Monday, 2022-03-07

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Guest22good morning05:55
Guest22was wandering if anyone has a dunfell commit number concerning update to 5.15 kernel as I cannot seem to find one, maybe that particular kernel revision was skipped?05:56
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mckoangood morning07:54
hmw[m]good moring08:04
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jclsn[m]Buenos dias08:37
dv__there's no yocto 3.5 release schedule page, so I ask here - what's the planned release date for kirkstone? I just know "sometime in april"08:39
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Saur[m]dv__: According to the latest project status ( the currently expected release date is April 29.09:11
dv__ah so yocto is in m409:17
dv__bugfix recipe updates are still ok in that milestone, do I recall this correctly?09:17
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EmantorIs there a way to package up the kernel debugging symbols if enabled in the KConfig?09:19
rburtonEmantor: they're in the -dbg package09:20
rburtondv__: upgrades need a good reason09:20
rburtonif its a stable branch which only gets tested fixes, or is a security release, that's fine09:20
Guest22I need a SRC_URI which is a gitlab that needs username/password and was wondering what the proper syntax is in that case09:22
EtheryonGuest22: I've added the ssh key to the account for the machine that's doing the build09:22
Guest22have created a new ssh key and ssh-add 'ed to the gitlab and tried to build recipe but it fails09:23
rburtonembedding credential in the recipe is not the answer09:23
Guest22rburton I do agree09:23
Guest22question remains what is the proper way?09:24
rburtonif you can use authenticated https then you can add the credentials to ~/.netrc09:24
Guest22not familiar with ~/.netrc09:24
EtheryonGuest22: I think you need to use the web interface to add the ssh key09:25
rburton has a comment pointing you to using new keys (which would need to configured in local ssh config and on gitlab) or netrc09:26
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Emantorrburton: we have our own kernel recipe which does not create -dbg packages. I'll peek at linux-yocto to see how its done.09:31
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RPWhy when trying to make a release build do we get a parade of errors which we haven't seen for months? :/09:43
Saur[m]RP: Murphy's law?09:47
RPSaur[m]: yes :(09:50
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ctxnopHello! I have an issue with some pre-built libs that I try to install on an image. It seems that bitbake alters the lib right before creating the image. I supposed its a strip operation, unfortunately this lib seems to check some kind of checksum or something. So I added INHIBIT_SYSROOT_STRIP = "1" to my local.conf, INHIBIT_PACKAGE_STRIP = "1" and10:17
ctxnopINHIBIT_PACKAGE_DEBUG_SPLIT = "1" to the package recipe. but still append to be altered. Any idea?10:17
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pasherringHey there, good day, yoctoers! When I start a 'devtool modify', is it possible to do 'devtool finish' without propagating changes to the recipe/tree?10:21
Saur[m]pasherring: You mean like `devtool reset`?10:22
pasherringSaur[m], not sure, maybe that is what I am looking for --'10:24
pasherringI'll give it a try, as soon as my build finishes :)10:24
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pasherringSaur[m], alrighty, it was exactly that. Thanks for the info10:48
rburtonctxnop: remove everything from local.conf, and read
ctxnopalready did that10:51
rburtonctxnop: you might have prelink enabled?10:52
ctxnopI read this exact documentation, and end-up to add the line to my local.conf because was not working10:52
rburtondefinitely don't add to local.conf10:52
ctxnopYes I have image-prelink10:52
rburtonthat just pulls in the code, but doesn't turn it on10:53
rburtonno, i'm wrong, inheriting the class does turn it on10:54
rburtondon't do that :)10:54
rburtonprelinking involves changing every library10:54
rburtonalso, it's barely a win, and doesn't exist in the next release10:54
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ctxnopI know nothing about prelink, didn't set up this image in the first place, just getting over the job of someone who left. will read the doc about this to know if I can get rid of it without side effects10:55
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ctxnopIf I'm correct it seems to speed up build time, but that's it. I'll give a try to disabling this feature, thanks a lot for this pointer10:57
rburtonit does a partial runtime link ahead of time10:57
rburtontotally destroys some security features, and modern loaders are so much faster10:57
rburtonand latest glibc doesn't support it at all10:58
rburtonbasically, just turn it off10:58
ctxnopThe thing is that we currently building using an old version (dunfell) based on the work of someone who left. Nobody maintained it. So now I have to take everything back and maintain old images, but I also started a migration on the next yocto's LTS. So I can do whatever I want on this new image. But I have to justify any little change on olds11:01
ctxnopAnyway, will be easy to justify the change if it just can't work without it ^^'11:02
rburtonbreaks address randomisation and silent corruption sound like good reasons to drop it ;)11:04
ctxnopI think so yes, thank for this link :)11:05
ctxnopJust finished to build, disabled prelink. everything worked like a charm, problem solve, thanks a lot11:06
rburtonRP: argh the cve report!11:07
rburtonah terrible CPEs for the libsolv ones11:13
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RPrburton: yes, I had a quick look yesterday and think the libsolv ones are bad entries. The qemu ones look weird too, the patches mentioned were applied so I'm not sure 6.2.0 does have those issues11:40
rburtonfound a statement from the solv maintainer saying all the CVEs are fixed by a specific commit so that should be fixed today11:40
rburtonseatd upgrade is trivial and safe as its just the fix11:41
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RPrburton: cool. Which leaves qemu...11:42
RPoh, and vim11:42
* RP is trying to ignore that11:42
rburtonnow we're meant to be freezing, randomly upgrading vim is less attractive11:43
rburtoni was hoping they'd release at some point11:43
kanavinrburton, we should probably file a bug and politely ask for a sane version policy11:43
rburtonRP: the qemu one i looked at says up-to(excluding) 6.2.0, so either the cpe data changed since the report run or we just found a bug in the tool11:44
rburtonlooks like the tool misreported11:45
RPrburton: also has cpe:2.3:a:qemu:qemu:6.2.0:-:*:*:*:*:*:*11:45
rburtoni expect that's the problem11:45
rburtoni'll dig11:46
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RPrburton: thanks, I don't quite understand why that suddenly showed up :/11:50
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rburtonRP:mailed nist12:03
RPrburton: thanks12:06
rburtonkhem: drop the blive* patches in master-next, the correct fix is to use setuptools_legacy12:07
RPrburton: the sstate patch from Jose is interesting re: the fetch issues we've seen12:11
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actiaI use yocto thud with a local mirror on Nexus 3 server, when I use PREMIRRORS_prepend with an url with basic authentication the username is replaced by usernamegit. Do you know how to fix this error ?13:41
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actiaDo you know where is located the code of the fetch tash that handle premirror directive ?13:45
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RPactia: bitbake/lib/bb/fetch2/__init__.py13:58
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actiaThanks RP13:58
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zeddiiheh. started a build last night on my home builder. I see cargo-native is still doing something 7 hours later13:58
zeddii 947886 bruce     20   0 1241400 347952  98428 S   0.0   2.2   0:31.84 rustc13:59
zeddii'dat thing is memory hungry13:59
paulgyeah - as I was complaining before - the whole rust/cargo thing effectively killed off any older hardware with less than 16G RAM acting as builders14:06
zeddiiyah. unfortunately, my home builders are older dell servers, this one only has 16G, hence I suppose why I thought it was dead14:07
zeddiinot really enthusiastic about buying ram for this old beastie.14:08
zeddiiit looks like it chose to OOM the wifi agent a few times. heh. I guess that explains the connection drop14:08
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Guest22greetings all14:10
Guest22how do i delete the pre-fetched kernel as it does not seem to issue a git pull and I cannot get my latest changes in14:11
paulgI was toying with the idea of looking at the task dispatcher and seeing if there was a quick and dirty way to teach it to not dispatch any new tasks if it senses that swap is in active use.14:11
Guest22tried bitbake -b <linux-kernel recipe> -c clean but yocto obviously gets it back from a cache as the new file is not there14:12
zeddiipaulg: that might help, yah, I see now, only this morning it is finishing up libsrvg-native14:12
JPEWpaulg: Or load-average maybe?14:12
zeddiiand it only seems to have woken up, after I smashed my way onto the machine.14:12
paulgi.e. "use make -j4 and have 4 tasks in flight ... *iff* you can w/o touching down into swap."14:12
paulgan unchecked 4x4 will just kill things once it stumbles into the workfest of cargo/rust and oom your kit.14:13
paulgmy "solution" so far has been just to blacklist all the stuff that has dependency chains that stumble into that rathole.14:14
paulgJPEW, I'm not sure loadavg will reflect whether you are in a swapdeath hell with the disk LED solid.14:15
zeddiiI'm still seeing the icon themes blow up. it definitely needs to be serialized through that pit of hell.14:15
zeddiis/blow up/build/14:15
paulgthe other option would be just to flag some packages as "please serialize me" - and then respect that flag for machines with 16G or less?14:17
paulgcould put the kernel, glibc, rust, cargo, ....  in there?14:17
zeddiiyah. that's what I was thinking. like the "no migrate" or critical section flags in the kernel.14:18
paulgpretty much.  I've never looked at the oe task dispatcher, so I have no idea how hard it would be to translate my random ideas into a working prototype...14:19
paulgbut the rust/cargo stuff shines a bright light on how it fails miserably on giant behemoth ram-sucking package builds.14:20
qschulzGuest22: SRCREV is usually the variable stating which commit to check out in the recipe14:20
Guest22qschulz: yup just figured out that one ;-)14:21
zeddiiGuest22: if you really are using -b you probably don't want to. it is almost never the right flag to use14:21
paulgI suppose you wouldn't even need to serialize the whole package - just the do_compile.14:22
zeddiipaulg: yah14:22
paulgif set, don't dispatch any new do_compile tasks.14:26
zeddiinot knowing anything either. sounds feasible.14:28
paulgI need to retire so I have time to chase random ideas like that.  :-P14:30
actiaI have identifie a bug in the fetch task, if I use SOURCE_MIRROR_URL with a basic authentivcation in the url : the command wget uses usergit instead of user for the authentication.14:41
actiaIs it a know issue ?14:41
actiaI think there is a bug in the regexp used to replace the git url by  SOURCE_MIRROR_URL.14:42
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qschulzactia: would be great if you could reproduce on the master branch to check if we're still affected or not14:49
actiaqschulz: I'm not sure my project can be switched from thud to master. I think that some syntaxe have changed.14:58
RPzeddii: FWIW it wouldn't be hard to pause task dispatching. paulg disappeared...15:03
JaMazeddii: unfortunately it's not just builders with 16G ram, with 32c 64t 3970X threadripper I used to be fine with 128G ram, now 2G per thread too often isn't enough and OOMK gets violent15:04
qschulzactia: you don't need to switch the whol;e project from thud to master, just need newer poky with only PREMIRRORS configured as you did on thud15:05
RPJaMa: was that with the limiting code we ended up adding to core?15:06
actiaOk, but I encounter the issue with the git url of my local gitlab server, so I need to port at least my recipe using this url.15:06
JaMazeddii: as simple work around I'm changing PARALLEL_MAKE for 2 hungriest recipes in my builds PARALLEL_MAKE:pn-qtwebengine = "-j 40"15:06
JaMaPARALLEL_MAKE:pn-webruntime = "-j 40"15:06
JaMaRP: yes with limiter as I have only 64 threads anyway15:07
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RPJaMa: right, yes. I wonder if the limit should be a bit lower? :/15:08
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actiaqschulz: I will try tomorrow, I will let you know if the issue is still on the master branch15:08
JaMaRP: yeah, but limitting all the tasks globally might hurt overall build time as well, e.g. with qtwebengine/webruntime the memory usage peak is only terrible only for few minutes15:10
JaMaRP: swap is terrible, but to keep OOMK quiet for these few minutes is possibly reasonable work around as well15:11
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JaMaassuming the PC is used only for non-interactive OE builds during that time (running chrome browser is usually first victim of OOMK which together with stuttering mouse movement makes such workstation a bit annoying to use during the peak) :)15:12
RPJaMa: right, it is all a compromise :/15:17
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moto-timoRP: I assume you saw
moto-timoRP: needs a test case in oe-selftest15:22
RPmoto-timo: I did, not looked into it yet though15:23
moto-timoRP: no worries. At least I have a simple reproducer15:25
rburtonRP: v2 of the cleanups sent.  this built most of meta-py with no diffoscope changes.15:27
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RPrburton: thanks!16:26
RPmoto-timo: is a blind guess at a fix btw16:29
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moto-timoRP: confirmed… that leads to the expat error that was seen before 3.4…16:35
moto-timoRP: and not sure how I missed that :/16:35
RPmoto-timo: we're all trying to do too much at once16:36
moto-timoRP: indeed16:40
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RPkanavin: if you want a laugh, "devtool upgrade vim; devtool finish vim" is insane, creates 3500 patches16:54
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khemrburton: yes makes sense, squashed your changes on master-next18:10
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kanavinRP: technically correct is the best kind of correct :)18:53
kanavinRP: I was thinking that when fetching from git, a 'tag' parameter in SRC_URI would be beneficial. the fetcher would then verify that the commit id resolves to the tag, which prevents supply chain attacks, or honest mistakes.18:57
kanavinright now, a version update only updates SRCREV and we have to trust that blindly more or less18:57
kanavinit could look like 'tag=v${PV}' or similar according to upstream format18:58
kanavinjust doing the 'RP smoke check' for the idea, in case it's not viable :)19:00
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Ch^W_Is the failure to pull an updated git clone source bundle from the PREMIRRORS location a known bug?19:10
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Saur[m]RP: I have pushed updated versions of my Knotty improvements to poky-contrib (branch: pkj/knotty-improvements) (since we still can't read/send work mail from home). I've removed the last patch. Instead the second patch now solves the problem with the width of the progress bar, and the addition of a progress bar for the setscene tasks (which I believe _is_ an improvement to the Knotty UI) is added as an optional third patch.19:58
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khemI think we need to sort virtual/libgl meaning and virtual/mesa should perhaps be removed20:17
khemperhaps we only should depend on virtual/egl and then let platform figure out if they use GLES or GL or OpenVG implementations20:18
frayThere are libraries that replace mesa.. like the mali stuff..20:20
fraythere are libraries that just provide libgl (or libegl)20:20
frayit's a real mess..20:20
frayFor instance chrome uses virtual/ligl (this is from memory, so might not be exactly correct).  Which essentially causes it to link to mesa.. but when I enable mali400 support.. it has to instead link to the mali400 version.. so it's not runtime compatible with mesa, only compile time..20:21
frayso I end up with two versions of chrome.. a mesa version and a mali400 version20:22
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khemapplications perhaps can just ask for lib/egl20:25
khemif an app insists on needing libgl then its stepping down the abstaction and we should have a way to tell that this platform does not implement GL20:26
khemtrying to let mesa-gl provide s/w rendering is iffy I am not sure if it has ever worked20:26
frayI've also had to go through (on my own system) and add bbappends to anything linking to mesa.. so if mali400 is enabled it now becomes PACAKGE_ARCH machine specific..20:28
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smurrayfray: iirc, both Renesas and Qualcomm also have their own libgl replacements20:41
frayYa, it's not unusual for us.. and it's a mess20:45
khemthats the point, some folks implement GL and GLES and some stick to just GLES20:52
khembut they all implement EGL20:52
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fraybut most things, like Chrome, actually require a mesa like interface.. (which complicates this)21:21
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RPSaur[m]: we're definitely not doing the two progress bars. If I thought the discussion were going this way I'd have refused to split the line at all22:25
RPkanavin: I think bitbake will verify tags if specified as it annoys some people22:26
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RPSaur[m]: we'd better stick to list review as the patch in that branch looks a bit rushed  (e.g. the file)22:37
Saur[m]RP: Of course. This was more of a heads up since I can't send the patches until some time tomorrow. (And I have removed that file now.)22:45
RPSaur[m]: you change the behaviour for quiet too?22:47
RPSaur[m]: there is just too much changing in that patch to make me feel confident in it22:48
Saur[m]Well, I thought the idea with the quiet mode was that it does not output the list of currently running tasks. Thus it seemed more logical that the output of the setscene/real task output was the same.22:50
Saur[m]Especially I could not set the logic in the quiet mode not having the output of the number of currently running tasks. I found that very odd.22:51
RPSaur[m]: The commit message doesn't mention this at all and you're just guessing about what quiet mode does. This just means I now have to read your patches very carefully :(22:54
RPSaur[m]: if the quiet behaviour is incorrect, it is a separate issue22:54
Saur[m]I'm not saying it is incorrect, I just found it odd that it was lacking the currently running tasks in its output. Also, changing the output of the quiet mode probably made more sense when I added the progress bar for the setscene tasks.22:57
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Saur[m]RP: Ok, pushed an updated branch that makes no changes at all to the output except corrects the length of the progress bar.23:26
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