Friday, 2022-03-25

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vmesonah, here I went and dug up the origin of decafbadbeef for Guest11 and they're gone. Oh, well, if they are searching archives:
vmesonI started manualy wget'ing the opencv tarball. It's 1.9 GB and downloading on my lowly home connection is going to take almost an hour! Speed is varying b/w 250 KB/s and 1.2 MB/s.  I think I'll make a graph of it!00:52
vmesonThere: Not so shocking that YP dlds are much slower than github downloads:
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vmesonhalstead: the variation in dl speed does seem larger than expected but I honestly haven't been making enough graphs of t-put variation recently to know if this is expected.01:08
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* vmeson notes frequent TCP "Errors" in the dl from YP but decides to use the bandwidth for Netflix rather than more tests.01:17
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halsteadthat server is on AWS euro network I believe. Let's run some tests in the morning.04:50 is anyway. Seeing the IP would help since there are multiple. is in Portland Oregon USA.04:51
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dirtyflaghi working porting an old BSP (Mentor) to dunfell, i gat this error06:38
dirtyflagERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'nativesdk-qtbase-tools'06:38
dirtyflagthere is no recipe for qtbase-tools btw06:39
dirtyflagonly a "qtbase"06:39
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hmw[m]<dirtyflag> "hi working porting an old BSP (..." <- in what layer is the  old nativesdk-qtbase-tools07:23
dirtyflaghmw[m]: unfortunately i have been provided only with a customer layer, where it's not07:25
dirtyflaglooks like i have found a nativesdk-qttools07:26
hmw[m]dirtyflag: if i quick search i can´t find it for you ( also not on older branches)07:27
dirtyflaghmw[m]: thanks, i have found a "nativesdk-packagegroup-qt5-toolchain-host"07:27
dirtyflagthat seems ok for my case.07:28
dirtyflaganyway, it brings in perl too, that gives a new romantic error "maximum shebang size exceeded, the maximum size is 128"07:30
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hmw[m]shebang is the first line of a script that starts with !# that may not be longer as 12807:47
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX09:37
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hmw[m]how do i force debug compile when compiling applications whit an yocto sdk09:43
kroon_hmw[m], what build system is your application using ?09:44
kroon_cause i would it say, it depends on the build system used09:45
kroon_I don't know much about qmake, but I would assume the same tricks apply even when building with a yocto sdk as when doing a native build with the host compiler09:47
hmw[m]my code crashes on call x when i have something that is "not executed yet "  if i comment the newly added line way below it is not  crashing09:47
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wyreshould the .dtb filename in the dts/Makefile match exactly the filename of your custom .dts file? 🤔11:05
wyreI mean ... I've got this inside meta-mylayer/recipes-kernel/linux folder
wyreand I'm not sure if I'm patching properly the Makefile, as my dts is actually called imx6ull-microgea-joifi.dts 🤔11:10
wyreso I'm not sure if I should patch the kernel Makefile with `imx6ull-microgea-joifi.dtb`11:10
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mckoanwyre: the names have to be identical11:35
pasherringHey yoctoers! I have a quirky make based project, in which the Makefile is not in the root dir. Is there a proper way to append the do_compile[dirs] variable from the recipe itself?11:36
pasherringtried do_compile[dirs] =+ " ${B}/path/to/Makefile" to no avail11:38
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qschulzpasherring: just set B variable accordingly?11:44
rburtonpasherring: worst case, do_compile() { oe_runmake -C ${B}/path/to/makefile }11:45
rburtondefault do_compile is just oe_runmake, so just pass -C11:46
rburtonadding that -C to OE_EXTRAMAKE should work nicely11:46
rburtonerm EXTRA_OEMAKE11:47
rburtonits early ;)11:47
LetoThe2ndrburton: its always beer o'clock!11:47
rburtonbut as qschulz said, if *all* of the build happens under a directory, setting B works just as well11:47
pasherringAlright! Both easier than getting an extra compile dir :) Thanks a bunch!11:50
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Guest11Still here:/12:13
Guest11Is no one else seeing issues with the mirror?12:13
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ilunevHello! Is there a way to enable pretty-print support for gcc@yocto? So that gdb prints std::vector etc nicely? I found some gdb scripts but they are really slow12:15
rburtonGuest11: known infra problems.  set PREMIRRORS="" to not use it.12:16
ilunevah, looks like I can just use python for this12:25
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wyrewould it be possible to include a custom U-Boot env in the .wic image file? 🤔 I'm not sure if I should do also a .bbappend for the u-boot recipe ..12:34
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Guest11rburton Thank you for confirming! I PREMIRROR and MIRROR set to "" 🙇12:43
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hmw[m]how do i add to my target ?12:53
qschulzhmw[m]: oe-pkgdata-util find-path '**'12:54
qschulzif nothing's returned by this command12:54
qschulzyou need to find out which recipe builds this file12:55
qschulzlikely mysql/mariadb?12:55
hmw[m]returns libmysqlclient-dev : /usr/lib/libmysqlclient.so12:55
hmw[m]so IMAGE_INSTALL += "  libmysqlclient-dev "12:55
qschulzhmw[m]: mmmm12:56
qschulzlikely not what you want12:56
qschulzyou would want the versioned library in your image12:56
rburtonare you asking as you want to compile code and link12:56
qschulzwhich is
qschulz(replace X,Y,Z)12:56
qschulzexcept if some other prebuilt binary/lib is requesting this unversioned lib12:57
hmw[m]don´t cair (qt sql is not working without it )12:57
rburtonyou'll want the runtime version, libmysqlclient, probably12:57
rburtonif qtsql opens the development link then its very, very stupid12:57
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selffHi, guys. I have been dealing with this problem for 2 weeks, do you have any ideas or suggestions?
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rburtontry building opencv manually on the rpi to see if its being cross compiled that is the problem12:59
rburtonbuilding opencv properly is non-trivial and its possible that nobody cared enough to check that opencv is configured right on rpi13:00
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hmw[m] qschulz tnx rburton tnx13:01
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selffrburton did you write the comment for me?13:04
rburtonselff: yes13:04
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selffrburton i didnt fully understand what you meant. the yocto image contains opencv. do i have to install it in runtime and try?13:09
rburtonif you want to debug where the performance difference comes from, that's what I suggest13:10
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selffrburton thanks for the help, i will share the latest status after installing and testing opencv in runtime on yocto side.13:12
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Guest11Is there a way to enable timestamps for bitbake console-latest.log ?13:37
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Guest11rburton ah I didn't think this through. Now a number of other dependencies are failing because they don't exist upstream anymore13:52
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vvnShouldn't we include packagegroup-machine-base in INITRAMFS_SCRIPTS by default?15:59
vvnlike if a machine has an encrypted rootfs partition, one would likely add cryptsetup to MACHINE_EXTRA_RDEPENDS if they follow the guidelines16:01
khemthat will suck-in all kernel modules etc. which might be too much for a initramfs kernel16:01
vvnkhem: only the modules described by the machine as necessary to boot such critical partitions16:02
vvnthat you do want in the initramfs16:02
vvnif I have a luks2+btrfs rootfs, I am supposed to set MACHINE_EXTRA_RDEPENDS = "cryptsetup" MACHINE_EXTRA_RRECOMMENDS = "kernel-module-btrfs", these are part of packagegroup-machine-base and I do need to duplicate that in the initramfs16:03
vvnone could argue that this is a distro choice, but it becomes critical to successfully boot a system16:06
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khemyou want those called out explicitly in initramfs image with PACKAGE_INSTALL16:27
khemthese images should be minimal16:28
khemits easy to build ground up.16:30
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vvnkhem: I think what's missing is DISTRO_ESSENTIAL_EXTRA_RDEPENDS/RRECOMMENDS and have packagegroup-core-boot depends on split packagegroup-machine-boot and packagegroup-distro-boot.16:34
khemintroducing another abstraction and variable does need to have some benefits. So If I can blindly build a common initramfs image that will boot every board and is lean and mean, I do see benefits but I think we are not there16:39
smurraythere's also room for some potential for wackiness with vendor BSPs throwing piles of stuff into MACHINE_EXTRA* that you might not want in an initramfs16:41
smurrays/potential for/potential/16:41
vvnI see16:46
vvnthat ends up being a distro configuration in fact16:47
vvnand thus only packagegroup-distro-base may be safe to rely on, if the distro wants to add it to INITRAMFS_SCRIPTS16:47
vvnThe confusing part is that most of the packagegroup-*base* groups are in fact machine specific16:48
vvnor packagegroup-machine-base, assuming the distro carefully control what the BSP layer put in there16:52
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smurrayvvn: the choice of luks2+btrfs is not a machine thing in my mind, so tying it to the distro somehow would be the way to go17:00
vvnsmurray: definitely17:01
vvnI think I'm trying to hard to rely on a well configured distro in order to simply build core-image-minimal-initramfs and core-image-base for my machines, but it looks like explicit images are always preferred.17:02
vvnBut specific image recipes tend to introduce machine-specific bits and I don't like this much17:03
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smurrayvvn: poky is an example/sample, at some point defining your own packagegroups for your own distro is perfectly reasonable.  I suspect there a lot of downstream distros that don't use core-base and its packagroups17:11
alejandrohsI got someone asking me about running the mount command inside a bitbake task, which returns some permission error, my guess is its because of pseudo, the only thing I can think of is sort of removing pseudo from the environment and run sudo, which sounds like a bad idea, Does anyone have any good ideas on how to achieve something like that?17:14
rburtoni'm terrified to ask why you'd mount in a task17:20
rburtonremember even if you call sudo you can't enter a password17:20
frayYa, equally terrified17:20
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frayyou can avoid pseudo in specific tasks.. but mounting a disk requires specific permissions, ones that you really shouldn't trust in the build environment17:21
peoliyeI have two kernel modules A  & B which I am building using separate recipes. I am able to build A successfully but B is failing. It is failing because it is not able to find the exports symbols from A. I tried this but that doesn't help. Any clues? I17:22
peoliyealso tried giving explicit KBUILD_EXTRA_SYMBOLS to the exact path of Module.symvers but that didn't help either.17:22
peoliyeIt is failing during MODPOST.17:22
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rburtonalejandrohs: and pseudo isn't enabled so is basically passthrough in most tasks, so it shouldn't get in the way if the user has rights to mount without any ACLs involved17:26
RPAnyone around who fancies talking through a parser multiprocessing deadlock?17:27
vvnsmurray: really? wouldn't that seem weird to reinvent the wheel and define your own base package groups? Like the init manager, all modules, etc.17:31
Saur[m]RP: Happy to listen, but not sure how much help I can be.17:31
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alejandrohshahaha believ me I dont like it either17:34
alejandrohsthanks rburton fray17:35
smurrayvvn: sttuf like that is in core-boot.  It's the base/base-extended packagegroups that I suspect are perhaps not widely used.  e.g. we don't use them in AGL17:35
vvnalejandrohs: what are you trying to achieve with mount exactly?17:35
alejandrohsvvn: not sure what theyre trying to do tbh, I think they want to mount an image and modify it in some way17:36
vvnalejandrohs: you should ask, because you might actually be able to add the tweak before of after depending on the tool, filesystem type, etc.17:37
RPSaur[m]: There is basically a race/hang in the parsing code if there is any kind of unclean shutdown (i.e. force=True in the code). The reason is the lock for the event pipe to the event handlers since the parsing processes write directly to the UIs17:37
vvnsmurray: I see. So basically your AGL image recipes have IMAGE_INSTALL = "packagegroup-core-boot packagegroup-agl-foo packagegroup-agl-bar" I presume17:39
RPSaur[m]: the issue is the self.wlock in ConnectionWriter. If we call .terminate on a parsing process that happens to be in the log writer, game over, everything hangs17:39
RPWe can remove the terminate codepath but then we can't Ctrl+C out of parsing17:39
smurrayvvn: yep17:39
frayIs there any way to make the lock 'clear' on exit (of the process that holds the lock)?17:40
smurrayvvn: though there are a couple of image's that are included to act as a base.  It's on my todo list to redo some of it to have an e.g. agl-image.bbclass17:40
alejandrohsRP: does that mean that cntrl+c wont have an immediate effect while parsing? or that cntrl+c would just be ignored?17:40
RPalejandrohs: at the moment the UI sees it and sends commands to the server to say "stop parsing"17:41
frayOr is the issue the process trying to exit holds the lock already?17:41
RPfray: given the locks python is using, even if the processes are totally gone, the lock is locked17:41
RPand even if we could unlock it, the pipe would have corruption potentially17:42
frayany way for the terminating process to clear the lock just before exit (if held by itself)?17:42
RPfray: the worry is if it is in the middle of a write17:42
frayanyway to declare something a critical section, not permit (ctrl-c) termination during a _short_ window?17:43
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fraysomething like a signal handler, catch teh sigint, and if a 'critical seciton' bit is selected, return back to the code -- otherwise complete the exit.. then inside the program set/clear the flag (quickly)?17:44
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RPfray: I'm wondering if we can do the opposite. Rewire SIGINT so that breaks out the parse but would be deferred in the locked section17:45
RP(and then send SIGINT to the child parsers if we need to shutdown)17:46
RPThe trouble is we only want this behaviour in the parsing child processes which makes things ugly code wise17:49
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RPA reproducer: then put something like INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE += "*" in local.conf17:52
RPall that does is puts a really slow event at the end of parsing17:52
RPso the slow events + parsing error == hang17:52
RPout the box there are a load of zombies but even with that cleaned up, the lock isn't freed and still game over17:53
Saur[m]RP: Is the problem that the ConnectionWriter.close() method closes the pipe under the .send() method? I.e., shouldn't the .close() method take the wlock before doing the close?17:56
Saur[m](I have absolutely no idea how the multiprocessing class works, so just ignore if it is too stupid a question.)17:57
RPSaur[m]: closing it should be fine, you shouldn't need a lock for that17:57
RPthe lock is just stopping writes being interleaved on the pipe17:58
vvnsmurray: you mean that you have and which require
smurrayvvn: sort of, we have a and that are used as the base of the more featured agl-demo-*bb images18:06
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vvnsmurray: I'm pretty sure an agl.bbclass with IMAGE_CLASSES += "agl" would be more than enough to pull in packagegroups via agl-* image features, like agl-ui.18:08
smurrayvvn: we had a lot of packagegroups for various profiles and functionality things, but we've started reducing those as they weren't really providing enough value18:08
smurrayvvn: yeah, we'll likely end up with a bbclass, but it's somewhat of a low priority just atm.  Downstream use by AGL members is pretty opaque to us, my current assumption is they all build their own images up, so we can be wasting our time trying to overbuild packagegroups18:10
vvnsmurray: true, so far the packagegroup seems nice just to centralize the view of your complete software stack in a simple file, and eventually making it easy to pull them in and declare conflicts with image features.18:10
frayLooking for an idea.  I've got a package (lm_sensors) that I want the systemd service enabled by default on _one_ board, but not another.. and I'd rather not make the package machine specific.  Is there any standard way (in the machine) to enable a service by default?18:11
smurrayvvn: yeah, that seems a reasonable take18:12
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frayI wasn't aware of a way to use a rootfs postprocess toc ontrol a service..18:15
smurrayrm the preset file?18:15
smurrayor change it to say disabled18:16
frayya, service file is disabled by default... so all the boards, except one should have it that way..18:17
smurrayit might be possible to drop in an override for the systemd presets under /etc/systemd, could do that for the different machine18:17
fraywhich is why I'm struggling for the one board where I want it enabled18:17
Saur[m]I haven't tried it myself, but I think it should be possible to run the native systemctl from a postprocess for the board you want.18:17
Saur[m]Or what smurray said.18:18
smurrayperhaps easier to just make the symlink in the rootfs postprocess18:18
frayI'll see if I can do it on the rootfs side.. thanks18:19
smurrayfray: another option that comes to mind, though likely a bit messy, would be to enable the service by default, but split the bit(s?) for that out via an extra package18:21
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vvnfray: the less hacky is indeed SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE:${PN}:machinefoo = "enable", or as Saur[m] suggested, maybe make it image specific with a ${IMAGE_ROOTFS}/etc/systemd/system/ -> /usr/lib/systemd/system/lm_sensors.service symlink via ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND.19:50
vvnfray: you might as well append the lm_sensors package to add a drop-in file to make the service run conditionally on the presence of a kernel command line or whatever can identity your machine, then enable the service by default19:52
vvne.g. ConditionKernelCommandLine=foobar in the [Unit] section or ExecCondition=/some/id-script in the [Service] section.19:53
vvnthis way you don't make the package machine-specific, but you make the service "smarter" to run under your conditions19:54
frayI'm losing my mind, where is the systemctl binary that is used to enable things?  If I try to use the qemu_wrapper_cmdline in the ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND function, it fails every time20:16
fraycomplains that it can't get root for a chroot?!20:17
fraySo my question, how do I run 'systemctl enable fancontrol.service' in a ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND properly?  (Premably I need --root=${IMAGE_ROOTFS} as well20:18
frayI can't figure out how this even works in the package installs20:18
vvnfray: you don't. systemctl is for runtime, for compile time systemd is file based, just do a standard symlink. You might prefer to add a drop-in file in the package to run the service conditionally. Read the documentation for SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE and maybe man systemd.unit as well.20:37
frayNo systemctl _IS_ available, it's used by postinstall scriptlets20:39
frayI think I have ti working now.. I've no idea what I did wrong the first time, but now just calling systemctl --root=${IMAGE_ROOTFS} enable fancontrol.service is working fine20:41
vvnwhatever suits you, it's essentially doing the same thing20:44
zeddiiIt's always better to not poke directly at systemd's symlinks if possible. chaos and madness.20:47
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