Wednesday, 2022-07-20

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brimonkHey all, I'm having trouble getting curl dev libraries on my output meta-toolchain, and I think I need to add a DEPENDS (+)= somewhere, but I honestly have no idea.03:49
brimonkWhile I'm a noob to all things yocto and bitbake, I think I've got a frankenstein'd repo with the poky and meta-ti repos smashed together. When I run 'bitbake meta-toolchain' to build my toolchain, the output toolchain doesn't contain libcurl, which is a dependency of what I'd ACTUALLY like to build with the toolchain. How can I add libcurl, with headers and libs to the output toolchain?03:58
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mckoangood morning06:41
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mckoanI have a variable MYVAR ?= "1" defined in local.conf, how can I override its value from command line doing MYVAR="0" bitbake imagename ?07:54
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LetoThe2ndmckoan: MYVAR=0 bitbake imagename, but you have to add MYVAR to BB_ENV_PASSTHROUGH
LetoThe2ndbrimonk: AIUI adding it to TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK should do the trick07:56
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mckoanLetoThe2nd: thanks, the syntax is totally unclear though08:06
mckoanat this point is probably clearer use a 'sed' command to replace the line08:08
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LetoThe2ndmckoan: no example to be found? we've used it at my old company for sure.08:13
qschulzmckoan: patches welcome to the documentation :)08:16
ptsnevesBB_ENV_PASSHTHROUGH is evil. just pass bitbake -R extra.conf or something08:18
ptsnevesit achieves the same08:18
ptsnevesif i would start a holy war in Yocto like vim/emacs it would be about BB_ENV_PASSTHROUGH08:18
qschulzmckoan: IIRC it's a space separated list of environment variables that can be passed from your shell to inside recipes08:22
LetoThe2ndI would say, it really depends on the specific setup.08:24
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mckoanptsneves: nice idea, thanks09:05
ptsneves@mckoan the -R extra.conf has 2 benefits: You can generate them as a K="V" from some kind of script even from env variables. The other is that you have access to BITBAKE keystore to compose those variables. This is often not possible by passing env variables, and ugly hacks have been written to get bitbake datastore stuff(like paths) to the shell so it can be passed back into bitbake09:07
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LetoThe2ndptsneves: that is indeed a neat side effect, thanks for bringing it up!09:10
ptsnevesLetoThe2nd: Thanks. Extra one, you can track the extra.conf standalone in a version control system if needed.09:11
yannholoHello, short version : What would be the technique to change a configuration file for a recipe depending on an image ?09:13
yannholoLong version : I already build two images (prod and dev), It is quite easy to add tools on the dev image (for ssh access & cie). But I can't seams to find the way to simply update a configuration file (/etc/x/x.conf) depending on the image... My approach until now has been to apply patches to recipes, but I don't think that can handle input from images. What is the keyword I should google to find my answer ?09:13
LetoThe2ndyannholo: building a debug distro. an image is a recipe, and therefore cannot affect another recipe. simple as that. recipe data is local.09:14
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yannholoLetoThe2nd: Very well, I will look into that, I guess I took the image approach because KAS allow to build 2 images in a single cmd line. Nothing a script can't handle.09:20
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LetoThe2ndyannholo: well it can be two different images also. but the key part really is yocto chant #1: recipe data is local, configuration data is global.09:21
qschulzyannholo: depending on your layers and recipes, you could technically have two conf recipes09:22
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qschulzone with conf1 file and another with conf2 file09:22
qschulzand then in image1 you IMAGE_INSTALL conf1 and in image2 conf209:23
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yannholoqschulz: I was thinking about that before coming here but it seams more like a hack than the clean way to do it ?09:23
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qschulzyannholo: it depends what this configuration file is for09:24
qschulzbut I think it's an okay approach09:24
qschulzcompared to the cost of having two distros, it's a good compromise09:24
yannholoqschulz: The use case right now is to configure mosquitto to only accept connections from localhost in the production image09:25
qschulzyannholo: mmmm this feels like you want a debug image and a production image09:26
jclsn[m]Do you know any good tutorial for getting good with device trees? I am still overwhelmed by them09:26
qschulzand you'll want to have more differences later on I believe, so going for distro makes sense now even though the cost is now high for that small difference09:27
LetoThe2ndThe key thing to think about is if you want to do the recipe split-duplication for how many instances. In real life, the dev-prod image topic is often tackled through a combination of means.09:27
LetoThe2ndRead: everybody starts out with "it is only that one tiny modification"09:27
yannholoqschulz: Yeah that's already the case but until now I only needed to install or not some recipes, images worked fine09:28
qschulzjclsn[m]: I know Thomas from Bootlin did a Device Tree for Dummies talk/presentation some years back09:30
qschulzjclsn[m]: and they have a Device Tree 101 thingy right now09:30
yannholoLetoThe2nd: I agree, I will take a closer look at distros and try to do it cleanly09:30
ptsneves@yannholo If your changes between prod and dev can be packaged differently then you can include special packages in your dbg image. If you want recipes to have build steps that are different than the distro as mentioned is the way to go09:32
RPptsneves: why would that become a holy war?09:37
yannholoptsneves Right now both approach would work for me, it is a "simple" file substitution, learning how distro seams to be the way to go for future developments09:38
jclsn[m]<qschulz> "jclsn: I know Thomas from..." <- That was actually the first Bootlin video I ever watched. Unfortunately it doesn’t dive deep into the syntax.09:40
qschulzjclsn[m]: what are you struggling with exactly?09:42
jclsn[m]I also read the introduction by NXP. I am still clueless. I wonder why no one puts comments in the source files…09:42
jclsn[m]I need to replace the MIPI-DSI controller for our board. The imx8mm uses the adv7535 and we one from TI. We had all of this done by GPV previously, but u-boot-imx has changed quite a bit since 201909:44
qschulzjclsn[m]: also, devicetree is a specification, see
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jclsn[m]There is a port@1 and port@2 now, which I don’t ger09:45
jclsn[m]Yeah need to read the specification, but it is not very beginner-friendly09:46
rburtonRP: so the RC1 failed in reproducible09:46
jclsn[m]Patience young padawan09:46
RPrburton: kernel host gcc issue?09:46
qschulzjclsn[m]: try to read the dt-bindings in the Linux kernel too09:46
qschulzfor mipi-dsi controllers, and panels, etc..09:46
ptsnevesyannholo: IIf it is only one file you can create a separate recipe for each and use the appropriate package in each of your images.09:46
yannholoI don't want to be rude but as a noob, looking at "Distro Features" and "Image Features" I instinctively would go with a prod/debug image instead of prod/debug distro. (I guess the approach is to have debug distro + debug image)09:47
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rburtonRP: yeah likely.  all in the kernel, at least.09:48
ptsnevesRP: Because in my experience people love env vars and will not accept the -R syntax. I am amazed at the lack of desire to learn in our industry, and learning a new switch of bitbake and how .confs work is often too much for devops guys.09:48
RPrburton: should be clear from the diffoscope output?09:49
RPptsneves: why would that make it a war though? The syntax exists and works?09:50
ptsnevesRP: it was a figure of speech :)09:50
qschulzyannholo: patches to the documentation very welcome :)09:50
LetoThe2ndyannholo: not rude at all. I know that it is the usual way to start out, but... "things are complicated". as qschulz said - documentation patches, or tutorial content is appreciated.09:51
qschulzyannholo: the thing is, most of us contributing to the project don't have the beginner eye anymore so it's not easy to write docs for things you (usually) understand09:51
ptsnevesRP: It works until somebody tries to add another env variable and not understand why it works. BB_ENV_PASSTHROUGH is obscure from my PoV09:52
rburtonRP: i think is the right tree, but how does one map the build to that path? there does kf5b... come from?09:52
rburtonwhere does, even09:52
rburtondifference is CONFIG_CC_HAS_ASM_GOTO_TIED_OUTPUT=y which is the kernel/host gcc thing, right?09:52
RPrburton: it should be shown in the failed build's log?09:52
RPptsneves: we can't just pull random stuff from the environment though09:52
rburtonRP: ah yes so it is, i was looking to low down09:53
LetoThe2ndyannholo: see this for an example of a debug-distro aware recipe.09:53
qschulzjclsn[m]: but yeah, that's basically the point where you have to dig in or get contractors to do the work for you :/ Many areas aren't as well documented as they could be in the kernel09:53
rburtonRP: i wasn't paying attention to this earlier when it came up.  surely it should just be using the cross gcc, so that's a relatively easy fix?09:55
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RPrburton: no, it is using the host's gcc for retpoline generation09:58
RPrburton: we basically need to filter that option out our generated confs09:58
rburtonnot sure i want to know why the host compiler is used for that09:58
RPrburton: it is used to build a tool which is used when compiling09:58
rburtonah, ok, that makes more sense09:59
jclsn[m]<qschulz> "jclsn: but yeah, that's basicall..." <- I really want to understand all of that. Guess I will have to be patient10:00
rburtonkanavin: i forgot to copy anuj 🤦‍♂️10:00
rburtonRP: going to jfdi and add a pretty minor testimage for -rt to the autobuilder10:01
rburtonRP: turns out jonmason has it in his personal gitlab CI for poky and it's been working fine for him for ages10:01
RPrburton: has what in his personal gitlab?10:02
RPoh, rt?10:02
rburtonyeah, a testimage using the -rt config10:02
ptsnevesRP: agreed. I actually had once somebody adding machine (lowercase) to the env whitelist and funny things happened :D10:03
RPrburton: I wish he'd sent something for the autobuilder ;-)10:04
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jclsn[m]Ah the device tree 101 is new. That seems to dive deeper. I will watch that10:24
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rburtonRP: so i looked at some of the lttng ab-int issues and i'm 80% convinced that they're a bug in the ptest runner or processing. some of logs that are reported as failing are all successes10:48
RPrburton: hmm. Any leads we could work on to track down what is breaking?10:52
RPrburton: I'm sure we have seen failures :/10:52
rburtonthere are failures, but i'm sure there are false-positives too10:57
rburtongot some ideas, but the lttng-tools test run takes forever!10:57
rburtonspecifically, "rt.RtTest.test_is_rt: PASSED (0.11s)"10:57
RPrburton: nice :)10:58
RPrburton: I was looking for an lttng failure :)10:58
rburtonRP: rt test patches sent for poky and helper11:01
RPrburton: nice, thanks!11:04
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rburtonRP: guessing you wouldn't be happy if meta-arm's build test added testimage but excluded parselogs as it was full of errors...11:15
RPrburton: well, it would be a start ;-)11:17
RPrburton: I could use it as an example of incremental improvement? :)11:17
rburton fwiw11:18
rburtonkernel does a load of probing and comes up short11:18
rburtonmight be qemu options missing, might be probes which should fail quietly11:19
RPrburton: you could just put them in the ignore list11:19
rburtoni feel icky putting apparently meta-arm specific ignores in oe-core11:19
RPrburton: that list should be layer/machine extensible11:20
rburtonpretty sure i own the bug to implement that11:20
rburtonneed to think about how to do it11:20
RPrburton: get on with it then! :)11:20
RPrburton: there are probably a few options, a variable, a file etc11:21
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yannholoLetoThe2nd: The youtube live coding was helpfull11:55
yannholoqschulz LetoThe2nd ptsneves: Thanks for your help. I ended up creating a second distro. I am not yet hugely satisfied on my understanding on distro/image responsibilities split but it works :-)11:59
ptsnevesyannholo: congrats :)12:00
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LetoThe2ndyannholo: \o/12:14
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RPrburton: (and anyone else interested) care to take a look at master-next and see what you think of the debug prefix mapping changes I'm pondering12:36
RPrburton: merging S and B for debug source purposes shouldn't matter?12:36
jonmasonthe point of me doing gitlab on poky is really to give me an easy CI before pushing.  I was getting too many "this breaks on other platforms"12:36
* RP doesn't quite know if the commit order is right but it does explain the changes better. I'm also torn on making it work for the kernel or not12:36
rburtonRP: going out for a bit, will look after12:37
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ThomasRoos[m]Is there any document or rule that say what patches, recipe upgrades get backported (and when) to kirkstone and dunfell? And how this is performed (git cherry pick, merge, rebase...)13:10
LetoThe2ndThomasRoos[m]: anything beyond that you need?13:12
ThomasRoos[m]<LetoThe2nd> "Thomas Roos: anything beyond..." <- this is good - thank you!13:22
ThomasRoos[m]So the patches that go into kirkstone are probably cherry-picked from master if they are ok to the mentioned rules I guess?13:22
RPThomasRoos[m]: correct13:29
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ThomasRoos[m]<RP> "Thomas Roos: correct" <- How often is this done? What about dunfell?13:49
RPThomasRoos[m]: people propose patches to the LTS maintainer and he makes a decision. Same for dunfell13:51
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RPIf they don't apply cleanly, people propose a patch13:52
ThomasRoos[m]ok, thank you!13:53
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jpmlimaHello there14:04
jpmlimai have a question14:05
jpmlimais it possible create a recipe that clone from github to my custom image?14:06
jpmlimaan alternative to copy tarball ?14:07
RPjpmlima: git:// urls work in SRC_URI14:08
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rburtonjpmlima_: do you mean you want a git clone inside your image?  just do a git clone, you'll need to enable networking in the task you do the fetch in though14:45
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RPrburton: I got rid of the kernel bits for now as that caused a few too many issues14:49
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RPkhem: I've stopped your meta-oe build as it would end badly, it needs to be restarted given I fixed master-next15:15
rburtonRP: can we get the gcc fix from khem into next? it's a good fix for zephyr builds15:19
vvnhi there -- what is the proper way to remove systemd services such as deprecated the initrd-udevadm-cleanup-db.service and systemd-udev-settle.service?15:21
RPrburton: it is now in -next15:24
rburtonRP: thanks15:24
RPrburton: any thoughts on that package change?15:25
rburtonyeah sorry, back now and will look15:25
rburtonRP: so the debug path searching using the prefix map is a good idea, but we could cleanup bitbake.conf by using file-prefix-map (which sets debug- macro- and profile-).  might be worth looking for all *-prefix-map arguments15:34
rburtonalso i'd be tempted to replace flag = flag.split("=");prefixmap[flag[1]] = flag[2] with "flag,old,new = flag.split('=') and catch whatever exception happens if it doesn't split perfectly. clear what the entries are for, and you can give a nice message. current code will just throw an exception15:36
RPrburton: we can't since things like as in binutils ignore file-prefix-map :(15:37
RPrburton: I tried that15:37
rburtoncan't *yet*, right?15:37
RPrburton: well, I don't know if anyone is sorting the patches15:37
RPrburton: good point on the flags15:37
rburtondare i ask why gcc-runtime needs its own slew of prefix-maps?15:38
RPrburton: see later patch?15:39
rburtonseries needs a reorder? :)15:39
RPrburton: I'm not sure that'd help. I was trying to capture some of the history15:40
rburton"shouldn't be source references in WORKDIR that isn't S and B either." BRAVE ASSERTION15:40
RPrburton: autobuilder is testing this15:40
rburtoni bet something breaks, but i'm fairly sure you could consider that to be a bust recipe15:40
RPrburton: right, if core is ok we'll call recipes broken ;-)15:40
RPrburton: we have to at least try15:41
rburtoni like patches which remove code, so that looks sensible to me on the whole15:43
RPrburton: I'm just a bit nervous about changing a core part of the system like this15:52
rburtonwell, yes15:52
rburtondo a image build with and without, with any luck the result will be binary identical anyway15:53
RPrburton: things do change as more source appears in /usr/src/debug15:53
RPbut I wanted that!15:53
RPlayout of /usr/src/debug changes slightly too15:54
rburtonsure, most things should be identical though hopefully?15:58
RPrburton: I'd hope! :)15:58
RPalejandrohs: could you try your externalsrc use case with the patches in master-next, see if these work there?15:58
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rburtonzeddii: just sent a perf reproduciblity fix.  don't ask!16:09
zeddiipython2! I'm warming up the tar16:09
RPzeddii: can I provide feathers? :)16:10
rburtonseriously, i want to burn this sublayer with chemical fire16:10
RPrburton: you have to wonder why we need fdebug-prefix-map=${STAGING_DIR_NATIVE}16:12
rburtonat least now you can rip it out and see what barfs16:12
RPrburton: current -next appears to have signs of green builds16:12
RPsadly every time I tweak this, it is a total rebuild of everything16:13
RPzeddii: FWIW, is the change which adds in loads of kernel source with master-next16:15
RPzeddii: lttng-modules then explodes with unpackaged kernel source files16:16
RPzeddii: I think I've convinced myself doing this is the wrong thing to do16:16
RPIf anyone would like a simpleish bug to fix, "bitbake bc; bitbake bc -C compile" breaks16:17
RPand the fix isn't flex-native16:18
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jpmlima_is it possible to create recipe that clone some repo from github to image directly?16:44
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Johnny_da_piis it possible to create a recipe that clone some repo from github to image directly?16:56
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frosteyeshey folks. Have anyone of you tried to ues the native libs for some native unittest and then seen issues when wanting to debug it?18:07
frosteyesI have a small test app, where I change the sysroot to be the sysroot/x86_64-distro-name/ - e.g. the native part and then it select the / from this18:08
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frosteyesa test variable there is defined as vector<string> ambu_msg {"Hello", "from", "clst"};18:09
*** perdmann <perdmann!> has joined #yocto18:10
frosteyesend in a type like htis in gdb18:10
frosteyes(gdb) whatis ambu_msg18:10
frosteyestype = std::vector<std::__cxx11::basic_string<char, std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char> >, std::allocator<std::__cxx11::basic_string<char, std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char> > > >y18:10
frosteyesinstead of just std::vector<std::string>18:10
frosteyesand printing the variale also fails.18:11
rburtonfrosteyes: why do you need to change the sysroot? sounds like you're doing something wrong18:13
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frosteyesIt was a way to get access to the libs from native part instead of using the normal root of the system. E.g. instead of /usr/lib set systemroot to /opt/yocto/sdk/version/sysroot/x86-64-distroname/18:20
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frosteyesso it select the libs from the yocto to link with.18:20
frosteyesBut I just become a bit wiser18:20
frosteyesthere is no pretty printers installed in gdb when the libstdc++ version from the yocto SDK is loaded18:20
frosteyesWhere the ubuntu provided one have pretty printers installed in gdb when it is loaded.18:21
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frosteyesdon't know so much about pretty printers in gdb - must be my next place to investigate..18:21
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RPLooks like the autobuilder is enjoying exposing the bc rebuild issue: (qa-extras) and  (meta-arm)18:30
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bryanbis there any opinions on mount points for our boot partition holding uboot and spls? /boot/uboot - /mnt/boot - /boot/firmware23:34
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bryanbit seems like there is some convention /boot/grub /boot/efi23:36
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