Monday, 2022-07-04

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wkawkaHi, if recipe fetches files, for example git repo, does it run setup files automatically?05:53
wkawkaOr maybe I have to run them via do_install05:53
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LetoThe2ndwkawka: you mean if bitbake automatically runs some kind of script shipped with the sources? no. depending on the build system you use, like autotools, cmake, meson, there are classes you can inherit and which are probably doing most of the magic right away.06:27
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mckoangood morning06:46
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX && mckoan06:49
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wkawkaMy recipe requires python-rsa and it is added do RDEPENDS in this recipe, but nothing provides it. Where can i add this?07:26
LetoThe2ndwkawka: you have to create a recipe for it then. look at for inspiration how python recipes usually look like.07:27
wkawkaI have to create a recipe in meta-python?07:30
wkawkaor just locally07:30
wkawkaAnd if it is locally, how can I make an order to build, or if sometjing will be in RDEPENDS it will automatically set that order07:31
LetoThe2ndwkawka: in your local layer, meta-python can just serve as examples. yes, dependencies will be handled automatically.07:32
wkawkaOk, thank you very much07:32
LetoThe2ndhave fun!07:36
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ThomasRoos[m]I did my first bugfix patch - it got accepted in master-next and now is in master. What should I do with the still open bugzilla bug? How is the workflow? How will it be closed? Should I add a reference to the commit? thx07:42
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wkawkaNow I have tried to build a recipe from tar.gz archive, but i have a strange error ```No such file or directory: '/build/tmp/work/recipetool-6v09g70z/work/recipe-sysroot'```. Have you ever encountered something like that?08:07
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jclsnThe hardest task as a Yocto developer: Making your boss understand why a build server with 1TB is just not sufficient if multiple teams are to work on it08:18
Schlumpfjclsn: so true...08:35
ThomasRoos[m]just tell him we can do it with less than 1TB, but then it will take longer time ;)08:40
RPjclsn: remind them that you're building a complete operating system from scratch including debug symbols and data for everything. That does require some space.08:43
RPjclsn: the key is often to highlight how much time you'd waste trying to manage on insufficient space08:44
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drivuxHello there. I have different sources directory (fsl-community-bsp) managed by the repo utility. They are: 3 different meta-freescale, meta-openembedded, meta-qt5 and poky. What's the best way to "backup" them to another Gitlab repository?09:04
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qschulzhello people :)09:09
qschulzback from holidays, will not go through the IRC backlog so if anyone asked something to me, feel free to ask again :)09:11
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denisoft81hi guys, kindly, how can I do if I receive a segmentation fault error when I import sounddevice python library? Sometimes I get the "Segmentation Fault" error while other times "Aborted" during import. Until the last shutdown, everything was working correctly09:21
drivuxqschulz: hello. I just asked how to "backup" a bunch of meta folder managed by the repo utility in a fresh new repository.09:23
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LetoThe2nddenisoft81: strace + meditation what you did before the last shutdown.09:33
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denisoft81I have started a py script for a test and it worked, after shutdown the same operation, had the result of which I asked for help09:35
LetoThe2nddenisoft81: well, possible options are that something else in the system changed, like some library, or that you busted the system by improper shutdown.09:37
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denisoft81I haven't changed anything, so only an improper shutdown could have happened. In this case how can I check or fix it?09:38
LetoThe2nddenisoft81: reflash the device.09:38
denisoft81ok thanks a lot09:38
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gs1234Hi guys, I tried out the Yocto cve-check class today for the first time and got hundreds of CVE reported in the logfile. However, while going through the CVE list in the log, I se that most of the packages that have been reported already have a version higher than the one described in the cve summary. Is this pointing to false positives or am I09:42
gs1234just reading the report wrong? Here is an example:09:42
gs1234LAYER: meta09:42
gs1234PACKAGE NAME: libidn209:42
gs1234PACKAGE VERSION: 2.3.209:42
gs1234CVE: CVE-2019-1229009:42
gs1234CVE STATUS: Patched09:42
gs1234CVE SUMMARY: GNU libidn2 before 2.2.0 fails to perform the roundtrip checks specified in RFC3490 Section 4.2 when converting A-labels to U-labels. This makes it possible in some circumstances for one domain to impersonate another. By creating a malicious domain that matches a target domain except for the inclusion of certain punycoded Unicode09:42
gs1234characters (that would be discarded when converted first to a Unicode label and then back to an ASCII label), arbitrary domains can be impersonated.09:42
gs1234CVSS v2 BASE SCORE: 5.009:42
gs1234CVSS v3 BASE SCORE: 7.509:42
gs1234VECTOR: NETWORK09:42
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mrybczyn[m]gs1234: by default the tool reports all patched and unpatched issues09:45
mrybczyn[m]gs1234: see the CVE STATUS line09:46
mrybczyn[m]gs1234: you're probably interested in those with Unpatched status09:46
gs1234Oh, I assumed that the status of patched means that the maintainer of the package has released a patch to fix the issue and not that it's already patched in my build09:47
gs1234Here is an example of an unpatched report:09:49
gs1234LAYER: meta09:49
gs1234PACKAGE NAME: unzip-native09:49
gs1234PACKAGE VERSION: 1_6.009:49
gs1234CVE: CVE-2022-052909:49
gs1234CVE STATUS: Unpatched09:49
gs1234CVE SUMMARY: A flaw was found in Unzip. The vulnerability occurs during the conversion of a wide string to a local string that leads to a heap of out-of-bound write. This flaw allows an attacker to input a specially crafted zip file, leading to a crash or code execution.09:49
gs1234CVSS v2 BASE SCORE: 4.309:49
gs1234CVSS v3 BASE SCORE: 5.509:49
gs1234VECTOR: NETWORK09:49
gs1234You can see that the text doesn't mention which version of the package resolves the issue09:49
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wkawkaHow can I add to RDEPENDS pacages like python3-compression which are described here
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wkawkawhen I simply add them to rdepends, nothing provides them10:00
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rburtongs1234: the cve summary doesn't have to contain the version, follow the link and look at the CPE10:07
gs1234Thanks for the hint. I went to cve link in the patched isuue that I posted above. I can see there that the page also mentions that the issue only impacks version below 2.2.010:11
ptsnevesrburton regarding the upgrade to ntirpc is it acceptable that libnss-native does not support RPC?10:13
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ptsnevesok. Otherwise the whole upgrade is a no-go due to circular dependency. Although honestly i do no see the need for RPC in libnss native10:17
jclsn[m]RP: Thanks. I have all the arguments. I already said this half a year ago. To me it is pretty clear that you need a machine as big as possible with the outlook of having multiple teams build on it. But well, bosses always want to save money and don’t do something unless you prove the necessity to them…10:18
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RPjclsn[m]: you hourly rate vs the time this is costing you won't convince them? :(10:27
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jclsnRP: Guess my hourly rate is too low :P11:08
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jclsnWell, honestly I haven't calculated it through. I am currently running some test with out DevOps guy, which seems to come to the same conclusion. Actually it is not bad to have proof before you blindly buy something. I am just frustrated because to me this has been fairly obvious the whole time ^^11:10
jclsns/with out/with our/11:10
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qschulzjclsn: depending on the time you spent getting those numbers, it could have been cheaper to just buy the hardware already11:15
wkawkaI have an error with do_fetch. I set an uri for a direct download link (before, I set onlu SHA and MD5 sums and result was the same), but do fetch omits version numbers from uri, then i have this error: Resolving (
wkawkaConnecting to (
wkawkaHTTP request sent, awaiting response... 404 Not Found11:16
wkawka2022-07-04 11:04:21 ERROR 404: Not Found.11:16
jclsnqschulz: I know right...11:16
qschulzwkawka: what's the actual SRC_URI you're using?11:16
wkawkaI did like that: SRC_URI_prepend = ""11:17
wkawkaWhen i'm not using prepepend or I'm only using sha and md5 sums, result is the same11:18
LetoThe2ndwkawka: you have to write a freestanding recipe for your dependencies, not cobble them into the dependent one.11:21
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wkawkaI don't understand, I have 2 recipes, where the first is dependent from the second11:23
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wkawkaand now i'm working on the second11:23
LetoThe2ndwkawka: then whats the point with prepending? the recipe can just set its own SRC_URI.11:23
rburtonwkawka: also you left out trailing space, so you've joined your url with the first url in the recipe *without any spaces*11:24
Lemur-for-rentI'm trying to wrap a bbappend for systemd with a distro feature.11:27
Lemur-for-rentJust looking for some obvious best practices I might have missed.11:27
Lemur-for-rent# systemd_%.bbappend11:27
Lemur-for-rentdo_install_append() {11:27
Lemur-for-rent    if ${@bb.utils.contains('DISTRO_FEATURES','disable_getty','true','false',d)}; then11:27
Lemur-for-rent    # Disable getty starting at boot time if 'disable_getty' is enabled11:27
Lemur-for-rent    sed -i -e "s/enable getty@.service/disable getty@.service/g" ${D}${systemd_unitdir}/system-preset/90-systemd.preset11:27
Lemur-for-rent    fi11:27
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mckoanLemur-for-rent: please use pastebin12:17
rfuentessrookie question reading recipes at poky/12:22
rfuentessdo_compile() and do_install() if not giving in the recipe take place ? E.g. if in custom recipe A I put one of poky's lib (recipe B) in DEPENDS and RDEPENDS.  The B's do_compile happens due `DEPENDS` and B's do_install() due the B's library is required ?12:24
rfuentessor am I mixing everything ?12:24
rfuentess(probably that)12:24
qschulzrfuentess: DEPENDS="B" in recipe A will trigger a build of packages built by recipe B12:27
qschulzDEPENDS requests that B build outcomes be put into the sysroot of recipe A so they can be linked against or the header files used during compilation of recipe A12:28
qschulztechnically do_compile and do_install are triggered only by DEPENDS="B"12:29
qschulzan explicit RDEPENDS is usually only required if your piece of SW is dynamically loading a shared lib (dlopen) or executing a binary with e.g. system()12:30
qschulzotherwise bitbake will find the packages to include based on the recipes in DEPENDS12:30
qschulzdo_install is a task that basically installs files in a temporary directory mimicking the final root filesystem skeleton12:31
qschulzout of this, the sysroot of this recipe is created so some directories and files of this temporary directory can be available to other recipes duriung build time12:31
qschulzand it also is from this directory that files are split into separate packages that can be installed in the final rootfs that'll be used on your target12:32
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rfuentessqschulz: oh12:35
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rfuentessby example, on this case recipe B is this one  Here, the final package(s) name are defined, plus the sourcecode . But not explicit do_compile() and do_install() are done12:37
qschulzrfuentess: there's an "inherit autotools" there12:37
rfuentessI just trying to understand the mechanism and consequences of adding recipe B to A'S `DEPENDS`, a default "make" and "make install" is happening, for that temporary directory?12:37
qschulzand you see there's an autotools_do_compile and autotools_do_install which are then EXPORT_FUNCTIONS'ed12:38
qschulzpromoting them to do_compile/do_install if they're not overridden by something else12:39
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rfuentessI need to write down the implications of the "inherit" keyword in the recipes. Then, this is used to load the classes ?12:40
rfuentessI mean those classes
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rfuentessoh, thanks for that URL, not sure why I was not finding it in my google search.  Probably because I was using solely "yocto" as keydword xD12:43
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rfuentessqschulz: ah. Looking at autotools_do_install() I'm starting to understand where I'm on my extended recipe. Thanks!12:56
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rfuentessqschulz: thanks for the URL. Suddenly I was able to understand all the monster happening behind the lines on the recipes Xd. Libnl's is a little tricky as there are 4 packages on that recipe, but still I'm getting progress14:16
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LetoThe2ndis there any best practise if in a specific layer, only one recipe has a dependency on another layer?14:22
LetoThe2ndhow to best define that?14:22
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qschulzLetoThe2nd: make another layer just for that recipe?14:25
RPqschulz: we've missed you :)14:25
mckoanLetoThe2nd: what's the point?14:25
LetoThe2ndqschulz: yeah that is obviously the escalation solution14:26
qschulzRP: awww, thanks :) (yes I know I'm reviewing patches that are already merged :D)14:26
LetoThe2ndmckoan: the point is that everything else in the layer happily builds without the dependency layer, so unless you want to build that one recipe you probably don't need/want it.14:27
qschulztriaging 3.7k new mails right now, damn mailing list subscribptions :)14:27
qschulzLetoThe2nd: what about BBFILES_DYNAMIC?14:27
LetoThe2ndqschulz: fwd to /dev/null14:27
*** florian <florian!~florian@> has joined #yocto14:27
LetoThe2ndqschulz: yeah i've though about it but it kinda reverses the logic. only good solution though, it iseem.14:28
LetoThe2nd*seems, even.14:28
qschulzLetoThe2nd: the only issue is that it makes this recipe/package not available in case the layer is noit included14:29
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qschulzso it's a bit hidden away and maybe not easy to debug for users14:29
LetoThe2ndqschulz: yeah14:29
qschulzLetoThe2nd: also, you can have layers inside layers14:29
qschulzso you don't technically need a new git repo14:29
LetoThe2ndqschulz: don't get me started on that, please.14:30
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qschulzLetoThe2nd: have you heard about repo?14:30
qschulz:p :p14:30
qschulzRP: I drove the motorcycle/did hikes for two weeks in North of Slovenia, Dolomites and a bit of Austria. 2700km in 14 days on the bike, 30-40km of hikes I guess? I didn't count those.14:32
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qschulzSuper lucky with the weather, only a day and a half of rain14:32
* LetoThe2nd ponders throwing somthing sharp and pointy. alternatively, having a drink.14:32
LetoThe2nd(re repo, that is)14:33
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RPqschulz: that sounds like a good time :). I was wishing I had a motorcycle most of the time I was in the Dolomites!14:34
qschulzRP: got a flat tire in the middle of nowhere in Slovenia though, no cell service and all.. shouldn't have driven on dirt tracks with an overinflated almost slick tire but eh14:35
qschulza friend managed to fix it14:35
RPqschulz: these things happen, adds to the adventure14:35
RPqschulz: I've a long list of breakdowns and other issues but mostly they were part of the adventure :)14:36
qschulzsurprisingly, many tourists already. we had hoped to avoid most of it but it wasn't actually that easy to find same-day accommodations14:36
agherzankhem: have you ever seen host contamination on go projects while using musl?14:37
agherzanSomething like:14:37
agherzan`/usr/include/x86_64-linux-gnu/bits/stdio2.h:100: undefined reference to `__fprintf_chk'`14:37
zeddiiRP: I have perf building with the QA warning fixed. patch shortly.14:38
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ptsneveswhen using git send-email do you guys also set --in-reply-to=?14:42
qschulzptsneves: no, I think this is when you want to send a patch as part of an already existing thread?14:42
ptsnevesyes. Sorry. THe question was related to v2 patches14:43
qschulzand since we usually want v2/v3 etc... in their own threads, I don't think it's useful to us?14:43
ptsnevesahh so this might be the reason i caused a confusion with the patches.14:43
RPzeddii: great, thanks!14:43
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ruslanHow to install sysctl in Yocto image? What does provide it?16:27
neverpanicruslan: check for procps-ng16:28
*** goliath <goliath!~goliath@user/goliath> has joined #yocto16:29
neverpanicruslan: Fedora has it as procps-ng from, with upstream at sourceforge, yocto seems to have it in openembedded-core as procps ( from
ruslanneverpanic: Thanks!16:32
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roussinm--without-local-prefix in gcc-configure-common, doesn't seems to do what it's suppose to do, at least for nativesdk-gcc it doesn't remove the /usr/local/include from the searched path.18:54
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v0nhi there -- how do you usually set systemd services to be run as a specific user? Do you usually append the recipe to provide your own service unit file? Or do you add drop-ins in a user package?19:18
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v0nor do you run the service as the user somehow?19:19
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RPzeddii: perf fix seems to be holding, thanks! Of course I broke lttng-modules debug symbols containing buildpaths now :/21:23
RPzeddii: not sure how our normal builds aren't detecting that, bit worrying really21:23
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RPzeddii: ah, it works on x86, just not anywhere else21:29
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