Monday, 2022-06-13

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GuestNew118Hello guys I'm searching the best way to avoid file installation from recipe. I would like to remove sysV init script but I want to keep the binary inside the rootfs. Any suggestion ? Thx.08:11
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wkawkaHi, did you encountered a warning:  linker input file unused because linking not done and then error: linker input file not found: No such file or directory? I was looking for info or solution but I couldn't find anything that is related when I'm using Golang, not C. This error occures during build when Makefile is used08:24
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oneroncwhen I want to add extra features to this recipe:08:33
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oneroncin this case swanctl and scepclient08:33
oneroncI'm suppose to write this line?:08:33
oneroncPACKAGECONFIG_append_pn-strongswan = " scep swanctl"08:33
oneronc.. because it doesnt seem to work08:33
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oneronc(the binary tools dont get compiled)08:34
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qschulzoneronc: you can always check that the variable is correctly set by running bitbake -e strongswan | grep "^PACKAGECONFIG="08:35
oneronc$ bitbake -e strongswan | grep "^PACKAGECONFIG="08:36
oneroncPACKAGECONFIG="curl gmp openssl sqlite3 swanctl         systemd-charon "08:36
oneroncwhere is scep ?08:37
qschulzoneronc: not there :)08:38
oneroncbut why ?08:38
qschulzoneronc: bitbake -e strongswan | awk '/^# \$PACKAGECONFIG \[/,/^PACKAGECONFIG/'08:39
qschulzthat should give you the whole history of the variable for thgis recipe08:39
qschulzthen you can try to figure out if something's messing with your variable in some other file08:39
qschulzlikely a PACKAGECONFIG_remove somewhere08:40
qschulzor maybe your PACKAGECONFIG_append_pn-strongswan isn't taken into account08:40
oneroncwhy wouldnt it be taken into account ?08:41
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Juanosorio94Hey guys! Which target do I build when I want to use my modules and all other functionality?08:42
Juanosorio94I had build core-image-minimal just to test my kernel, but that doesnt include my modules per se08:42
qschulzoneronc: because your file might not be parsed?08:43
qschulzI don't know08:43
qschulzthat's part of the debugging process :)08:43
qschulzfirst check the history of the variable08:43
qschulzJuanosorio94: you need to include the modules explicitly08:43
qschulzJuanosorio94: add kernel-modules (for all modules) in your image08:44
Juanosorio94qschulz: how do I do that?08:44
Juanosorio94I have inherit module in my recipe file, the layer is already included and its built. During compile I added an install step08:45
Juanosorio94no nvm I have do_install08:45
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qschulzJuanosorio94: is it an out-of-tree kernel module or one from the Linux tree?08:46
Juanosorio94out of tree08:46
qschulzah ok08:46
qschulzoe-pkgdata-util list-pkgs <your-recipe>08:46
qschulzwill output the name of the packages created by your recipe08:47
qschulzit'll very likely be named "kernel-module-xxxxx"08:47
qschulzthen you need to add this package to your image via an addition to IMAGE_INSTALL/CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL in your image recipe or maybe use MACHINE_EXTRA_RDEPENDS in your machine configuration file (if core-image-minimal actually uses this variable, I'm not entirely sure)08:48
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oneroncI created a file called strongswan_%.bbappend with this content:08:51
oneronc.. and I get this error:08:51
oneroncstrongswan_%.bbappend:1: unparsed line: 'EXTRA_OECONF += "'08:51
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qschulzoneronc: missing \ first line08:52
oneroncoh upps08:52
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oneronchow can I tell what parameters it passed to the configure script ?08:59
oneroncfor some reason it wont install the command line tools08:59
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michalkotylaHi, is there any option to check why my image requires some package? I know about "bitbake -g image", but it only confirms that the package "do_populate_lic" task is actually required by image, but I still do not know why. I do not see any area of code which can have an impact on that.09:07
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ptsneveshey, what triggers the yocto project auto builder?09:21
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fennecHi everyone.10:40
fennecI'm trying to build a tauri app in a yocto-xwayland distro10:40
fennecfor that I need to enable the x11 backend of gtk10:40
fennecbut when I remove wayland from gtk's PACKAGE_CONFIG, I get a 'GDK backend not configured' (or smth similar)10:41
fennecI've been looking at the docs but fail to see how to do it10:42
fennecalso searching on internet is not helping me anymore, it's been a while already and I keep finding the same pages10:42
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rburtonfennec: why are you removing wayland?10:54
rburtongtk can build both x11 and wayland support10:54
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fennecwell I was deseperrate to build gtk with x11 enabled10:56
fennecit's really annoying things like xserver-xorg for instance build well10:57
fennecbut I can't get gtk to enable the x11 backend10:57
fennecwhich is needed by tauri10:57
fennecsince it has a dependency on gdk-x1110:57
rburtonjust ensure your DISTRO_FEATURES have x11, and it will enable it10:57
rburtonunless your distro forces it off, of course10:58
paowz_Hello there ! A question regarding systemd. With Dunfell, enabling a service from a recipe with SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE would cause the creation of a symlink from /lib/systemd/system to /etc/systemd/system/blabla for the given service.. With Honister, for some reason, this symlink is not created.. Am I missing something ? Thanks :-)10:58
fennecyeah I tried the DISTOR_FEATURE trick already10:58
fennecWhat can I do if the distro forcesit offN10:58
paowz_fennec: I'd try IMAGE_FEATURES += "  x11" ??10:59
rburtonthat won't do anything at all10:59
rburtonfennec: bitbake gtk+3 -e |less and search for DISTRO_FEATURES=.  check that it contains x11, and if it doesn't the lines above will tell you what it evaluated.11:00
paowz_.. or REQUIRED_DISTRO_FEATURES = "x11" ??11:00
rburtonfennec: if that does contain x11 then also check the PACKAGECONFIG= assignment. the default value contains x11 if DISTRO_FEATURES contains x1111:00
rburtonpaowz_: that is entirely unrelated11:00
paowz_rburton: ok.. at least, I tried..11:00
fennecok thanks trying it rn11:00
rburtonpaowz_: suggestions are best if they're useful.  if you don't understand what a variable is for, probably best to not suggest other waste time trying pointless changes11:02
paowz_ok, and regarding my question, what would you suggest ?11:02
fennecok so it took me a while but I can see x11 in the DISTRO_FEATURES11:04
fennecnow for PACKAGE_CONFIG11:04
fennechum x11 is in the package config11:06
fennecconfusion intensifies11:06
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fennecoh I see11:10
fennecPACKAGECONFIG_CONFARGS=" --disable-cloudprint --disable-colord --disable-cups --enable-glx --enable-opengl --disable-x11-backend"11:10
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RPptsneves: the autobuilder is mostly triggered manually once there are batches of patches queued to test11:12
ptsnevesRP do you know if my patches got queued?11:13
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GuestNewHello, I would like to create 2 images (client/prod) based on the same platform but with different packages. So where is the best way to configure package's SRC_URI/REV ? I'm thinking about Ditros but I'm not sure that is the best method... any advice ?11:17
rburtonfennec: whats the actual value of PACKAGECONFIG?11:18
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fennecPACKAGECONFIG="opengl wayland glx"11:21
fennecrn gtk seems to be finding the x11 backend11:21
fennecI should check for the .pc file tho11:21
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fennecmy current problem is wpebackend-fdo does not build11:22
fennec| /mnt/code/performance-1-os-yocto/build/tmp/work/aarch64-mx8mp-tdx-linux/wpebackend-fdo/1.4.1-r0/wpebackend-fdo-1.4.1/src/ws.cpp:30:10: fatal error: EGL/eglmesaext.h: No such file or directory11:22
fennec|    30 | #include <EGL/eglmesaext.h>11:22
fennec|       |          ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~11:22
fennec| compilation terminated.11:22
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fennecok this is fixed by using the recipe from meta-webkit11:26
rburtonPACKAGECONFIG="opengl wayland glx"11:27
rburton ^ no x1111:27
fennecoh wait I missed it?11:28
rburtonlook above the assignment in the -e output and you'll see the default should include x11 but I expect either a bbappend or packageconfig:remove is deleting it11:28
qschulzGuestNew: proper way is to have a new distro with two different recipes (different version in the bb filename and then use PREFERRED_PROVIDER_recipe = "version-you-want"11:29
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GuestNewqschulz thank you for reply :)11:30
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qschulzGuestNew: if your package is not used by any other package (RDEPENDS) or your recipe by any other recipe (DEPENDS), you could also just duplicate the recipe and rename it slightly differently11:31
qschulze.g. recipe-prod instead of recipe11:31
qschulzand then in the image for prod, instead of adding "package" you add "package-prod"11:31
qschulzsomething along those lines11:31
qschulznot best practice, error-prone but much more efficient11:31
qschulzptsneves: you'll need to send a v4 with the Upstream-Status changed from Inappropriate to Submitted + the link to the pull request BTW11:32
GuestNewqschulz I have taken due note of this :)11:33
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ptsnevesqschulz ah ok will do11:35
RPptsneves: looking at the queues in poky-contrib, I suspect not11:35
ptsnevesthen i probably will need to wait if it is approved or not :(  this requirement on the upstreaming to python was a bit of a bummer11:36
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fennecrburton: What is the way around then?11:37
qschulzptsneves: we've been fighting a lot to reduce the number of patches we maintain over time, so it is more difficult than in the past to contribute patches which aren't contributed to their upstream project11:38
qschulzit's a bit more time consuming for contributors, but a lot less pain for maintainers11:38
ptsnevesqschulz fair enough. Thanks for the explanation.11:38
rburtonfennec: first find out why the default PACKAGECONFIG, which sets x11 if x11 is in DISTRO_FEATURES, isn't being respected.  that's in the bit above the assignment in the -e output11:38
rburtonfennec: pastebin that block if you want a hand11:38
fennecwill do thanks a lot11:39
fennecok so I change DISTRO_FEATURE:append to DISTRO_FEATURES += " x11"11:43
fennecand it seems to do the trick11:43
fennecbut I may have a bigger problem11:44
fennecERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'virtual/egl' (but /mnt/code/performance-1-os-yocto/build/../layers/openembedded-core/meta/recipes-gnome/gtk+/ DEPENDS on or otherwise requires it)11:44
fennecimx-gpu-viv PROVIDES virtual/egl but was skipped: incompatible with machine verdin-imx8mp (not in COMPATIBLE_MACHINE)11:44
fennecimx-gpu-viv PROVIDES virtual/egl but was skipped: missing required distro feature 'wayland' (not in DISTRO_FEATURES)11:44
fennecimx-gpu-viv PROVIDES virtual/egl but was skipped: incompatible with machine verdin-imx8mp (not in COMPATIBLE_MACHINE)11:44
fennecimx-gpu-viv PROVIDES virtual/egl but was skipped: missing required distro feature 'wayland' (not in DISTRO_FEATURES)11:44
fennecERROR: Required build target 'gtk+3' has no buildable providers.11:44
fennecMissing or unbuildable dependency chain was: ['gtk+3', 'virtual/egl']11:44
rburtonyour append was most likely missing a ' '11:45
rburton:append = " x11"11:45
rburton+= is more likely to be a problem, append would always work11:45
rburton(might be easiest if you just pastebin the entire -e output)11:46
rburton+= on DISTRO_FEATURES doesn't work if your distro uses ?= to assign11:46
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fennecwell += made a diff, with append I get the same PACKAGE_CONFIG as before11:48
fennecmaking a pastebin rn11:48
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fennecoh the paste is too big11:53
fennecI'll try to trim comments11:53
rburton#   _remove[imxgpu2d] /mnt/code/performance-1-os-yocto/build/../layers/meta-freescale/recipes-graphics/gtk+/gtk+3_%.bbappend:511:57
rburton#     "     ${@bb.utils.contains("DISTRO_FEATURES", "wayland", "x11", "", d)} "11:57
rburtonmeta-freescale forcibly turns off x11 if wayland is enabled11:57
rburtonyou'll have to ask them why they did something that apparently dumb11:57
fennecany idea where I can get in touch with them?11:58
rburtonthe readme has a link to a mailing list11:59
rburtonand otavio is here11:59
fennecthanks again11:59
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fennecI really appreciate the help11:59
*** nemik <nemik!> has joined #yocto11:59
rburton is most likely obsolete by now11:59
rburtonpersonally, i'd just delete that line and harass freescale12:00
fennechaha. I'll try deleting.12:00
fennecotavio: Do you know why meta-freescale disables x11 if wayland is enabled?12:01
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qschulzfennec: rburton: meta-freescale hosted on does not have those lines anymore12:07
fennecoh good. so I need to update12:11
otaviofennec: it does as x11 is not "supported" by the gpu stack anymore12:11
fennecoh does that mean I can't get use smth that depends on x11? otavio:12:12
thomasd13Hi, I've got a piece of software, which I would like to write a recipe for it. Problem is, the software is built with cmake-configuration. That cmake-configuration requires a cmake-toolchain-file at a specific absolute path (/var/foo).12:27
thomasd13Can I somehow "mock" this /var/foo path with yocto?12:27
thomasd13Like the package is build within an container, which I can do whatever I would like12:29
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rburtonthomasd13: not trivially12:46
rburtonwhat if you wanted to build that outside of a container as a non-root user?12:46
rburtonsounds like you *have* to build in their own build container, which is madness12:46
thomasd13rburton, okay - so there is no tool which "emulates" a whole small linux system like docker? I thought maybe fakeroot is something which I can work with. But I think it isn't :)12:54
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thomasd13Another question: package-a builds (but doesn't deploy) static libraries. package-b must link with libraries which are built from package-a. How looks like the relative path from package-b to package-a at build time?12:57
thomasd13Assuming I specify package-b DEPENDS on package-a12:57
GuestNewHi, is it possible for a recipe to inherit from an other .bb ? the purpose is to create 2 recipes based on the same one "as template". The main recipe is given by the vendor BSP and i would like to keep it without modification12:57
RPthomasd13: you can emulate a system with qemu or use a container but there are speed and permissions challenges in most cases12:58
ptsnevesGuestNew no. What you want is to use an .inc file with the common parts and require it in each .bb12:58
ptsnevesor what you want is a bbappend. That just applies your modifications on top and you remain with the vendor's recipe12:59
qschulzGuestNew: yes you can, but you should follow what ptsneves said about .inc12:59
RPthomasd13: depending on another recipes build directories is fraught with danger, you usually add something to install into the sysroots to allow them to share data13:00
ptsnevesqschulz oh dang. Saying it is is but should be "forbidden"13:00
GuestNewptsneves qschulz Thanks a lot for the support:)  I will definitively use the .inc based on ditros.13:01
qschulzthomasd13: if you installed the static libs properly in a SYSROOT_DIRS, it shgould be available in recipe-b in its recipe-sysroot directory13:02
qschulzthat's the only way this should be done, you shouldn't traverse the TMPDIR to find the source/build directory of recipe-a13:02
thomasd13RP, normally I would totally agree with you. But in this special case... package-A is a huge blob of software, which produces ~500 libs for whatever, and projects which rely on that libs just picking 2-3 of them which they really need13:03
thomasd13So I would like to avoid to deploy 497 static libs on that system which are not used13:04
*** Thorn <Thorn!~Thorn@user/thorn> has joined #yocto13:06
thomasd13ahh but wait - qschulz the libs just appear in the recipe-sysroot right? Not at the targetfs13:06
ptsnevesthomasd13 yes and you can gate your recipe to only stage the few libs you want13:07
thomasd13Ahhh, got it! Thanks guys!13:09
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qschulzthomasd13: files will always be in a package if they are meant to be used in other recipe sysroots (because the files need top be installer to be accessible from other recipes, and yany installed file needs to be in a package otherwise you get a warning/error), but it's up to you to install the package or not13:17
thomasd13thank you qschulz !13:19
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fennecotavio: does that mean I can't use x11?13:36
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*** manuel <manuel!~manuel@> has joined #yocto13:40
manuelHi all13:42
manuelIs there a rule of thumb wether to put inherits at the top or at the bottom of a recipe?13:43
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ptsnevesmanuel normally at the end as it is a glorified require AFAIK, and that means that where it is included affects the parsing order. Either that or I have been seeing pixies, meaning: i can be wrong13:59
ptsnevessorry normally at the beggining, the inherit is usually at the begging13:59
manuelptsneves: Thanks14:00
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wyrehi guys, I'm not sure when I modify my DT as this the do_patch task for the linux kernel Makefile fails ...14:11
wyreI'm just actually adding my dts to the Makefile ... I'm guessing this shouldn't depend on specific changes in the DTS itself, am I right?14:12
wyreI mean ... if those changes would be causing this error ... the error should happen in do_compile task, right?14:12
wyrebut not sure when I revert the changes ... the image is properly built 🤔14:13
wyrethe patch is actually this one
wyrebut it patches the Makefile, not the dts itself ... so ... not sure what's happening14:14
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*** amitk <amitk!~amit@> has quit IRC (Quit: Lost terminal)14:24
wyremay this be due the dts is wrong ... any dtb is produced/built so the do_patch task fails?14:26
*** amitk <amitk!~amit@> has joined #yocto14:26
wyreI find this so weird, the Makefile patch task shouldn't depend on whether dtb is produced or not ...14:27
zeddiiwyre: do patch runs long before anything is built, so anytthing in the build, wouldn't be causing do_patch to fail.14:28
wyrezeddii, then ... not sure why when I modify my dts ... this do_patch task fails ...14:28
zeddiiif it is the patch you linked to before, the path to the file is completely wrong. you are patching something in the source tree, not in your layer. I'd suggest hunting around for other layers with kernel recipes and patches, and you'll see the type of path they use (git/Makefile, as an example)14:29
wyrezeddii, you mean I should have the kernel source tree in my layer?14:30
*** amitk <amitk!~amit@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)14:31
*** amitk_ <amitk_!~amit@> has joined #yocto14:31
wyrezeddii, with my first custom dts the patch was working 🤔14:32
wyrezeddii, I wouldn't like to include the whole kernel source tree in my layer, just to add a custom dts to the current kernel I'm using14:33
*** xmn <xmn!> has joined #yocto14:36
*** m4ho <m4ho!~m4ho@> has joined #yocto14:37
zeddiino. the kernel patches like anything else. look at any patch, to any package.14:39
zeddiilet me look at what you linked again. I only scanned it.14:40
zeddiiso that's a diff of a patch in the layer, so yes, that's ok. if it is failing to patch, then it could just be that the context is wrong, or something else. What was the actual do_patch error again ?14:41
wyrezeddii, you mean the whole log.do_patch?14:42
zeddiior just the error that the build throws, should be enough.14:43
*** gchamp <gchamp!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)14:43
wyrewow ... now apparently it's working 🤔.... it reaches the do_compile task at least ...14:43
wyrelet me reproduce it ... I think this happens after I do a bitbake -c clean <image> and `rm -rf tmp`14:44
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selffhello everyone. I'm trying to edit the "/etc/hostname" file during boot.15:05
selffname of hostname is created by the "base-files" recipe when building image. it like this:15:05
selff# deal with hostname15:05
selffif [ "${hostname}" ]; then15:05
selff     echo ${hostname} > ${D}${sysconfdir}/hostname15:05
selff     echo " ${hostname}" >> ${D}${sysconfdir}/hosts15:05
selffbut instead i want to write the content of "Serial" number in "/proc/cpuinfo" while the device is booting. how can i do that? i wrote a script for this, but i have a problem on how to do it.15:05
prabhakarladHi all, previously distutils_do_install was used to install the pyhton package, but with the update to yocto Im getting error: distutils_do_install: not found. Any pointers how I can get around this?15:06
rburtonthere was a session at the Yocto Summit a couple of weeks ago which covered this.  It will be on youtube at some point, but this is a good reason why it's wise to go :)15:10
rburtontlwoerner: any eta on the summit presentations being on youtube?15:10
tlwoernerrburton: 12 days ago
rburtonwhy are they not on the Videos list15:13
tlwoernerbut i haven't done the hands-on/live-coding yet15:13
tlwoernercheck playlists?15:13
*** frieder <frieder!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)15:13
rburtonyeah, i can see them there, but I was refreshing the account's Videos page15:14
rburtonwhich shows nothing for 5 months15:14
prabhakarladrburton: thank you for the pointer.15:14
rburtontlwoerner: can you add "and Ross Burton" to the one please15:14
tlwoernerndec: LetoThe2nd: ^^15:15
rburtontoo scared to rewatch mine15:15
wyrezeddii, not sure why the second time (without any change) worked but not the first one
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ndectlwoerner: rburton : done.. sorry about that. I think the title was truncated.. it allows 100 char only, and I didn't notice. Fixed now.15:40
tlwoernerndec: also, apparently the videos don't show up in the "videos" tab?15:41
tlwoernerndec: only in the "playlists" tab15:42
*** alimon <alimon!~alimon@2806:10b7:3:9c8a:2c32:cfff:fe8e:de1f> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)15:42
ndecright.. they are 'unlisted'.. will fix that too15:42
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otaviofennec: with mainline you can; nxp bsp not anymore15:44
*** denisoft81 <denisoft81!> has joined #yocto15:45
ndectlwoerner: fixed!15:45
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rburtonndec: awesome thanks15:48
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fennecotavio: thanks for the clarification16:00
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fennecSo the chip I'm using is a NXP i.MX8M Plus16:11
fennecDoes it mean I can't use something that depends on x11?16:11
otaviofennec: you can use xwayland16:12
rburtonnot if you can't build an app that needs gtk with x11 you can't16:14
fennecthe distro is tdx-xwayland16:14
fennecthing is I need to run tauri16:14
fenneca rust library that depends on gdk-x11-sys16:15
fennecrburton: unsure what what you say that implies in my case16:15
otaviofennec: so tauri needs fixing ;-)16:24
otavioit shouldn't have a hard depends on x1116:24
*** goliath <goliath!~goliath@user/goliath> has joined #yocto16:24
fennectauri needs a lot of love atm16:25
fennecI'll tell them tho16:25
yudjinn[m]hello, Im running into an issue where yocto is looking for python sit-packages in `${STAGING_DIR_NATIVE}/usr/include/python3.5m` Im confused why the m is there in the first place. Im using `inherit python3native` and `depends python3-native python3-numoy-native`16:46
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kranzohi there,18:14
kranzois there a way of extending the PATH variable created by the esdk?18:14
*** armhzjz <armhzjz!eindemwort@gateway/vpn/protonvpn/armhzjz> has joined #yocto18:20
armhzjzTrying to build an image for a Raspberrypi 3B. Getting this message saying that LIC_FILES_CHKSUMpoints to an invalid file (i.e. LICENSE) which in deed does not exist. Does anybody know how to go over this, if the meta-layer repository does not provide this license in the expected directory? The meta-layer in question is meta-raspberrypi, and I created a bbappend to include SRC_URIto the firmaware-nonfree18:27
armhzjzrepository, branch bullseye.18:27
*** florian__ <florian__!> has joined #yocto18:28
rburtonyour bbappend probably broke it. can you pastebin it?18:28
armhzjzhey rburton thanks. Here is the pastbin:
rburtonso your append changes the src_uri, so you need to fix the license references18:32
armhzjzhaaa ... damn....yeah of course. The thing is, I am moving all my stuff from gatesgarth to kirkstone and I am doing a mess here.... silly mistake. Thank you very much man!18:34
yudjinn[m]how can I write a patch without using git?18:36
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zyga[m]@yudjinn[m] you can use diff perhaps19:17
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yudjinn[m]tried, it doesnt really like it19:25
zyga[m]I mean, make two directory trees, one with the original, modify the second one and diff the files19:28
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fennecI'm searching a way to share files within recipes. Is that using class? I can't seem to find the relevant doc19:41
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rburtona class is one way, or just a .inc file you require in each recipe19:45
fennecwill .inc work for git repos?19:47
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diamondmanHello everyone. I created a recipe to hold .proto files so the multiple consuming recipes can pull the proto files directly into their sysroot. I made this 'company-protos' recipe `inherit allarch` because it does not produce any platform/architecture specific files. Several class-target recipes were then made to depend on this protos recipe, and that worked well.22:00
diamondmanThere are also some class-native recipes that need the proto files, and most of them are `BBCLASSEXTEND = "native"`. I added `DEPENDS += "company-protos"` which works for the class-target build, but when built in class-native mode, bitbake looks for `company-protos-native` which does not exist (because the protos recipe is allarch).22:00
diamondmanI understand that bitbake will append `-native` to dependencies under certain circumstances, but I don't know all those cases yet, and I do not know how to prevent bitbake from automatically adding -native to a dependency that is allarch.22:00
diamondmanAny advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance.22:00
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