Friday, 2022-04-08

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vvnwhat's your opinion on installing packagegroups explicitly or mapping them to image features? (i.e. IMAGE_INSTALL += "packagegroup-foo-bar" vs. IMAGE_FEATURES += "foo-bar")00:09
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moto-timoI like the organization of packagegroups, but I have experienced some poorly defined odd behavior... where a change in a packagegroup did not cause a rebuild. I'm somewhat inclined to vote for IMAGE_FEATURES...00:31
moto-timoNOTE: if I had some better reproducers for the "odd behavior" I would have shared them... basically a Heisenbug. You can either know what it is or when it happens.00:32
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moto-timovvn: and I appreciate your support :)00:33
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moto-timoIn the dead of night, the cobbler elves come out and make amazing shoes.02:36
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JaMamoto-timo: teach the elves to make the ponny you wanted :)03:22
moto-timoMaybe it should be a pony made of fake jade:
JaMadaughter has pillow with ponny like that and doesn't use it much, will ask her to send it to you :)03:33
* moto-timo will be happy and sing her name daily to the squirrels and birds in my back yard.03:47
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jclsn0Hey party people06:18
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jclsnDoes anyone have an idea why this isn't working?
jclsnI want to only fetch from my mirror06:28
landgrafjclsn: isn't it your case?06:29
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jclsnlandgraf: Yeah I guess. This is my output. It doesn't fetch from the PREMIRRORS
jclsnIt does when I set BB_NO_NETWORK = "1", but then complains that it can't reach it because it can't access the network06:32
landgrafjclsn: yup. there's a bug. I need to prepare better fix for it06:34
LetoThe2ndyo dudX06:36
jclsnlandgraf: okay, so I guess there is nothing I can do about it now?06:36
landgrafjclsn: you have problem with tarballs, not git fetcher. looks like different issue06:38
jclsnlandgraf: This is what I get when I set BB_NO_NETWORK = "1"
jclsnNow it is trying fetching from Artifactory, but can't without network access from what I understand06:39
jclsnThat is why I think it is the same issue06:40
jclsnI can fetch manually with the generated wget command just fine06:40
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landgrafjclsn: don't you need to specify PREMIRRORS for BB_FETCH_PREMIRRORONLY?06:42
eFfeMHi, I am trying to build with BB_NO_NETWORK but I get this error:06:43
eFfeMbb.data_smart.ExpansionError: Failure expanding variable SRCPV, expression was ${@bb.fetch2.get_srcrev(d)} which triggered exception NetworkAccess: Network access disabled through BB_NO_NETWORK (or set indirectly due to use of BB_FETCH_PREMIRRORONLY)06:43
eFfeMSRCREV_pn is set06:43
eFfeMnevermind, I think I already got it; poroblem is as usual between chair and keyboard :P06:44
jclsnlandgraf: SOURCE_MIRROR _URL should do the same from what I understand
landgrafjclsn: I'd try with premirror :)06:49
eFfeMHmm, I still seem not to get it. I do a fetch all from a local mirror using BB_FETCH_PREMIRROR_ONLY, I pinned all pn's using the buildhistory-collect-srcrevs script and put them in my conf; however even after fetching all; if I refetch with BB_NO_NETWORK it still fails for a recipe with autorev06:49
eFfeMwith BB_NO_NETWORK even when pinning PN it still wants to do a git ls-remote06:50
eFfeMan I doing something wrong? or is there something I am missing?06:50
jclsnlandgraf: Here is says SOURCE_MIRROR_URL is the same as setting all PREMIRRORS
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landgrafjclsn: right. unless there's a bug somewhere06:51
landgrafeFfeM: which version do you use? This bug has been fixed few months ago06:52
eFfeMlandgraf it seems we are looking in the same corner, what is your issue?06:53
eFfeMlandgraf I am using dunfell06:53
landgrafeFfeM: it's jclsn who has issue, not me :)06:53
eFfeMah ok sorry06:53
eFfeMlandgraf anyway: I am using poky dunfell branch latest commit is from Mar 17 from RP06:54
landgrafeFfeM: yup. dunfell is affected afaik.06:54
landgraflemme check06:54
eFfeMBB_FETCH_PREMIRROR_ONLY works for me and seems only to fetch from the mirrors judging the speed06:55
landgrafeFfeM: the fix is NOT in dunfell06:56
eFfeMlandgraf ah ok, do you happen to have a link to the fix; it is easy to somewhat apply itin an overlay or so?06:58
eFfeMlandgraf thanks!07:02
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jclsnlandgraf: It still doesn't work with PREMIRROSl although the errors are different
dwagenkHey there. Can someone here help me understand this problem? I'm building with kas container (v 3.0.2) and am using the uninative.bbclass (`UNINATIVE_VERSION="3.5"`, through basing my own distro on poky). Several nativesdk packages fail to build due to `#include <crypt.h>`. I can work around this by setting `ASSUME_PROVIDED:... (full message at
jclsnlandgraf: Here is the config I've tried
landgrafChecksum failure07:55
dwagenk> <> Hey there. Can someone here help me understand this problem? I'm building with kas container (v 3.0.2) and am using the uninative.bbclass (`UNINATIVE_VERSION="3.5"`, through basing my own distro on poky). Several nativesdk packages fail to build due to `#include <crypt.h>`. I can work around this by... (full message at
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LetoThe2ndzen_coder: sorry, didn't see your TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK question yesterday.07:56
jclsnlandgraf: Meaning the files on my server are defected?07:56
jclsnI will compare07:58
landgrafjclsn: or something wrong with checksum itself. I'm not familiar with this part of the code07:59
dwagenkAh, my problem dissolved. The affected recipes didn't properly set their `DEPENDS += "virtual/crypt"`. The `ASSUME_PROVIDED` thing was not really the cause/fix. Sometimes posting the question to IRC is enought o fix a problem :-)08:04
wyreI'm trying to install a single built deb with apt-get ... but apt-get it's not able to do it I'm guessing this is because some mismatch between the .deb name and the debian/control file inside of it, probably some problem in my recipe with PV and PKGV?
wyrethis is the control file inside the .deb
wyreI can see Version: field is properly set08:09
wyreoh, I have to use the relative path 😞08:10
wyrehmm, but I still can see this message
wyrethe problem was the .deb file aren't readable by _apt user because of it was placed at /root (and /root has 700 perms)08:34
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Guest60Hello everyone. Is it possible to use pip on Yocto (on runtime)?08:53
LetoThe2ndGuest60: possible,? yes, its only software. sensible? depends.08:54
LetoThe2nd(hint: probably not)08:55
Guest60Would devtool be a better option to install Python packages on runtime?08:55
qschulzGuest60: what is your usecase so we could point you in the right direction :)08:56
Guest60We are using Yocto on a Variscite DART-MX8M-PLUS which we will be using for Computer Vision stuff and sometimes we need to add Python packages without rebuilding the image08:57
qschulzGuest60: for debugging purposes right? because in the end it should be part of the image08:58
qschulzGuest60: in that case, devtool probably makes more sense since you anyway are going to need a recipe for it08:58
Guest60Okay, thanks!09:00
qschulzGuest60: also, you'd need to write a recipe for pip which might not be straightforward09:00
qschulz seems to be one though09:00
qschulzand finally, pip would work fine for pure-python extensions09:00
Guest60Okay, thank you again for the help09:02
qschulzdon't know how pip will match the local Yocto image with pypa registry wheels packages09:02
qschulzand, if it needs to build stuff, you'd need to add the -dev packages of your packages in your image09:02
qschulzsooo, in short, python package recipe :)09:02
Guest60Hmm okay. I'll test it a bit and see how it works :)09:03
qschulzlet us know how it goes :)09:05
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Guest60Sure, Ill come back later09:08
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RPabelloni: we have a hung worker in bitbake :(09:24
abelloniis it your selftest-fedora?09:25
RPabelloni: yes :(09:25
RPabelloni: it looks like it is stuck in the garbage collector :(09:27
RPabelloni: it is stuck in drop_gil(). I think it is a python bug of some kind :(09:45
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RPI filed
LetoThe2ndimage_license.manifest gives me the really shipped license information, license.manifest gives me all licenses involved in the build, rgiht?10:10
Saur[m]LetoThe2nd: No. image_license.manifest contains licenses for deployed tasks, e.g., the bootloader. See `license_deployed_manifest()` in license_image.bbclass.10:22
Saur[m]So typically, if you want the licenses for everything in an image, you want everything from both those manifests.10:23
LetoThe2ndSaur[m]: ah okay got it. thanks!10:27
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dirtyflaghi and good friday all. Is there a way to avoid a bbappend to be processed ? Don't want to comment lines by #11:28
kroonBBMASK ?11:30
rburtonhm yeah maybe that would work11:31
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LetoThe2ndBBMASK works.11:58
LetoThe2ndi mean, BBMASK should be the same mechanism as BBLAYERS_DYNAMIC, right? I've succesfully used that to filter out appends too.11:59
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selffhi everyone. i cannot initialize coral in cm4, but there is no problem in rpi4. any ideas on what could be causing it?12:09
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kranzoHi, Is there a way do bundle all patches sources of an image into a folder/archive?12:16
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LetoThe2ndkranzo: sure-
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kranzoLetoThe2nd thats what i was looking for but seems like i skipped it while scanning over the manual, thx12:47
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LetoThe2ndkranzo: have fun!12:48
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LetoThe2ndcan anybody maybe take a look at poky b0130fcf91daee0d905af755302fabe608da141c ?13:19
LetoThe2ndmy understanding of the grub sources is that it should actually be GPL-3.0-or-later, not -only13:20
qschulzseems to indicate it's GPL-3.0-or-later13:24
LetoThe2ndqschulz: thx13:25
LetoThe2ndi guess that means that I really have to prepare my very first patch submission now.13:26
qschulzLetoThe2nd: that's what I was about to say :D13:26
rburtonRP: 2856 passed, 1654 skipped in 4626.00s (1:17:05)  <-- py3-crypto ptest13:27
rburtonyes it took my machine over an hour to run the damn thing13:27
LetoThe2ndqschulz: its a hard life.13:29
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RPrburton: didn't we enable that on the AB?13:37
rburtonyes but this doesn't have an xskip in anymore13:37
rburtonxfail, even13:37
rburtonsorry should have said13:37
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vvnIf you want to describe your complete software stack in a packagegroup recipe, would you generally advice to have your packagegroup-product-base group depends on packagegroup-core-boot and packagegroup-base-extended or would you leave that to the recipe?13:39
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vvnExplicit is better I guess, and it makes it obvious that you are using the core packagegroups (and thus the MACHINE/DISTRO*_EXTRA_RDEPENDS/RRECOMMENDS variables)13:44
jclsnlandgraf: I just tried uploading everything again and it still doesn't work. Another weird thing about the checksum error ist that the uninative bitbake is complaining about doesn't even exist. I deleted the whole folde and is hasn't been fetched again13:45
jclsnAnd when I fetch the same file manually with wget from Artifactory, the checksum is correct13:48
vvnsmurray: khem: did you find a proper fix for wxwidgets? Actually I lied, I'm compiled qtwebengine with DISTRO_FEATURES +opengl -wayland -x11 -vulkan, so even more minimalist13:49
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sotaoverrideis there a way of figuring out what size a .xz decompresses to, without actually decompressing it?13:59
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LetoThe2ndsotaoverride: xz --list and some magic? the actual size on disk would depend on the FS, though.14:02
RPrburton: that seems to add a lot of time to it then? or am I missing something?14:03
rburtonRP: my qemu is fairly slow14:03
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sotaoverridelzma python module doesnt seem to have an api for reading the uncompressed size for a .xz from the header.. trying to stick to some pythonic method of figuring out what size the .xz decompresses to for some unit tests.14:37
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smurrayvvn: I've started looking at wxwidgets, it does look like it supports Wayland now (so that could maybe be wired up in the recipe), but AFAICT they've hard-coded libglu use with OpenGL, and that requires x1114:51
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rburtoni wonder why a build from YP sstate is building things like which and bash but reusing most of the public sstate15:37
RPrburton: do we build them on the autobuilder?15:40
rburtonthe ab does core-image-sato and i'm building core-image-base, so i'd have *thought* there was coverage15:42
smurrayvvn khem: I've sent a patch for wxwidgets to oe-devel15:44
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rburton2022-04-08 15:44:02 - INFO     - Bitbake still alive (no events for 600s). Active tasks:15:45
rburton2022-04-08 15:44:02 - INFO     - /builds/engineering/yocto/meta-arm/work/poky/meta/recipes-connectivity/openssl/
rburton2022-04-08 15:44:02 - INFO     - /builds/engineering/yocto/meta-arm/work/poky/meta/recipes-devtools/gcc/
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rburtonRP: does the sstate fetch happen in the _setscene tasks?15:46
RPrburton: yes15:48
RPsmurray: is it ok if I merge that connman-conf patch? I really want rid of that category of intermittent failure!15:49
RPrburton: anything in the logs?15:49
rburtonRP: nope15:52
rburtoni suspect its just downloading slowly for that run15:52
rburtoni shall grab the task logs when the build is done and see if anything failed15:52
RPrburton: ps might show the commands it is running15:52
rburtontoo many layers, I can't do that15:53
RPrburton: fair enough, just an idea15:53
smurrayRP: my concern there is that it seems like qemu target images are then specific to the runqemu imposed config, so maybe it needs to be documented somewhere?15:53
RPsmurray: that has always really been the case though15:55
smurrayRP: okay.  We play a bit loose with that in AGL, as the config has been tweaked to allow booting them on real h/w, but if no one else cares, we'll just hack around this change15:56
smurrayRP: I do wonder what benefit connman gives in the qemu images, though, there's no wifi, etc. for it to do anything with15:57
RPsmurray: well, there is that. It was mainly to try and be more common with our other targets15:58
RPsmurray: where that commonality is breaking our tests intermittently though...15:58
smurrayRP: we could try to do something upstream to make it ip auto-config aware the way I believe systemd-networkd is, but that's not a today thing16:01
RPsmurray: I'm definitely open to improving things and removing the need to do this. Right now I do think we need to sort the race issue though. I'm happy to do that in a way which minimises the impact on agl if we can though16:02
RPrburton: trying hard not to reply to the "try thing" patch16:02
smurrayRP: push the change, and I'll tweak the AGL bbappend, if I remove our own do_install:append, our main.conf will still get picked up via FILESEXTRAPATHS16:05
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RPsmurray: ok, thanks16:15
rburtonRP: i almost cut that all out16:26
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*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away16:44
rfs613are the variable renames for inclusive language being done for older branches? dunfell does not seem to handle CVE_CHECK_IGNORE currently.16:45
RPrfs613: no, they're not16:46
rfs613RP: ok thanks16:46
*** jmiehe <jmiehe!~Thunderbi@user/jmiehe> has joined #yocto16:55
* RP wonders whether to diverge kirkstone and master17:00
kergothWhich page has the mapping from bitbake version to yocto release?17:00
kergothoh nevermind, yocto releases17:00
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*** zen_coder <zen_coder!~zen_coder@2a02:8109:a280:2d8d:44be:a828:c922:3136> has joined #yocto17:54
zen_coderIn which file do I have to place "TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK_append" ?17:54
rburtonzen_coder: your local conf, or the image, depending on use-case17:56
zeddiizen_coder, and depending on the release/branch you are building, that may be a :append ...17:57
amahnui[m]Is there another directory that contains local.conf apart from that in the build/conf/local.conf17:59
amahnui[m]Tends there isn't because it was confusing to me, thinking there was one which I could add some special configurations which will be inherited each time I deleted the build directory and started bitbake again.18:02
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kergothamahnui[m]: no, that's it. but there are other files parsed, not just local.conf. see meta/conf/bitbake.conf and scroll down to the include lines18:13
zen_coderrburton: adding it to "build/conf/local.conf" had no effect18:13
amahnui[m]kergoth:  thanks I see them now.18:16
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rburtonzen_coder: maybe you're using a new release which needs :append instead of _append18:21
kergothRP: thought about allowing the use of f-strings but limiting their syntax to that of format()? would allow for the convenience of the format while still making it easy enough to switch to postponed evaluation with format() later if needed. i.e. there's also
kergoths/of the format/of the syntax/18:23
kergoth(in bitbake, that is)18:23
kergothI think either of those options would alleviate the concerns about it18:24
*** Cezarus27 <Cezarus27!> has joined #yocto18:26
kergothNot a priority, obviously :)18:29
rburtonkergoth: i think the biggest concern was ease of backporting changes to releases which don't support them18:34
rburtonpersonally hell yes demand py3.7 for good f-strings and the improved asyncio support18:34
kergothHmm since f-yeah uses an f() function for it, we could probably backport equivalent functionality with format() + inspect18:35
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rfs613sakoman: around?19:30
*** florian <florian!~florian@> has joined #yocto19:43
sakomanrfs613: yes19:56
rfs613sakoman: oops, just when I wandered off...20:13
rfs613am working on CVE-2022-1271 which affects both gzip and xz.20:14
rfs613patches for xz are done, straightforward backport for both master and dunfell.20:14
rfs613for gzip, it seems like master should just update to newly-released 1.12 version.20:15
rfs613and gzip dunfell, is on 1.10, so i'll backport the fix. First attempt patched clean but fails to build, so I'll have to figure that out20:16
rfs613my question is, for gzip backport, there are multiple commits upstream, but only one of them is the actual fix. Are we okay to take just that one, or do we want all the 'bookkeeping' too?20:17
rfs613see  the fix is "zgrep: void exploit via multi-newline filenames"20:18
*** amitk <amitk!~amit@> has joined #yocto20:27
* rfs613 heads off to collect the kids20:35
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sakomanrfs613: I usually just take the actual fix22:13
sakomanunder the theory that the less changes the better22:14
rfs613sakoman: ok, sounds good. The build error is resolved, it was 'devtool build' playing some tricks (-Werror failure), which didn't happen when I just used bitbake with the patch applied.22:17
rfs613so I'll post them later, probably after kids asleep22:18
sakomanrfs613: sounds good, thanks!22:31
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