Monday, 2022-03-14

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jclsnShouldn't the kernel binary be identical when INHERIT += " reproducible-build" is set?07:30
jclsnI just built it two times and the md5sum differs07:30
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mckoangood morning08:11
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RPjclsn_: can depend on a lot of things including which kernel it is :/08:13
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jclsnRP: Hmm it is the linux-fslc-imx kernel08:13
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RPjclsn: We made sure linux-yocto does the right things (as far as I know) but I can't comment on that kernel :/08:19
RPrburton: the series in master-next for crypto in core is close but two issues. Arm ptest failure (missing import tomli) and reproducibility failure08:20
jclsnRP: Are you saying you recommend using another kernel?08:24
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RPjclsn: no, I suspect you need that kernel for your hardware. I'm just saying that the people who made it probably haven't paid attention to reproducubility :(08:29
jclsnotavio: Is that true?08:30
jclsnRP: I don08:30
jclsnRP: I don't think so actually. More probable that my patches are the cause08:30
* landgraf is back08:31
RPlandgraf: welcome back08:35
RPjclsn: I don't know. I do know we had to be careful about the configuration and the way linux-yocto was built and I don't know if others have spent time on that08:35
RPjclsn: reproducibility isn't top of everyone's priority list even if we have core working well08:36
jclsnHmm okay08:37
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RPjclsn: you might be right and it may be your patches but I'm not sure...08:46
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Guest4Is the following link meant for custom hardware?
RPrburton: have the reproducibility fix, just need the ptest one...08:51
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jclsnWhat do these messages mean?09:18
jclsnWARNING: linux-fslc-imx-5.10.98+git999-r0 do_fetch: /usr/lib/python3.8/ PendingDeprecationWarning: visit_Str is deprecated; add visit_Constant09:18
jclsn  return visitor(node)09:18
jclsnWARNING: linux-fslc-imx-5.10.98+git999-r0 do_populate_lic: /usr/lib/python3.8/ PendingDeprecationWarning: visit_Str is deprecated; add visit_Constant09:18
jclsn  return visitor(node)09:18
jclsnWARNING: linux-fslc-imx-5.10.98+git999-r0 do_deploy_source_date_epoch: /usr/lib/python3.8/ PendingDeprecationWarning: visit_Str is deprecated; add visit_Constant09:18
jclsn  return visitor(node)09:18
jclsnIs my Python deprecated?09:18
Guest4jclsn What are you trying to accomplish and what did you do to reach those warnings?09:21
jclsnThey appear when I build the kernel09:22
jclsnEvery time09:22
Saur[m]jclsn: There are a couple of commits in OE-Core fixing problems like that. Search the Git log for "visit_Constant".09:26
jclsnI think I also made some progress regarding this weird issue with the kernel09:26
jclsnWhen I checkout linux-fslc-imx to a workspace with devtool modify, everything works fine. When I devtool reset and build normall, the kernel panic occurs. How can this be?09:27
jclsnMaybe checking out silently fails somehow09:27
jclsnSaur: Will have a look09:27
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jclsngit log | grep -b3 visit_Constant returns nothing09:29
jclsnIn meta-oe, if that is correct09:30
Saur[m]No, that is not OE-Core. Search in meta (or poky)09:31
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RPjclsn: which version of the project is that with?09:47
jclsnRP: honister09:48
RPjclsn: it means deprecated API in python is being used but I thought we'd fixed that09:48
RPjclsn: e.g. and
RPjclsn: those are what Saur[m] was referring to09:49
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JaMarburton: FWIW: I've added some graphs in I'm happy with my config in
JaMaanother interesting behavior was that 8bb-threads happened to use more swap than 64bb-threads, but I guess that's just unlucky scheduling when more heavier do_compile had their memory-usage peak at the same time in compared with09:59
RPJaMa: interesting. I wish I had more time to look at performance :/10:17
* RP has a patch which cuts a couple of million getVar calls out but not sure whether it massively helps or not10:18
Saur[m]A couple of million getVar calls less sounds like it could have an impact...10:19
RPSaur[m]: they hit the expand cache so not as much as you'd think10:19
Saur[m]Ah, ok.10:20
RPSaur[m]: I have another which knocks about 25% of the getVarFlag calls out but I think it breaks something, need to try and track down what10:20
RPI really need to come up with a better timing metric too10:21
Saur[m]Sounds like interesting patches.10:21
LetoThe2ndyo dudX10:26
RPSaur[m]: two different experiments in
RPDoing something with __depends might also help if we had somewhere other than the datastore to poke it10:28
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flodohey there guys! I am new to yocto and I am facing some problems I can't solve. I hope someone can help me a bit.10:34
flodoI am trying to boot a core image via pxe and syslinux, I was able to build the bzImage and now I am serving it via pxe10:35
flodoafter loading the bzImage the device is telling me that it is not able to mount the root fs on an unknown block (0,0)10:36
flodoI guess I would therefore also need an initramfs?10:37
Saur[m]RP: You can move the if not srcflags test outside and skip the entire for loop if there are no flags.10:37
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RPSaur[m]: least of the problems in that code10:47
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rburtonRP: got a link for the outstanding crypto failure?10:56
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rburtonarmpit/khem: can you fix meta-oe master now so it builds against oe-core master?11:00
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RPrburton: I think the main issue now is the 2GB min memory requirement and the test runtime11:12
RPrburton: arm shows and IA shows no failure, I think as there isn't free memory11:13
RPrburton: I have a patch locally for the missing tomli dependency11:13
RPrburton: 20 mins so far for the crypto test on arm :/11:14
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RP(since I don't have KVM)11:14
rburtonamazing news polkit can use duktape instead of mozjs11:25
rburtonRP: urgh slow11:25
RPrburton: 32 mins, still going11:25
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RPrburton: nice, finally :)11:26
rburtonRP: maintainers were understandably trying to not introduce huge regressions but yeah took a while11:26
RPrburton: definitely understandable11:27
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* RP wonders why core-image-ptest-all would have less than 2GB free memory when it has 4GB :/11:30
rburtondoubt it11:31
RPit is x86 specific11:31
rburtondoes it actually have 4gb though?11:31
RPqemu is being called with -m 409611:32
rburtonok, fair11:32
RP[    0.027261] Kernel command line: root=/dev/vda rw  mem=4096M ip= console=ttyS0 console=ttyS1 oprofile.timer=1 tsc=reliable no_timer_check rcupdate.rcu_expedited=1  printk.time=111:33
RP[    0.036338] Memory: 2028184K/2096600K available (16396K kernel code, 2134K rwdata, 3584K rodata, 1692K init, 2156K bss, 68156K reserved, 0K cma-reserved)11:33
RPdoes anyone know why x86-64 would do that? :/11:35
rburtonwell q35 should support up to 4gb11:38
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rburtonq35 does do games with memory though11:40
RPrburton: the ptest had one failure out of 2855 tests :(11:42
RPopenssl memory leak11:42
rburtonif you can share info about the leak I can forward to someone who might be able to fix it11:43
RPrburton: log mailed11:45
Perceval[m]Hello all :) I'm trying to disable all agetty services. I added 'PACKAGECONFIG_remove = "serial-getty-generator"' in systemd_%.bbappend but the services are still there. How would you do it?11:48
rburtonRP: colleague looking quickly now.  i suggest we just disable that test for now though.11:55
rburtonits a grand 300bytes leaked11:55
RPrburton: can you sort a patch to disable?11:57
RPrburton: I updated master-next to all the pieces I currently know we need11:58
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rburtonRP: do you remmeber why we have USRBINPATH?12:12
rburtonit's always set to bindir12:12
rburtonah no, it's not12:13
RPrburton: Sounds like you have an answer. I'm sure there was a reason...12:15
rburtonbecause its where the interpreters will live12:15
rburtonso native/nativesdk is always /usr/bin, even if the target prefix is /foobar12:15
RPah, yes12:15
rburtonwas the leak only on arm?12:19
rburtonRP ^12:19
rburtonpytest lets you do programatic xfails, so we can make it expected-to-fail on arm hosts12:19
rburtonself-reporting when it works again too that way12:20
RPrburton: it didn't run on x86 so I don't know yet12:20
RPrburton: actually, results just in, seems to work on x8612:20
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RPer, no, didn't run at all12:20
rburtoni wonder why it didn't run at all12:21
RPrburton: lack of memory. I need to debug that12:21
RPrburton: I do at least have a local build to poke at now12:22
rburton one of the leaks is fixed upstream already12:24
RPrburton: setting to 8GB gives me 6GB so we should be able to check x86 now12:26
* RP is wondering where the missing 2GB is going12:26
RPrburton: fails on x86 too12:31
rburtoncan i send you a commit to test?12:32
rburtonlikely faster than me building12:33
RPrburton: yes12:35
RPrburton: ditching the kernel mem= parameter fixes the memory12:35
* RP grabbing some food, back shortly12:35
rburtonRP: poky-contrib:ross/ssl12:38
jclsnRP: Yes, this is in my log. I might have to add that this message only occurs when I have checked out a workspace for linux-fslc-imx. I was wrong about it happening always.12:52
jclsnIt is also weird that my kernel is resolved when I check out a workspace12:53
jclsn*kernel issue12:53
jclsnI mean there shouldn't be a difference if I don't modify the code12:53
qschulzjclsn: there is some gotchas with files in WORKDIR and devtool12:58
qschulzjclsn: I wouldn't be too surprised there are some issues related to the defconfig12:58
jclsnqschulz: gotchas?12:58
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qschulzjclsn: the relative paths between S and WORKDIR aren't the same in devtool and in "normal" bitbake execution12:59
jclsnAh okay12:59
qschulzalso, the defconfig is sometimes only installed if there isn't already a defconfig/.config in WORKDIR12:59
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jclsnI am using my defconfigs from the meta-layer12:59
qschulzso that's your next step I guess, doing a diff between a normal bitbake and a devtool'ed run and see what are the differences in the source files13:00
jclsnlike meta-custom/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-fslc-imx/mx8/defconfig13:00
jclsnOkay thanks I will investigate13:00
jclsnAt least I am getting fruther13:01
jclsnStill weird that my colleagues can build without isses13:01
jclsnWhere does bitbake checkout the repos btw?13:02
jclsnSearched for them under tmp13:03
qschulzjclsn: in S13:03
qschulzwhich is typically in WORKDIR13:03
jclsnso tmp/work?13:04
qschulzif you're looking for tarballs or git repositories before checkout, they are in DL_DIR, which named "downalods"13:04
qschulzjclsn: that and in subdirectories specific to the architecture and name of the recipe but yes13:05
qschulzjclsn: for the kernel, though, it is tmp/work-shared/13:05
jclsnah yeah13:05
jclsnfzf is my friend13:05
jclsnand you :)13:05
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jclsnMaybe building in zsh is not a good idea13:11
jclsnWill see if bash makes a difference tomorrow13:11
qschulzjclsn: do the diff of the sources13:11
jclsnHave to go now13:12
jclsnqschulz: I will13:12
RPrburton: its rebuilding quite a bit...13:12
jclsnBut even if I find them, that won't explain why my colleagues can build successfully13:12
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qschulzjclsn: you're trying to understand something you don't even know what it is. Figure out what is the issue first and then you can start investigating why it happened13:17
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rburtonRP: maybe should have made that patch class-target for testing13:38
RPrburton: failed :/13:39
RPrburton: error looks the same13:40
rburtoncan you share the log again? at least one of the error should have gone13:40
RPrburton: looks the same to me. This one is x8613:41
RPrburton: sent13:42
rburtoni'll make it xfail for now :)13:45
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vvnhi all -- so basically python applications implementing a must now switch to wheels?13:55
rburtonvvn: must, no.  ideally, yes.  that's a change from upstream python, not from us.13:57
rburtonif you want to use build/install then inherit setuptools3_legacy13:58
vvnrburton: I know it's not from you guys ;-) If the change is trivial I'll switch to wheels13:58
rburtonvvn: leave the inherit as setuptools3 and see if the packaging is the same13:59
rburtonbadly behaved will suddenly start putting files inthe wrong place with wheels13:59
rburtonbasically, if the setup used absolute paths in data_files, you can't use wheels13:59
vvnrburton: the packages fails with poetry_core.bbclass:1: Could not inherit file classes/pip_install_wheel.bbclass14:04
rburtonyes, there's a patch for meta-oe which didn't get merged yet14:04
rburtontell armpit/khem14:04
rburtonits on the list14:04
rburtonRP: ross/ssl has hopefully a workaround for pycrypto14:05
rburtoni'm hoping it was just that one test that failed anyway14:05
vvnrburton: do you have a link? I can add a tested-by if that matters14:07
vvnlet me look for it14:07
rburtoni'm sure you can find the patchwork or lore link if you want to apply it14:07
vvnI think I know its author ;)14:08
vvnnot that easy to find the link14:14
rburtonerm no not that one14:16
rburtonthat one14:17
rburtonlore is great for grabbing the actual patches, for oe-devel14:17
vvnadding to meta-openembedded!14:19
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vvnrburton: build fixed with setuptools3_legacy and your patch14:57
RPrburton: do I want the ssl leak fixes too?14:59
rburtonif they don't help, don't bother i guess14:59
RPrburton: I couldn't seem to see any difference so either they don't or a messed up :/15:00
rburtoni'll kick a build and see15:03
moto-timoMore gremlins in py crypto?15:05
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RPmoto-timo: oh yes :/15:23
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RPmoto-timo: reproducibility failed, qemux86 testing memory limits were wrong, ptest on python3-crypto fails, there was a typo in the ptest patch and so on15:29
RPmoto-timo: I'll squash master-next a bit soon but it currently gives a bit of the story15:30
RPrburton: that patch doesn't work :/15:33
RPrburton: I've mailed it to you15:34
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moto-timoRP: I’ve been trying to follow along15:41
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rburtonRP: bah15:42
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rburtonRP: oh ffs, sorry15:42
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RPrburton: I at least clearly did apply your patch :)15:44
rburtonrepushed, it needed reason="..."15:45
RPrburton: right :)15:45
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RPrburton: good news. that works :)16:47
rburtonsorry about that16:47
RPrburton: we're getting there16:50
* RP notes the installer patch does get on with master-next but easily fixed16:50
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armpitvvn: fix now in master:
kanavinRP: looks like doing version updates during freeze isn't causing too much trouble?17:30
kanavinRP: should I do another batch after AUH runs tomorrow?17:30
RPkanavin: so far so good. I'm having  headache with other issues17:31
RPkanavin: I'm not against another batch for evaluation17:31
kanavinRP: right, ask if you think I can help somewhere17:31
rfs613for a CVE fix affecting multiple branches, should I submit multiple patches, or is there a tag etc to say "apply to these branches" ?17:40
rburtonrfs613: please sent multiple patches as it's unlikely the same patch will apply to all the branches anyway17:40
rburtondifferent maintainers for each branch, you see17:41
rfs613rburton: I was afraid you'd say that... but yeah I understand :-)17:41
RPkanavin: thanks, I don't quite know what I'm doing anymore now, let alone where I need help! :)17:41
kanavinRP: maybe your neurons are asking for afk so they can rearrange themselves? :)17:43
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away17:43
RPkanavin: I think they're dreading trying to make sense of all the things in -next into a coherent patch series17:44
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RPGreat, we now see the same failure on x86 and arm :)17:55
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vvnarmpit: thank you18:10
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rburtonRP: you're going to squash bits of master-next before merging right :)18:48
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rfs613newbie question about layers... I've added a layer and its dependencies... but bitbake doesn't seem to want to see any of the recipes contained in the new layer. How to debug what I did wrong?18:54
rfs613(this is actually for the CVE fix on multiple branches, to check that it actually applies/builds)18:55
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smurrayrfs613: does "bitbake-layers show-layers" look like you expect?19:08
rfs613smurray: yes, it appears in there19:09
rfs613smurray: and19:10
smurrayrfs613: that does seem strange, then19:10
rfs613"bitbake-layers layerindex-show-depends meta-security" also seems happy (i'm adding meta-security)19:10
smurrayyou'd get an error if an explicitly required layer wasn't present19:11
smurrayi.e. via LAYERDEPS19:11
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rfs613yep, when I first tried to add it, it wanted several other layers, meta-perl and meta-python for example, so I added those as well.19:12
smurrayperhaps look through "bitbake-layers show-recipes" to see if any of the recipes are being seen, and look for a stray BBMASK definition in your conf, maybe19:13
cambrian_invaderdoes anyone know where to send patches for ?19:13
rfs613smurray: oh, I got it now... meta-security has several meta-layers within, I only added the top-most one.19:15
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GumaI was wondering if anyone knows how to fix this issue I encountered. I am conneced to my remote machine (ubuntu) from my macosx over ssh. When  connected I do try to run minicom to connect to serial port (yocto embedded device). Everything works fine but I do not see cursor  on command line or in vim. TERM=console.19:16
GumaSame thing happens when I am working from my ubuntu machine so it does not seem it is related to Mac. But when using putty on windows everything works19:17
smurrayrfs613: whew19:17
smurraycambrian_invader: that's a good question, probably will have to ask your NXP support contact if you have one.  If it's something where there's still qoriq bits in meta-freescale, like the kernel, you could maybe switch to using that version and working with the community folks19:20
cambrian_invadersmurray: I have some patches for meta-qoriq itself; specifically enabling some dynamic layers19:21
cambrian_invaderll try seeing if I can get an answer from NXP support19:22
smurraycambrian_invader: right, but NXP do not engage with the community at all for any of their BSP stuff, you'll not the in that layer has no contact information19:22
smurrayerr, note19:22
cambrian_invaderwell, I asked on the meta-freescale list19:22
cambrian_invaderwhich seems active19:22
cambrian_invaderbut no response as of yet19:22
smurraycambrian_invader: stuff like meta-qoriq and meta-imx are developed by NXP and thrown over the wall, they don't involve anyone from the community19:23
cambrian_invaderoh, is meta-freescale something different?19:23
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cambrian_invaderI can tell that meta-qoriq is "over the wall"19:24
smurraycambrian_invader: AIUI some people working on meta-freescale used to be under contract with Freescale/NXP, but that ended a couple of years ago and it's pretty much just community maintained now19:24
cambrian_invaderhuh, interesting19:24
cambrian_invaderI saw some nxp emails on the mailing list19:24
cambrian_invaderso I assumed it was official19:24
smurraycambrian_invader: they do push some things, but their party-line is to use meta-imx which adds a bunch of stuff on top AFAIK19:25
cambrian_invaderyeah, I'm not really happy with how diverged from mainline the *-imx stuff is19:25
cambrian_invaderlayerscape/qoriq seems better, but only because it doesn't seem like there is as much development19:26
smurrayyes, there's a bunch of parallel dev going on inside NXP by different groups, I recently stumbled upon a whole different set of layers for the S32 chips by different devs AFAICT19:27
RPrburton: yes, that is the plan19:38
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rburtonmoto-timo: why does py-crypto have a RDEPENDS:class-target?20:59
rburtonRP: some small fixups in ross/ssl you'll want to squash in21:02
moto-timorburton: those are stdlib from python3… at one point that was breaking -native or nativesdk-  or so I remember from JaMa21:08
rburtonthat means python should be fixed then surely21:09
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moto-timoAnyway, it’s just a separation of deps that always apply vs. python3 sub packages that are only needed for target21:12
rburtonthere's no native/target configuration in the recipe, so it sounds like the native/sdk provides are (were?) incomplete?21:13
moto-timosub packages as in
moto-timoSo no, those don’t apply to native/nativesdk21:15
moto-timoMinimal install without full stdlib on target21:17
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rburtonmoto-timo: python3-native will rprovide those21:25
moto-timoSure. It’s mostly just handy to remember what is a sub package vs. a recipe for a module. But I’m not going to die on that mountain. Do what you think is best. It has probably been a couple years since that behavior was broken.21:27
moto-timoThings with Perl are more obvious because the oe specific sub packages are named Perl-module-foo. With python you have to remember to look at the manifest first, since you won’t fine e.g. python-numbers on layerindex or pypi21:32
moto-timoThis confuses folks21:33
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moto-timoRP: thank you for sending out the patch bomb... I was about to ask what you wanted me to do about it22:53
RPmoto-timo: it took a bit of beating into shape but I think we're kind of there (keeping history of changes from the meta-oe version)22:56
moto-timoRP: yeah... not so smooth as we would have hoped22:56
moto-timoRP: it also highlights the disparity between what is in meta-openembedded vs. what is hammered on in core with the AB22:57
RPmoto-timo: right, core does have a slightly higher bar :/22:58
moto-timoRP: which is the entire reason we wanted py-crypto to move... it needs to be hammered on22:58
* moto-timo happy despite the churn22:58
RPmoto-timo: it is all driving me slightly crazy :(23:01
moto-timoRP: you and me both23:01
* RP lost half the weekend to it :(23:01
moto-timoRP: sorry... I clearly did not expect so much trouble... sigh23:06
RPmoto-timo: I'd hoped it would be better :)23:12
RPThere is just so much stuff going on, that is the challenge23:12
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kevinrowlandHow can I determine why a "-dev" package was added to my image manifest and rootfs, when it wasn't added to `IMAGE_INSTALL` and doesn't show up in the `RDEPENDS` of any other package?  `FILES_${PN}-dev` for this package is set to `/usr/include /usr/lib`, which I know is wrong, but I'm not looking to fix that right now. I'm interested in knowing23:28
kevinrowlandwhich bit of `bitbake` noticed that some library in `/usr/lib` is needed by some other package at runtime, and therefore decided to install the whole "-dev" package. Any pointers?23:28
RPkevinrowland: it will be the shlibs code in package.bbclass23:30
RPkevinrowland: I'd imagine it was injected into the RDEPENDS of some packages at package creation time23:31
kevinrowlandRP: Wonderful, thank you, I'll take a look23:31
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