherzanA ?= definition in a distro file now is not taken into account under master.13:51
RPagherzan: no, it didn't13:53
agherzanRP: was it always the case that bitbake.conf was parsed before the distro configuration?13:54
*** sakoman <sakoman!> has joined #yocto13:55
rburtonbitbake.conf is parsed first, always14:03
moto-timoRP: did the reproducible jobs pass?14:10
agherzanThat was what I always knew too. But somehow I get a strange behavior now.14:10
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RPmoto-timo: yes14:36
moto-timoMy local run must have had some wonky sstate14:38
* moto-timo was changing a lot of things14:38
RPagherzan: yes, has always been the case14:41
RPagherzan: you can see the includes at the end of bitbake.conf, that is unchanged since forever :)14:47
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agherzanI'll dig deeper15:06
RPmoto-timo: Decision made, merged15:08
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moto-timoRP: let the hate mail begin15:09
moto-timoRP: thank you for all the hardwork yesterday15:09
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RPsgw: I'm guessing there will be a v2 of the INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE_EXCEPTIONS change?15:18
sgwRP: morning, just got in.15:18
RPsgw: I noticed we probably need to change LGPL-3.0 -> LGPL-3.0-only in your patch too15:18
sgwI see I fubar'ed the patch (sorry)15:19
RPsgw: also, execption -> exception15:19
RPsgw: I've fixed that one. I meant to squash the fix but failed but I did merge it15:19
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agherzanRP: I have found the issue. TCLIBC is was now moved to `bitbake.conf` when it was in `defaultsetup.conf` before. This has the side effect that a assignment in bitbake.conf will be picked as opposed to one in the distro file when using a weak assignment.15:25
agherzanTo be more specific a distro file that includes `defaultsetup.conf` + `TCLIBC ?= "musl"` will not work anymore.15:25
rfs613rburton: morning! It looks like "cve-check: get_cve_info should open the database read-only" got merged in master, but not the revert of "cve-check: add lockfile to task"... or are my eyes tricking me?15:27
RPrfs613: I was going to ask rburton what the plan is with the other patch. I suspect he will say he thinks it should also go in15:27
rfs613I was about to ask if I should send a "tested-by" or similar... IMHO they should both go in, and into the older branches, ASAP.15:28
RPagherzan: this is the challenge with our rather problematic variable defaults syntaxes :(15:29
rfs613RP: Anyone who keeps their DL_DIR on a NFS share will see some pretty horrendous slowdown due to the lockfile... like a 2 hour build taking 2 days...15:29
agherzanAt its core, the issue was that when it was moved, it was moved before including the distro conf. To keep the same behavior, it should have been included afterwards.15:30
agherzanI'm wondering if that was intentional by any chance.15:30
agherzanJaMa: might know ^15:31
agherzanI can push a simple fix if this was not intended.15:31
moto-timoRP: this patch is important for meta-python stability
RPmoto-timo: didn't you say to hold that?15:42
moto-timothe setuptoobl3.bbclass needs to be held off (I'm almost done) but the pip_install_wheel one should be ok?15:43
RPmoto-timo: I thought you meant hold that series15:43
moto-timoand yes I can see why it was confusing... my bad...15:43
RPmoto-timo: I've merged it to master without test. Lets hope that doesn't break anything15:44
moto-timoI promise to fix it if it does break15:44
*** xmn <xmn!> has joined #yocto15:53
smurrayjclsn[m]: from looking at meta-freescale, I'd guess the effort moved to 5.15.x+fslc, which is a better choice anyways since that kernel's LTS15:54
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kanavinRP: I'm at bit of a loss about how can be actually reproduced16:38
kanavinperhaps bump PR in binutils-cross?16:39
kergothRP: did anything ever come of your experimentations with the bitbake operators and  laziness and all, before you rolled out the overrides syntax change? i remember you experimenting16:41
RPkanavin: remove your patch, bitbake bash, add your patch, keep the same tmpdir ?16:42
RPkergoth: nothing certain. I ran into a ton of problems in the data store as it was all too magic. The first was knowing what was an actual override. That is now solved. The second was the wide selection of weird variables we supported, like :append += "x". That is also now cleaned up16:44
*** florian <florian!> has quit IRC (Quit: Ex-Chat)16:44
RPkergoth: so slow progress and I think my older data store patches work work better and be simpler now we've solved that second issue too16:44
RPkergoth: its purely a time thing, I just can't concentrate on it and that work needs concentration16:45
kergothMakes sense. What patches are those, and are there any old prototype branches that are worth looking at? It's interesting stuff16:45
RPkergoth: I do have some horrible code somewhere, not sure if I made it public16:48
kergothfair enough16:48
*** pasherring <pasherring!~pasherrin@2001:8a0:ec55:b200:3026:29df:173c:19bf> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)16:49
RPkergoth: I did just manage to find
*** pasherring <pasherring!~pasherrin@2001:8a0:ec55:b200:93b6:da39:f290:1e6f> has joined #yocto16:51
RPkergoth: that one was trying to see if we could optimise the internal overridedata piece inside bitbake to take advantage of the fact we now know what is an override16:51
RPkergoth: basically making override data variable local16:51
RPkergoth: there are chunks of that I did fix properly like the hasOverrides method16:54
kergothSo much of our behavior, file format, and data model are so tightly intertwined, it's hard to change any piece in isolation. Hard to avoid that, though16:54
kergothMakes sense16:54
RPI think that patch would be easier now but never got back to it16:55
RPkergoth: I'm definitely open to ideas on what we could do to try and improve from here.16:55
* kergoth nods16:55
RPkergoth: I just found it near impossible to do anything with where we were at. Now we have the markup and reduced the syntax options a little, it should help open up other routes forward16:56
kergothYou've got a million things on your plate, no complaints from me, just looking at the future directions and old unmerged branches and stuff while mulling over both how we should use our resources and what i personally want to hack on16:56
* kergoth nods16:56
RPI was sad that patch removed the cookie monster!16:57
moto-timoit's rather daunting how intertwined things are... and I don't have nearly the depth of knowledge that I fool myself into thinking I have16:58
JPEWIs down for anyone else?16:58
moto-timoRP was running circles around me yesterday :)16:58
RPJPEW: this might be the start of the data centre move16:58
JPEWGuess we'll see how good our local mirror is!16:59
RPJPEW: it did just respond to me FWIW, rather slowly16:59
RPkergoth: I'd love to have your help in trying to improve some of the things we've long since wanted to move forward!17:00
*** Thorn <Thorn!~Thorn@user/thorn> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)17:00
JaMaagherzan: is there reason for the distro which included defaultsetup.conf to use ?= for TCLIBC? why not normal assignment?17:01
*** Thorn <Thorn!~Thorn@user/thorn> has joined #yocto17:02
moto-timonot for TCLIBC, but other variables I needed them ?= so they could be overridden in e.g. kas for a different MACHINE etc.17:03
moto-timoI suppose there are bigger hammers17:03
JaMawell it's not any different to e.g. TMPDIR, why should TCLIBC work differently than TMPDIR?17:04
JaMaTMPDIR might be even worse (for people who don't want to use the default version) as there is also17:05
RPkergoth: one question I still have is around the confusion of XXX:append:YYY vs XXX:YYY:append17:09
*** goliath <goliath!~goliath@user/goliath> has joined #yocto17:12
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kanavinRP: that worked perfectly :-/ (build bash on master without sstate or tmp/, add patch, build bash again)17:14
RPkanavin: did you force a recompile of bash?17:14
kanavinlet me try :)17:14
RPkergoth: I may come to regret making ${PN} and override for packaging for that reason, not sure17:15
kanavinRP: now I have it17:15
agherzanJaMa: Because I want to have the ability to inherit existing distros and be able to override that configuration.17:21
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khemrburton: I think for layers on openembedded perhaps its fine to stay at same priority as core17:35
khemperhaps we can set a good example by doing so17:37
khemsometimes we may have need to host a newer component since some other component may need it but oe-core may be carrying older versions17:38
khemhaving same priority means we need to test these layers more firmly with oe-core and also weigh in commits to oe-core based on that a bit17:39
JaMaagherzan: and ?= is preventing you to do that? why?17:43
RPkhem: matching core would be something I'd support17:44
RPkhem: we should be resolving any conflict quickly (and I think we do?)17:45
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away17:46
*** alessioigor <alessioigor!~alessioig@> has joined #yocto17:47
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agherzanThe idea JaMa is that behaviour changed17:47
agherzanThe ?= Is now ignored in a distro because the bitbake ?= takes it first now.17:48
agherzanThis was not the case when the variable was defined in the default setup inc.17:48
RPagherzan: We have so many different behaviours with different variables I'm not sure I would say this was a bug as such but more just highlights what a mess our default options are17:50
JaMabut why should TCLIBC behave differently than e.g. TMPDIR?17:50
agherzanBecause the ?= order has changed17:51
JaMaTMPDIR is set in bitbake.conf with ?= as well17:51
JaMaso it's consistent with TCLIBC17:51
agherzanFair. Maybe it's the same situation there too17:51
agherzanSo if the reason was to unify the behaviour, I can understand17:52
khemRP: these days its not as bad I suppose, but I will ask wider community also if they see any issues that I might be blind to17:52
JaMathe reason was to set the CACHE in one place as explained in the commit message17:52
agherzanRight. But that had a change in behaviour too17:53
JaMaunifying the behavior is just a small side effect (and I don't see it as bad side effect)17:53
moto-timoany clues what might be causing: tmp/sstate-control/manifest-x86_64-rust-cross-core2-64-glibc.populate_sysroot not found in x86_64 (variant '')?17:53
agherzanA side effect in how this interacts with definitions in distros.17:53
RPmoto-timo: master-next with kanavin's change?17:53
moto-timothis is for either python3-cryptography or python3-pyruvate with the patch just sent to oe-dev to fix python3-setuptools-rust-natve17:53
moto-timoRP: oh yes17:54
moto-timothank you!17:54
kanavinI don't think I'll ever run out of things I never saw before in oe-core17:54
moto-timokanavin: me either17:54
kanavinwrapping my head around tmp/sstate-control now :)17:54
moto-timoI'm just glad it isn't something specific to setuptools_rust or else I would probably scream a little bit17:55
kanavinmoto-timo, always rebase on master :)17:55
moto-timokanavin: for the last few days it had to be master-next ;)17:55
JaMaagherzan: yes, but it still doesn't explain why the distro doesn't use normal = for TCLIBC when it needs to use normal = for TMPDIR (or many other variables)17:56
moto-timophew, that was indeed the problem17:58
RPkanavin: that area of the code is such fun18:00
JaMaagherzan: we have stack of 4 distributions inheritting each other and just including in the right order allows us to easily set whatever we need (including overwritting whatever defaults we got from intial defaultsetup and bitbake.conf)18:00
RPkanavin: it started so nice and simple and then the corner cases starts18:00
moto-timohmmm... maybe PyO3 has a flag for build dir...18:01
RPkergoth: I'm still thinking about the idea of a defaultval override level, thereby allowing you to change the default value with the overrides mechanism18:01
*** behanw <behanw!> has joined #yocto18:02
RPkergoth: even having people like yourself with time to think about and play with these ideas would be valuable IMO as we need to do that to work out what makes sense18:03
kanavinRP: I am still somewhat confused. The error I am getting is:18:05
kanavinERROR: bash-5.1.16-r0 do_prepare_recipe_sysroot: Manifest /srv/storage/alex/poky/build-gcc-cross/tmp/sstate-control/manifest-x86_64-gcc-cross-x86_64.populate_sysroot not found in x86_64 (variant '')?18:05
kanavinwhich is, 'new-style manifest not found'18:05
kanavinhow would removing old-style manifests help here?18:06
agherzan JaMa let me remember now why we went down that route. I think it was to allow command line overrides too.18:07
*** nateglims <nateglims!> has joined #yocto18:09
JaMawe have TCLIBC in BB_ENV_PASSTHROUGH_ADDITIONS and I think it still works as well18:11
RPkanavin: basically before you hit this, you need to ensure the old style stuff is removed. The sanity checks run right at the start of the build allowing you to do that before the state gets broken18:11
* RP -> afk18:11
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frayI'm looking for a clue.  We've got a few out of tree kernel modules.  These modules need device nodes created (we have udev rules for this), but I'm resistant for people patching systemd to add udev rules.. Is it reasonable to add udev rules into an out-of-tree kernel-module package?  Do a need a 'new' package?  Thoughts?18:24
*** pasherring <pasherring!~pasherrin@2001:8a0:ec55:b200:93b6:da39:f290:1e6f> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)18:31
kanavinusually I would ask, how does 'desktop distro on my laptop' do it?18:35
*** kevinrowland <kevinrowland!~kevinrowl@> has joined #yocto18:39
frayI can't find any examples for out of tree modules18:48
frayintree, the udev stuff ends up with either the application, ctrl logic or library it seems..18:48
RPfray: Adding udev rules in the module package would seem reasonable18:52
RPthe two would seem to only work together18:53
*** florian_kc <florian_kc!> has joined #yocto19:03
frayRP ok, I wasn't sure if there was something preventing that19:07
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sgwRP: I know it's late friday for you, I have an update to the incompatible license code, that I think addresses the open issues, do you want a patch that you can squash or a v2 of the exiting re-work patch?19:40
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halsteadBrief outage of coming shortly in order to prepare the for move tomorrow.21:36
*** yocti <yocti!> has joined #yocto21:45
halsteadOutage complete.21:46
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AndrooHave a .bb that tries to copy the entire contents of a directory to the rootfs ( -- see "file://migrations-post").  But have noticed that sometimes if we rename these files yocto will not rebuild the package, and even if we clean the package may get rebuilt but the rootfs will not.  Any suggestions on how to improve this?23:35
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