Friday, 2022-03-11

vvnkhem: meta-qt 6f82e21d60318ea9e4208470a10cc547b3b91dae breaks my build for qtwebengine. It used to work just fine without x11, now I get a "libxkbfile was skipped: missing required distro feature 'x11' (not in DISTRO_FEATURES)"00:09
vvnkhem: reverting it fixes the build00:11
vvnand the build also breaks for nspr from meta-openembedded too, had to revert a9736c300:21
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tlwoernerzeddii: kernel recipes don't have a "do_patch" step?02:31
tlwoernerthey have a do_kernel_metadata instead?02:33
yolowhat's quilt-native for, what does native mean in yocto02:37
rfs613yolo: it means a binary that runs on your build machine (host)02:38
rfs613quilt is a tool for managing stacks of patches... kind of like git02:38
yoloyes used quilt before...I see, I was used to 'quilt-host' naming02:39
yoloin openwrt at least those are calls 'host' packages02:39
yolonativesdk is also a bit odd to me, SDK by default implies a host-package(e.g. x86), is there a crosssdk? what does that even mean then02:41
yolonativesdk makes me think it's a native sdk running on the target, as the true sdk is cross, or, just call it SDK, which imples SDK running on the host/build machine02:42
rfs613meh, naming... if we could just all agree, what would we do with all the time gained? :P02:42
yolosimilarly i was thinking quilt-native is for the target, as the host does not need 'native', just call it quilt02:42
rfs613the distinction is that your host may have quilt (from ubuntu or whatever), but yocto has it's own, which they call quilt-native.02:43
yologot it. thanks.02:43
rfs613basically to control the versions of tools used durign build, and not rely on what's installed on host system.02:43
yoloi was used to: cross-toolchain(SDK,including its own perl,python,quilt), host-tools(perl,python,quilt on x86 host originally)), native-anything -- runs on the target natively02:44
yoloe.g. an arm embedded board can have gcc installed natively in addition to be cross compiled on an x86 host02:45
rfs613and then there's canadian cross...02:49
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yolois there a shell env to play with `T="123"; A:="test ${T}"` etc to practice with bitbake syntax? devshell|devpyshell not a good fit03:37
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yoloit's like a bitbake shell to debug recipes, similar to bash to debug shell scripts REPL way03:37
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khemvvn can you try latest meta-qt5 patch from
khemand report in the pull if that fixes your problem03:45
khemnspr-native is fixed in master-next already it should be in master soon03:46
khemyolo nativesdk packages are to be meant to be able to run on SDK hosts, we have build host = the machine you are building on and you can also build a cross SDK which can be installed on another host called SDK host and used to cross build packages for target like you are doing on your build host as well. nativesdk packages become like native packages but on SDK host03:49
khemthe gcc on device is like any other target package in OE speak. No difference03:49
khemyou can call it on-device SDK if you want to03:49
khemSo on my native ( x86_64) host I build an SDK which will run on arm64 (SDK host) and generate code for riscv64 ( target )03:52
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khemyolo you might use bb.debug much like printf like debugging. You can run bitbake server using bitbake --server-only03:56
khemREPL is quite powerful I agreee03:56
yolothanks. not sure what bitbake --server-only is for though04:19
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vvnkhem: qt5 fix tested ;-)04:54
khemvvn add the info to pull04:55
vvnkhem: already done04:56
vvnhence the wink wink04:56
khemvery good thanks04:56
* khem checks his eyes04:59
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mckoangood morning07:32
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jclsn785God there is another number again08:39
jclsn785In a month my nick will look like the Matrix08:39
jclsn785Why is this happening?08:39
mckoanjclsn785: you have top register your nick in the IRC server08:41
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mckoan*have to08:41
jclsn785I did already08:41
jclsn785And I couldn't even register as jclsn08:41
jclsn785So it became jclsn708:41
jclsn785Not it is 78508:41
jclsn785Maybe I have to leave the Yocto channel in Matrix08:42
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jclsnSo hoping it stays that way now09:02
jclsnmckoan: You have been part of the project since the beginning right?09:02
jclsnI was asking myself yesterday whether the order of the layers in the bblayers.conf matters. Most people here were not sure either.09:03
qschulzjclsn: the order of layers of same priorities "matters"09:03
jclsnI am asking because in the Yocto example openembedded and poky always come first, but kas always puts them last09:04
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jclsnqschulz: How can I determine the priority of a layer?09:04
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jclsnI already looked in the layer.conf09:04
qschulzjclsn: kas put them last VERY likely because of your kas.yaml file09:04
jclsnI put them the other way round int he kas.yml09:05
jclsnDidn't change a thing09:05
thekappehello guys ! I have one question.. is it possible to pass a variable to bitbake from the command line (eg: bitbake foo=bar core-image-minimal) ?09:05
qschulzjclsn: bitbake-layers show-layers I think should show the priority09:05
qschulzjclsn: BBFILE_PRIORITY_something in your conf/layer.conf09:05
qschulzthekappe: yes, see
qschulzjclsn: mmmm seems like they are sorted alphabetically09:09
jclsnSo meta-webkit and meta-chromium can conflict09:10
qschulzjclsn: private pastebin09:10
jclsnThought that would mean it doesn't list on google o09:11
jclsnPublic now09:12
jclsnGuess I should work with expiry dates09:12
jclsnI don't want all our company's configs lying around for everyone to see. At least not forever09:12
qschulzjclsn: I would rather have them exist forever. Otherwise, someone might see the IRC archives, click on the pastebin to have some context and won't have access to it and then the whole help session we'll do will only benefit yourself09:13
qschulznot sure making the pastebin private or limited in time bring something to you here on this channel? (but I might be missing out on something :) )09:14
qschulzjclsn: it's a name and you can anonymise the data before putting it on the pastebin :)09:14
jclsnOk ok09:16
jclsnAnyway, I think I should assign a higher priority to our custom layer as it mostly contains kernel and bsp modifications09:16
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thekappe@qschulz, I couldn't find the information in the link you've just sent me09:21
thekappethe proposed variables seems to be the ones used inside a recipe09:21
qschulzthekappe: what is it that you want to do?09:22
thekappebitbake foo=bar core-image-minimal09:22
thekappesupposing that there is a recipe using the foo variable09:22
qschulzyes, so you need to tell bitbake this environment variable can be used09:23
qschulzbecause by default the environment variables are not used, as you saw09:23
qschulzso I sent you a link to the bitbake variable you need to set in order to pass environment variables through bitbake09:24
qschulzyou need to add it to your local.conf09:24
thekappeit's used in my build/conf/local.conf to set another variable09:25
thekappeI've set in build/conf/local.conf:09:33
thekappeBB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE += " foo"09:33
thekappeSW_REV = ${foo}09:33
thekappebtw running:09:34
thekappe$ export foo=bar09:34
thekappe$ bitbake -c cleansstate my-image-minimal09:34
thekappeleads to09:34
thekappeunparsed line: 'SW_REV = foo'09:34
qschulzthekappe: still need quotes in bitbake code09:40
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thekappe@qschulz, damn... thanks09:53
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jclsnJPEW: The Pyrex container has increased in size a lot. Does it provide more tooling now or what is the reason?09:59
jclsn@qschulz: What is the reason for this?10:03
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jclsnWe still have this nasty issue with kernel builds not being reproducible10:09
jclsnWe have both built from scratch with deleted downloads and sstate-cache. One kernel boots, the other doesn't10:09
jclsnEither kas or Pyrex is the reason for this...10:09
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rburtonjclsn: have you compared the binaries to verify they're different10:29
jclsnrburton: Yes they are10:30
rburtonobviously kas or pyrex isn't the cause, but one of them is causing your layers to behave badly10:30
jclsnTwo of my colleagues could now build successfully10:30
jclsnSomething is funky here10:30
rburtonused diffoscope to drill in and see where the differences are?10:30
jclsnCould my computer be the reason?10:30
jclsnNever used diffoscope10:31
jclsnWill try10:31
jclsnI was using kas 3.0.2 and the others 2.6.3 and 2.3.310:32
rburtonthe difference is minor but important if you're using poky master10:33
jclsnThese differences?
jclsnI don't really understand them tbh10:34
JaMais someone collecting interesting performance statistics during OE builds? I'm thinking about adding some graphs to my results in test-oe-build-time to better show how bad and how long the memory usage peaks actually are during different build setups (number of threads)10:34
jclsnAlso don't know how to relate these version numbers to 3.0.2 or 2.6.310:34
rburtonJaMa: the oe-build-perf scripts/machines collect some data, would be interesting to add memory usage10:35
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JaMamem usage, swap, disk io, load seem obvious, but maybe something else would be nice to include10:35
* JaMa will have a look at oe-build-perf-test, I think I haven't used this one before (only the matrix build maybe 15 years ago :))10:38
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rburtonJaMa: its what the build-perf machines in the autobuilder run, so there are reliable metrics over time10:39
rburtoni havent actually looked at the numbers for a while, which is bad.10:40
JaMaI was planing to install prometheus or something new and fancy10:40
sinkoHello everyone, I installed an openvpn server on ubuntu. I also installed openvpn client in Yocto. However, on the yocto side, I am getting an openvpn client error in runtime. the error is as follows:10:40
sinkoMar 11 10:33:58 x-rp432 systemd[1]: Starting OpenVPN Robust And Highly Flexible Tunneling Application On client...10:40
sinkoMar 11 10:33:58 x-rp432 systemd[1]: [[0;1;39m[[0;1;31m[[0;1;39mopenvpn@client.service: Control process exited, code=exited, status=1/FAILURE[[0m10:40
sinkoMar 11 10:33:58 x-rp432 systemd[1]: [[0;1;38;5;185m[[0;1;39m[[0;1;38;5;185mopenvpn@client.service: Failed with result 'exit-code'.[[0m10:40
sinkoMar 11 10:33:58 x-rp432 systemd[1]: [[0;1;31m[[0;1;39m[[0;1;31mFailed to start OpenVPN Robust And Highly Flexible Tunneling Application On client.[[0m10:40
sinkoI couldn't find what caused it. Is there anyone who can help?10:40
JaMabut if build-perf collects all I need, then it will be easier to document in test-oe-build-time for others to share comparable results10:41
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rburtonJaMa: that is the new hotness, for sure.  bonus points for throwing buildstats information into the same store so you can see a spike and easily correlate that to what tasks a running :)10:41
sinkoI created openvpn folder in etc. I put the ca.crt, client.crt, client.key, client.conf files that I created on the server into it.10:42
rburtonsinko: did you look at the log for that unit in the journal?10:42
JaMarburton: not sure how much time I'll actually spend on this, the workstation is already running for 3 days refreshing the results for honister, for kirkstone I just wanted to capture "a bit more" :)10:43
sinkoI did not add the syslog to the image.10:44
rburtonsinko: journald is part of systemd10:44
JaMaand the weather is getting warmer, so I don't need this 70C heather on all the time :)10:44
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sinkoI think, im either looking at it in the wrong place or im missing it.10:49
sinkorburton I couldn't find any logs in journal.10:52
sinkorburton These are the log outputs I found with journalctl -u openvpn@client, nothing more.10:55
sinkoMar 11 10:47:02 x-rp432 systemd[1]: [[0;1;39m[[0;1;31m[[0;1;39m/lib/systemd/system/openvpn@.service:8: PIDFile= references a path below legacy directory /var/run/, updating /var/run/openvpn/client.p10:56
sinkoid → /run/openvpn/; please update the unit file accordingly.[[0m10:56
sinkoMar 11 10:47:24 x-rp432 systemd[1]: [[0;1;39m[[0;1;31m[[0;1;39m/lib/systemd/system/openvpn@.service:8: PIDFile= references a path below legacy directory /var/run/, updating /var/run/openvpn/client.p10:56
sinkoid → /run/openvpn/; please update the unit file accordingly.[[0m10:56
sinkoMar 11 10:47:32 x-rp432 systemd[1]: Starting OpenVPN Robust And Highly Flexible Tunneling Application On client...10:56
sinkoMar 11 10:47:32 x-rp432 systemd[1]: [[0;1;39m[[0;1;31m[[0;1;39mopenvpn@client.service: Control process exited, code=exited, status=1/FAILURE[[0m10:56
sinkoMar 11 10:47:32 x-rp432 systemd[1]: [[0;1;38;5;185m[[0;1;39m[[0;1;38;5;185mopenvpn@client.service: Failed with result 'exit-code'.[[0m10:56
sinkoMar 11 10:47:32 x-rp432 systemd[1]: [[0;1;31m[[0;1;39m[[0;1;31mFailed to start OpenVPN Robust And Highly Flexible Tunneling Application On client.[[0m10:56
qschulzsinko: try without units first if you can10:58
sinko"journalctl" output:11:01
sinkoSep 20 10:43:59 x-rp432 kernel: Booting Linux on physical CPU 0x011:01
sinkoSep 20 10:43:59 x-rp432 kernel: [[0;1;39m[[0;1;31m[[0;1;39mLinux version 5.11:01
sinko4.72-v7l (oe-user@oe-host) (gcc version 9.3.0 (GCC)) #1 SMP Mon Oct 19 11:12:2011:01
sinkoUTC 2020[[0m11:01
sinkoSep 20 10:43:59 x-rp432 kernel: CPU: ARMv7 Processor [410fd083] revision 311:01
sinko(ARMv7), cr=30c5383d11:01
sinkoSep 20 10:43:59 x-rp432 kernel: CPU: div instructions available: patching d11:01
sinkoivision code11:01
sinkoSep 20 10:43:59 x-rp432 kernel: CPU: PIPT / VIPT nonaliasing data cache, PI11:01
sinkoPT instruction cache11:01
sinkoSep 20 10:43:59 x-rp432 kernel: OF: fdt: Machine model: Raspberry Pi 4 Mode11:01
sinkol B Rev 1.111:01
sinkoSep 20 10:43:59 x-rp432 kernel: Memory policy: Data cache writealloc11:01
sinkoSep 20 10:43:59 x-rp432 kernel: Reserved memory: created CMA memory pool at11:01
sinko 0x000000001ec00000, size 256 MiB11:01
sinkoSep 20 10:43:59 x-rp432 kernel: OF: reserved mem: initialized node linux,cm11:01
sinkoa, compatible id shared-dma-pool11:01
JaMasinko: use pastebin and I believe "without units" was meant as trying to run openvpn by hand instead of systemd, not pasting whole journalctl output11:03
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qschulzJaMa: yes, thank you for clarifying11:07
sinkoim new so i dont know much. thank you for the information. i will share the log after running it manually.11:09
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robertd[m]hey guys11:55
robertd[m]is there a way to cache lfs?11:55
robertd[m]the `do_unpack` task seems to reach out to fetch lfs each and every time11:56
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jclsnJPEW: Does Pyrex build with its own toolchain or does it use my local toolchain?12:40
rburtonpyrex is a container which has its own native toolchain12:41
rburtonits based on ubuntu 20.0412:41
JPEWjclsn: yes it grew. We made the "oe" containers able to run oe-selftest12:49
JPEWMade it easier to maintain12:49
JPEWFuture containers should be smaller but I can't do that retroactively because it might break someone12:50
jclsnIt is no big deal really12:51
jclsnI was just wondering what changed, because I am experiencing problems with my build12:51
jclsnIt is either caused by kas 3.0.0, which I use to checkout or by the Pyrex toolchain12:51
jclsnI think I using both is too much tooling. It makes debugging harder12:52
mckoando we have any recipe example showing how to define SRC_URI for an Azure private repo ?13:14
mckoangit repo13:15
JPEWjclns: both is untested for sure. I don't use kas13:19
thekappemmmm long story short.. I've put in local.conf:13:23
thekappeBB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE += " SW_REV"13:23
thekappethen in my image/rootfs/etc/os-release I get13:24
thekappeafter running:13:24
thekappe$ SW_REV=next bitbake my-image13:24
thekappeany idea on how to get SW_REV correctly expanded in /etc/os-release ?13:24
qschulzthekappe: check with bitbake -e that BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE is correctly set and if SW_REV is set (not sure if it's printed or not in the log though this one)13:26
jclsnEXTRAWHITE sounds like tooth whitener13:29
thekappeqschulz,  running bitbake -e shoes that BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE="....... SW_REV", btw SW_REV is not defined13:37
thekappemoreover: I get the same result using d.getVar13:49
thekappebtibake -e | grep SW_REV13:49
thekappe# $MY_SW_REV13:49
thekappe#     "${@d.getVar('SW_REV')}"13:49
jclsnCould clam be the reason for my error? Any experiences??13:49
jclsnI know from Windows that compiling and anti-virus programs don't get along well13:51
rburtonturn it off and see, i guess13:58
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rburtonjclsn: have you ran diffoscope over two images yet to see *where* the differnces are?13:58
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jclsnrburton: Yes, but the differences are to many. Plus, I don't speak binary14:01
rburtonare they all over the image, or just the kernel14:05
rburtonif you have reproducible builds and the same SHAs, then the filesystem should be identical14:06
kayterina[m]Hello. I am looking for the python3 interpreter. I did 'bitbake -s | grep ^python3' but there is no python3-core. The ultimate goal is to use the yocto's machine python for crossenv14:14
jclsnI just builts successfullx14:14
jclsnPyrex is the problem14:14
jclsnIf I build with kas, it works14:14
rburtonpyrex is triggering the problem. it's just a container :)14:14
jclsnYeah the Pyrex's container14:15
jclsnAh nevermind14:20
jclsnI just didn't flash cleanly14:20
jclsnI am still clueless14:20
jclsnI really hope it is clam14:26
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jclsnrburton: I have reproducible builds on and just checked the kernel14:32
jclsnI could use my colleagues kernel and boot, so that is where the issue lies14:32
jclsnI am currently just building kernel with all different combinations14:32
jclsnMy machine is cursed14:33
rburtonrunning memcheck is always worth a go, bad ram does cause all sorts of fun things14:34
pasherringthis plagued me just yesterday. BTW, thanks for the tip, rburton .14:35
pasherringI reduced a bit ram frequency on the build machine and the memtest started passing.14:36
pasherringThis is obviously just paliative, I need to pick up some new ram modules :)14:36
tlwoernerRP: ignore what i said last night, removing threads and parallel had the same random chance of success/fail on my jenkins last night as it did with them in the config14:44
jclsnrburton: I have also thought about that14:49
jclsnIf this is the case, I won't buy a ThinkPad with onboard RAM anymore14:50
qschulzjclsn: building yocto on a laptop does not make much sense anyway14:52
qschulz(and I'm saying this from my Thinkpad T15 Gen 1 which is unbearably slow compiling stuff14:53
jclsnqschulz: I have the same remember?15:24
jclsnMy boss wants to give me his old tower, which should be a bit slower. Has like 12 cores I think15:25
prabhakarladHi all, has anyone hit the below issue on meta-riscv15:25
prabhakarladx86_64-oesdk-linux/usr/lib/riscv64-oe-linux/gcc/riscv64-oe-linux/9.3.0/include/stdint.h:9:16: fatal error: stdint.h: No such file or directory15:25
prabhakarlad    9 | # include_next <stdint.h>15:25
jclsnBut I can't take that home. Would have to talk with the IT to be able to SSH into it15:25
jclsnWhich is painful ^^15:25
jclsnOur IT is big crap15:26
*** robertd[m] <robertd[m]!~robertdno@2001:470:69fc:105::1:ce51> has left #yocto15:26
jclsnI am currently setting up a CI pipeline with a 20-core runner, but I couldn't get it to work yet15:26
jclsnAt some point I will run through the company screaming THREADRIPPER!!!!!!15:27
jclsnbut the 64-core version is easily at 10.000 €...15:28
rfs613jclsn: watch out, they may come for you with a fancy jacket, and carry you off to the dungeon in the basement...15:28
qschulzjclsn: 10k is usually a small-ish budget for companies15:29
qschulzjclsn: setting up a jenkins/gitlab/whatever pipeline with a VERY powerful server might be easier to sell to your boss15:29
jclsnrfs631: Yeah I should better write it via email15:29
jclsnqschulz: That is my plan15:30
*** manuel1985 <manuel1985!~manuel198@2a02:1748:dd5c:f290:c5b2:fdff:b718:9edf> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)15:30
rburtonworth doing the sums for a CI setup on AWS or similar with spot instances for the builds15:30
jclsnWhen that Gitlab pipeline is ready I will see15:30
rburtonspot instances that are bought up to build as needed, with SSTATE_DIR shared over EFS15:31
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Guest23How can I trigger a download of uninative-tarball in yocto?16:10
*** manuel1985 <manuel1985!~manuel198@2a02:1748:dd5c:f290:c5b2:fdff:b718:9edf> has joined #yocto16:10
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rburtonbuild something, anything16:21
rburtonif you want to reload, delete it from DL_DIR and wipe tmp/16:21
*** troth <troth!> has joined #yocto16:23
Guest23rburton ok. is there any benefit building my own uninative-tarball?16:24
*** manuel1985 <manuel1985!~manuel198@2a02:1748:dd5c:f290:c5b2:fdff:b718:9edf> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)16:31
rburtonnone at all16:32
rfs613well, depends if you wear a tin foil hat ;-)16:32
rburtonif you wear tin foil then turn off uninative :)16:33
rfs613bingo :16:33
rfs613(for the record, my tin foil hat is safely stored in a dark drawer, just in case I need it someday)16:34
*** manuel1985 <manuel1985!~manuel198@2a02:1748:dd5c:f290:c5b2:fdff:b718:9edf> has joined #yocto16:37
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pasherringops :\16:53
*** manuel1985 <manuel1985!~manuel198@2a02:1748:dd5c:f290:c5b2:fdff:b718:9edf> has joined #yocto16:54
rfs613kanavin: I was not aware of meta-lts-mixin, thanks for the pointer. And I see it has goland/docker which is of interest to my client. I will take a closer look soon, maybe have some questions.17:14
kanavinrfs613, sure17:15
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khemprabhakarlad: what are using building, explain the situation a bit more17:35
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prabhakarladkhem: Im trying to build the Renesas FlashWriter utility with the SDK installed (I am using dunfell release). I even created a recipe to build the utility and still seeing the exact same issue.17:39
prabhakarladmore log here:
khemthis package is not respecting CC/CXX/LD etc17:41
khemso please fix that17:41
*** manuel1985 <manuel1985!~manuel198@2a02:1748:dd5c:f290:c5b2:fdff:b718:9edf> has joined #yocto17:41
khemturn those assignments into weak assigns using ?= instead of =17:44
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prabhakarladkhem: thanks for the pointer, making assignments weak did the trick!18:07
*** florian_kc <florian_kc!> has joined #yocto18:12
khemgood, you should send this patch upstream as well. It will improve that package18:43
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* rfs613 watches rust-native build... 17min so far... 19:33
rfs613memory usage so far hasn't been bad, at most I saw 10G used.19:34
*** prabhakarlad <prabhakarlad!> has joined #yocto19:35
prabhakarladkhem: agreed will send it upstream.19:36
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JaMarfs613: yes rust-native is quite slow to build21:20
rfs613JaMa: yup, but it finished now, all good ;-)21:21
JaMatakes around 10 mins even with -j 6421:22
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