Wednesday, 2022-03-09

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yoloparsing is a bit slow with yocto, is it possible to write that portion in languages other than python?05:13
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Saur[m]Theoretically yes, practically no. Suggested workaround: get a faster computer. ;)06:20
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mckoangood morning07:42
barathgood morning07:45
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rburtonyolo: probably quicker/easier to rewrite the parser in python09:40
rburton(better python)09:40
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RPthe issue isn't parsing, it is processing all the dependencies between variables10:08
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mauro_anjoI'm trying to silence u-boot uart output on a raspberry, followed but it only stoped writing after loading env from FAT, it still prints first few lines stating u-boot version, DRAM, etc10:40
mauro_anjomy recipe appends the configs to build u-boot in silent mode, but I added "setenv silent 1" to, there is an option on u-boot CONFIG_EXTRA_ENV_SETTINGS, I should append to it, but not sure how to do it since .cfg files are just attributions if I'm not mistaken10:54
qschulzmauro_anjo: the environment is loaded pretty late in U-Boot boot process10:55
qschulzso if you don't want anything printed by U-Boot, you need to use compile time options and not use the environment10:55
qschulznote that U-Boot has been changing a lot over the last decade and variables that used to be defined in board header files are moved to KConfig options10:57
qschulzWhat I highly suggest is you try to manually compile and configure U-Boot until you get something you're satisfied with and then and only then do you work on integrating the required changes into Yocto10:57
qschulzand that first part can be tackled with the help of the U-Boot community on #u-boot IRC chat10:58
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mauro_anjo@qshulz Yeah I was struggling with board headers for now, Thanks! Will check KConfig options and test it separetely11:00
jorschulkoHi, I am feeling stupid, maybe someone can help me out. I am on the dunfell branch and trying to build nginx with the http_auth_request module. So I am using the upstream recipe located at and add PACKAGECONFIG_append = " http-auth-request" to a nginx_%.bbappend in my own layer. However, nginx -V11:05
jorschulkoand the configuration logs for the recipe show me that it is still not configured...11:05
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qschulzjorschulko: 1) bitbake -e nginx | grep -E "^PACKAGECONFIG="11:07
qschulzif it's incorrect (missing your option), then 2) bitbake-layers show-appends nginx11:07
qschulzif your bbappend does not appear, check that your layer is in conf/bblayers.conf11:08
qschulzif your layer is there, 3) bitbake-layers show-layers and check it's found by bitbake11:08
qschulz4) check that your layer.conf has ${LAYERDIR}/recipes-*/*/*.bbappend in BBFILES in conf/layer.conf11:09
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jorschulkoqschulz: Thanks, stupidity confirmed. I accidently had my bbappend file in recipes-httpd/nginx_%.bbappend instead of recipes-httpd/nginx/nginx_%.bbappend *facepalm*11:17
qschulzjorschulko: not the first one to whom this happened, and not the last one :)11:18
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jorschulkoqschulz: you would think after over a year of yocto stupid stuff like this wouldn't happen :D11:21
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RPmichaelo: do you use a couple of different environments to send patches? One of them works well, the other corrupts the sender address :/11:56
RPsome arrive as "Michael Opdenacker via <>" and they're annoying to handle, others come through correctly11:57
* RP tends just to handle it quietly else everyone will just start saying how wonderful github/lab/whatever is11:58
qschulzRP: I'm wondering if this is not sent via the WebUI of the mailing list?12:04
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RPqschulz: it is usually when the mail is sent from an IP address not authed to send that email according to some of the spam protections12:16
jclsn[m]Can the sstate-cache be corrupted?12:49
jclsn[m]Me and my colleague are building the exact same build with different results12:49
rburtonhow are they different?12:49
jclsn[m]I am getting a kernel panic12:50
jclsn[m]All repositories and commits are the same12:50
rburtonduring the build, or on boot on the target?12:50
jclsn[m]I already deleted all layers and the build folder and rebuilt12:50
jclsn[m]on boot12:50
jclsn[m]I have tried two target boards and two different SD cards12:50
jclsn[m]Very unlikely that both have a defect12:51
rburtonif you're using a recent release then the outputs should be identical, so you can compare the RPMs to see if they're actually the same or if there's a weird bug in a recipe you're using12:51
jclsn[m]If I delete the sstate-cache now, I will at least have to wait 5 hours12:51
jclsn[m]Well, it works for him12:51
jclsn[m]Same recipes12:52
jclsn[m]Same layers12:52
jclsn[m]Same commits12:52
rburtonso the binary output should be identical, so compare it and see12:53
jclsn[m]Good call12:54
rburton(assuming a recent release, and you haven't turned off reproducible builds)12:55
rburtona shortcut would be to manually put his kernel into your image and see if that works12:56
jclsn[m]Won't there be different timestamps in the images?12:59
jclsn[m]So a diff would be pointless12:59
rburtonnot if you have reproducible builds enabled13:07
rburtonrecent release, etc etc13:07
rburtontools like diffoscope will let you ignore timestamps and drill into the files13:08
rburtonpoint it at a known good and known bad rpm directories and it will extract them13:08
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jclsn[m]We are both building with Pyrex13:13
jclsn[m]Ah okay13:14
jclsn[m]That is ineresting13:15
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jclsn[m]Will there be some overhead when activating reproducible builds?13:21
jclsn[m]My colleague doesn't like the idea for some reason ^^13:21
rburtonreproducible builds is on by default in modern poky, and is full of advantages13:21
jclsn[m]Oh my13:21
jclsn[m]Ah okay, so they should be already reproducible?13:22
rburtonif you're using modern poky, yes13:22
jclsn[m]Although I don't have it set in my local.conf?13:22
jclsn[m]Ah I can check13:22
jclsn[m]Yes it is13:23
rburtonso if your assertions are true: same layers at the same commit inside pyrex containers, the images should be bit-for-bit identical13:24
rburtonwell, we only fix reproducible failures in oe-core, so your own recipes may not be reproducible13:24
rburtonbut you'll spot that easily enough13:25
jclsn[m]Ah okay13:25
jclsn[m]How would I check or fix that?13:25
jclsn[m]It is turned on13:26
jclsn[m]INHERIT=" clang rm_work machine-overrides-extender fsl-dynamic-packagearch poky-sanity uninative reproducible_build buildhistory package_rpm buildstats debian devshell sstate license remove-libtool blacklist sanity"13:26
jclsn[m]So I can't trust this?13:26
rburtonreproducible is a target, not a thing you tell gcc13:26
rburtonif a makefile does something that isn't reproducible, you end up with a non-reproducible binary13:26
rburtonlike a build path being embedded13:26
jclsn[m]Ah okay13:27
rburtonor a timestamp, or an unsorted directory listing13:27
jclsn[m]Like relative paths13:27
rburton is useful13:27
jclsn[m]So I would have to check all non oe layers for that13:27
jclsn[m]I don't think that it would be worth the hassle then13:28
rburtonif its a kernel hang then its likely the kernel is the problem anyway right13:29
rburtonso swap kernels13:29
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jclsn[m]Sent him the whole image already13:37
michalkotylaHi all! I see Yocto wiki says LTS releases should be maintained initially for 2 years, but Dunefell (released at 2020) will be supported until 2024. Is a chance (at this day) for future LTS (Kirkstone 3.5) to get additional 2 years of maintaince like Dunefell?13:45
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rburtonmichalkotyla: its a possibility.13:52
rburtonmichalkotyla: can't say now what will happen in two years time13:52
rburtonbasically: member companies wanted to keep dunfell maintained for longer, and committed cash to pay for the maintainer.  that may happen for kirkstone in two years time, it may not.13:53
rburtonif you work for a company which wants to advocate for longer LTS cycles, then they should join the yocto project and say so :)13:54
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michalkotylaThanks for the answer rburton. Discussions of member companies with maintainers about extending maintenance time are available in some public space, or it is non-confidential channels and I can look only for "Release activity" table on Yocto wiki?14:02
rburtonsome is public, the weekly call on tuesdays discusses this sort of thing14:05
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jclsn[m]rburton: He built on his Ubuntu 20.04 host with kas and I built with Pyrex. Could this really be the cause?14:22
rburtonjclsn[m]: possibly. different host tools can cause annoying problems.  easily tested: get him to test in pyrex.14:23
jclsn[m]I don't see how a different build environment would break the kernel...14:23
rburtonright, the usual host changes cause kernel build failures, not runtime14:23
jclsn[m]Yeah I would also assume that this would result in build failures, not runtime14:25
jclsn[m]@JPEW ?14:26
jclsn[m]JPEW: ?14:27
jclsn[m]Can you explain hat?14:27
JPEWjclsn[m]: It really just depends on what the changes are14:28
jclsn[m]I will run cleanall on the kernel and rebuild14:28
JPEWjclsn[m]: It's hard to speculate on what the problem might be14:29
jclsn[m]JPEW: Yeah, but really problematic for me as you can imagine, as I am trying to introduce tools like kas and Pyrex.14:29
jclsn[m]I need to investigate this further...14:30
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qschulzjclsn[m]: check that you don't have your kernel in devtool workspace for example14:33
LetoThe2ndjust ran into a recipe that uses rsync in do_install. just to confirm - this is both unsafe in terms of leaking permissions and users, as well as a hidden dependency on rsync? or is rsync in the default hosttools/-natives?14:33
jclsn[m]qschulz: Did that already14:33
jclsn[m]Besides, I already deleted the build directory and rebuilt14:34
rburtonLetoThe2nd: see HOSTTOOLS in bitbake.conf.  no, it's not in there.14:34
rburtonLetoThe2nd: is it using rsync as a fast way to recursively copy stuff?14:34
LetoThe2ndrburton: thx. yes, close. recursively copying while maintinaing symlinks.14:35
qschulzjclsn[m]: did your colleague have a clean build directory too? etc... but good luck investigating this. And regardless if it's a pyrex/kas issue, a different build output for the same commits is bad14:35
qschulzat least it's an obvious issue with a kernel panic. Imagine if it was a small change somewhere that you wouldn't have known for months./years :)14:37
jclsn[m]qschulz: It is a galcore issue. Which package provides galcore? I need to clean that one. Else I will need to rebuild everything...14:39
jclsn[m]He built everything from scratch. If there is an issue, it is probably on my side14:39
jclsn[m]Another thing is that I keep all meta-layers checked out per board folder14:41
qschulzjclsn[m]: FWIW, I just ran into an issue with kas because it overrides the whole local.conf file instead of appending to the poky's local.conf.sample. And I had an issue with kas builds only but not local builds (because I was source'ing oe-init-buildenv and not using kas's local.conf)14:42
qschulzI mean, the issue is not with kas, it's just I didn't check carefully enough14:42
qschulzso triple check your local.conf too (don't remember if you did already?)14:42
jclsn[m]Likes this
jclsn[m]Is that a problem?14:42
jclsn[m]qschulz: I already checked the local.conf14:42
jclsn[m]It is provided by kas anyway14:43
qschulzjclsn[m]: but not for Pyrex though?14:43
qschulzsince you said there's a difference between your colleague and you, one using kas the other Pyrex14:43
jclsn[m]Well I checkout with kas and then use Pyrex14:43
qschulzok, then should be the same14:43
jclsn[m]Yeah but he also has another Ubuntu version14:44
jclsn[m]So If I build with Kas now, it will not be the same environment either14:44
qschulzI use the kas container personally14:44
jclsn[m]Is there a container included?14:44
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jclsn[m]Will kas use it automatically?14:45
qschulzI don't think so no14:45
qschulzand since I don't want to deal with customer's setup, I documented the use of containers14:45
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tlwoerneri've been seeing an intermittent build failure that started feb 2514:50
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tlwoernerbut it only seems to happen on my jenkins builds, i have yet to reproduce by hand14:50
tlwoernerand it only happens with recipes where the sources are stored in the layers themselves14:50
tlwoernerfor example: initscripts, modutils-initscripts, keymaps, etc14:51
tlwoernerit's a quilt error, quilt complains that the patches have already been applied14:51
tlwoernermodutils-initscripts-1.0-r7 do_patch: Applying patch 'PD.patch' on target directory14:51
tlwoernerstderr: File series fully applied, ends at patch PD.patch14:52
jclsn[m]qschulz: I don't feel like running a container manually. Kas should be able to do this. Will look inside he docs14:52
rburtonjclsn[m]: there's a script, kas-container, that does the docker bits for you15:00
jclsn[m]Yeah just found it15:02
rburtonannoyingly its not packaged as part of kas...15:02
jclsn[m]Are you supposed to symlink it to /usr/local/bin/kas?15:02
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jclsn[m]Using it as ./kas-container resulted in... (full message at
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jclsn[m]And I dislike about kas that you have to explicitly open the shell to get a bitbake environment15:06
qschulzI don't like wrappers if a simple docker/podman command can do the trick :)15:07
jclsn[m]qschulz: Thanks, but there is no way that I can introduce a third tool now15:08
jclsn[m]Seems like a wrapper around kas...15:08
moto-timoThat podman trick should be more widely shared ;)15:08
smurrayLetoThe2nd: I've seen rsync used like that in a couple of vendor BSPs (one of which insists on using it from the host, iirc).  I believe linux-libc-headers uses it, so it's not that out there15:08
LetoThe2ndsmurray: yeah, and being pulled in via DEPENDS rsync-native. well, I guess it works, but I don't particularly like it.15:10
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smurrayLetoThe2nd: it's definitely something where naive use could cause issues.  I can imagine it saving some painful find+exec command shenanigans, though15:12
LetoThe2ndsmurray: the cse where I ran into it is not that dynamic. well i'll see. thanks for the input.15:14
jclsn[m]I am really running into a tooling jungle here15:27
jclsn[m]Problem is I dislike the kas shell, because it doesn't work well with zsh15:28
rburtonyou can do kas setup or whatever to generate the build tree, and then bitbake normally15:28
jclsn[m]Pyrex is so convenient, but two tools are maybe a bit bad15:28
jclsn[m]kas doesn't provide a bitbake environment though15:29
jclsn[m]Only in the shell15:29
rburtonsure it does15:29
jclsn[m]And I also want a reproducible build environment15:29
rburton"kas checkout"15:30
jclsn[m]I don't have bitbake after that15:30
jclsn[m]Just checked15:30
rburtonyeah you need to oe-init-build env yourself15:30
rburtonbut it writes the config and checks out the layers15:31
jclsn[m]Yeah but then I am building on the host15:31
jclsn[m]We all have different Distros15:31
jclsn[m]kas-container didn't work for me15:33
jclsn[m]Seems like it expects a certain tree structure15:33
jclsn[m]Didn't find my sstate-cache etc15:33
rburtonthe docs tell you how to set those up15:34
rburtoniirc you just set DL_DIR and SSTATE_DIR in the environment15:34
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jclsn[m]I have mine in the directory above15:35
jclsn[m]So I can share them between builds15:35
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jclsn[m]There is my structure. I was also wondering if it is problematic to have the source checked out multiple times, because they contain the layers15:37
jclsn[m] * There is my structure. I was also wondering if it is problematic to have the layer checked out multiple times, which are in the sources folders15:37
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tlwoernerqschulz: if you're generating bmap files with your images you can use bmaptool instead of dd and it will flash your sd cards faster15:45
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tlwoernerrburton: i'm confused why you say kas-container isn't packaged as part of kas? it's part of (?)15:48
rburtontlwoerner: when i last pip installed kas, it didn't install it15:49
tlwoernerrburton: ah, pip. ok15:49
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qschulztlwoerner: thanks for the tip :)16:02
tlwoerner$ bitbake bmap-tools-native -caddto_recipe_sysroot16:04
tlwoerner$ oe-run-native bmap-tools-native bmaptool copy <image>.wic /dev/sdX16:04
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tlwoerner(if you don't have bmaptool installed on your host, or want to use the one from oe-core)16:05
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qschulztlwoerner: I naively passed --bmap argument to bmaptool copy. is it not needed?16:09
tlwoerneri don't16:09
tlwoernerit'll find the *.bmap file if it's also in the same directory as the <image>16:09
qschulznice :)16:10
tlwoernerand if it doesn't find it, it'll complain16:10
qschulztlwoerner: wondering if a bmap-tools-native compiled inside a container can be used outside?16:11
qschulz(but anyway, I'm building on a server and flashing from my PC so won't help me so I'd rather not document something I don't use/maintain, but great tip!)16:12
tlwoernerqschulz: i don't know16:12
moto-timoshould be able to just pass the command to the container16:12
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qschulztlwoerner: I assume all libs are from the sysroot, so I guess it should just work (provided you're flashing from a Linux system :) )16:13
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qschulzmoto-timo: I would need to mount the device inside the container too, and since it's a rootless container...16:13
moto-timoYeah, bund mount with uid:gid perms…16:15
moto-timocan’t type16:15
JPEWqschulz: Through extreme dark arts of uninative, you can usually run host tools built in the container outside of the container, as long as all the paths match16:16
qschulzJPEW: good thing I like to keep the paths the same inside the container and outside :)16:19
otavioqschulz: most distros offer bmap-tools as a package; you can install it16:23
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qschulzotavio: I was talking about the oe-run-native bmap-tools-native bmaptool copy trick. I'll document with bmaptools anyway but won't explain how to get it from Yocto :)16:43
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yologit clone bitbake into ubuntu 20.04, then do: bitbake -h, it shows: DeprecationWarning: Using or importing the ABCs from 'collections' and I need install python_is_python3, question: is yocto still using python2? or has it updated to python3 fully already.18:16
smurrayyolo: it's been using python3 for a long time now, that warning is from a deprecation Python did something like 3.9 or 3.10.  I believe some fixes went into bitbake for that, so I'm surprised you'd be seeing the warning18:20
smurrayyolo: from looking in git, removing the use happened last fall, and it was backported all the way to dunfell (last Oct), so perhaps would be good to check what version you're cloning18:23
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yolosmurray: i'm on master of bitbake18:26
yoloeven yocto3.4.2 tag checkout for bitbake still give me the same warning18:27
vvnhow do you guys usually update the fstab? do you rely only on the .wks file, bbappend base-files or edit ${IMAGE_ROOTFS}/etc/fstab in the image recipe?18:28
yolodefault python on ubuntu 20.04 for me is: python -V  3.8.218:30
yolojust switched to python3.10, no such warning, so it only applies to 3.8 I guess, which is ubuntu 20.04 default18:30
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smurrayyolo: 20.04 focal has newer 3.8 in it's updates, with the 3.8.10 in my 20.04 container image here I don't see that warning with bitbake master18:31
yoloi had it with 3.8.10 though18:32
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smurrayyolo: I don't see it here, not sure why that would be.  Note that you don't need python_is_python3, but I don't believe it'd have this effect18:35
yoloit's ok, last time with bitbake is a few years ago, as long as it's python3 all is good18:44
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jclsn[m]Is there a command line version of the Yocto documentation. That would be so great...18:54
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rburtonwhat's a command-line version?19:07
rburtonyou mean, man format?19:08
rburtonsphinx can do that, patches welcome for any tweaks needed19:08
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jclsn7rburton: Yes exactly19:21
jclsn7Not sure how that would work though19:27
jclsn7Seems like a lot of work19:27
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rburtonjclsn7: without any changes, 'make man' writes a man page for the entire docs19:44
rburtonso i expect its not that hard to get it to make a page-per-section19:44
jclsn7make man ?19:46
jclsn7No worky19:46
rburtonno, make man in the documentation directory19:47
rburtonyou need sphinx and the template, obviously.  pip can install those.19:48
jclsn7I already created a sphinx project19:49
jclsn7So I need to downlod the Yocto docs?19:49
rburtonthey're part of poky19:49
rburtonpersonally the html is way easier to read and search, but <shrugs>19:50
jclsn7It is mostly lazyness19:50
jclsn7The mouse is lava19:50
kergothyeah sphinx lets you easily map man page title to document page. not sur eif it lets you set the section, but.. the issue is just much of the docs don't fit well into a man page style structure and conventions, i think19:55
kergothcould see having proper man pages generated by sphinx for the actual cli tools19:55
jclsn7I would like something like the vim docs that I can jump through19:55
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jclsn7I would even write a vim plugin for that19:55
kergothAh, that's not really the same format, it has more explicit linking between docs afaik. It's an interesting idea though19:56
kergothCould you not just use a console browser to browse the existing html documentation?19:57
neuberfranHow to active remoteproc in harknott/yocto/technexion device imx7d-pico19:57
kergothHmm, sphinx can also output epub, which is another html based format, but in ebook style navigation, wonder if that'd be browsable in a console19:58
kergothIHmm,  bet sphinx's man page output would combine well with the sphinx argparse plugin for actual tool man pages..19:58
khemkergoth:  I am impressed with mdBook project, it  generates book out of markdown, rust community uses it everywhere
kergothHuh, haven't checked that one out, thanks.20:00
kergothI know sphinx can use md instead of rst with MyST20:00
kergothwill have to read up on this one htough20:00
khemI really can write only .md 🙂20:00
kergothI've been trying to put together a decent damn cookiecutter-style project template for my personal projects every once in a while, never got around to finishing it htough20:00
khemthis is a sample of its output
kergothI think rst makes more sense from a doc standpoint due to its extensibility and stuff, but I odn't actually like to write it20:01
jclsn7kergoth: No, it doesn't work with sphinx. Missing some sphinx_rtd_theme HTML20:01
khemmdbooks own manual is also using mdbook 🙂
jclsn7I would just browse though the .rst files, but they are not nice to read. Maybe there is a vim plugin already20:02
kergothbeing able to run the code samples in the rust docs is a nice touch20:05
jclsn7There is rst2ctags, which at least lets you jump through them20:05
jclsn7Doesn' make the nicer to read though20:06
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rburtonjclsn7: pip install the theme too20:16
moto-timoSwitching back and forth between .rst and .md does lead the brain to confusion20:19
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jclsn7rburton: Worked. thax20:46
jclsn7Will see what to do with it tomorrow20:46
jclsn7Ima tired20:46
jclsn7as Super Mario would say20:46
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neuberfranI have freela:23:30
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