Tuesday, 2022-04-05

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LetoThe2ndRP: sorry only now saw your highlight concerning unexports06:29
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mckoangood morning06:34
LetoThe2ndyo dudX && mckoan06:36
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landgrafRP: Can we close resident bitbake bug?07:29
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SchillerIs there a ready to use Dockerfile for the YPAutobuilder. With all the buildesentials, users, directories etc. ?07:48
mckoanSchiller: that would be a great idea! RP ^07:51
RPSchiller: not that I know of, no. It could be interesting though07:52
RPlandgraf: there were still some issues but I think we're close07:52
Schillerlandgraf: Can you give an example for potential issues? Would be good to know before ill try to set it up.07:56
qschulzamahnui[m]: then you know where to look for next changes to be made: scripts/oe-setup-builddir line 45 in poky git repo07:56
landgrafSchiller: Sorry?07:58
landgrafSchiller: was it for me? :)07:58
Schillerlandgraf: Yes :)07:59
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landgrafSchiller: RP reported successful build https://bugzilla.yoctoproject.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14023#c11 that's why I'm wondering too :)08:01
* landgraf will run local tests over the night. Don't need additional room heating during the day.08:03
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amahnui[m]<qschulz> "amahnui: then you know where..." <-  qschulz:  πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½πŸ₯³πŸ₯³its working now without issues.08:36
amahnui[m]Thanks so much πŸ™08:36
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LetoThe2ndis there a ready, or close-to-ready way to boot an rpi3/4 from usb instead of uSD?08:43
LetoThe2ndagherzan: paulbarker ^^^^^08:43
agherzanLetoThe2nd: I personally never did it but I know people who do it regularly so there shouldn't be a technical issue with it08:44
LetoThe2ndagherzan: happen to know a public repo or setup for it?08:45
agherzanI guess the only small tweak would be to deal with the root device in cmdline08:45
agherzanOh well - and the other mounts (like boot partition).08:46
LetoThe2ndyeah thats obvious.08:46
agherzanHm... I think you'd find a couple on Google - let me do a short search08:46
RPlandgraf: We had our first successful build, but there was an intermittent failure in them in maybe 1 in 4 builds. I think I found and fixed that issue but there is at least one intermittent issue which could be from memres: https://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/typhoon/#/builders/87/builds/3400/steps/14/logs/stdio08:49
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agherzanLetoThe2nd: This is basically what you need https://www.raspberrypi.com/documentation/computers/raspberry-pi.html#boot-sequence08:50
agherzanAnd from there I would expect only very minor things to deal with on the image side.08:51
LetoThe2ndagherzan: thanks!08:51
agherzanLetoThe2nd: keep in mind that there could be another moving part on your board - the firmware version on EEPROM.08:52
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agherzanI'd look into that only if things don't work as you expect.08:53
LetoThe2ndagherzan: okay, understood. I just wanted to get a rough idea of the state. because if there are hard blockers ahead I'd like to rather not waste time on it :)08:55
amahnui[m]> amahnui: then you know where to look for next changes to be made: scripts/oe-setup-builddir line 45 in poky git repo08:56
amahnui[m]qschulz I just sent a patch for it.08:56
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RPamahnui[m]: since that is a patch to openembedded-core and not the docs, there is a different mailing list that needs to go to09:08
RPamahnui[m]: also, you need to have a look at the submitting patches docs as you need to write a proper summary line for the patch09:08
amahnui[m]> amahnui: since that is a patch to openembedded-core and not the docs, there is a different mailing list that needs to go to09:11
amahnui[m]RP Your'e right. I will delete that one right away and direct it to the `openembedded-core@lists.openembedded.org` I think09:11
amahnui[m]> amahnui: also, you need to have a look at the submitting patches docs as you need to write a proper summary line for the patch09:12
amahnui[m]I will do that right away before sending the next patch09:12
RPamahnui[m]: you don't need to quote me here on irc, you can just reply using my nickname as a prefix as you've been doing09:16
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amahnui[m]RP:  Okay I understand09:20
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LetoThe2ndis it normal for bitbake core-image-minimal -cdo_image_bootimg -Sprintdiff to crank away for minutes?10:16
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RPLetoThe2nd: usually it will take around two parse times10:20
RPthat code doesn't function well :(10:21
LetoThe2ndstill, something feels fishy about it. my local run, that is.10:25
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BignauxRonan[m]i still can't find a compatible qemu cpu to pass glib-2.0 configure test with meson qemuwrapper thing. if anyone has idea of disable such test for uncompatible machine.10:26
rburtonwhy do you need to run glib checks in qemu?10:28
BignauxRonan[m]that's meson build that do that ..10:30
BignauxRonan[m]glib use now meson, and meson checks with qemu to look if elf is runnable10:31
rburtonour glib has been using meson for a long time10:32
rburtonit knows its in a cross build and doesn't run things10:32
qschulzamahnui[m]: if there are changes to the patch/commit title/commit log, a newer version needs to be sent instead of just answering to the original mail with a modified version10:32
rburtonsetting a qemu wrapper complicates things because qemu isn't perfect10:32
BignauxRonan[m]i don't write it, that's default behavior10:33
rburtonBignauxRonan[m]: i guarantee you that out of the box in yocto, glib doesn't try to run stuff in qemu10:33
LetoThe2ndrburton: and in the box? (badum-tsh!)10:34
BignauxRonan[m]rburton: pure poky https://pasteall.org/D1nU10:35
rburtonah meson does have some qemu mojo10:37
rburtonif you don't have a working user-mode qemu, turn off the qemu-usermode feature in your playstation2 machine10:37
BignauxRonan[m]i'll try to do that thanks10:39
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amahnui[m]qschulz: I sent a new patch to ```openembedded-core@lists.openembedded.org```  https://lists.openembedded.org/g/openembedded-core/message/16401610:50
LetoThe2ndRP: the fun part is that the diffsigs seems to block forever on "writing locked sigs to ... .inc"10:51
amahnui[m]After the `source oe-init-build-env` command worked, I ran `bitbake core-image-sato` and got the error `ERROR: The bblayers.conf file doesn't contain any BBLAYERS definition`. after checking the file, I found out that the bblayers.conf file was empty10:54
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rburtonsounds like the bit of code that writes the initial bblayers.conf needs to handle whitespace in directories too10:56
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amahnui[m]rburton:  Please which code handles that, So I can check it and try to solve it.10:59
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rburtonamahnui[m]: the same code, oe-setup-builddir specifically11:07
rburtonnote that the code checks for a file existing at all, so you'll likely want to delete the existing build directory each time as you fix issues11:07
amahnui[m]rburton: thanks I'll get on it right away11:09
rburtonhm definitely seeing rust-native build more often than i'd like11:10
rburtoni swear it just rebuilt because i changed target distro features11:10
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amahnui[m]rburton:  please are you speaking about the bblayers.conf error?11:16
amahnui[m]Okay I'm asking beacause I was somehow lost11:17
RPrburton: we should audit it's hash data11:22
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selffhi, everyone11:26
selffwhen i write yocto image to 16gb sd card with wic --auto expend option, the filesystem can only use 7gb. does not expand the rest of the space. i have x6 100mb partitions. i want all the remaining space to go to filesystem. what could it be caused by?11:26
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rburtonRP: hm, fun.  poky.conf uses package_ipk by default but the local.conf in poky uses package_rpm11:55
rburtonso if you use poky but not the template local.conf you get different behaviour11:55
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LetoThe2ndRP: diffsigs is now stuck since an hour or so.12:23
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RPLetoThe2nd: obviously something badly wrong there :(12:53
RPrburton: hmm, that isn't expected12:54
LetoThe2ndRP: might be related to docker. maybe i'll actually find it.13:04
vvnrburton: following yesterday's conversation about the distro being the integration point, if you have a proprietary product using a open-source distro, would you write your own distro based on the public one, similar to how poky-altcfg requires poky.conf?13:05
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rburtonif you're actually deriving from it, sure13:08
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RPI'm thinking, pseudo fix, lidsdl unwind dependency removal,  the apt patches but not the test and then build rc1 ?14:28
LetoThe2ndRP: thinking is overrated.14:45
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sgwRP: abelloni: Ignore the patches I just sent!14:53
sgwtoo early to be sending those emails.14:54
tgamblinzeddii: hypothetically, how much of a pain would it be to add features/nf_tables/nf_tables.scc to the linux-yocto KERNEL_FEATURES list in a future release?14:54
zeddiitgamblin. it's easy enough to do, but if we add it by default, it should be to support some sort of core functionality, or be enabled by distro/machine configuration.15:01
tgamblinzeddii: Right now I am only aware of iptables-nft relying on it in oe-core, which is not (yet) the default build for that recipe15:02
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LetoThe2ndi've got a changed sig error and did bitbake core-image-minimal -cdo_image_bootimg -Snone, then bitbake core-image-minimal -cdo_image_bootimg -Sprintdiff. I got The differences between the current build and any cached tasks start at the following tasks:15:17
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LetoThe2nd/data/imx7/kirkstone-build/poky/meta/recipes-core/images/core-image-minimal.bb:do_image_qaThe differences between the current build and any cached tasks start at the following tasks:15:17
LetoThe2ndhow to proceed from there?15:17
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frayI'm seeing cases where I do something like: SRC_URI = "file:///foo/bar/my_file.c"  that the file ends up (after do_fetch) in ${WORKDIR}/foo/bar/my_file.c  Why isn't it directly in ${WORKDIR}?  Or is there a simple way I can get it to end up directly in WORKDIR?15:48
fray(the issue is a user has to pass in a preparsed .c file for a utility, and this file could be passed in from anywhere on the disk.. so this moving path is driving me nuts)15:49
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vvnfray: SRC_URI = "file:///foo/bar/my_file.c;subdir=${WORKDIR}" (or subdir=., try both)15:53
fraythanks, I will try that.15:54
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RPDon't suppose anyone knows much about thunderbolt docks hardlocking thinkpads? :/16:21
frayyikes, no..  I've heard of some issues with bad cables doing that.. but not hte docks themselves16:27
RPfray: the dock is fine with one laptop but not the new one :/16:28
fraythudnerbolt 2/3/4?  (old vs new)16:30
RPfray: 416:30
frayI use a thunderbold 3 dock on my MacBook..  I've got a thunderbolt 2 dongle.16:30
RPwell, the older laptop may not be using v416:30
fray4 is relatively new standard.. so it's probably a 2 or 3.. it's possible ther eis a bug in the new machine against say thunderbold 2 devices.16:31
fraythe PCIe is roughly the same, but the speed is vastly differently between the three16:31
RPthe dock is definitely a 4, its a new one16:31
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amahnui[m]Hello rburton , The bblayers.conf file now contains the BBLAYER definitions but then it still gives the error... (full message at https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/r0/download/libera.chat/b7e8ee9052f6140dd96db1a048956c24ee5b73e9)16:53
amahnui[m]When I run the `bitbake core-image-sato` command16:54
amahnui[m] * Hello rburton , The bblayers.conf file now contains the BBLAYER definitions but then it still gives the error... (full message at https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/r0/download/libera.chat/909c744ea825d4d82a0cb9bd561d9cc086055938)16:56
amahnui[m] * Hello rburton , The bblayers.conf file now contains the BBLAYER definitions but then it still gives the error... (full message at https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/r0/download/libera.chat/b7ed0534ce8ab2ffa9c7dc59dfb17d38d4c3d05b)16:57
amahnui[m] * Hello rburton , The bblayers.conf file now contains the BBLAYER definitions but then it still gives the error... (full message at https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/r0/download/libera.chat/6e938d52ea5898a0b70ad631cede3a873c524464)16:57
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amahnui[m]I manually added the quotes around the `test repo` in the bblayer.conf file to see how it will react gave the same error17:26
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amahnui[m]I think the file that grabs those directories from bblayer.conf when bitbake command is run is where the issue comes from, but I can't find the exact file that handles that operation.17:34
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amahnui[m]Please which mailing list accepts changes to bitbake/toaster?18:03
Saur[m]amahnui: The problem is that the `BBLAYERS` variable is a whitespace separated list of paths, i.e., the first thing bitbake does when using it is calling `split()` on it, which obviously is not compatible with trying to use paths that contain spaces in it...18:03
amahnui[m]* list accepts patches for changes to18:03
amahnui[m]Saur: That makes a lot of sense I saw the python script and did not see a way to get arround that issue18:05
amahnui[m]What if a condition was made to check for quotes and not to split at a white space until it meets the second quote.18:07
Saur[m]amahnui: I believe the only solution is to detect the problem sooner, i.e., in the `oe-init-build-env` code itself.18:07
Saur[m]There is really no point in generating the bblayers.conf file with such paths in it as it will never be usable anyway.18:08
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amahnui[m]Saur: Thats right.18:11
fraySRC_URI = .... ;subdir=${WORKDIR} doesn't work.  It complains about a circular dependency18:12
vvnfray: a quick and dirty fix I have for your problem is to use a symlink my_file.c -> /foo/bar/my_file.c and use SRC_URI = "file://my_file.c" instead of the full path.18:15
NishanthMenonjust curious - is there a standard name (suffix/prefix) folks use for machine names when a single build can support multiple boards?18:17
fraymy worry is that I need to use the exact file the user passes in, but there is a default version already in the system..  otherwise I'd add the users path to FILESEXTRAPATHS18:19
frayI suppose what I can do is just pass it in that way and if the user has other files in the directory that conflict they'll just get errors..18:19
fraybut ya, something is really broken. file://foo/bar/foo.c results in ${WORKDIR}/foo/bar/foo.c being created.   If I do subdir=.., it creates ${WORKDIR}/../foo/bar/foo.c18:20
fraythat seems broken it me (not the subdir part) but that it puts files into subdirectories without that being specified18:20
amahnui[m]Please which mailing list accepts patches for bitbake changes18:25
fraybitbake-devel see lists.openembedded.org18:27
amahnui[m]fray: Thanks18:28
moto-timoRP: with the patch I just sent to bb and toaster MLs, hardknott and honister both build via the UI on the honister branch18:43
moto-timoI always build 'quilt-native' as the target... as that is what the toaster-container smoketests  build18:45
LetoThe2ndanybody around who can give me some pointers on a changing basehash problem? already did the -Snone + -Sprintdiff dance, but that only gave me a "starts in task"18:47
LetoThe2ndah found it19:03
LetoThe2ndit seems like ${BB_CURRENTTASK} is not expanded on the second parse? is that posssible?19:08
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RPmoto-timo: I think the master fails is because you didn't clear the environment between the two builds and it's the pre renaming envvars?19:30
moto-timoRP: ah... possibly... that has happened before ;)19:30
RPmoto-timo: thanks for testing hardknott and honister though, that sounds promising19:34
moto-timoRP: hardknott also passes on hardknott branch with what I have in contrib timo/hardknott/toaster-fixes... not sure if the last two commits there are needed or not19:35
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RPmoto-timo: I think those are "nice to have" but probably don't break toaster. I'm leaning to not risking them on hardknott at this point19:37
moto-timoRP: fair enough... that is a rebased "old" branch19:37
RPI'm trying to fix it without risking anything else19:38
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cambrian_invaderGLumen_: bitbake-whatchanged always says the same things have changed, whether run before or after a complete build19:41
RPmoto-timo: I merged the honister patch thanks19:41
moto-timoRP: testing hardknott similar patch now (rebased again)19:41
GillesMHello how can I use keymaps receipe ?19:50
sotaoverridetrying to add a super simple bash script to target (runs some nmcli commands). What's the RDEPENDS for bash scripts that would take care of the "requires /bin/bash" bitbake error?19:55
RPsotaoverride: RDEPENDS_${PN} += "bash" ?19:56
LetoThe2ndRP: dang you typed faster19:56
LetoThe2ndRP: as compensation you owe me a hint on the BB_CURRENTTASK-in-reparse phenomenon ;-)19:57
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vvnif you have a machine specific service (e.g. install stuffs on a partition, etc.) do you usually write an explicit recipe for it (e.g. install-on-emmc.bb) or do you append such script/service to a generic recipe?19:59
Saur[m]RP: Btw, regarding the mail discussion we had the other day regarding appending to `PREMIRRORS`, I just realized that it was all based on a mistake on my part. I had mixed up the problem with combining ??= and += for ?= and +=. It is ??= with += that is problematic, but since we use `PREMIRRORS ?= ...` in our configuration, adding the sourceware URLS using += is not problem (for us). Sorry for the noise.20:01
LetoThe2ndvvn: depends - if it is something that has value of its own, or that relates to an existing recipe, basically.20:01
moto-timoRP: hardknott patch sent20:02
moto-timoRP: still fails on master branch but I'm going to take the win for hardknott/honister working and move on20:02
vvnLetoThe2nd: e.g. my system can run on the SD card (default) or the eMMC (requires to run a service). How would you personally package such systemd service?20:03
LetoThe2ndvvn: i personally would probably put it into a recipe of its own, just gut feeling without knowing more about it.20:05
RPLetoThe2nd: I'm missing context, I guess I need to scroll back?20:07
RPSaur[m]: ah, right. I was thinking something didn't seem quite right20:07
RPmoto-timo: I don't understand master not working :/20:07
RPLetoThe2nd: BB_CURRENTTASK would only be set in the running task context maybe?20:08
vvnLetoThe2nd: I see. I like that it is very explicit, but I struggle to figure out how to organize the code. Would you add this recipe in a BSP layer's recipes-bsp or on your distro layer?20:08
RPin a general metadata parse, it would have no correct value20:08
LetoThe2ndRP: in a nutshell: i'm having a basehash changed error, and it seems that BB_CURRENTTASK is not expanded in the reparse. diffsigs gave me image_task vs ${BB_CURRENTTAST}20:08
moto-timoRP: me either. Punting at this point. Dunfell and kirkstone work and those are what matter the most.20:09
LetoThe2ndvvn: very generically, i would put it into the bsp, and at to MACHINE_RDEPENDS (or whatsitcalled) for the MACHINE conf that needs it.20:09
RPmoto-timo: person on the list said master worked for them20:10
RPLetoThe2nd: BB_CURRENTTASK wouldn't get set at parse time at all20:10
vvnLetoThe2nd: it makes a lot of sense, I will do that thank you.20:10
LetoThe2ndRP: so the conclusion would be that BB_CURRENTTASK must not be used in a recipe at all, because it would always fall over?20:10
LetoThe2ndvvn: have fun20:11
RPLetoThe2nd: I didn't say that, I'm sure we have users20:11
RPLetoThe2nd: I'd suspect it is a red herring20:12
vvnLetoThe2nd: I wouldn't call that fun, but anything that ease the maintenance is a win20:12
moto-timoRP: yeah, it's only a 'master' project on hardknott or honister branch that fails... 'master' on 'master' is fine, 'master' or 'dunfell' on 'dunfell' are fine. shrug.20:12
LetoThe2ndRP: i know you didn't say that, let me try to rephrase. it would always fail the diffsig when used - exception: in python code, because thats the only usage i could easily spot in actual artifact generation.20:13
LetoThe2ndRP: or do you mean this actually hides a completely different problem?20:13
RPmoto-timo: oh, right. In that case I'm not worrying about that, yes20:15
RPmoto-timo: will be the variable renaming20:15
moto-timoRP: yep, let it go :)20:15
moto-timohappy to have achieved what we did :)20:15
* LetoThe2nd congratulates moto-timo and RP without knowing the archievement, but hey! awesome!20:16
RPLetoThe2nd: we have recipes using BB_CURRENTTASK. Note that BB_HASHEXCLUDE_COMMON includes BB_CURRENTTASK20:16
LetoThe2ndRP: ok, then I'll dig a bit more. thanks! (bedtime, finally)20:17
RPLetoThe2nd: so I think the idea this is your problem is incorrect20:17
LetoThe2ndkthx :-(20:17
RPLetoThe2nd: it could be but I can't really see it20:17
RPLetoThe2nd: sorry, you did ask my view though :)20:17
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GLumen_cambrian_invader: Sanity check, you have `CACHE` defined, right? (I mostly spend my time debugging why SSTATE caching fails, and am less familiar with the logic around re-use of the working directories)20:21
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GLumen_cambrian_invader: Does `bitbake -S printdiff <image>` tell you anything interesting?20:27
vvnLetoThe2nd: actually MACHINE_EXTRA_RDEPENDS += "specific-package1 specific-package2" avoids the need for .bbappend and overrides, or using generic scripts in machine-specific path (e.g. generic-package/beaglebone/install-script)20:28
cambrian_invadernot really20:29
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cambrian_invaderthis time I added UBOOT_SIGN_ENABLE=1 in my loca.conf and now gcc is getting rebuilt20:41
cambrian_invaderI just hate how a one line config change can literally turn into a lost hour\20:42
RPmoto-timo: thanks, I merged hardknott too20:55
moto-timoRP: thank you! I couldn't test those changes prevously :)20:56
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* RP builds 4.0 rc121:30
* RP can't help thinking there was something I'm forgetting to do21:30
* vvn concludes one year later that trying to maintain a generic machine configuration file is a bad idea because machine-level tweaks are often needed and thus these files are product specific21:37
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GLumen_I'm trying to debug an issue with `bitbake --dump-signatures=printdiff` and Multiconfig: I'm building an initramfs config alongside the normal device config, and for ...reasons... I have different TMPDIRs for each config. `write_diffscenetasks` is choking on the stampsfile for `core-image-tiny-initramfs:do_rootfs` which is correctly placed under the initramfs TMPDIR, but `find_siginfo` is only searching under the TMPDIR for the device config.22:12
GLumen_Any advice?22:12
kergothif your'e using multiconfig, you probably need to specify the multiconfig when using -S printdiff.22:23
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GLumen_kergoth: Unfortunately I'm using `INITRAMFS_IMAGE_BUNDLE = "1"`, so even when specifying `mc::image` I hit the same error. I guess I could temporarily disable INITRAMFS_IMAGE_BUNDLE and then run dump-signatures separately on core-image-tiny-initramfs and my device recipe.22:40
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